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10/29/1999 - 12/10/1999 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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Aaahhhhhhhh! l`m in sooooooooo much pain! l`m in my own personal hell at the moment! l am suffering from Shingles! At 1st l was embarrassed about it, but then l started looking into my medical books and the internet. This is what l found out; ''Herpes Zoster is the medical name for shingles. lt is caused by reactivation in the adult years of the chickenpox virus that occurred during childhood (the varicalla-zoster virus). The virus can be reactivated when the body`s immunity to the virus breaks down. This may happen due to normal aging, or the body`s immune system may become weakened due to stress, fatigue, nutrition, etc,etc. ------------------ Once reactivated, the virus travels along nerve fibers, usually settling in fairly isolated areas of the skin on one side of the body. The infected area of the body usually has severe pain, itching, redness, numbness, and the development of a rash. The rash on the skin develops into small, fluid-filled blisters called vesicles. Within a few days of their appearance on the skin, the vesicals break open and form scabs. ln severe cases, the rash can leave permanent scars, long standing pain, numbness, and skin discoloration. ------------------------------------------ The disorder is self-limited, and will resolve spontaneously over the course of approximately 10 days to 3 weeks. lf the victim becomes moderately ill (fever, chills,severe headache) or if the rash involves the eyes or mouth see a doctor. Since this is a virus in the nervous system, it can cause blindness.'' ----------- Ohhhh, l`m l making you horny baby? Pretty gross huh? l look and feel like a lab experiment! The blisters are on my back. l went to the doctor and got cream and pills to take care of it. l`ve been sleeping alot and taking very good care of this gross virus. l want to hurry this thing up and get well, and don`t worry, l will not scar, l`m making sure of that. The pain and the burning is the worst, l hate this! l had to cancel this whole weeks worth of shoots. -------------------------------------------- l`m sorry, l want to write more, but l can`t stand the pain any more. l got t o go lay down. l`ll write more next week. l got to tell you about the 'Tromette of the week' shoot l did for Troma ( And going out with Dominic Wolfe, Mr.T & The Weatherman of Shortfuse, Gloria Reyes, Jessica Jones, The Rubber Chicken Society, and the great Ashley Renee! oxox,Stacy
PS: I have live chat up now, be sure to check it out...

l made a radio appearance with Lloyd Kaufman of Troma(, at the radio station KXLU 88.9FM in L.A. California. That was great! l keep mostly quite, since all the questions were directed to Lloyd and Troma. lnfact you are all welcome to join Lloyd and his Tromettes(including me) at his special screening of his new film, Terror Firmer, this Saturday, December 4th, at The University Village 3 in L.A.California, 3323 S.Hoover, across from USC. l believe it starts around 11pm. lf you need directions or to get the exact time(213)748-6321. ----------------------- l did a shoot with the great photographer named Tony Weltzin. l know he has a site, but l forget the URL. l`ll post it as soon as l can find it. He took great pix of me , very glamour like, lots of color! As soon as he scans them and sends them to me, l`ll post them, along with more info on him and his sites. ------------------------ The rest of the week was catch-up week. l had no more shoots scheduled, so l cleaned house, did laundry(7 loads!), ran errons, finished my x-mas shopping(yeah!), paid all my bills(boo!), answered all my e-mail(whew!), updated my other site; ,and gave my kitty kats their well deserved attention(coo!:). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- l like the time off, but l do get 'antsy'. l also get a little worried when l have time off. l see bills coming in, and l think to myself, l should be working now. l love to work! l love my work! l get more energy and l get more things done when l work. lf l have the whole day off, l know l have the whole day to do what l got to do, a nd l sometimes does not get done. lf l work that day, l have a limited time to do what l need to do, so l rush and get it all done, and l do get it done. One good thing about having time off is, l get to surf the net and see what is new with my cyber buddies and stuff! l spent over 6 hours on the net today, and the day is not over yet! Oh, l should get outside and do something. My back and fingers are cramping up. Okay, l`m forcing myself away from the computer. l`ll talk to you all next week:) oxox,Stacy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! l`m getting ready to jump in the shower and get ready for Dinner with my Grandmother and the rest of my family. l love time with my family, especially my grandmother!! l love my Grandmother soooooo much, she is the sweetest person in the world!! --------------------------------------------------------------- Last week l worked a two day shoot with Bob of Bob`s Videos and Mr. FourDudes of Unlimited Desires. Boy, what an experience! l finally got to work with Catalina L`Amore! l have always liked and admired her work, and it was an honor and a pleasure to finally get to work with her! We did some pretty wicked stuff to her, l can`t believe she agreed to some of it. l do not want to give to much away, but l did take pictures of some of the things we did, l`ll probably post them up soon. All l can say at the moment is, it involves needles, candles, whips, nails though parts of the body, dildos, peeing, and many other activitie s. l got to pick the photos up at the photo place tomorrow. l`ll probably get a weird look from the photo guy. ---------- The next shoot was with the beautiful Dorothy Laine and her wonderful cast members of her new project, that she will soon have up on the web, for public viewing. The next day was the Bizarre Bizarre, l did not get to go to that, l was sad about that, l really wanted to go. But l had tickets, that l bought 2 months ago for the MEDCA Anniversary party. MEDCA stands for Middle Eastern Dance and Culture Association. lt is a big dinner party with a big show of bellydancers, music, magicians, and more belly dancers. l took pictures there too. ------------------------- The next day was with Jon Woods of Harmony. l love Harmony! They were my first fetish shoot, ever! They are all so sweet, nice and kind over there! The video was a model profile of me and my life, complete with pict ures and bondage scenarios, in my own home. Watch for it! Jon was kind enough to shoot a few pix of me bound in several positions with my camera. l will post them up soon, as well. ----------------- My next thing on my schedule was a Lap Dance at Leisure World! Captain Schnitz of The Rubber Chicken Society wanted to do a scene for his new show he is wor king on. The scene was for me to give his Grandfather a Lap Dance. We kept his heart medicine handy, just incase:) This guy is really talented, he makes these great short films that are sooo funny, sexy, cute, and very clever! He is also a great editor, so the wheels are turning in my head. With his know how and my know how, we can make really great videos that you folks out there will absolutely enjoy! What do you guys think? You think l should start making my own videos? l`ll be getting a small studio soon, so it is doable. Would you guys be interested? Let me know what you think, l value your opinions. ------------------------------------------------------- You probably saw my pictures in my Stacy`s Out & About section, of me 'playing' in London. After the Rubberball we all went to this guys house. He had his own dungeon. We all started 'playing'. l wanted to practice my rope work. Since l`m the one getting tied up, usually, l wanted to see how to make certain ties and stuff. Well, l guess l wasn`t good at it. All the Doms were laughing at my 'handy work' and preceded to tie me up! Well, here l go again, oh well!:) First they tied me next to Henk, who was in latex, rope tied and plastic wrapped. Then l was put in the bottom dungeon, plastic wrapped in a ball, naked. They put plastic whiskers and a tail on me, and they got a foot slave to suck, fondle, tickle and massage my feet!!!!!!!:) Ummmmm, maybe being a sub isn`t all that bad. l guess l can practice my rope work some other time:) ------------------------------------ P.S. l wanted to say, Hello to Troma Andy of TromaVille. This guy had to dance naked in Hef`s Grotto in the new Troma Movie, Citizen Toxie. l was told he is a new member to my web-site, and l just wanted to welcome him aboard! oxox,Stacy

Wow, what a 'Troma-tic' week! lt all started on Saturday. l noticed that Lloyd Kaufman, the creator of Troma was going to be at a book signing, for his new book, ''All l need to know about film making l learned from the Toxic Avenger. Troma is a B-movie company that has made many B-movies for at least 25 years. Such titles includes; The Toxic Avenger, The Class of Nuke`em High, Tromeo and Juliet, Surf Nazi`s Must Die, etc, etc, and soon to be Citizen Toxie (Toxie 4). ------------ l got to meet Lloyd Kaufman, and he was sooooo nice. He had a whimpering contest, and the winner got to be in the next movie, Citizen Toxie (Toxie 4), which they were shooting at the Playboy Manson. Well, it was a close contest. Yea, l know what you are thinking, ''Sta cy, you being a fetish model and actress, whimpering must be a piece of cake''. Well, it was a close contest, there were a few that was just as good. lnfact it was a tie! Me and a guy named John (The Captain of The Rubber Chicken Society) won. Wow, l was sooooo excited, me in a Troma movie, it was one of my dreams come true! ---------------------------------------------- l decided to get all decked out in a very colorful & outrages outfit, after all it was a Troma movie. l wore my bright pink fuzzy feathery hat, my brite pink feather bra, my silver corset that l bought in London, my brite pink PVC mini skirt, my black suede Ugg boots, my pink cat-eyed sunglasses, silver gloves, and had a hog-tied Barbie doll that l dressed in PVC tape as a tube top and mini skirt. You think that got me noticed?? YEAH, BABY!!:) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well l got to the Playboy Manson, and it was like a model reunion! Doria, Julie Strain, Lena, Melinda, Neriah Davis, Echo Johnson, mo del after model that l loved, admired, worked with, wanted to work with, going to work with, and all of the above. We all had a blast!! lt was sooooo much fun. l got to see behind the scenes and how they do there spe cial affects. l took lots of pictures, you`ll see them soon, so stay tuned! They even had a live broadcast on their web-site; . We all got to do a party scene in Hef`s Grotto(a hot tub, that looks like a cave)! l even got to be killed in the movie, with fake blood and all! ------------------ Just when you thought that was enough, l got to be on The Playboy Channel`s Night Calls! l was casted to be The Fax Girl, but they changed me at the last minute to be one of the Demo Girls. Since it was close to Thanksgiving, they had me and another girl eat a Thanksgiving Meal off each other. l even got to rub cranberry sauce all over the other girl`s feet and lick and suck it all off!:) Ohhh, what a week, and there still is sooo much more still to do!:) -------------- Ohhhh, l was suppost to finish my story about my adventures in London & Paris. Oh well, l guess that will have to wait one more week!:) oxox,Stacy

1 1/12/99
Well l am safely back home, here in the USA. l had a great time in London and Paris! l want to give thanks to our gracest host, Ken, of ln Bondage). lt was Ken who invited m e and showed me all the sights of the land. l got to ride The Tube (something like a subway). We used The Tube and walked 98% of the time l was there. l love walking, so it was great! LA is not too safe for walking around, but in London, it is so safe, everyone walks. ------------------------ l met a couple from Holland, Madieanne and Hank. Madieanne is a dominatrix and Hank is her husband. They were so fun to hang around with. The had the best outfits! My favorite outfit they wore was matching white latex wedding dresses that they got married in earlier this year. Hank had this female latex mask. lt was a very expensive mask. lt had blue eyeballs and everything. He had small holes it the pupils of the mask. lt was very tight fitting with make-up and everything. He had a long red wig to complete the look. He wore black stiletto heels, he looked beautiful! We took some pictures, so you will see them as soon as l can get them developed. ------------------------------------------------------------ l saw the sigh ts during the day and went to The Skin Two parties at night. Every night there was a party! Friday there was The Skin Two Launch Party. There we met up with everyone. lt was a party to met everyone that will be at the up coming events. Saturday was The Torture Garden Party. This party had 3 rooms. One room had loud techno music that is so popular right now. l can`t wait until the techno music craze is over, l am not a fan of that music. The next room was The Quite Room, a room that a group of people can gather and talk without the loudness of the music. The next room was my favorite room. ln this room the had a grand and most entertaining fashion show. They also had old Betty Page and Russ Meyer`s films playing in the background and really cool selection of surf tunes, old punk and new wave playing loud, but not eardrum damaging loud. There was this song that played that l remember from the 1980`s that l loved. l just can`t remember the groups name. lt is bugging me, `cause l want to go buy that album, and l can`t remember the group`s name. lt is a girl singer and the song was 'Don`t Touch Me There'. They also sang the song 'Money, That`s What l Want'. lf you know the band, e-mail me and tell me who it is. Thanx:) ------ ------------------------------------- Sunday during the day was The Fetish Expo. l spent way too much money there. l bought a bondage dress, a pink feather bra, a silver corsett, stickers, a Betty Page book, a book on Exotic Girls and Fetish Models, a book on the Art of Saudelli, and this great electric pink fuzzy hat! l would have bought more, but some of the vendors didn`t take traveler`s checks or credit cards:( ------------------------------ Sunday night was The Gala Dinner. Here everyone was dressed so cool and there was a tummy filling buffet! After the dinner we all went to an after party. This house had a dungeon downstairs......well l had to play a little:) l`ll tell you more about that next week:) Monday was the Rubberball. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! The outfits were to die for, they were all so different and unique!! l wore my black PVC corsett, long fishtail black PVC skirt, black heels, electric blue feather boa, my rhinestone tiara, electric blue eyelashes, and long black PVC gloves. l wish l had pictures of that night, but no cameras were allowed. Hopeful my friend from the magazine DDI will sent me some pictures from the press camera! ----------------------------------------- Well, l`ll tell you more about my adventures in London and Paris next week. oxox,Stacy

Since l am in London at the moment, l can`t write Stacy`s Words. l am really writing this on (October 27th )Wednesday morning while l`m waiting for my taxi cab to the airport. Here is a cute story/joke that one of my friends sent me, enjoy:) ---------- Introducing White Trash Barbie She's larger and meaner than them other prissy, stuck-up, think-they're-better'n-you Barbies! Now every girl can live the fantasy of ignorance and poverty with her special trailer-park friend. Every White Trash Barbie comes complete with: -Two packs of Marlboro Reds for Barbie's smoking pleasure! -A six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon (It's on sale!) to refresh Barbie during her busy day of bitching and watching TV. -Stylish, every occasion Spandex pants*, halter top and sandals. *Hot pants, blue jean cut-offs, or crotchless panties may be substituted on dolls shipped to Alabama. -Miracle-o'-procreation button! Press button on Barbie's back and she's knocked up...again! -Action bitch pull string! Barbie can say 11 phrases including... "I tol' you god damn kids to git the hell outa my yard!" "Git me anuther beer, baybee." "Whur's my fuckin' cigarettes?" and more. Also Available: Barbie double-wide dream trailer. Mobile home fun complete with stained carpet, broken steps, and TV set. Barbie's wormy pet cat Rufus also included. Disassembles for use with the Tornado Action Playset (Sold separately) Barbie dream car. 1986 Chevy Chevette in mix-n'- match colors, smokin'chokin'exhaust* and real plywood floor-boards. Coat hanger radio antenna. Holds two white Trash Barbies. Abusive boyfriend Kenny with Asskickn' leg action and PimpSlap backhand. With cowboy boots and MD 20/20 bottle. Curses, mumbles when string is pulled. African-Ame rican version available (exc.Mississippi) Married life Kenny with sweat-stained wife-beater tank and Beer-bustin' expanding waist. Molded to recliner With TV remote,beer, chips. Says "Shut up woman." "Git me a beer." and "Where's my chicken Pot Pie, bitch?" Get yours today! --------------Talk to you when l get back!:) oxox,Stacy

l am writing this on Tuesday October 26th instead of Thursday night, like l usually do. l will be in London for 8 days, and l will not be able to write my Stacy`s Words or answer & read my e-mail during that time. l will still have new Words next week, l`ll just have to pre-write them just before l leave on Wednesday. l am packing my bags as we speak. l will miss my kitty kats soooooooo much! l am sure they will be fine, l just wish l could take them everywhere with me. But they would be too scared if l did that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am so nervous and excited about my trip! l`m nervous because it is my 1st time outside of the USA, and my 1st time that long on a non-stop plane tr ip. l love planes and flying in them, but this trip is 10 hours and over water. l`m sure everything will be okay. lt will also be my 1st time through customs and immigrations. This will be interesting to say the least. --------------------------------- l want to see sooooo much! l want to see everything that there is to see. l wont have much time to see things, but l`ll try to cram it all in somehow. Let me share with you my scheduled events;
Thursday October 28th: l arrive. Rest, unpack and some sight seeing.
Friday October 29th: The SKII Launch Party
Saturday October 30th: The Torture Garden Party 10pm-6am
Sunday October 31st(Halloween): Fetish Fair Expo 11am-6pm and The Gala Dinner 7:30pm-??
Monday November 1st: The Rubber Ball 10pm-3am and The After Rubber Ball 2am-6am
Tuesday November 2nd: Sleep in
Wednesday November 3rd: a train ride to a day in Paris
Thursday November 4th: return to LA, USA.
With all my fetish wear, sweaters, and jackets, l am going to have heavy luggage! l have to bring one empty bag, for all the cool stuff l`m going to buy over there!:) ---- l should have some of my Halloween pix up for my updates this week. l have pictures of my kat pumpkin and of me dressed in a black kat kostume!:) l took those pictures myself, at the Summerskyes studios, which l work at once a week. oxox,Stacy

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