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12/17/1999 - 2/4/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

l am having a hard time typing this right now. You see l hooked my computer to my exercise bike. Yes, you heard right. You see, l used to be really skinny...well not that skinny...but skinny. l will always have hips, thighs and a slight tummy, no matter how skinny l get, and l have been really skinny a few times. l would work out daily and eat right....and it felt good, it worked for me. ----------------------------- Well, along came the computer. The more l learned what l could do, the more l spent on it. The more l spent on it, the less exercising l did. Then came along my web-site. l spend a lot of time on this thing...partly `cause l have a slow connection. l will get a DSL as soon as Prodigy gets one. l don`t want to change ISP`s. l want to keep my e-mail addy, besides, l pre-paid my service for a year. ------------------- Since l have a slow connection, lack of patience and an addiction to the computer, l stress eat. l am never hungry. l guess l have an eating disorder. l am hardly ever hungry or thirsty......but l eat if l am nervous, bored, stressed, feeling bad or if it is in front of me. Combine all these factors, and you get no exercise and bad eating habits. l feel bad when l don`t get enough exercise or eat bad. l gain weight, l get bloated, l feel less energy, l sleep more, l get less done. So, l`m getting back into the swing of things. lt is hard, but l am trying to exercise daily. l get up early and l want to turn on the computer for a few hours before l go to work. Then when l get home, l am so tired, l just wanna eat dinner and go to bed. l`m trying to exercise in the morning instead of going on the computer. What ever l don`t finish l try to do at night before bed. One of the exercises l do, that really works for me is the exercise bike. l need more cardiovascular activities.(l know what you are thinking....get that out of your head, you naughty boy....tee hee;) l also have a bad knee, that l have to do daily exercises for it, or it will go out on me. --------------------------------- l was born with one tendon longer that than other in one knee. l was told to take it easy on it.......YEAH RIGHT! l was going to be a dancer, a ballet dancer of hard rock, a Broadway Dancer...something like that. Well, that was in my head when l was a little girl. Either that or a Vet or Paramedic, like on Emergency. Well, l was dancing and all of a sudden my knee popped out! Ewwe, yuck! l fell in pain. l ignored it. l hate going to doctors and complaining about this and that. Well, my knee swelled up like a basketball. l couldn`t bend it or move it at all. ln fact, my other knee had so much pressure on it supporting me and the bad leg, that it started to swell as well. l bandaged both knees up with medical tape and hobbled along, going on with ,my life. l was a waitress then. l continued to work, until my boss came in and saw me. l looked like the episode where Lucy of 'I Love Lucy' pretended she broke both legs, and she had to hobble around trying to get away from her 'burning' building. He forced me to go to the doctors. He said that l could`nt go back to work if l didn`t go!------------------------------------------------------- Well, l went......they had to drain my knee....ewwwwwwww...yuck!!!!! l thought l was going to lose my cookies right there...blah:P l had to go to physical therapy for a few weeks. l had to do the electos, hot and cold baths, and daily exercises that l still must do. l lost both tendons in my knee, the only thing that keeps my knee in place is my muscles, so l need to keep those nice and strong, or l fall on my face. Cute, huh? ------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, back to my exercising. Since l am on the computer, l hooked it up to my exercise bike. l like it, it works okay. l need to improve it, but it will do for now. At least l`ll get my hours worth of biking!:) My but hurts though;) Now if l can only type with 2 hands, and a little faster! l have a bit of dyslexia, so l have to concentrate a lot, believe is not a blonde thing, l assure you;) --------------------------- lt has been a great week! A few of my dreams came true! l got to work with the one and only Ashley Renee this week! We did a shoot together. You will see the pictures here on my site soon. The other thing is, l now have video clips of my videos that l have done on my site! YEAH!!!!:) l will be adding more soon. It is best to use quicktime, but l used my real player on full screen, and it works fine. So do what you like best. --------------------------------------------------- One of my members sent me his URL to me. l checked it out. l like it! l am a boot lover, if you are a boot lover too, check out his site at: ------------------ l should be on my live fetish chats this Monday and Wednesday. Come by and say 'hi' !;) oxox,Stacy

So many things in my head, so many things l want to little time in the little time in the little time in the month, year, decade....aaaaaaaaaaaaa! l`m sooo stressed...but that is how l like it. l could never focus in on one thing at a drives me CRAZY! But when ever l get time, there is soooo much l want to do in that amount of time l go back and forth to figure out the best way to do what l want to do in that time, that nothing gets done, `cause l wasted all that time wondering the best way to get it all done...does that make sense? lf l had people to drop what they are doing in their lives, and if l had the money to pay them....OH MY GAWD what l can do, what l can do. l want to do EVERYTHIN G! l want an animal shelter, l want to help promote local unsigned bands approach their goals, l want to help good models afford to get their web-sites going, l want to make funky handbags and clothing, l want to sell them at fairs and swapmeets, l want to produce fashion shows, l want to produce my own videos, l want to act in and create B-movies, l want to create a comic book heroine, l want to have a big house, l want to see the entire world, l want to make t-shirts, buttons, bumperstickers, l want a radio show, l want to sell kettle popcorn, l want to buy more stocks, l want to be an agent for models and actors, l want to make beach movies, l want to go back to learning bellydancing, l want to be a great bellydancer, l want to give all my friends good paying jobs, l want my grandma to live with me so l can see her everyday, l want to throw parties for all my friends and family with limos and all so they don`t have to drive, l want to learn how to surf, l want to re-learn my French, l want to learn more Spanish, l want to learn all languages, l want to build a casino in Las Vegas (boy,do l got an idea;), l want to do more mainstream shows and movies, l want to have time to read books, l want to swim everyday, l want to promote charity events.....l can go on.......l can go one for days, but l`ll stop there. ----------------------------------------------- l`m soooooo excited, l got Live Fetish Chat added to my site this week! You see, live fetish chat is right next door to my other chat. The only difference is, the girls wear pantyhose or stockings. lt is geared more towards legs, feet and fetish.....where the other chat room is geared more to girls in lingerie. When l am in the studio, l`m usually working both rooms. That is why l wanted both rooms on my site...and it finally happened...yeah!:) l will be there this Friday January 28th, from 10am-6pm pac time. Now, l am more able to do more fetish stuff...(yeah baby;) l usually always bring my ball-gag(l think l left it there last time l was l hope no one threw it away or anything), my chains, bandanna, restraints, and l am ready for all kinds of fun;) Ummm, maybe a foot rub or some foot worship, trampling, smothering, spanking, boxing, katfighting......ooooooo.....ah...well....l think you get the idea ---------------------- l should be getting my new streaming videos up soon. l know l said by last week, but it is taking longer to get set up than l tho ught. But it will happen, l`ll make sure of it...l want it up just as much as you do, trust me:) Keep an eye out, it might be up real soon!:) ------------------------------------------------- l also got a lot more surprises up my sleeve...oh yeah....tee hee.......oh boy what l got in store for you...ummmmmmmmm oxox,Stacy

l`m starting to feel better....yeah!!:) l`m finally starting to get my energy back! l`m still having a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable, but it`s getting better. l`m exercising again......but better than that.......l am working again.......yeah!!:) lt`s good getting back in the saddle again! l`m taking vitamins again. l stopped taking them about 2 years ago. l know, l know...shame on me. But l`m a good girl now....l`m taking better care of myself. l have to, l don`t want to go through what l`ve been through these last 2 months ever again! -------------------------------- l`m writing this on my new monitor. My screen on my old one was getting really dark. l adjusted it to make it lighter, that worked for a day, then l had to re-adjust it again everyday, u ntil l could not make it any brighter, l had it to the max. l turned it off, and didn`t use my computer for a few days. l finally got a chance to go to the store and get another one. This one is okay, but my las t one had speakers built in. l had to buy separate speakers....another thing to plug in. One of these days my house is going to blow up, with all the extension cords and surge protectors l have. l have an old house, that only has 2, three prong outlets in the whole l have a lot of surge protectors, outlet extenders and extensions cords! l don`t think l hooked the speakers up right, l am getting no sound. l`ll figure it out this weekend, l hope. ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey, did you guys see me on The X Show a couple weeks ago? Well, l made it to the show Talk Soup on the E Channel this weekend. That was kind of cool. They did a comedy bit about it and everything. l can`t believe it got so much airtime, l thought it was pretty boring. They wanted me to show the ladies how to strip for your man. Which, l think is pretty self explanatory. They told me not to do 'grinding' type movements and not to be too suggestive or sexy. They put me in these oversized silk shorts. Okay, lets get this straight, don`t be suggestive, don`t be too sexy, no grinding and show the ladies of the world how to strip for your man wearing a ugly oversized flowery this like put right hand on yellow, left hand on red?? That what it felt like. --------------------------------------- l want to go see that movie, Magnolia. A long time ago, l wrote in my Stacy`s Words that l did a photo shoot in my lingerie, in bed with Tom Cruise, for a movie called Magnolia, but l wasn`t sure if that was the correct name of the movie. lt was a strange shoot. lt was a still shoot only, no film. l was in a satin sheet bed, wearing my pink teddy hanging on Tom Cruise`s right arm with 5 other lingerie clad females around him. Then we did a scene in an office with cellphones and laptops wearing 'Melrose Place' type business suits, looking adoringly at Mr. Cruise. Tom Cruise is a really sweet, kind, fun and a friendly guy. Plus, l got to say this, since l had my hands all over his body, he has a tight, strong and muscular body! Especially his butt, it is so tight and small! l am so jealous! l have no idea what those pictures were for. My guess is, they were used for props in the movie, but l need to see the movie to find out. However, l know myself to well. l`ll never go see the movie. l`ll wait `till it comes out on video, then l might see it. lf not, l`ll wait `till it comes out on cable, then l`ll see it. Well, that`s my brush with greatness story, l can actually and honestly say l went to bed with Tom Cruise!:) -------------------- l got another residual check in the mail the other day! 4 total:) lt was for the NBC Special that l did last year, ''Exposed! Pro Wrestling`s Greatest Secrets Revealed!'' l played a 'Sable' type character. l got to play tough girl in the ring of burly big wrestler guys. l even got to hit a wrestler over the head with a trophy! lt was a lot of fun. l get a residual check when ever they re-run it, whether it is ran here or across the sea. This is the first time l got anything like this. Now l see what it must be like if you do a sitcom and it goes into re-runs. You can also get it through NBC Home Video. l`m the only girl on the cover! l made the T.V. Guide when it came out. l was sooo excited! lf you want more information, or if you would like to order a copy, here is the number and address to get it; 1(800)NBC-4144 NBC Home Video Pro Wrestling P.O.Box 2785 Van Nuys, C.A. 91404 l a m scheduled to be in the studio for my live chat on Sunday January 23rd. Come say 'hi'. l`ll do mostly any request, bondage, spanking, pantyhose, foot play, etc, etc:) oxox,Stacy

l`m baaaack. l just got in last night. l was in Viva Las Vegas, yet again. l went for CES (Computer Electronic Show). l go every year. Usually l am working for someone, this time l went on my own. l wanted to check out the new gadgets, check out the adult section where the adult compute r, video and audio stuff is all at. l needed to meet a few people, talk to a few people and autograph a few pictures to anyone that wanted one. l bought my pass and booked my hotel back in November, this was going to be fun! Well....... let me tell ya......... l spent the whole week in my hotel room, in bed, sick!!! l had a little cold when l left, l told ya about it on my last Stacy`s Words. l was not really that sick, l just needed some sleep and l would be good. Well, the problem was that l couldn`t go to sleep. Everytime l laid down it felt like an elephant was on my chest. l kept tossing and turning. l was getting that prickly sensation in my nose, that sinus hell. l would sleep for about 5 minutes then be awake for an hour, go to sleep for 5 minutes, then be awake for a hour, etc, etc, until it was time to get up. l got up to go to CES, what waited for. l walked around, met up with Mr. T and The Weatherman of Shortfuse Productions and Ken of SHIB (Superheroines in Bondage). We walked around and saw the sights. After a few hours l started feeling bad, l mean REALLY bad. l was delirious. l felt really weird. l saw my friend Ed Powers, he gave me a ticket to the AVN Awards. l have always wanted to go to the AVN Awards! l heard the tickets were really hard to get. l wanted to go soooo bad! Mr. T and Jimmy saw that l was getting really sick, they told me they would drive me to my hotel room. They demanded that l stay there and sleep and not go anywhere. l was getting scared, because l have never felt so bad in my life! --------------------------------- l got to my room and tried to sleep, but l couldn`t. l have not slept now, for 3 nights. Everytime l laid down, l couldn`t breath. l knew all l needed was sleep. When you are sick, the only time the antibodies fight off the virus, is when you are asleep. When you are awake, your antibodies are dormat, and your body is not fighting off the virus. l knew without sleep, the virus would continue. l ordered soup and hot tea with honey, hoping that food would help me sleep. That didn`t work either. l called my friend Tasha Welch, l tol d her what was going on. She could tell that l was really sick. My voice was gone, l could only whisper. She was so scared, she called the hotel and told them to keep an eye on me. They did, alright. Security came to my door, to make sure l was okay. l told them yes, and that l was just sick and needed sleep. They gave me the phone number of the in-house doctor. ----------------------- l waited a bit, and finally couldn`t take it any longer. l called the doctor. The in-house doctor visit would cost $200-, oh well, l was desperate, l needed sleep. He came and examined me. He gave me antibiotics, medicine to help my congestion, and some pink mouthwash stuff for my throat. All he could tell me is that l had an infection in my throat. l took the stuff he gave me, it didn`t work at first, but several hours later, l was sleeping!! l would sleep for an hour and wake up, a lot better than only 10 minutes. l stayed in bed all night and most of the next day. lt felt so good! l missed the whole CES:( ---------------- ------------------------------------- lt was Sunday night, l was in Vegas and l wanted to do something. l called Mr. T and l told him l wanted to go to The Wasteland party being held at The Mansion. He told me l was crazy for going, but l was welcomed to come along. We all met, the people from Wasteland, Mr. T, The Weatherman, Ken of SHIB, DR Productions of B.O.U.N.D, and Tasha flew in for the party. We got into t he limo and off we went. The party was packed with no where to sit. Tasha and l went into the models dressing room. l laid down on the coat bed, where l stayed for the entire party. lt turned out to be the best place to be. Everyone ended up in there anyway, at least the people l knew and came with. lt was like a bondage slumber party. There was people performing their fetish skills on the stage outside, which l didn`t see, but heard about. Mr. T even did a flogging on stage. What a week to be sick!:( ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l am home and l am taking my medicine (unlike me), and l must say, l am feeling much better. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ l will be in the studio of my live chat on Friday 10am-6pm pac time. --- ----------------------------------------- l am sooo excited......l will have now have Streaming Video Clips of a few of my videos added soon to my site, if not this week, next week!! So stay tuned!!:) oxox,Stacy

My throat is sooooo sore! Yes, l am sick....again! Ahhhhhhhh!:( 1st thought l was just sore from carrying t oo many groceries, maybe they were too heavy or it was because l was working out again. But driving home from my live chat, the more achy l got, the more exhausted l felt. When l got home, l quickly checked my mail, answered phone calls, made a T.V. dinner, and climbed in bed around 8:30pm. l was sooo tired, l thought l would have no trouble going to sleep. l was so wrong. l was too achy to sleep. l tossed and turned all night! l had the weirdest dreams, really bad scary dreams! l dreamed that l was petting my dog that l had as a child, l was amazed that he was alive, she looked like a living dead dog. l had a fever, l was hot, cold, hot, very cold, shivering. l have a heat rash! Ugggg:( ------------ l dreamed that l was visiting my grandmother, and l was shivering and crying out, ''l`m dying, l`m dy ing, help me grandma''. l hated that dream, the look on my grandma`s face. l would never want to cause her that much pain, watching her granddaughter dying in front of her. That would be the worst. My grandmother can`t handle death among her loved ones too well. That is why l was never allowed a cat when l was a little girl. She never wanted to have dogs either, that was my grandfather`s doing. lt is not because she does not like animals, although l thought that then. l realized that she did not want to get attached to them, because she could not handle when they died. She is like that with certain grandkids. The ones that never come to visit her. She always asks me, have you heard from 'so & so'? l`ll tell her, ''no grandma, l haven`t heard from them''. She`ll say, ''oh, l don`t care, they don`t have to come visit me, let them live their own life.'' She tries to hide behind her tuff girl attitude, when l know that it is tearing her apart. She loves her family, and all she asks for is a phone call now and then, a visit once in a while. You should see her face light up when the family is around, it truly glows! lf l knew how to contact some of the family, believe me, l`ll give them a piece of my mind. lt doesn`t take much, just to make a 10 minute call! She is going through that time in life when she might not say the kindest thing. She sometimes gets on a few family member`s nerves, but you can`t get mad at her. She means no harm, in fact the opposite, she is protec ting her emotions. Some people needs to be a little more understanding of her. So now you see why my dream was sooooo frightening. l got to be there for her. l call her at least once a week and see her 2 times a month. l think l`ll call her tomorrow. ----------------------------------------------------- The funny thing about not being allowed to have a cat when l was a child is, she now has a cat! There was a stray kitten that would come around, she and my grandfather would see it looking for food as they sat on their front porch. Well, l guess that kitten pulled on their heart strings, `cause they soon started feeding it chicken bones. A year later the cat had kittens. My grandfather took care of the new mother and her litter. How sweet, since he was allergic to cats and never really cared for them until then. They found homes for all the kittens and took Bumpy(they named her that, because she would 'bump' you to pet her) to get spayed. They couldn`t think of finding homes for m ore kittens. Before you know it, Bumpy would come in the house once in a while. --------------------------------------------------- Well grandpa died a few years ago. Thank god Bumpy was there to comfort Grandma! lt was hard for her, after all they were together for over 50 years! Grandma will never admit she loves Bumpy, infact she says, 'aw that dirty cat, she`s a lot of work!' But l know, she loves that cat very deeply . l think Bumpy knows that Grandma needs her, she has been with her now for 17 years! l hate the day that Bumpy goes, l hope she becomes the world`s oldest cat. She sure is the worlds most loved cat!;) --------------------------------------------------------------------- l will be away from my computer today until January 12th. l wont be able to check or reply to my e-mail, or check on my site during that time:( l believe l`ll be on The X Show (on the FX Channel)on Thursday January 6th. l am scheduled to be at my live chat on Thursday January 13th and Friday January 14th 10am-6pm pac time. Remember, l can do your request, bondage, tickling, spanking, foot fetish, all of that fun stuff!:) oxox,Stacy

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2000!!!!!!!! :) l am writting this on Wednesday night, so l don`t know if all of our computers blew up or not.....hopefully not! l hope everyone is doing okay and safe. Take a few asprins and stay in bed a bit, if you drank too much:) Menudo is good for hang overs, but a lot of people can`t stand it(no, l don`t mean the musical group, from the 70`s and 80`s. lt is a soup and you don`t really want to know what is in it) l love Menudo with extra cilantro, lemon juice and tabasco. lt always seems to cure just about anything that ales me. My breath stinks after l eat it, but that is the price l pay, l guess. -------------------------------- l want to thank a few people that came over to my live chat to say 'hi', you know who you are:) lt is sooooo much fun chatting with you. l am trying to get the other chat room added as well. You see, there are 2 chat rooms, where l work. When l am scheduled, l must work both rooms. Sometimes l am in the room that is on my site, and sometimes l am ln the next room on the other chat room. l am working it out so l can have both rooms running at the same time:) The chat room that l have now, is a glamour girl type chat room. The other chat room, is the Fetish Girl chat room. So you see why l really want to add the other room:) lt will be here soon, don`t worry. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This weeks updates are a combination of last year`s pix and this years. This years pix, l took in the bathtub. Just myself and my camera. l put my camera on my tripod and ran a hot bubble bath, complete with a few magaz ines(Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur, and of course, Playboy), Champaign, chocolate, and a, well....a girly-toy:) Ummmm, what a relaxing way to release all my old years tention and greet the New Millenium!:) ---------------------------------------------------------------- lt would have been great, but l had to get out and press the camera button each time and run to get in place before the flash went off. My floor was soooo wet. lt was going okay, but l guess the bubbles and water from my fingers got into the camera, because the camera jammed and would not work after a few shots. l never got to do most of the things l had planned:( Oh well, l finished my bath, dried off, and took my film in so l could get the pictures up in time for this weeks updates. My camera still works, l guess it just got wet and it nee ded to dry out. Kind of like us after New Year`s Eve x) ---------------------------------------------------------- l am sooooo excited, one of my dreams are coming true tomorrow(December 30th)! l will be live on Danni Ashes` site, Danni`s Hard Drive! l hope l can get some sleep tonight, l am sooo nervous! l have a model`s page and everything! Danni is like the internet version of Playboy Magazine. ---------------------------- ----------- l will be on my live chat on Monday, January 3rd 10-6pm PAC time and Tuesday, January 4th 10-6pm PAC time, come say 'hi'. oxox,Stacy

Oh, l can`t wait until l feel better! l still feel a little under the weather, achy and sleepy. l think l got a touch of the flu. l have not exercised, went out, cleaned house, wrapped presents, done errons, l have even canceled shoots! l have no energy at all, l just want to lay in bed and snuggle with my kitty cats and watch TV, while l nod off to sleep once and a while. There is so much l got to do, l got to catch up! l have to wrap all the gifts today. l also got to run my new Holiday pictures to my web-master, so he can scan them and post them for me in time for my upda tes this week. l hope l make it in time, he is busy himself. l`m asking him to post my last year`s Holiday pictures as well, for those that are new and have not seen them. My new pictures, l did myself, since l was sick, no one wanted to catch my flu bug. lt was hard to do! l tried to tie myself up with x-mas lights, but l had to go and click on the auto-timer for every picture and then run into position before the camera flash ed. Try that tied up, yeah, right!:p l had very little make-up on, just some lip balm and eyeliner, so you get a real good look at me. Oh, l hope they are up in time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l have just discovered Fluff and Fold!! l do not have a washer or dryer here at home. l have no room for it and the garage does not have a gas hook up and the electric voltage is a 110 and not a 220 that is needed for a washer & dryer. l guess l could go to a laundry matt, but then l am stuck there forever, no time. l always let my clothes pile so high before l need to wash them, since l have so many clothes, l can go a long time before l need to wash my clothes. T he reason l have so many clothes, besides that l need many different outfits for shoots, is that if all my clothes were dirty, l just went and bought more instead of washing them. l know, pretty bad, huh? Well, l was watching the Darma & Greg show and there was an episode where Darma was addicted to Fluff and Fold. l called a cleaners the next day and asked them if they had such a service, they did! So l took my very large and overstuffed bag of laundry to them. The next day l picked it up, it was not even that expensive, about $16- for about 5-7 loads. They packed it so cute in small little squares of butcher paper. l went home and opened it. All my clothes were folded(even my underwear!), my socks were rolled together and my clothes were so soft and smelled so good. l`m hooked! ---------------------------------------------------------- l just got a letter from my car company. They want me to come into the service department. lt seems they made a mistake and did not tighten the bolts of the seatbelts good enough on my year and model of my car. Gee, that`s nice to know! Thank god l got airbags!, now, l heard that, not THOSE airbags, the ones the car comes with, boy, you guys.......:) l got to go back to them anyway, there are a few other things the did not put on tight enough, a few things came off, and this is a brand new year 2000 car! ------------------------------------------------------------- l will be on my new live chat on Monday December 27th 10-6pm PST and Tuesday December 28th 10-6pm PST. Then l`ll be on live at Danni`s Hard Drive on Thursday December 30th, l believe from 4pm-6pm PST. Come and say 'hi'! ---------------------- Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kawanza, Happy Holidays to you all- and to your friends and family!!!!! oxoxox,Stacy

l feel sooooooo much better!! l am still a little achy all over and sleepy, but thank god the itching stopped and the bumps are starting to go away! l am starting to look a little more like a human being:) --------- Now it is my kat`s turn. lt is vet time for my Johnny Cat. He is on my lap at this moment. He needs a little TLC. Johnny suffers from a chronic illness. He has asthma and severe allergies. lt is so serious that it is life-threatening unless he gets his medicine. l always seem to attract 'wounded birds', in my pets, friends, family, dates, and boyfriends. l`m a real good caregiver. l will take my cat to the vet, way before taking myself to the doctor. l really believe cats are little angels. l feel animals are way more superior than us humans. The have pure, well intentioned souls. l really have a special bond to all the cats in the world. l will take in any stray cat, spay or neuter them, and then try to find them the best home possible. Everyone should spay & neuter their pet. lt is soooo sad and heartbreaking seeing an unwanted pet out in the street. Please be kind to animals. They are totally at our mercy. They deserve nothing but the best, all the love, care, understanding, and kindness we can possibly give. -------------------------------------- Sorry, l`ll get off my soapbox now. l get really emotional about animals, especially when l have a beautiful creature purring on my lap, looking up at me with those sad ''mommy l hurt'' look. My poor, sweet, beautiful Johnny whonny. ------------------------------------------------- Today l shot with Double Trouble. l did a boxing video and a wrestling video. Brian, from Tom Leykis The Movie was there filming me. l got a part in the movie and they needed more footage of me. They wanted to film a normal day in my life, and come along on a shoot. lt was sooo cool, they even interviewed me. To find out more, go to and click TL The Movie. ------------------ l have been getting a lot of mail wondering how to get a private wrestling match or trampling match with me. lf you are serious, and want a match with me, go to . That is Double Trouble, they handle all my matches. B.T.W. They call me Kat over there. ----------------------------------------- Last week l did a shoot for Troma. l will soon be Tromette of The Month on their site, . We shot it on the beach. The story was that l was spying on Kabuki Man while he was sunbathing. When he went in the water, l 'snooped' in his beach bag. l was 'surprised' to find leather restraints! Well, he caught me....oh no!:o He then decided to use them on me by putting me in a hog tie. Then he tickled me & spanked me! Thank god The Toxic Avenger found me! Toxie beat up Kabuki Man and took me in his strong green arms and sweeped me away and carried me off into the sunset! Awwwwwwwww:) ------------------------------------------ l hope you all enjoy my New Live Chat Section. l will make live appearances once in a while, when ever l can. lnfact l will be there in the studio, on Monday December 20th 10-6pm Pacific Time. So come and visit me:) ------------------------------------------------------- l am also intruducing my kitty kats in my Out & About Section. Johnny Cat (male) is the bigger black & white kitty, Kaiko (female) is the small black & white kitty. Bear (female) is the small calico kitty. oxox,Stacy

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