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2/10/2000 - 3/31/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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l am finally learning how to work my digital video camera. l had a meeting with the people of Danni`s Hard Drive. While l am in Cannes promoting for Troma Films, l will also be filming...on my own....on foreign soil....a video of my travels for Danni`s site, as well as my own. They gave me a brief summary on how to use it and what and how to film what they want. l had to make a shopping list as well. l had to get cables, x-tra batteries, x-tra video tapes, VHS tapes, a mini tripod and special plugs....since France has different electricity outlets. This might bloom into a start of yet another venture for me. l may start filming a lot of my travels. Someday, l hope l graduate to getting one of those new Mac computers that are great for making and editing home videos. As long as someone shows me...l hate reading directions. --------------------------------------------------------- l hope you have been enjoying my updates. l try to do at least 3 updates(if not, more) a week. My Stacy`s Words & My Pix of course, but also check the Video Clips, Member`s Section, Out & About, Friends, or Spotlight. l will soon be adding another section to my site. ---------------------------------------------------------- l have an eye appointment and a dentist appointment this week. l need new eyeglasses. l am near-sighted and l use them for driving, especially at night, l have a hard time seeing at night. Anyway, my eyeglasses have been broke for a long time. l have had scotch tape holding the arm on for about 3 years. As for the dentist, l have not seen one for at least 2 years. So it is way past due. l just hope l don`t get that awful, painful shot....l hate those shots! ----------------------------- Sorry l didn`t make my live appearance last Friday, in my Fetish Chat, as scheduled. l had Taxes to do that day. l am awaiting their call to give me the bad or, hopefully, good news. l had to do them that day. l will be away during the weekend of the 15th and my schedule was filling up, so l knew l had to do them and soon. That was the only day that the lady had free for that week. ------------- l am scheduled to do a special show in my Stacy`s Chat on Thursday March 30th 7pm-11pm(PAC time). lt will be my very 1st 4 girl orgy!!:) See, l am still a virgin at some things;) Actually, l am kind of a Goody-Goody......don`t laugh! l am serious! l really am...l am kind of old fashion. Okay, stop snickering. ......Well anyway, l hope you come and visit me during my, uh, 'de-flowering', l could use some support;) --------------------------------------------------------------- l think l will be also in my Fetish Chat on Friday, l am not sure of the time, but it will be during the day(PAC time). See you then:) ---------------------------------------- oxox,Stacy

Decisions, looks as if l am adding yet another job description to my name. So far l have Model, Actress, Web-mistress, Fetish Model, Sales Woman of Handbags and lingerie, Band Promoter, Investor, Wrestler, Boxer, Spokesmodel, Homemaker and Care-Giver of cats(or some just call me 'The Krazy Kat Lady') Now it looks as if l am going to be adding 'Entertainment Agent' to my list of titles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l was going to do this eventually. My plans were to re-design my site, into a Entertainment site. l know a lot of talented bands and musicians that needs more exposure. l work with a lot of good models that always would like to know about good reportable photographers. l run into skateboarders, surfers, snake charmers, sword swallowers, singers, magicians, people of all professions with loads of talent. l also run to a lot of people looking for such talent. So l though, why not build a web-site to showcase all of my findings? l see 'normal' modeling agent sites, but most of those girls charge too much, wont do small shoots, wont travel, maybe they are not even modeling any more, or maybe that agent site really does not even know that model. Besides, l want to promote more than just models.....l want Entertainers as well, Entertainment a Go-Go...Baby:)! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- l don`t know how quickly this will take shape. My web-master is taking April off and l still need to gather pix, resumes and information from all the talent and organize them. l am still busy with my own modeling, acting and l have no idea when this will be completed. l got to go shopping for a studio, get props, set changes, business license, insurance, lights, cameras, etc, etc, etc. lf l am going to do this, l am going to do this right. l want to be ethical, respected, upstanding, and trustworthy. l want to be one of the 'good guys'. l will protect my talent as much as l can from 'bad experiences'. l may not make them into the next Demi Moore or Tom Cruise, but l will try to get them as much work as l can. lt may even be small, low paying, long hour jobs at times, but they will be safe and treated very well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l want to keep the same values and family atmosphere as my beloved, respected and legendary agent, Hal Guthu did. He had over 40 years behind him. l am just starting. l don`t know how successful l will be. l don`t really care about that, as long as l can keep my business running, making sure my bills are paid, getting the talent steady work, doing everything right and making sure everyone is happy.That is more than enough for me. l am kind of excited about this.......scared as hell......but excited non-the-less. ------------------------------------------------------- -------- This message is for AD.....l hope you see this. l get these wonderful drawings from this guy, l LOVE them....thank you! l want sooooo much to post them in my 'Member`s Forum', but my scanner is broke. Can you please e-mail me the drawings to me? Please? Thanx sweetie!!! l will be sending your order this week. You are so talented, you should work for a comic book company!:) ---------------- l will be in my Fetish Chat Room this Friday from 4pm-8pm PAC time. Have a Groovy Day!! oxox,Stacy

Happy St. Patty`s Day to all! l had a great time posing for my St. Patty`s pix. Ken, of, hog-tied me in white, red and green rope and took the pictures for me.......Thanx Ken! l bought the Patty`s Day socks, hat, garland, green carnatio n , and arm band. l even had green cupcakes to smash all over my body, but, ah, well........they kind of got eaten;) ---------------------------------------------- Ooooo, ouch.....l am so sore! l had a hard couple of weeks. l have not had a day off for quite awhile. l have been working non-stop! l have been doing a lot of ha rd bondage positions with my knee. l have a bad knee, that has no tendons in it.....l lost them from an accident. Anyway, l have been doing alot of bondage and wrestling, and using my bad knee a lot in the process. l am having a hard time walking. My arms are sore from doing a lot of boxing and wrestling shoots. l don`t have much upper body endurance, but after this week, l might. l got a bad headache from a few head-locks that l have gotten today. l took a couple aspirin and a beer, and l feel a lot better!:) l don`t usually do that, but after my week and TRAFFIC, l had to. -------------------------------------------------------- l am still helping with the Memorial for my beloved, respected and legendary agent, Hal Guthu. We are taking donations for his memorial service. The money will go to chairs, food, flowers, sodas, ads, guestbooks, invitations, cremation, etc, etc. Checks or money orders can be sent to: C.P.E. P.O. Box 6632 Burbank, CA. 91510 We welcome any donation, big or small. Hal was 78 years old, he was in the business for most of his years. He had many friends, clients, models, photographers, etc, etc, ......we need to place ads and send invitations, to try to find everyone. Any extra money will go towards the investigation of his death. l should be in one of my live chat rooms on St. Patty`s Day, March 17th, during the day(PAC time). ---------------------------------------------- Check out the history of St. Patty`s Day in my Member`s Forum. l got to get to bed, l am sooooooo tired, good-night! ;o oxox,Stacy

Awww, Spring is in the air! The Sun is out for the 1st time this year! lt is nice, clear, sunny, bright, and warm. l am wearing shorts for the 1st time this year. l love spring and summer. Fall is okay, but winter.....l am not really fond of it much. l can`t move when l am all bundled up. l feel like the Michelin Man, knocking down anything that gets in my way. Like a bull in a china shop. The only thing about winter that l like, besides Christmas and New Year`s, is staying home enjoying a cup of soup, watching old movies. But, l get 'cabin fever' after awhile. l need to be outside, feeling the warm sun on my body, giving me energy, recharging me. l love the flowers and the fashion is a lot better during warmer weather. Coats are so boring. Plus, when you go out, yo u have to carry the coat once you are inside, or find a place to check it. Well, at least my car is clean from all the rain. In summer l do have to clean my car more....but that is a small price to pay. -------- ------------------ l still have not done my St. Patty`s Day pictures for next weeks updates.....l hope l get them done in time. l might do them this will be a rush, l`ll try. l have a really full schedule this month as well. l can`t seem to turn down work. l say yes to almost every shoot that comes up. -------------------------------------------- l am writing this as l pedal my exercise bike, with my keyboard duct taped to the handlebars, drinking my Pepsi. l drink nothing but Pepsi, coffee and occasionally beer or wine. Everyone tells me l should drink water. l know it is good for me, l should drink water. l even bought is still there. l tried several times, l bought carbonated flavored water, l drank that for awhile. l just can`t do it. lf l am really, and l mean REALLY thirsty, l will......or if l need to take aspirin or vitamins, l`ll drink some. Pretty bad, huh? Maybe l`ll give it another try this summer.....really, l will.......ummmm.....who am l trying to kid? --------- --------------------------------- Thank you to all that sent their sympathy and well wishes to me and my dear beloved agent, Hal Guthu of CHN. We still are trying to answer a lot of un-answered questions. We are n ow working on setting a time and location for his memorial service. He will be missed. As l said, he was the last of the good guys of Hollywood, and that is the truest statement that l can ever say. l cannot think of one agent that l would trust and respect more than Hal. There will be no one that can match that. We are all lost little lambs now.....trusting no one.....especially in this business....everyone is out for themselves. -------------------------------------- l added a new section to my site......yes another section, there is more to come as well:) l added 'Videos 4 Sale', by popular demand. A lot of you kept telling me that l should sell my videos. Well, here you can find some of my videos, personally autographed from me, sent to you by me. l can`t do this with all of my videos, only if l get permission from the people that produced them. There may be more in the future. ----------------------------------------------------- l am scheduled to be on my live chat and fetish chat on St. Patty`s Day. See you then;) oxox,Stacy


lt is a sad day in Hollywood right now. l have mixed emotions, l am sad and l am really pissed a t the same time. You all never knew my agent, Hal Guthu of CHN, here in L.A. California, but you probably knew alot of his clients. He was practically every bondage, fetish, cheesecake, bikini, and nude model`s Agent He was also everyone`s 1st agent to some great stars. One of those stars were Demi Moore. l heard he was the 1st agent to a lot of well known stars. ------------------------------- He was an older gentleman, sweet, always told you how great you were, he had an old studio, he has been in this business for years. He never put anything on computer, all paperwork, old fashion style. His studio was filled with sets, wigs, costumes, and props dating so far back...and you could tell;) He had this bird, Max, a parrot, 37 years old. Max loved the ladies! He would always follow the girls around, watch them dress in the dressing room. Sometime he would walk over, and turn off the lights with his beak! He was such a smart bird. Hal loved Max. He would come in and catch Max checking out the girls. When Hal would talk to or about Max, his eyes lit up so brightly....his blue eyes would shine through his glasses on his head. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l owe a lot to Hal. He valued the models so much. He took our word as gold. lf you had a problem with a photographer he would not work with that guy again. He always put the models safety 1st. That is why he had soooo many models. He was always busy. He worked all the time, 5 days a week, sometimes weekends(which now, l wish he took weekends off, you`ll see why soon) for ye ars...l mean he was a legend. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l don`t think he really had any family or friends around. He was getting up late in years, and all his records were just kept in old file cabinets, none on computers or anything. l was wondering who would take over the business when it was time. l was hoping if not a family member then it should go to Tori Sinclair, a model that was very close to him, that would keep the same values as Hal. lf anyone didn`t like Hal, they must be the devil. lf you were a good person, you liked Hal. l have a rule, Never Trust Anyone Who Does Not Like Animals..... .well l have a 2nd rule.....Never Trust Anyone Who Did Not Get Along with Hal. Something must be wrong with them.....dangerously wrong with them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Sunday night, someone was in Hal`s Studio, shot him in the head, and burned his studio down with him still in it! The safe was open, the report says. l don`t think he had much money, we don`t know if that was the motive. lt could have been a revel, someone that wanted his business, someone that was a client, that wanted to destroy evidence that he had an appointment with Hal, who knows. It was a studio, not a store, so l don`t know if a robbery would be the motive. l never saw a safe, so l am thinking it was someone who knew he had one. Was money in the safe? Who knows, it could have been records of models, stars, paperwork, it could have been anything. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Through all this, l think about Max, the bird. Was he in the fire? ls he somewhere else? Did he get away, and is homeless now? l know he is a bird, but l think of him, Max is a soul as well. Who ever done this, l will not rest until they are dead! l am sorry, l don`t wish bad things to anyone, but murderers are the exception to the rule. l will not let this rest. Hal may not have a next of kin, but he has lots of devoted friends, models, and clients. He was very beloved . This person messed with the wrong people! l will find out the truth, and l am not the only one that is pursuing this. We will find who is responsible, and we will make him pay! ---------- l`m sorry to bring you all down, for you that know me, l am very cheery and love life and l try to be positive. l kind of don`t fit in the fetish/bondage arena sometimes. l see most sites that are into fetish/bondage are dark and soul searching. l am different, l know. But l can only be who l am. --------------------------------------------- Anyway....on a brighter note......l added a new section, 'Friends', here you will find pictures that my model/actress friends sent me. -----------------
l will be on my live chat 10am-6pm and my fetish chat from 6pm-8pm Friday March 3rd. oxox,Stacy
For The L.A. Times Article about Hal`s death, click here

2/25/00 l need a maid...maybe a cute maid in a short full mini skirt with petty coats and all....well maybe not....l gotta have my house cleaned! l have been EXTREMELY busy....but as you know....l LOVE IT!! l have not been home long enough to clean my house. Don`t get me wrong, it is not THAT bad, but l need to throw away a lot of expired magazines, dust, vacuum, and mop my floor...just the basics. Plus, l need to spend some quality time with my kitty kats. Kaiko, follows me around and meows at me, then rolls over and looks cute, like she is saying, 'look at me..l am cute...l`m the baby..gotta love me'. Awwww, how cute is that? ---------------------------------- l am going to be a Tromette, walking around with Toxie of 'The Toxic Avenger of Troma Films at The A.F.M (American Film Market) at The Loews Hotel in Santa Monica. Me and Toxie will just be running around in and outside the hotel, running 'a mock', causing disturbances where ever we go;) l think l`ll get my nails done at the hotels` salon, while l`m there......hey, running a mock with a monster does terrible things to ones nails;) ------------------------------------------------------------ Besides, l have this terrible habit. l bit e off and eat my skin around my nails and fingers. Gross, huh? l had this habit since l was a kid. l stopped for a few years, but now the habit is back with a vengeance! l bite so much, l make myself bleed. My fingers are so rough, dry, peely and sensitive, since l have no skin left on them......eeeewwwww...l am so gross. My teeth even gets sore from the force of the biting them all day. They might start to push in ..l hope not, l should contact a dentist as well, to make sure l am not indangering my teeth. l guess it is nerves. But l know l cannot control my nerves. Even if l slow down my work....l will be more nervous. l have to do at least 10 different things at once, or l go crazy! ----------------------------------- That is why l learned everything 1/2 fast. l can`t focus on just 1 thing. l wanted to learn the guitar...l tried...couldn`t focus, learned 1/2 way through. Went to the flute, 1/2 way through....piano...1/2 way through......French.....1/2 way through.....Spanish.....1/2 way through.........what ever it may be....1/2 way through. l have a lot of interests...if l were to learn it all the whole way would take 100 years! l also hate to read directions! l rather just figure it out. l bought a digita l camera, and it has stayed in it`s box for 3 years. l also have a digital video camera, that has been its box for 3 months! lt is amazing l opened my computer box! Actually the computer has been a 'god sent' to me! l can go and surf the net and learn a little bit of all of my interests. l am no computer wizard, though....and probably never will. l am still having problems figuring out some computer stuff....but live and learn. -------------------------------------------------- l put a new video clip up on my Video Clip section....enjoy! l wont be on my live chat or fetish chat this week...sorry...l`ll be working for Troma until March 1st. l wont be able to do my Live Chats until Friday, March 3rd. oxox,Stacy

ls there a plumber in the House? ......My bathroom sink has been clogged for almost amonth now! The water used to go down, but as of has not. l tried Drain-O and all! l wanna call a plumber, but l am never home long enough to wait for him....kind of like the cable guy;) Thanx to Telstar, for your informative e-mails. l wish l had the confidence to try to fix it myself.....but l t hink l should call a professional. Besides, l can deduct the money l spend on it from my rent. lt will just be awhile before l can call a plumber....l will not be home for awhile. (so remember that when sending me e-mails, l wont be able to reply for awhile......someday l`ll get a laptop, so l can always be in touch:) ------------------- Glamourcon was soooooooooooo much fun!!!! l shared a booth with the very buxom Ven us DeLight...l am so glad l decided to share it with her.....anyone else would be annoyed with me:) Alot of the girls there were not exactly happy to be there, or not exactly friendly....not all....but most. You could tell, that they would rather be somewhere else. Venus and l, on the other hand were having a blast!!! l got to meet a lot of my members face to face, meet new people, have people meet me, sign autographs, sell pix, videos, etc. We held raffles....gave away prizes and made a lot of noise!! l think some people got a little annoyed of all the ruckus(spelled right?) we made....tee hee;) Hey, what can l say.....that is what happens when you mix me with chocolate, coffee, an event, and ginseng!!!:) ZZZZZOOOOOOWWWAAAAIII!!!!!! LOL........Gosh, l had a blast!!!! There is another one in October.....l t hink l`ll sign up for that one as well....if they will allow me back;)....l even got to meet and take a picture with the Dahm Triplets from Playboy! They were soooo sweet and pretty! l have always wanted to know each of their names. l have always thought...'l wonder if that ever gets to be annoying? Being known as one of the triplets, instead of being a single person.' So incase you always wanted to know as ar e their 1st names....Jaclyn, Erica and Nicole...there,.. now we, which is which? Well.....l dunno.......that takes some time to figure that one out. ----------------------------------------------- Sorry it took so long to post this weeks Stacy`s Words.....l got home late on Thursday and l was sooooo tired...l just went straight to bed. ZZZZZZZZZ---------- l wont be able to make it next week for my live chats...sorry....l am booked solid for shoots. l will be back the following week. -------------------------------------------- l will be making a live appearance in Santa Monica C.A. February 23rd-March 1st from 1pm-6pm with Toxie of The Toxic Avenger. l am not sure exactly where......l have not gotten all the info yet. You might be able to go to for details. ---------------------------------- l hope all is well with you all! See ya next week;) oxox,Stacy

Glamourcon 2000 is here! l will be at Glamourcon this year. lt will be this weekend, Saturday February 12th and Sunday February 13th in LA. For more information, go to: . This will be my 1st one, l`m soo excited! l will be there selling and autographing my videos, 8x10`s, t-shirts, and more! l will be sharing my booth with the very beautiful and buxom, Venus DeLight. Come and say 'Hi' !:) ------------------------------------------------------------- l just got done shooting some pix at Julie Strains house! We took some campy, colorful, funky, and wild pix for her site and mine. We will share these pix, so you well see them on her site as well as mine. She takes the best pix! l love her style soooooooo much!!!!! She has so much clothes, wigs, shoes, toys, art, and everything else that l love! She put me in a turquoise blue long wig with one of her wild pair of boots in the back seat of her car.........she put me in a red 'B-52`s' wig, she put me in a very dark black short, what a difference! l was put in the trunk of her car! l was put in a 'what ever happened to baby jane' blonde curly wig, making out with a blow-up doll! Gosh, sooooo much fun, l loved it!!!!!! l love her!!!! She is my idol...totally!!!!

Watch for those pix soon!:) ------------------- lt looks like l`m going t o be working for Troma again this month. They have me scheduled 1-6pm February 23rd-March 1st, in Santa Monica C.A. l think this is a public event, l will be walking around with Toxie and making appearances. l`ll give you more information as soon as they tell me more. There might be some information about it on their site at: . ------------------------------- l also went to apply to be a 'Leykette'. l hope l get the job! l love Tom Leykis and his radio show! l have been on the show a few times and l am linked on his site, just go to 'Guest Info' from his main page. l also have a few of my pictures up on his site. A 'Leykette' to Tom Leykis is kind of like a Tromette to Troma, or a Playboy Playmate to Playboy. lf l become a Leykette, l wi ll be making more public appearances, going places, traveling (Nationally!:), having fun and meeting people. Go to and put in a good word for me, Thanx!;) ----------------- lt looks like my live chat and fetish chat is a hit! Thanks to all who come and visit me! l like to say a very warm hello to; Telstar, Sheerman, 'lloveyoustacy', rabidron, Markus, and to everyone else that came to say hi to me;) l should be there at the Fetish chat this Tuesday and Thursday ..........and the live chat this Wednesday and Friday, all 10am-6pm pac time. l have soooooo much fun there and the girls all love you guys! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l hope you all like my new video clip section, l will be adding more videos to it soon!------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy my Valentine Pix......Have Some chocolate for me, ummm.......yum;p ------------------------- HAPPY VALENTINE`S DAY!!!!!!!!!! OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX,Stacy

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