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4/7/2000 - 4/28/2000 - Blast from The Past - Stacy`s Diary

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I`m glad I don`t have to wear a ball-gag right now. I went to the dentist today......again. Today they deep cleaned the right side of my mouth and got 2 fillings put in. They had to give me 5 shots! 1st they gave me 2 shots and started drilling......well, I felt it! So they gave me another shot.....I still felt it......shot #4......still feeling it......shot #5....I was soooo numb, my eye was numb, my throat was numb, I couldn`t talk at all.....heck even my brain was numb! Hey, I`m not kidding....I felt kind of drunk! Well, I left there and did a few errons....slurred my words, and kept biting my cheek and tongue! Right now, the feeling is back.... It is hard to eat....l can`t open my mouth very wide (hence why I said, good thing I don`t have to wear a ball-gag today). My teeth are too sore to eat, but it is all for a good cause. I have my next appointment next week for the left side,. The needle is the worst thing about it.....l HATE THAT DARN NEEDLE!:p ----------------------------- My friend Riki Rachtman just opened a new site: . It is a site for Old School Skateboards and Apparel. If you visit his site (which is still under construction), e-mail him and tell him you found out about his site from me. Let him know how many people read this:) ----------------------------------------------------------- I will be in my Stacy`s Chat on Monday 10am-3pm, Wednesday 10am-3pm and then again on Friday 10am-3pm pac time. I was suppost to be there today(Friday), but I am sick, yet again:( Come and say 'hi!' I will soon get a 'Dungeon Chat' added as soon as my web-master gets back from his vacation. I can`t wait, the room is all ready, and ready to go....all I got to do is have my web-master set it up so it shows up on my keep an eye might just 'pop' up sooner than you think;) ------------------------------------- I am working a movie premiere in L.A.for a Troma Film called 'Left Overs'. E! Entertainment is suppose to be there and I am to be there acting crazy trying to get the press to give us a lot of air time. I love working for Troma....I get to act as crazy as I want to....infact it is encouraged! You can never 'over-act' with them. ------------ I regret that I just spent 1000- today, and I shouldn`t have! I should be saving up! I will need $ for my Cannes trip next week. Even if Troma is sending me there, they do not pay much and I will be missing out on my photo shoots that I do, and of course the $ as well. I know I will be spending $ there too;) Oh, well, I better get busy and book a lot of shoot before and after my trip. I did get a lot of cute stuff though!;)
Check out my new video clip of Ashley Renee tickling me:) oxox,Stacy

"Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, Hopping down the Bunny Trail, Hippidy Hoppidy, Easter`s on it`s Way!:)" Happy Easter.....Kiss My Kester;) I love Easter! I love is so cheery and colorful and bright! I love to color Easter Eggs, I love to make Easter Baskets for my friends and family, I love chocolate Rabbits and Marshmallow Peeps.....but mostly l love to go visit my Grandma on Easter. I got to go meet her in the morning, we are going out to brunch for the 1st time. Usually the family all meets at her house and we all cook, eat and take the leftovers home. I guess all the cooking and hard work is getting to everyone. I rather just spend it at Grandma`s House with home cooking, but what ever makes her happy is fine, just as long as I spend it with her. -------------------------------------------------------- I hope you like my unusual Easter pix. I thought my 'Hippity Hop' would be a good addition to my bunny outfit. I also wanted to try out some silly string that I bought a year ago. I like it, l think l will do more shoots with silly string! It is very fun! It is wet, and gooey at 1st, but I like how it feels on the body. ----------------------------- Oh.....I am sooooo sleepy! It was a long day today. It started out with another trip to the dentist. I had a check up on my 2 front teeth. I had to check to see if I needed a new root canal. I had a root canal on my 2 front teeth over 20 years ago. I want to see if I can get caps on them, but 1st, I need to re-do my root canals. lt will cost about $650- for each tooth($1300-). Then it will be another $650- each tooth for caps(another $1300- which adds to about $2600-). Then I will get the rest of my teeth cleaned and whitened....I don`t really know the price on that. All together it will be at least $3000- total!!! Oh, well......I have always wanted a nice smile. I never liked my 'buck teeth' or the space between them. Since I have a small mouth, my teeth need to be good to make up for it. ---------------------------------------------- After the trip to the dentist, I went to a Vivid shoot for a new interactive CD-ROM game that they are putting out. It lasted for a long time, but I had fun....I love those guys, they are soooo cool, fun and they make you look soooo good! I didn`t get home until 10pm, just in time for a radio interview. A radio talk show was scheduled to call me at 10pm sharp, and they were right on time. They asked my questions about my life, my job and plugged my site.....I barely had a voice left for the show. My voice is getting bad, I lose it a lot! I don`t know why that is, but my voice is disappearing! ------------------------------------------------------------------- I saw Jennifer Anniston and Mark Walburg naked!! I worked on a movie last week, called 'Metal God'. It takes place in the 1980`s, so the had to do my hair and make-up all was soooo cool to go back into time. Ilt was a scene where we were all in a Hotel, passed out, the morning after a big orgy like party. Me and a bunch of girls were passed out on the floor half naked around Mark Walburg and Jennifer woke up and gathered her clothes and left the hotel. I don`t know when it will be out, but watch for it. ---------------------------------------- I have 300 e-mails that I got to still answer. San Francisco was fun, but exhausting! I have to copy the video tape that I made, I got to still unpack, I got to do a lot of 'call-backs', I got to develop the film from the event.....oh, I am sooo sleepy. I better go to sleep, I got to get up really early in the morning and it is past midnight. I am a morning person....this is late for me. I am sorry it my words were a little confusing o r for any spelling or grammar errors. Good-night!;0 oxox,Stacy

I`m leaving on a jet plane, don`t know when l`ll be back again.....'', l`m singing that song, it is just in my head for some reason. l am leaving on a jet plane in the morning. l will be going to the Erotica Convention i n San Francisco. For more info rmation, you can check out their site at: Whatissexy
For some reason l am not posted as one of the participants. l will be there with Ken of: . l will be there all weekend, so come and say 'hi'!:) l will not be able to reply to my e-mails until l return, so please be patient. l have 150 un-read e-mails at the moment, so when l get back on Monday night, l am sure it will be way over 200. So please, give me a little time to answer them all. l will answer all of them....eventually.

Today is the Memorial of my agent, Hal Guthu. As soon as l finish my words for this week, l will jump in the shower and get ready to go. lt will be a sad day. l will probably see alot of fellow models and photographers. To keep updated on Hal, you can go to: .

Did you like the spanking pictures of me and Gloria Reyes in my 'Out & About' section last week? She is so cute, huh? l am trying to get her to model some more. lnfact, l w ant to help build her, her own web-site, what do you think? l`ll keep you informed on the progress.

l think l will book myself a lot more in my Live Video Chat Rooms this week. l am going to try to put myself down for most of next week. So watch for me Tuesday-Friday during the day (PAC time), in both rooms. l will probably be booked something like this: Tuesday 10am-2pm Fetish Chat/ Wednesday 2pm-6pm Stacy`s Chat/ Thursday 10am-2pm Fetish Chat/ Friday 10am-2pm Stacy`s Chat. l have not confirmed this yet with the other girls, so this schedule is subjected to change, however, that is what l am trying to do.

l went to the Tom Leykis Flash Friday Fiesta last Friday. Tom Leykis is a radio talk show host of 97.1FM in L.A. California. Every Friday he ask his listeners to flash their headlights of their cars to females, and if the female is a Tom Leykis listener, she will 'flash' her headlights as well;) Tom had a party at a Bel Air Mansion. lt had free food, free beer, many bare breasted women, a pool and a hot was a blast!!!! lf you want to see the pictures of the event, go to his site at: and click the icon above that says 'Flash Friday Fiesta'. ------------------------------------------- Talk to you when l get back from San Francisco......l will take many pictures of the event for you!;) oxox,Stacy

Woah!......l just had a brief fainting spell. l hate those! l get those a lot. l got hit on the side of my head when l was a child by a big rock, that might be it. Or it could be just from sitting on my exercise bike too long being on my computer. l think it stops the blood flow from my head or something. l`ll go to the doctor someday. Right now all my money went towards my eye doctor, a new set of glasses and my dentist. l got at least 4 more visits left to the dentist. l am getting them cleaned, whitened, and a new set of caps on my front teeth. My caps are at least 20 years old! l fell on my mouth the 1st week l got my permanate 2 front teeth in! Talk about luck, huh? l might even fix that ugly gap between my front teeth. l look like David Letterman! No offense to Dave, but l`m a chick. --------------------------- l saved a bird Sunday night. l was at my neighbors house, outside having a BB-Q, when l noticed something in the sky. l saw 2 seagulls attacking this little turquoise blue parakeet! They were trying to kill the poor thing! The parakeet fell to the groun d. l ran to try to rescue him. l picked him up, but he bit me and struggled away. He flew back into the air, only to be beaten up and thrown to the ground again, but this time in the busy street! l ran to get the bird, he tried to fly away, but only flew into heavier traffic. He flew right in the path of an un-coming car, the car stepped on the brakes, the driver looked shocked and scared, thinking he just killed the bird. l looked under the car....whew...he was okay, right next to the wheel, but safe. The car took off and l went to get the bird. He tried to run under a parked car, but a grabbed him, this time with more force. He tried to bite me several times but he was so weak that he couldn`t even break my skin. l yelled for my neighbor; 'get a box, get a box!' He brought one to me. lt was a cardboard box with a clear plastic top. We put the scared, but lucky to be alive, bird in the box. l poked holes all over the box for air. l put some cat-food and bits of an apple inside. That`s all l had for bird food. But he was too scared to eat. He was soooo cute!!! And soooo smart...l can tell he was a very smart bird....hey, he got away, didn`t he? --------------------- Well, here l had a bird, no cage, no food and it was a Sund ay night, everyone was closed. l had to have the bird spend the night in the box.......and in my house....with my 3 cats! As soon as l got inside, the cats were very curious on what was making so much noise in the box. l had to hide the bird in a place where the cats couln`t get to it. l put him in my closet. lt is the only place where the cats can`t get into. lt was also dark in there, so the bird could go to sleep. -------------- The next morning l got up, took the bird to the pet store, bought a cage, bird-food, bird toys, and bird treats. l did not want to leave the bird alone in my house with my cats while l went to work, so he went with me. l talked to him all the way to work, the whole 2 hours straight. We bonded!:) --------------------------------------- l showed him to all the models, they all loved him. l told them that l really wanted to keep him, but l was afraid that my cats would taunt him, and that would not be a good life for the bird. l was also afraid that when l had to change his cage or feed him, that he might get away(hey, he did it once...this time he might not be so lucky!), and my cats might get him. Well, Miranda, at work said that she`ll take him and she has no cats so it would be perfect. YEAH, l found the bird a home!! When she took him away, l almost cried! l miss that little guy.....but l know he is in good hands. oxox,Stacy

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