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5/3/01- 7/26/01- Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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July 26
I am writing this Wednesday night July 25th, since l will be in Chicago on Friday during my updates. l have to wake up at 4am on Thursday, get ready, pack my car, drive to the airport, and be on the 8am flight. l am scheduled to arrive in Chicago around 3pm and as soon as l step unto Chicago soil, l have a photo shoot to go to. l am going to be soooo tired, l am falling asleep right now. And to top things off, my eyes are going through some sort of allergic reaction to something. They are very red, itchy and swollen, l look like l have the smallest pinkest eyes known to man.
After my shoot on Thursday, l hopefully will crash & sleep for a bit. l have another shoot the next day (Friday). Both these shoot is for RopExpert. l am sooo excited to be working and meeting new people, l love it!
Saturday l have to awake bright & early to set up my booth at GlamourCon before they open their doors at 10am. l will be meeting, greeting new people, signing autographs, posing for pictures, selling a few videos & 8x10`s for 8 hours, until 6pm. Then l have to hurry, pack up my booth & get ready to be picked up for my appearance at Fetish Emporium from 8pm- 11pm. l might stop for a bite to eat around midnight before retiring for the night. The next day, Sunday, l will awake early once more to set up my booth before the 10am opening of GlamourCon. l will meet, greet new people, sign autographs, pose for pix, sell a few videos & 8x10`s for about 8 hours, until about 6pm. l might have some energy to go out to eat & maybe see some of the town. The next day, Monday, l`ll need to pack early in the morning, since l have an early flight back home.
l think l will pack my vitamins as well! ;-)

oxox, Stacy

July 19
Waaaaaaaa :-( l wish l could go to ComicCon this year! l love conventions, l love art, l love campy stuff, l love dressing up in costums, meeting new people and buying stuff l can`t really afford..... and that my friend is ComicCon! l would have went, but l had a shoot today, a wrestling match tomorrow & a latex photo shoot on Saturday all day. l like being busy, but it all seems to come all at once, then 'poof' nothing!
I wanted to check out the newest Saudelli art & fetish coffee table book (The Third Book of Saudelli), which l am on the cover of :-) l got to get that book. l love Saudelli`s work! l am soooo excited to be in his book, just too bad that the pix were taken when l was 10 pounds heavier.
l wish l could clone myself and do everything! l would have 3 of me running around, 1 of us could travel everywhere in the world, another could do all the shoots and work all the time and my 3rd clone could do nothing but lounge around at home with my kitties & sleep a lot. That would rule! Ummmm, l think l will have good dreams tonight!

oxox, Stacy

July 12
Yesterday l did a real glamour/playboy style photo shoot, with hair & make-up people, million dollar mansion location (Maxim & Armani were there last week- oy!), and everything! l didn`t have to move a muscle. If l went to reach for my water, they would say, no, l will get it for you. If l bend down for anything, they stopped me and said 'no, you might ruin your make-up or hair, stay there'. The photographer would take one pix and the hair & make-up girl would rush in and fix a single stand of hair, then the photographer would snap another pix! l was never so catered to as that day!
I loved the hair they did on me. They put in strands & strands of extra hair, l felt like Charo or Pam Anderson, l had soooo much hair, l loved it! The make-up is something l would never do myself. They put shimmery silver blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, lots of false eyelashes and shiny really red lipgloss. l never thought l looked good in red lipstick, until yesterday. The make-up looked great for the amount of it that l had on, however l would never go out in public with it. lt was a little like Ivana Trump style. Great for taking pictures or at a Beverly Hills Luncheon, but not out in the real world.
They told me that l can have copies of the pix! l am sooo excited, l have always wanted high glamour/playboy type pix! These were definitely playboy style pix, the playboy hair, make-up, outfits, nudity, fancy locations, playboy all the way. l can`t wait for them to send me the pix, and to post them up here for you to see. These are really sexy photos!

oxox, Stacy

July 06
I am soooo sleepy, tired and full!!! l had a great 4th of July as always! We always have an annual 4th of July Block Party with bands, kegs, BB-Q`s and all! All l want to do is go lay out on the sand, but it is cloudy & drizzly out today. l might lay out any way. lt is very humid & muggy out.
l am having a great time Go-Go dancing every Tuesday at The World Famous Cathouse in Hollywood! l hope you come out and visit me soon. We had a wet t- shirt contest there last week! lf you want to see the pix, go to:
Oh, l gotta go lay down. See ya in my Stacy`s Chat! l will soon have that link up and working again soon. That way, you can go directly to my web-cam, instead of clicking onto the many rooms to find me like you have been. All you gotta do is scroll down to 'Stacy`s Chat' click it and 'poof' there l will be!

oxox, Stacy

June 29
I have a new favorite TV Show. It is on every Sunday night at 10pm on the cable channel Showtime. It is called 'Queer as Folk'. l have never loved a show as much as this o n e. l am truly addicted to it. l wish it played everyday 24 hours a day! l want to jump through my TV screen and become one of the cast members, so l could hang out with them!
l used to feel like that (& still do) with the 'I Love Lucy' TV show. l used to want to live Lucy`s l ife that she portrayed in that show, that would be my fantasy life! l get to wear cool clothes, l get to have best friends that will go along and come with me in any crazy idea l get in my little crazy head. l get to have a handsome husband that has his own night club that l seem to always get a part in one of his shows. l get the glamourous life as well as the normal family life. What a perfect world Lucy had, in the TV land at least!
'Queer as Folk' is like HBO`s 'Sex in the City', another great show. The only difference is most of the cast is gay. Most are gay men, but there is a lesbian couple in it. It stars 'E!`s Talk Soup' former host Hal Sparks, the cutest and most talented actor at this point in time! The writing is terrific, the camera work is energetic, the cast is perfect and the sex scenes are very stimulating! l never get addicted to TV shows, l hate being a slave to my TV. Being out some where then all of a sudden look down at my watch and go 'Oh my god, l got to get home, my favorite show is on!'...... but that is what l have become. l do not answer my phone, my door or anything during 'Sex in The City' (9pm) & especially 'Queer as Folk' (10pm), which luckily is on the same night (Sundays).
'Queer as Folk' made me learn something about myself. l am hot for Guy on Guy action! l never knew this about me. l found a new form of porn, 'Queer as Folk'! lt is soooo hot & sexy, it is the hottest & sexiest thing l ever saw in my whole life!!!!! It makes me want to go out and buy gay porn, but l am afraid l might be disappointed. lt might not be as hot & sexy as 'Queer as Folk'. l only seen maybe 2 or 3 porn videos in my life, really, but porn always disappoints me. l have yet to find something that l might like. Hardcore porn is like watching open heart surgery, it makes me nauseous and queasy in the stomach. lt is not hot & sexy to me at all. But now that l found out that l like watching Guy on Guy action, maybe l should give that kind of porn a try.... ummm.....maybe.
Until then, l am just as happy as a horny little fetish model every Sunday night watching 'Sex in the City' & 'Queer as Folk'!

oxox, Stacy

June 20
Viva Las Wages (Vegas) AGAIN! Miss Gloria Reyes & I are up there for a photo shoot with Master Len of Studio Bound. We will be back Saturday Nigh t, hopefully ;-)
It is nice when I get booked with a good friend, especially when it is a road trip! My guess, this is going to be one fun and memorable trip!!
This Tuesday, my Live Home Web-Cam will be a little different. I have a bondage photo shoot scheduled with Jack Banner at my house this Tuesday. Since my Web-Cam chat is scheduled for the same time, I decided to point the camera in the direction of the shoot, so you can see behind the scenes of a bondage photo shoot. This will happen on Tuesday June 26th from 12noon-3pm (PAC time). l will not be able to chat much, since l will be tied up (no pun intended ;-) and l will be busy changing outfits. l may not be able to do 1 on 1 private sessions either, but at least you`ll be able to see what we shoot way before the pix ever come out on our web-sites! Hope you all come out and check it out! Just click the 'Video Chat Hotel' icon to your left, then click 'enter chat rooms' then click the 2nd upper box. There you will see the entrance to my Web-Cam!

oxox, Stacy

& nbsp;

June 13
l`m soo excited! l got my home web-cam up and running last Tuesday. Everything worked great! l was worried that something might go wrong, tech wise, but all was smooth! lt was nice to chat with you all again, from my own home!!! l didn`t have to get into my car and drive in traffic for an hour or two, which l had to do with my last web-cam which was not at my home, but at a studio instead. l scheduled myself every Tuesday from 12noon -3pm PAC time as well as spur-of-the-moment occasions, which will be very often. To find out if l am on my web-cam, just click the 'Video Chat Hotel' then click the 'click here for free live video chat' window. There you will see who is on. Since the camera is from my house, l have access to many toys like rope, gags, lingerie, hose, stockings, dildos, etc, etc. Private 1 on 1 sessions are available while l am on camera.
------------------------------ -------------------------------
l am finally a GO-GO dancer! l always wanted to be a GO-GO dancer! Not the kind in strip clubs, l mean like the ones we see in those Beach-Blanket-a-Go-Go movies from the 1960`s & Goldie H awn of Laugh-in! l love Go-Go dancing, l`ve done it all my life in the privacy of my own home. l`ll put on some surf tunes, bellydance music, or a rock CD & dance my ass off! Now l am doing it in public every Tuesday night at The World Famous Cathouse in Hollywood! l`m having a blast! l gotta get used to it though. I awoke this morning with sore knees! You see l have weak knees, they go out on me alot. l was born with one tendon longer than the other. l used to do aerobics and squat alot due to waitressing. One day while dancing at a home party, l blew out one knee. lt swelled up like a volleyball. l hate going to doctors, so l ignored it.
l just wrapped it up and went back to work. l could not bend it, so l put a lot of the pressure on my other knee, which eventually blew out as well. l wrapped that one up & still continued to work. l looked like Lucille Ball in the scene in 'l Love Lucy' where she pretends sh e has 2 broken legs and she thinks her apartment is on fire so she has to waddle around with 2 casts on her legs. That was me. l had to waddle with bandages wrapped around each leg, not being able to bend my knees at all, carrying big heavy trays of hot Mexican food to the tables of hungry customers at a Mexican restaurant. The owner walked in at told me to go home & not to come back without a doctors note stating that l am able to come back to work. He thought l was crazy coming to work like that.
l h ad to go to the doctor. They had to drain my knees, l had fluid built up in them. l blew out the tendons. There were only 2 options. #1) surgery, which they would cut the tendons to hold the knee in place, but l would lose flexibility. #2) Physical therapy for a month in a hospital and daily exercises for the rest of my life to built the muscles strong enough to replace the job of my tendons and keep my knees in place. l picked the 2nd option. l didn`t want to lose the flexibility. l still have very weak knees. l cannot do many bondage positions concerning my knees. l have done some, but l will not do any more. l had a few bad occasions where l couldn`t walk for about an hour. That was scary. l must realize, l only have one body, no replacements. l must take care of it, if l want it to last me my whole life. l used to try to be a 'tough girl', even with my knees, no more. T hey still go out on me all the time. l got to keep up with my exercises every day for my rest of my life, which is a small price to pay to have the gift of walking & dancing! l LOVE walking & l love to dance, especially Go-Go dancing!!!
oxox, Stacy

June 08
The Dressed to Thrill Event was truly amazing!!!! l am still awestruck (spelled right?). The 1st night was just a small drink gathering with a small dungeon/play in the other room. Everyone was there. Nina Hartley & Ernest Green was there. Nina looked beautiful! She & Ernest came up to say 'Hi'. They say l remind them of Goldie Hawn! l thought that was the coolest compliment, l adore Goldie Hawn & to be compared to her is fantastic! As always there were a few 'after-parties' l only attended one. l cannot seem to stay up past 12midnight, let alone 3-5am!
----------- -------------------------------------------------
The next day l awoke & had breakfast. l never eat breakfast, but l could not resist the breakfast buffet they had there! l laid out by the pool with Jewel Marselle. lt was very H OT!. The vendors area opened at 3pm. l set up my little area with Fetish-Realm Magazine ( ). You can many pix of me at many events up on their site. B.T.W. l am on this months cover along with Molly Mathews & Sensa. Then off l went to spend my life`s savings (which is not far from the truth!). l bought a bright pink latex catsuit, a black latex corset, a latex 2 piece pale pink 1950`s inspired dress with red cherries all over it, and l became a semi-permenate make-up distributor! Yes, l now sell semi-perminate make-up... call me a 'sucker'!
l don`t know when l will find time to sell make-up! Oh well, l do like the product. You see as a fetish model, when we get tied up, ball-gags in our mouths, tape gags, etc, etc.... our make-up gets smeared. We are unable to fix our make-up, due to we are tied up, we don`t know it got smeared, or the photograph er doesn`t give you the time to go and fix it. This make-up that l bought, does not come off unless you take it off with a special cleaner! The best thing is, the lip stick does not come off on wine glasses & stuff like that!!! Pretty cool, l thought!
That night was the Fetish Renaissance gathering. Everyone was dressed sooo elegant! l wore my gypsy renaissance bellydancer costume. They had a costume contest, a wedding & performances like Dita. She came out in ballerina toe shoes. l never knew she knew ballet!!! She danced sooo graceful!! She looked absolutely stunning!!! She took my breath away!
The next day was more Vendors, which l bought a chrome bikini, soo cool!!! That night was the main dinner. l was going to wear my clear latex dress with nothing underneath it. However, when l left my hotel room to walk to the ballroom, there was a formal wedding being held outside my door!! l put on a skin colored slip underneath it. That night was truly amazing! There were many performances. Mistress Persephone & Molly Mathews did a Vampire scene, where Molly was the captured slave & was ravaged by a latex wall then slain by Mistress Persephone and a 'blood bath' ensues. Dita did 2 performances. One with Catherine D`Lish dancing and frolicking in two giant Champaign glasses filled with warm sudsy water. The other Dita performance was Dita doing a cute little striptease number then talking dirty on the phone to a suitor. She did a fantastic job, so graceful & sparkling!
-------- --------------------------------------------------
Then there was an award show. l won for best Bondagette of 2001!!! I was sooo excited & surprised! The award is sooo beautiful. The people of Fetish-Realm Magazine presented the awards to all. The best of the evening came. The Fashion Show!!! OMG!!!! It was sooo grand!!! The outfits were soo stunning!! l felt like l was in a Paris Fashion Show with Versace. The fashions were sooo creative. l wanted all the fashions! l wished l paid more attention in sewing class back in grade school! Why couldn`t they show these clothes BEFORE the vendor area closed? lt made the $2000- in latex clothes l just bought look like out-dated 2nd hand apparel! The Grand Finale was Dita, she came out arm& arm with the designer, Ralf Strauss, in one of h is best creations! The crowd all gave them a standing ovation, well-deserved!
l am going to the premier of Dita`s Slick City Video she done with Gwen Media this Saturday. l know this will be a grand event as well. I think it is the perfect combination. Gwen Media & Dita are both graceful, artful & always stunning!!!
oxox, S tacy

May 31st/June 1st:
I am in Vegas right now attending The Dressed to Thrill Event out there. l will return on Monday morning. l also dropped my dial up modem computer & got cable connection now. My old e-mail address ( is no longer valid. l am forwarding all my e-mail to: - if you e-mail me & recieve no reply, please wait a bit & try e-mailing meagain. l may lose some e-mail during this process.
l want to share with you my interview with
Q #1: What's up Stacy? How's 2001 been treating you so far?
A: pretty good so far. l just can`t beleive how time flys... hey stop the world for a bit will ya... l need more time here! :-)
Q #2: Ya know had it not been for my love for the LA scene & the CathouseI know I would have never come across you. So do you think by you being affiliated with Riki Rachtman & the Cathouse has induced your popularity more?
A: ummm, l dunno about that. lt isn`t really public knowledge that we are buds. All l know is that Riki is a great friend, really sweet & l support him greatly! l am so proud to be a part of the Grand Re-opening of Riki Rachtman`s World Famous Cathouse!!
Q #3: Who's idea was it to portray you in bondage photo shoots & what's the concept behind being chloroformed in some of them as well?
A: me :-) l love fetish modeling!!! l think it is an artform. l love B-movies & Campy stuff. l get to really play with my creativity here. Over acting is a bon us, ya gotta love that! Chloroform, is just the releasing of control- almost like bondage... however remember 'Consent' is the key to everything! lf there is no consent- you are breaking the law.
----------------------------------------------- ----
Q #4: I can see in your photos you're quite an actress, and aside from your modeling, is acting something you have a passion for?
A: ya, l LOVE acting! l do some mainstream films ( did a bed & lingerie scene with Tom Cruise), but l HATE auditions. So you will only see me in a few mainstream stuff as well as spokesmodel stuff. ln fetish films l get to act as much as l want to, no pressure no politics, no games, no 'casting couch'. l don`t need the fame that mainstream can give me. To me, l see myself as a sucess. l am making a pretty good living at doing something l love to do.
Q #5: Tell me about the upcoming film "Pretty Cool"?
A: how did ya hear about that film? l dunno when they plan on releasing it. lt is part of the Emanuelle Series. One of the stars is Playboy playmate Summer Altice. l forget the names of the other stars. l just play a cheerleader. l had a bigge r part, but l couldn`t shoot the last day due to aprior engagement. lt was cool to play a high school cheerleader!
Q #6: I know I for one am attracted to a woman's hands & sometimes feet and I've noticed you've touched on that in a few of your photos. Is this something you've noticed in some or all of the men you've known or have been envolved with?
A: yea, come on women`s feet, especially in 5 inch stellittos are as sexy as sh*t! Plus, l am a sucker for a 3 hour foot massage! Yea baby, that`s the way to my heart- yoswa!!! :-)
Q #7: Who were the porn models that you looked up to growing up and why? Was Traci Lords on that list at all?
A: I have only seen one porn video in my whole life & l don`t even own any porn videos at all. l probably should watch one someday, but then again, l probably wont. l am not a fan of porn. To me it is like watching open heart surgery, eewww! However, l ADORE Showtime`s new show called 'Queer as Folk'... l never knew that guy on guy action could be soooo HOTT! I think l finally found a form of (soft-core) porn that l actually like! Yea, l might buy som e Guy on Guy porn flicks- umm, maybe today!
Q #8: Ya know Axl Rose is on record as saying, to him, the internet is a garbage can. Has the internet been more of a positive experience for you than negative or what? What's it been for you?
A: For me, it has been a positive. l am learning a new field of work by creating web-sites & learning about computers. That way l have something to fall back on when the modeling days start to fade. l met many cool people via the web. l can promote events, bands & new talent a lot easier & faster via the web, then before the web. l find out about cool events, it keeps me up to date on things. l learn a lot about things. l can just type in a word in the search engine and 'poof'- mega information. Sure there are the negative crap out there (varies depending on one`s taste), but information should be un-baised & un-censored. You control the mouse babe, the web is as evil as you want it to be!
Q #9: Have you ever gotten any anti- or hate mail? If so? What's been your reaction to it?
A: Oh hell yea. l got this fan that used to send me the coolest cartoons of me in a straight jacket using my feet for brushing my teeth & stuff. He was sooo sweet in his fan letters. Then he turned on me out of the blue. Harrassed me via e-mail, on my Yahoo Clubs, etc, etc. You can`t help but get people that claim to hate you, even though they never met you. But hey, l`d
rather have people be honest with how they feel about me. l just HATE people that say they love you, but secr etly hate you- l`m not a fan of phoney people.
Q #10: You obviously have no complex with your figure and you're an extremely attractive woman but is there ever a time you like get down on yourself and think "What the hell am I doing!"
A: Hell no! l dig it totally!!! l look at my life and say 'Damn, l must have done something right, l got such a GREAT life!' l am lucky that l get to do what l love to do & make an okay living out of it. My only regret is that l wished l started sooner!!
Q #11: When and how'd you cross paths with Riki Rachtman? And did you two hit it off from the get go?
A: l was watching the MTV Special about year & h alf ago about past VJ`s & what they are doing now. l have been a fan of Riki`s for years. l absolutly ADORED his radio show on KLSX & was completly pissed off when he got booted. l think he is a un-tapped talent, very under-rated & under appreciated. lf l were rich & owned a radio station or TV Channel, you bet l would put him in something really big! Who knows, hopefully that might happen. Anyway, in the special he gave out his web-site addy (, and l e-mailed him. We e-mail back & forth for a while & then we finally met at a coffee shop. Yea, l say we hit it off. Riki is the coolest & l support him in all his adventures!
Q #12: What bands get you off and put you in the mood? Faster Pussycat? Jackyl? Aerosmith? I'm assuming they're on the list.
A: Yea, but to tell ya the truth my favorite bands or artists are: Cheap Trick, Blondie, Dick Dale, David Bowie, Sex Pistols & Rob Zombie. Of course if l were to list all the bands l dig, this e-mail would be 2 miles long! (the newest ba nd that l am listenin g to right now is Linkin
Park & Saliva - they are awsome!)
Q #13: You told me once punk rock was your thing. Mentality and sexually what sits with you better? Punk bands or Hair bands?
A: it`s a tie between Surf & Punk tunes. l just put a surf or punk CD on and Go-Go dance my freggin ass-ass off!!!
Q #14: Are you into at a ll? I'm Pure Rock Patrol so becareful {I'm laughing}.
A: Yea, of course! l used to go to Sunday nights at Geckos for KNAC nights. l love all music, but especially love HARD music & KNAC gives me that.
Q #15: I can't say how glad I am that Riki has brought back the Cathouse! Do you see the LA scene rising as we speak?
A: Yea, but l didn`t know it was a 'scene' until it was over! l just assumed it would always be there, how sad that l was wrong. l hate clubs now. The same old music, different club, same 10 disco songs & the same old lame phoney ass people wearing designer this & that...... l`d rather stay at home and watch re-runs of 'l Love Lucy'!
Q #16: Ya know I was promoting you in the KNAC chatroom recently and DJ Phil Hullet {AKA Philthyphil} has heard of you, but he said he doesn't quite get the whole fetish thing. So would ya care to enlighten him and the rest of us on that concept?
A: sure, it is quite simple. A fetish is something that you need to turn you on. Whatever it may be. lt could be feet, stockings, bondage, wearing latex, a girl in 5 inch stellettos, etc. As long that it is contentual and the part ies involved are adult, there is nothing bad about it.
Q #17: I am personally registered in 2 of your yahoo clubs and I dig being apart of it. Did it take off at first or was it more of a slower progress?
A: my 'StacyBurkeDotCom' Yahoo club took off right away (over 2100 members) The rest of them (about 7 of them, last count) are taking the slower route. l love Yahoo Clubs! l can interact with people, find out about cool events, news, l like the creative abiltiy with them & you can reach out to MANY people all over the world!
Q #18: Hugh Heffner & Riki Rachtman wow! Do ya get alot of envy from other chicks over knowing them?
A: well most of my friends are fellow fetish models. They all seem to get their fair share of celebreties. Dita (a fellow fetish model) is dating Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis from the band 'Korn' is dating a fetish model and l just found out that Arban (another fetish model) is dating Tommy Lee (formally husband of Pamela Anderson). Most of the envy comes from my friends that are men. Hef & Riki are like their idols.
------- ------------------------------------------
Q #19: Ok I'm winding here Stacy. What do ya think of "Rock's Man Behind The Message" web site & my support page in it?
A: what is this, a trick question? What do you think l`m going to say? Of course l dig it dude! l think you should get into broadcasting or into the media. Come on, ya love it & you`re good at it!
Q #20: What's next on Stacy Burke's agenda?
A: ummm..... well l will be going to the Renaissance Faire this weekend for my birthday- then l will be attending The Dressed to Thrill Event in Vegas next weekend. Then l will be heavliy promoting for the Grand Re-opening of Riki Rachtman`s Worl d Famous Cathouse for June 5th!
Thanx for the interview, I wish you the best and here's and here's to ya!
A:No problem sweetie, anytime- as long as l got my coffee, it`s all good! :-) To see the KNAC Stacy Burke support page done by the interviewer (Dallas)
go to:
oxox, Stacy

This week`s updates are from my shoot @ . Cleo Nicole & l play Avon ladies going to the same door. We both ring the door bell but no one answers. Cleo really wants the sale, so she cold cocks me, punches me out & carries me to the back yard. While l am passed out she strips me, fondles me & sucks my feet.
l really loved working for NecroBabes! They are so creative & make things look VERY realistic, with the blood, wounds & stuff. lt was like filming a B-Horror Movie! My type of stuff... soooo kewl! They have allowed me to post a few pix from my visit (which is a LOT of pix!), so you will see a bunch more up here soon.
You will see me tied up & shot, you will see me naked in a warm bath with my wrists slashed, Hypnotized & carried away in a maids uniform by Cleo Nicole... and many more scenes.
l`m looking forward to going to the Renaissance Faire this weekend fo r my birthday! l used to go EVERY weekend, back when l used to live out there. Now l try to go at least 2 times a while it is going on. If you have not been to a Renaissance Faire, you are missing out! l like to dress up as a wench or as a renaissance bellydancer. l drink lots of mead & ale, eat tons of shepherd pie & toad in the holes, buy beautiful pottery, stained glass, goblets, swords, all kinds of medieval stuff. l like to cuff a friend to my side using my fur & leather cuffs. l will be sure to take many pix & post them up here so you can see what l mean.
l still have not re-built my computer. l was going to buy parts, but my friend Skye Blue is selling me her computer (about 1- 2 years old) as well as a digital cam, cables & everything that can be used to set up my own web-cam. l am going to use parts from her computer & re-build my computer. l still might have to buy parts, but 1st l`ll see what l can do. l hope to pick up the computer tonight. Once l do, l can get started. Then l will get DSL (I still have dial-up) & set up my web-cam! l am really excited about having a live web-cam at home!!! l want it so you can see me & chat with me, just like l do in the studio- except, l will be at home & will be able to be on more often! l would like to add a 24 hr voyeur cam as well. That way you can watch me do my everyday stuff as well as see behind the scenes at my photo shoots l have at home, but l will go one step at a time. l need to get the web-cam up 1st.
B.T.W. l wanna plug a friend.... hey, not that way... you guys.... ;-)
l wanna send some traffic to: (tell a friend)- he doesn`t think l can give him much traffic...... let`s prove him wrong, heh? :-)

Today l am going to the computer store & buy stuff to re-build my computer. l`m going to try that 1st, l might end up just buying a new one. My computer now is sooooo messed up. lt is soooo slow & it will not recognize my CD-ROM! I cannot download any software at all!!! My pix keep getting corrupted when l try to rotate them, brighten or anything on my Photo Suite software. A lot of programs crashed & are no longer found on my computer as well. lt takes me truthfully all day to do what should only take a few hours! At least l am getting my exercise doing this. You see, l moved my new stationary recumbent bike to my computer, so l pedal while l am on my computer. l am up to burning between 1000 - 1500 calories a day!! (according to my bike`s computer) Whoo Hoo!!!

Tomorrow l will be shooting with Jim Martin of He is shooting a few requests of me that his fans wanted to see. l can`t wait, l have not shoot with him for more than a year now! He shoots beautiful pictures as well as beautiful models!! He 1st has to shoot with the lovely & statuesque Julie Strain, then he shoots the quirky stubby Stacy Burke.... ummmm what a range huh?

On May 26th l will be at The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Devore California to celebrate my birthday (which the very next day-May 27th). l just LOVE the Ren Fair, l go every year! All is welcome to join me! For information & tix go to: -All is encouraged to dress up! Prepare for a day of Decedent Food, Ale, Royalty, Bellydancers, Shakespeare, Knights, Wenches & Cleavage!!

l am in the middle of adding some cool stuff to my site. lt should be up soon. l also want to add more stuff. What do you want to see here? After all the club is for YOU! I want to know what you want to see more of. Let me know! :-)
oxox, Stacy

l just got back from a GREAT shoot with Harmony Concepts!!! lt has been WAY to long since l worked with them!! l always have a great time with them! We chatted a lot in-between scenes. The other model l worked with was Sabrina Stone. l have not worked nor seen Sabrina for about 5 years!!!! l love her! Not only is she a sweet girl, she is a VERY funny girl! She has a very wicked sense of humor! She kept all of us laughing sooo much we all had tears in our eyes & totally forgot what we were laughing at by the time we stopped. She also demonstrated her great B-Movie type high pitched blood-curdling scream- WOW! Lloyd Kaufman, you better sign this girl up for your next Troma Film!

Last week l worked with Cleo Nicole at a 2 day Necro Babes shoot in Vegas. l can`t wait to do it all over again! l cannot believe this was the 1st time l worked for them. l found it very enjoyable & creatively gratifying! They actually made the 'wounds' look very realistic! lt was very cool! A few of the pix of me & Cleo (Angelic they call her) are up on their site right now. They also gave me some of the pix from the same shoot, which you will see up here very soon.

In one set, l am hanging by my wrists & get shot several times by Cleo. Another set has me & Cleo as lounge singers & fighting for the spotlight. So Cleo decides to strangle me. Another set we are both 'Avon' ladies that arrive at the same door to sell cosmetics. Cleo, not wanting to miss a sale, punches me out, carries me away & takes advantage of my feet while l am knocked out! Another set shows me dead in a bath tub with both wrists slit & bleeding in the warm bath water. Cleo comes in as the coroner & puts me in a body bag- takes me to the autopsy room, the morgue then finally the funeral parlor (Cleo ravishes my dead body through out these pix). Another set has me as a sloppy maid & Cleo hypnotizes, puts me in a cute maid outfit & makes me do stuff with her. Another set has me & Cleo fighting in the grass & mud & playing with our dirty feet. Another set shows Cleo carrying me in very different positions through out the house. Another set, Cleo & l do a little foot play in the kitchen.

Cleo & l basically had a GREAT time!!!! l even won on slots.... which has never happened to me in my life!!! l always lose, this was the 1 time that l felt what it was like to win! l won the same amount l spent on hotel, gas & food! Whooo Hooo, that felt GREAT!!!!!! I didn`t even put it back in, l cashed out, went back to my room & went to bed... l was a good girl! ;-)
oxox, Stacy

Right now l am packing. Cleo Nicole & l are Vegas Bound!!! No pun intended- tee hee ;-) We are shooting for! l can`t wait, l`ve wanted to shoot with them for the longest time! l just hope l do not spend more than l make..... l gotta stop doing that!
Well, l shot a few scenes for Danger Beach last week. Whew... what a day!!! l never knew it was sooo much work! We also got busted by the police! You see there is a scene where we find a girl tied up in a trunk of a car in a beach parking lot- a very short scene. Well, that day there were a lot of nosy construction workers (as well as Noisy, may l say). l guess, my acting was more believable than l thought.... they called the police on us!!! The police pulled up & told the camera crew to put their hands up were they can see them. l walked up & said that l am the responsible party. l explained that l was making a 'student' film & that no one is in danger. The cops started to laugh, they thought it was cool, however they informed me l still need to get a permit to film even if it was a little 'student' film. Waaaa :-(
l got to find out how much a permit will cost. l am planning to do a lot more filming & l don`t want to put my crew through that again. l don`t mind, but l think they do. lf it was just me, l would do what they call in the business 'Gorilla Filming', which means you film without permits on the run or 'on the sly' so you don`t get caught.
l took a few pix for Danger Beach, but my stupid software corrupted a few cool pix. l`m getting a better & upgraded PhotoShop than my cheap Photo Suite 1st edition.
l`m not touching the rest of the pix until l insta ll the new software. l still have a few more scenes l need to film later this month. Then, it`s off to editing. l will be doing that myself as well, so it will be awhile. The 1st one always takes the longest. When l get the hang of it, it will take less time. l am learning as l go.
All l can tell you about the 1st Episode of Danger Beach is it will be a spoof on Charlie`s Angels, Baywatch & VIP. It will star me, D`Arby & Nina Neon, with guest appearances by other fetish models. We all had a fun shoot, that is very important to me. lf we have fun filming it, it will show in the product. l want my company to be a fun place that people want to go to and play & get some kind of pay for it.
Hey all you Renaissance Fans out there, it is in Southern California untill June 17th. l will be going for sure, dressing up, getting tied up & taking my camera along as well!! l will post the pix here as soon as l go & take the pix! l love the Ren Faire!!! *For the men- it`s all about Beer, Food & Cleavage! *For the women- it`s all about Food, Beer & Knights in Shining Armour! Grrrrr..... For more information go to:


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