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9/26/02-12/26/02 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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December 28
Hello, i hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday! i was asked to do another interview. So here it is, un-cut, un-edited, miss-spellings and all. You know how i love to share things with you 1st before it gets edited & goes out into the public. Enjoy ;-) oxox, Stacy
CDallas: When I think of Stacy Burke I think of a beautiful young
fetish model, but most people don't. I mean, the fact is most people think
of you as a porn star, but that's not the case is it it, hon? So you
wanta clear that up again and elaborate?

Stacy: That would be news to me. Anyone that thinks of me 1st as a porn star must be thinking of somebody else. When somebody mentions Silvester Stalion do they 1st think porn star or actor. Most would say actor, the people that never heard of him would think porn star.
My career is at least 75% Fetish, 24 1/2% Mainstream and 1/2% porn. I only done 3 or 4 so called ëporní flicks. I hated doing them & will never do one again. All of My heart, soul & energy is Fetish, Modeling & Acting.

CDallas: Hey, what ever happened with the film 'Pretty Cool'? Was it
ever released and is it available any where for your fans?

Stacy: it was released, but I never saw it. I ran into Summer Altice & Ralph (the director). They said it turned out pretty good. I would love to see how it came out. If anyone has a copy of it, let me know.

CDallas: Now the StacyBurkeDotCom yahoo club, you said, took off right
away a couple of years ago or so with 2,100 members. Where's it at
today count wise and how are your other sites doing?

Stacy: My Yahoo group has over 6000 members and is pretty active. I have a lot of domains, but only 3 real full web-sites (, & They are all doing great. I love adding & improving them as time goes on. I will be launching a Grand Re-opening of my site pretty soon. I am adding many new things as well as including my complete library of archives up in a token format.

CDallas: Now was that photo in US Magazine back in March of 2002 with
Jim Shea Jr., Hugh Hefner and the other girls actually taken inside of
the Grammys and how'd all of that come together for you to be there,

Stacy: We were running late and basically did a fast run through the red carpet when Jim Shea Jr. came up to us and asked us if he could take a picture with all of us. He also wanted all of us to touch his metal for future good luck.

CDallas: Does the world of fetish modeling get intensly competitive? I
mean, are any of you at each other's throats more than you guys are,
say, hanging out?

Stacy: Not really, that is only in the Mainstream World. Mainstream is so cut throat, I hate that. The fetish community is the sweetest, most supportive, most non-judgemental people I have ever met!

CDallas: How come your videos aren't available on the market at least
here on the east coast? I mean, I know I can get them via your official
web site, but what's the deal?

Stacy: I am not sure about all the different laws in each state. That is why I do not distribute them myself. I leave that to the video companies to deal with. They are listed in my links section of my site for more information on how to purchase my videos.

CDallas: I have to say your popularity has risen quite a bit over the
past year and a half. Why do you think that is considering not only the
quantity of fetish models, but also the fact taht you're mainly revered
as a porn star and the quantity of chicks in that feild is over flooded
as well?

Stacy: Again, I am not a porn star at all. To each there own. I am not downing porn, but it is a false statement to put myself in that category, just as it would be out of line to call Jenna Jameson a famous fetish model. People that see me as a porn star are un-educated people.

CDallas: I think Elizabeth Carson is definetly one of the top three
fetish models in the business today! Do you ever get intimidated by any of
these women and do other fetish models ever get intimidated by you at

Stacy: No, I believe there is room for all of us. Fetish is different that any other field. Fetish itself means different, unique, set apart. There will never be one look for a fetish model. We need a variety. That is good, I like that. If you are a fetish model, you better love it, it doesn`t pay well...part of your payment is your enjoyment of the job itself.

CDallas: Tell fetish fans what they can expect by becoming a member of
your yahoo club(s) and why they should even log on (besides your killer
body and pretty face).

Stacy: it is a fun place to keep updated on events, See sneek peek pix of my site updates and interact with some of the coolest sweetest people in the world.

CDallas: What highlights are ahead for you come 2003 and what would you
like to accomplish in the year ahead?

Stacy: Continue with my clothing line ( and maybe start my own fetish magazine or TV Show.

CDallas:So far you've done stage, TV, Film, modeling and fetish
modeling among other things. You're obviously a very talented young woman, but
what are your long term goals and how do you wanta be remembered when
Stacy Burke is said and done or is it way too early to say right now?

Stacy: What I want to be remembered for: That I always meant well, I always tried to make things better, I was always Happy & Cheerful, that I was a good person and inspired others to be true to themselves and do the same.

CDallas: The best part about associating with you is that I think it's
cool that you know I support you and that I am not o ut to try and wreck
you by lieing or misquoting you. Trust and integrity has always been
what it's ab o ut with me. Thankyou for your time and Happy Holidays, hon.
Talk at ya later!
Stacy: No problem sweetie, sorry it took so long!

December 19
I hea rd my episode ran last Friday on The Rob Nelson Show. I did n`t see it, but I heard they messed up my information. I guess they ran a banner under me that had my name and said Playboy Playmate 1958!!!!??! I wasn`t even born yet!! Do I look that old? Why did they mix me up like that? Ah, now I have a complex, I am not saying that is old, but do I really look like I was a Playmate back in 1958???? Someboy wrote me & told me they taped it for me and will soon be sending it to me. I cannot wait until I see it, I gotta check this out!
I am planning on cleaning my house & wrapping presents today. I have soooooo much to do! I did not write Stacy`s Words last week because I knew the last current words was pretty long and thought you might needed a break from my weekly yackity-yack-yack.
I was told I needed a good intro bio to post up on my upcoming new & improved web-site. I thought I would share it with you first. Let me know what you think:
Stacy Burke is a well-known Fetish Model, Actress, Web-Mistress, Wrestler, Stunt Woman, Promoter & Merchandise Designer. She can be seen all over the net, at your local video store, in many Fetish Magazines as well as in the pa ges of Playboy as one of Hef`s Hunnys. She once lived with Hu gh Hefner as his girlfriend at The Playboy Mansion. She is now back living on the Beach as a modern day Beach Blanket-a-go-go Gidget Fetishette!
She has been featured and interviewed by John Stossel of ABC`s 20/20, on the Wild On series on the cable channel E!, The X Show, The Rob Nelson Show, Talk Soup, Talk Radio KLSX, the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, Skin Two, OC Weekly, Tongue Magazine, Celebrity Sleuth, B-movies, Mainstream Movies, TV Shows, and Hundreds of Fetish Videos. She is featured in many Photography Coffee Table Books, You can probably always see and hear her at a local fetish convention promoting something or just running a-mock!
She runs all of her sites herself with help from her trusty web-guy, Tony Weltzin. She has over 50 domains and counting. She just started her own Fetish-a-go-go Clothing Line called Victim Of Life ( ).
Stacy Burke is always working on different and upcoming projects. She is at the moment collaborating on possibly creating her own Fetish Magazine & TV Show about the Fetish World covering ev ents, interviewing models & celebrities about their fetishes, fashion reports, etc.
You can order a custom video in which she will happily star in for you! Details and more information can be found at her main site: - a Fabulous Fetish-a-go-go Site with many LIVE web-cams! (a Grand Re-opening of her New, Improved, Bigger & Better Super Site is planned for January 2003).
Wishing you the most Groovy Holiday-a-go-go ever!!!!

Oxox, Stacy

December 05
This week I did a couple interviews for a couple magazines. Below are the questions they sent me & the answers I gave them. I am sure they will edit it down and embellish a bit for their publication. I thought I would share with you the raw uncut versions of my answers, along with the typos, mis-spellings and all! Enjoy :-)
A. I'm sitting here looking at a photo of you on fire
so the first question that comes to mind is this woman
insane? So what's the story behind the photo?
SB) heheh e, That was for a movie stunt promoting Quantum Film`s DoomsDayer 2 on the beaches of The French Riviera at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. I was giving a 10 minute interview and feature that they re-run frequently on E! They featured me on 3 shows, Wild on the Riviera (the longest feature w/interview), Wild on The Beaches (just a quick bit) and ABC`s John Stossel 20/20 Hype (where John briefly interviews me along with a small feature).
I loved doing that, it was soooo much fun. Looking back, it was a bit dangerous, but I was not at all nervous. I would do it again in a second! I love stunt work, it is such a rush when you do it successfully!

Q) At the start of this I talked about Orange County
fetish girls. Do you have any theories why OC has
turned out three of the best known names in the fetish
world? What got you interested in it?
SB.) Ummmm, that is interesting. However I was born & raised in Pomona California. A tough gang infested neighborhood. I moved to OC because I can be as outgoing as I want without being judged for it. I love walking, being outdoors, riding my bike, riding a scooter, kayaking, Sunbathing, Draging my Wagaon, doing o utdoor photo shoots, all that outdoorsy stuff. I would try to do a few of these things in ëthe hoodí and people thought I was either nuts or wanted attention by advertising that I wanted ëa good timeí or ësome companyí . The beach community is so close. It is like living in Mayberry. Everyone is so nice here. They all says Hi to you & watches out for you and if I happen to be walking along dragging my Red Radio Flyer ATW Wagon filled with groceries or Ebay stuff to be shipped, wearing shorts, Ugg Boots and a T-shirt, no one raises an eyebrow. If they do say anything, they usually say ëhey that`s a good idea!í. We also have a Kayak Kafe over here on the beach where we have beach parties, the kind of parties you would see in Gidget or Frankie Avalon Movies. I even have a Sea-lion that comes over and says hello to me every so often. I love that, Yes, I live in Paradise!!!!!

Q) Stacy your interest in bondage is well known. You
have been the Mistress of Ceremonies at several
Bondcons and even have a web site devoted to bondage.
From the photos I've seen of your bondage the style
tends to have bright colorful setting so unl ike the
dark dungeon settings most people associate with
bondage. You make bondage look almost wholesome and
fun. What led you to choose this lighter approach,
style wise?
SB.) Thank you. I never tied to be different, just myself. I cannot create a web-site just for the money. I must have a passion for what I do, it must be fun and I put all of my heart and soul into it. The site reflects me as much as I can. In fact I am planning on re-vamping it soon to include all of my liberary of archives plus extra additions. I do feel like I am somewhat wholesome. I do not curse unless i t is absolutely nessesary. I feel cursing is so over used. When I here people say F-this & F-that, I think, how can they fully express themselves when they really are angry? I hate to think what level that may go to.
I am not a dark person, I am not a victim of life, I always try to look at the brite side of things. I am terrific at turning lemons into lemonaide. I guess I am a modern day Polly-Anna. Many get annoyed by my cheerfulness, they see it as a weakness, but actually it is very powerful. I guess some people cannot understand happiness without being Rich.

Q). Do any of the hard core dark BDSM types give you
flack about your style?
SB) I have never heard of any flack from them. Some might think just because it isn`t dark, it is not fetish. That is wrong. In the vanilla world when I tell them I am a fetish model, they are suprized. When they think fetish, they think dark, Doms, whips, chains, pain, goth. I want to change that stereo-type. Yes, that is fetish, but that is like saying California IS the United States. It is a Part of Fetish, but it is NOT completely Fetish. I am more into the campy, fun part of Fetish. My range is pretty big, because I li ke to explore as much as I can and make it my own.

Q.) Ginger or Mary Ann?
SB) The modeling & Acting World is over-filled with Ginger`s, so I would rather hang with Mary Ann. I just love REAL people and Mary Ann is just more real to me. She probably wouldn`t stab me in the back to further her careerÖ..or would she?

Q.) I'll admit that there is one aspect of your career
I really didn't know anything about until recently. I
saw a video clip of you and another woman going at it.
It looks like the rea l thing to me. You made the WWF
look like a bunch of light weights. So tell us about
the wrestling?
SB) I kind of fell into wrestling (no pun intended ;-) I never considered myself a great wrestler, but most wrestling companies do custom videos, and they keep getting requests for me, so there I am! I enjoy it, it is very much like stunt work, it gives me a rush. My favorite type of wrestling shoot is the Superheroine story lines! I am very honored to have George Perez of DC Comics to create me into Daisy Chain, a fantastic good-willed Superheroine with the best Superheroine Outfit I have ever seen! I also have got to work with and create in human form, Italy`s Franco Saudelli`s The Blonde. A very popular Fetish Superheroine. I was featured in many Coffee Table books as her. I have always wanted to be a Superheroine and I have been many times. It is wonderful to live out your fantasies, not many get a chance to do that everyday!

Q.) Stacy, you seem to be somewhat of a "Jackie" of all
trades. I know of at least two websites where you are
the web mistress and from what I have seen you are
very web active. Why didn't you go the route of so
many models and have someone make you a web site
instead of doing it yourself? Did the fact that web
mistress sounds sort of kinky have anything to do with
SB) I have seen nothing but bad stuff happen from models not controlling their sites. So many models get ripped off, as well as the members who think the site is ran by them. I love my fans, they want to interact with me, not someone that poses as me. I love interacting with my fans, they give me their attention, I feel honored to give them mine. I advise all models to own their own sites & be involved in it as much as possible. It is not only a business, it is your name and reputation that can make or break your future. I do have a couple web-guys helping me out. With all the sites I run, I need tech help and they are golden. I am not a patient person, I want everything done yesterday and they work with me even through my worst tantrums. Thank you my web-angels, Tony & Robert, I love you guys *Smootch*

Q). Since you have a view inside one of the places few
of us can only dream about. Tell us what you can about
the world of Playboy and what it is like hanging with
SB) We ll, what can I say? I really believe Hugh Hefner is the most perfect man I have ever met. I am forever devoted to him and I will be there for him until I die. Hef is and will always be my ultimate fantasy man! He is all any woman would want in a man, a friend and a partner. He is extremely generous, loving, romantic, heroic, humorous, passionate, giving, sincere, genuine, smart, loyal, involved, open-minded, non-judgmental, quick witted, fun and he has the most energy than anyone I have ever met. I am extremely lucky to have him in my life & I will forever love Hef!
The only draw back of the Playboy Mansion lifestyle, is learning that some women can be brutal for no reason and can make life hell for you. I guess some people just are not happy people & when they see someone else happy, they see it as a weakness and want to destroy you. They can play these hurtful games with great skill and you will never see it coming. They will smile in your face while plotting your demise at the same time. However l only see bitterness as a little annoying ant at a great big delishious picnic and I refuse to let something so small spoil something so big and wonderful.
The Playboy Mansion is truly a Shangra-la! Hef is extremely loyal to his friends. His doors are always open to them and he is very generous, warm, giving and kind. The people I meet there are wonderful living legends with the most wonderful stories to tell. It is history that I am a part of, past, present and future! I am extremely lucky & grateful to be a part of it. Being there really makes me want to strive to be a better person. I learn so much there. I have to pinch myself sometimes, I really do have a wonderful life!

Q.) What got you started in modeling? Did you have
aspirations for a d ifferent career.
SB) I wanted and still do want to try out every career possible. I guess that is why I became a model & actress, because that way I can portray different people & different careers all at once! Life is just too short, there is soooo much I want to do! I want to run an animal shelter, I want my own clothing line, I want my own store, I want to travel (but I`d rather the world come to me instead of me going around the world. I get home-sick), I want to be a professional web-master, I want to own and run a magazine, I want my own talk show, I want my own radio show, I want to be a stage performer, I want my own Starbucks, I want to be a Star in a B-Movie, I want to be a famous Go-Go dancer as well as a famous Bellydancer, I want to surf, I want to be a singer in a Surf Punk Band, I want to be Gidget in the next Surf Movie, I want to meet Charo, I wan t to be the n ext Charo, I want to learn to play the guitar...okay, I better stop here, I really could go on forever.

Q.) Who inspires you? Is there anyone that you haven't
worked with that you really would like to?
SB) Life itself inspires me, my cats inspire me (animals are the sweetest & purest souls in the world! They have no cruel intentions. We have a lot to learn from them), everything inspires me!
I have worked with almost every fetish model out there...except one. I would love to work with the lovely Dita Von Teese someday.

Q.) Stacy, since I'm sure you get asked a lot of the
same questions asked in almost every interview. Is
there a question you wish someone has asked you but
never has?
SB) I would love for someone to ask me if they can clean my house, be my personal handy-man, driver, assistant, hair & make-up person for free. I really need one of those.

Q.) You have done some fetish movies, some b movies and
even some bits in main stream Hollywood movies. Where
do you want to go as an actress?
SB) I love the cheesy, campy, B-movie type of projects. I like taking the projects that nobody else wants. It is like that famous saying, ëthere is no such thing as a small role, only small actorsí. I think that is how that saying goes. I want to be the lead actress in the worst movie ever made and do a great job at it! How great would that be?! To go down in history as being a great actress in the worst movie ever made! Man that would be the ultimate fantasy come true, whooo-hoooo!

Q.) What are your goals for the future?
SB) To start a revolution. What kind of revolution? I am not sure yet, but trust me, it will be big, possibly the biggest most powerful revolution ever!!!!

1.What makes you one of the ì25 Sexiest Womenî of the year? What do you consider ìsexyî?
A.) I am versatile, compromising, non-judgmental, out going, I am romantic, honest, I strive to please, I take care of m yself, I am hygienic, I exercise, I take care of my body & skin, I am very affectionate, but also appropriate, I am adventurous and most of all, I am happy.
B.) I find all of the above very sexy & look for that in a man. I need him to be happy. I hate guys that are not happy by nature and look for others to make them happy. What makes a guy physically sexy is when I can hug him, I want to bury my face in his chest and smell his body. I am not much for strong cologne. I actually like the smell of a true man. If I get upset & run away, I think it is sexy for him to chase me and not let me go.

2. What do you consider Your best body parts?
A.) My best body parts would be my eyes. I know that sounds clichÈ, but that is where you will find my expressions. I am very animated, especially in my eyes. If I were to ask others, they might think my butt comes in a close 2nd. . I think my butt is a bit too big, but I get complimented on it frequently. I think people actually like bubble butts.

3.When did you first become aware of your sexuality, and when did you first act on it? A.) That was a slow process, at times I am still un-aware of it. I knew I always attracted to sexy clothes, I even wore them in High SchoolÖ..but I didn`t think of them of being sexy, I just considered them very fashionable. I copied a lot of my everyday clothing to the High Fashion Magazines that I saw. I would copy the outfits I thought looked good. Looking back on that, they were extremely sexy and being so young, it probably was a mistake to wear such clothes. I am very against anyone under the age 18 wearing anything too sexy. Girls under 18 are naÔve (like I was) of the evil thoughts of the world around them and are not prepared to handle the outcome that can become from it. I am not saying lust is an evil thought, but if it involves a child, it is 100% evil and should be avoided at all costs.
B.) I guess the 1st time I realized & acted on my sexuality was when I decided to go into modeling. I wanted a safe & controlled envorment to express my sexuality. In normal life, I only dress sexy when I am with somebody to dress for & if I feel safe. If I am alone, I dress down and try not to attract too much attention to myself. If I had a suit that made me invisible, I would use it often.

4.Describe {in juicy detail} several of the ìsexiest experiencesî youíve ever had.
A)One of the sexiest experience that I have had was, I dimmed the lights in my house, sat my boyfriend (now my ex-boyfriend) on the couch, put on a sexy rock CD on the stereo, put on something sexy and proceeded to give him the longest, sexiest and most intimate couch dance ever. He got off on it soooo much and I was extremely turned on the whole time. We didn`t want it to end, th e CD must have played over & over at least 3 times!

4.Describe {in juicy detail} several of the ìsexiest experiencesî youíve ever had.
A)One of the sexiest experience that I have had was, I dimmed the lights in my house, sat my boyfriend (now my ex-boyfriend) on the couch, put on a sexy rock CD on the stereo, put on something sexy and proceeded to give him the longest, sexiest and most intimate couch dance ever. He got off on it soooo much and I was extremely turned on the whole time. We didn`t want it to end, the CD must have played over & over at least 3 times!

5. Ever had an erotic or amusing incident involving sex {in public, caught unaware, bloopers}? & nbsp; ; ;
A.) When I was about 19years old. My boyfriend at the time, his sister & his best friend (who was dating his sister) and I were traveling cross-country in a big 2-door sedan. It was my boyfriends sister`s turn to drive. His best friend was in the passenger seat. I was sleeping on top of my boyfriend laying down, facing each other. When we awoke it was daylight, but we proceeded to make-out, which leaded to us having sex. We tried to do it quietly and under the blanket. However the truck drivers passing our car noticed what we were doing and kept trying to look and catch up to us. My boyfriends sister noticed the strange behavior of the drivers around her and yelled, ëwhat are you guys doing back there! These truckers are starting to annoy me, so knock it off!í We were slightly embarrassed but at the same time we knew we were probably having the most fun time in our lives!
6.Do you consider yourself bisexual? If so, please describe your hottest girl/girl experiences.
A.)I do not consider myself bi-sexual, but I do appreciate another woman`s body. I like to touch it, hug it and kiss it, but as for having a relationship with another female, no. In a relationship, nothing is more exciting to me than a man!

7.Please describe your favorite sexual fantasies. Are there any youíve fulfilled or soon hope to?
A.) My favorite fantasy is who I already am. My true fantasy would be for somebody else to ëget ití. Meaning the guy in my life must understand my unique sexuality, enjoy it and participate in it. I love how they portray love & sex in the movies. I am that lead romantic quirky girl on the screen and they must treat me like that leading man. The movies are a great way to understand what I want. I want to live my life like it portrayed in the movies. I will not take any less than that. I need a man that will always give me emotional support. That is very important to me. My man must be completely devoted to me, completely in love with me, extremely passionate in and out of bed, non-judgmental, I want him to be my hero, he must be adventurous, humorous, quick-witt ed, a problem solver, accepts when he is wrong and learns from others. He must never let me go. I have met guys who I thought was like this and I also met guys came really close to it, but my truest fantasy is to really meet this fantasy man. Now THAT is, for me, the BIGGEST turn on ever!!!!

8.What are your favorite sexual activities? Positions? Techniques? What skill are you best at?
A)My favorite things to do in bed is to go down on my man. I really get-off on that! I love to please him that way. I love hearing his moans of enjoyment, the smell of his skin, knowing he is watching me, having him not worrying about him pleasing me, him just totally relaxing and enjoying what he loves the most. His excitement makes me excited. I really do not like it when his main focus is to please me, that is a major turn-off. I get turned on when he is turned on and goes after what he wants without questioning things. I do not want to conduct an interview while having sex! Talking is for before and after sex, during sex, I`d rather he just shut up and do me or let me do him! Some talk is okay, like shouting out ëyesí or ëman that feels goodí, but that`s about it. My fa vorite position is missionary. I like being on top, but that wont get me off usually, I cannot get close enough if I am on top.

9.What are your views on nudity and the human body? Any qualms or inhibitions? Pointers?
A)Nudity is beauty & art to me, unless it is a spread shot. Sorry, but unless you are a doctor and have the need to see inside the human body, it is just plain gross & ugly. I cannot understand why that is a turn on. It is like looking at a bloody raw piece of liver in some of these nudie magazines, eeeeeewwwwww! Nudity without being too explicit is extremely beautiful, artful, romantic, natural, calming, soothing and at the same time extremely hot, sexy and exciting!

10.Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a celebrity, male or female? If so, please dis h.
A)The Celebrities that I have had sexual encounters with (in-order) would be Joey Fatone (from N-Sync), Riki Rahtman (from MTV`s Headbanger`s Ball, The Cathouse & KLSX Radio), and of course Hugh M. Hefner (from Playboy Magazine). I have only good things to say about all of them.
Joey) Joey gave good hard foot rubs, but maybe a bit to hard. He likes to bite & at times too hard on that to. When I would say ëouchí he would say, ëyou are a fetish model right? I thought you would like that.í I would reply, ëyou are a singer and dancer right? Why don`t you sing and dance for me?í All in all, it was nice, very romantic & very passionate. He was a bit self-conscious which I find adorable. We were on a Yacht on the French Riviera.
Riki) Riki is the most sweetest, the most talented but at the same time the most under-rated & miss-understood person I know. He always seems to have a lot of drama in his life. That can be a bad thing, but it can also, at times be a good thing. It makes life interesting but at the same time it can get in the way of a true relationship. Riki is and will always be in my Heart. I truly love that man and I will always be there for him whenever he needs me. However, I think it is best that we remain friends. We are both Gemini`s so there is just too much going on with the both of us to make it work as anything but friends. He is extremely hot, sexy. Passionate and very giving in bed. He will make it his main focus to satisfy the woman he is with. &n bsp;
Hef) Well, what can I say? I really believe Hugh Hefner is the most perfect man I have ever met. I am forever devoted to him and I will be there for him until I die. Hef is and will always be my ultimate fantasy man! He is all any woman would want in a man, a partner, a friend and a lover. He is extremely generous, loving, romantic, heroic, humorous, passionate, giving, sincere, genuine, smart, loyal, involved, open-minded, non-judgmental, quick witted, fun and he has the most energy than anyone I have ever met. I am extremely lucky to have him in my life & I will forever love Hef!

Misc. Info: l was Homecoming Queen for my school. lt is a funny story. l was nominated as a joke. ln high school l was considered a weird misfit punk. The 'cool' kids thought it would be funny nominating me and play a Carrie type joke on me, knowing that l wouldn`t win, they knew they had their real nominee in the bag. Well, what they failed to realize that there are more misfits, nerds, freaks and underclassmen in the school then the 10% of the 'cool kids'. l won by a land-slide! The only year where a ëmade-fun of classified misfit freak punkí&nb sp;was made homecoming queen! l had fun with it, l wore the shortest skirt, had a guy with a black mohawk as my date, played 'My Way' by the punk band The Sex Pistols as my song and slammed danced (moshed) at my Homecoming Dance. The cool girl`s hated me, but funny thing is, after l won, the cool guys started asking me out! l turned them all down of course....hehehe..... yeah Karma happens sometimes! :-)
Favorite Quotes: ëLife is a banquet and most souls are starving to death!í and ëIt is not your ability that creates your character it is your choicesí
I can honestly say that I was once in bed with Tom Cruise, with Satin Sheets & wearing Sheer Lace Pink Lingerie for at least an hour! It was for prop photos to use in his film Magnolia.
I was killed in the Grotto of the Playboy Mansion for Troma`s Film Citizen Toxie/The Toxic Avenger part 4 -- I did a fire stunt, I was lit on Fire on the beaches of The French Riviera for a promo of Quantum Film`s Doomsdayer 2 at The 2000 Cannes Film Festival. I even got the cover of the French addition of The Hollywood Reporter! -- I did a Wrestling Special for NBC TV, my picture was even in the TV Guide promoting it. The video might be still available through NBC Video. It was called Wrestling; Secrets Exposted! - I am The Wrestling Superheroine Daisy Chain by DC Comic Artist George Perez -- I am The Blonde from Italy`s Franco Saudelli -- I also played Crimson Hawk, Flag Girl, Electra Girl and Holly Harmony for various Fetish Producers. -- I am in the 1st 10 miniutes of the film American Virgin sucking a guys toes, Staring Robert Loggia, Bob Hoskins & Mena Suvari. -- I was on several Playboy TV Shows and specials (Sex Court, Night Calls, Girls Next Door). -- I play The Court Repoter in Stephan Kessler`s The Independent staring Ben Stiller. -- I am in several coffee table books which includes; Lust Circus by Dave Naz (, The Third Book of Saudelli, Baldazzini & Saudelli`s Bizarries Book 1 & 2 (
Birthday: May 27th /Gemini
Nickname: Kat
Raised in Pomona & Cucamonga California
Measuements: 34C-24-34
Shoe Size: 5 Ω
Dress Size: 3
Height: 5`3
Weight: 105
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bottle Blonde (natural dark auburn)
oxox, St acy

November 28
I hope everyone had a great Gobble-Gobble Day! Now for the home decorating & the gift buying! I am always stumped on what to get a guy for the Holidays. All you guys out there what do you consider a great gift in the under $100- range from a friend, not from someone that you are in a relationship with?
Speaking of gifts, tee is a little plug: My own Fetish Chick Bondage Doll I named Mini Me is up for auction! Ialso have some nice precious vintage gold & diamond jewelry up for sale, check my ebay store @
- shop for unique and cool Holiday Gifts! ñ Okay, now back to our regular programmingÖÖÖ..
Ok, last week I sat on a bug. I dunno what kind of bug, but it was some kind of creature. No big deal at first, it itched a bit. But then it grew into this big red lump, it hurt like hell & l cannot even sitdown!! So embarrassing. Who else would get bit on the BUTT?!!! It hurt so bad! The pain itself brought tears to my eyes. It felt like there was a fire in there. It brought the term ìput a fire under your buttî a whole new meaning. I even tried to dig out the stinger or whatever that thing left in me with a syringe, but all that did was make it bleed, created a hole & made it hurt worse. It got bad on the weekend, so all the doctor offices were closed. I was hoping when I called the doctor on Monday they would not tell me the usual, ìwe are booked solid for a week, how does next week sound for you?î Hec, by that time I will have either grown another butt or have died!
Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Luckily the doctor saw me on Monday. They had to do minor surgery and cut out the huge abscess. lt hurt soooooo badbefore & it hurt worse during the surgery. l have never yelled and screamed so loud! I felt every painful shot they gave to numb me. They couldn`t numb me too much because if they did I wouldn`t be able to drive home. I could feel the doctor cutting into me and the blood splattering against my legs. It was almost impossible to drive home afterward. It was one of the most intense painful feelings I have ever had. I never had something so painful last for so lo ng. Usually when you have pain like that it comes in brief sharp pains then goes away & comes back later. This one was continuous for over 3 days! Now l am lying on my belly at home all bandaged up. They got me on anti-biotics and coden to easy the pain. They sent the apple size lump to the lab & they are going to call me to tell me what kind of bite it was. Many suspect it was the Brown Recluse Spider, but I will not truly know until Monday when the results come back. Who else would get a bad bite on the butt & get her butt amputated? Ah yes, never a dull moment :-/

Oxox, Stacy

November 21
I had another busy week. I had a terrific time at GlamourCon. I did another great Wrestling Match with Hollywood along with an interview for Gene Simmons`s Tongue Magazine. I am in a New Coffee Table book from Glittering Images. This is my 3rd one from them! So far I am in The Third Book of Saudelli and Balazzini & Saudelli`s Bizarreries Book One and now, the newest one.....Baldazzini & Saudelli`s Bi zarreries Book Two! (more info @ ).
I was a guest on The Rob Nelson Show, which will air soon (details @ I was there defending Love over Money. They had these guests on the show that were so-called Gold-Diggers who only date men with money. I was there to show the other side. No matter how much I disagreed with them, I could not Bash them. I felt sorry for them. They must ha ve low self-esteam issues, to think they do not have the talent to make their own money. I was there to tell them that I had it both ways. I once had the money and I also once had to live on $5- a month. No matter, either way, Love is worth more than anything. You can`t take the money with you to your grave, but you certainly can take the experience of love with you for eternally!
My Friend & Fellow Model, Bridget is up for Playboy`s Cyber Girl of the Month. Would you like to help me by giving her your support? Thank you J More information can be found on her web-site @
I have 3 20 03 Calendars comin g out. One through , one through Leg Show and another is out now & can be found at:
I also added some cool Holiday Gifts to my On-line store: ( ) - just in time for your Holiday Shopping Needs! J
Yep, what a great productive week it has been. I wonder what will be in-store for next week? Oh yea…..Happy Gobble-Gobble Day!!!! :-p

November 14
This week was a busy week! I spent the weekend at the Playboy Mansion like always. Monday I got a call from Gene Simmons from the Rock Group Kiss. He needed me to model some bikiniís for his upcoming new issue of Tongue Magazine. I was happy to oblige. It was fun. I even got to pose with Joe Francis, the owner & CEO of the famous Girls Gone Wild Video series you see commercials for on late night cable channels.
Tuesday I did a Gun Fun Video, where I got to run around an apartment complex with a toy machine gun with another model shooting each other & pretending to get shot. I had fun Hamming-it-up, taking a long time to die, jerking from each fake shot, stumbling, falling against walls and stuff before finally resting still on the ground.
Wednesday I did a bondage shoot with a kind gentle fellow who I hope to work with again. I think you will really like his work, very fashion orientated and creative. I will post the pictures up here, hopefully soon.
Thursday I had many Ebay packages to ship, errands to run and such. Friday is more errands, organizing my stuff for GlamourCon, working out in the Gym, Dinner & movie at the Mansion. Saturday & Sunday I will be at GlamourCon ( signing autographs, selling tapes, pictures, t-shirts, other merchandise, meeting new people, frolicking and running a-mock. Monday I have a wrestling match planned with Hollywood.
Yes, Stacy Burke is back, back in the saddle again!

November 07
There is just so much l wanna do and so little time &/or en ergy. I was looking in the paper and came across an ad for Airline Waitresses wanted. Wow, how fun to be a Stewardess! You get to travel, fly in a cool plane (I love planes, they look like cool sharks swimming in the sky!), get travel discounts & wear pretty cool (but not as cool as the 1960`s) uniforms. I then drove by a Hooters & thoughtÖ.ummmÖl wish l was once a Hooters Girl. I love their uniforms and they have a fame all their own.
I am going to go on a few auditions tomorrow. I am getting back into the Mainstream Movie/TV field. I always had fun doing that, so I thought I would go back while I have the time to do it.
I did another groovy shoot with Octavio. Something that l always wanted to doÖ..a Beach Blanket-a-go-go Surfboard Gidget Christmas theme. Boy, what a fun shoot. You will see all the pix right here. I even did my own rendition of the famous Playboy X-Mas Tree Betty Page Pose!
I will be at GlamourCon next weekend, then I will be at Bizarre Bizarre Dec. 6th and then at Octavio`s Art Show Dec. 7th (info in my Current Events section). I hope you will all come out & see me. I have some really cool & fun stuff planned!

Oxox, Stacy

October 31
Halloween was okay, but not as fun as I hoped it would have been. I dressed up like Supergirl & I never took any pictures. Hef took a picture of me in my costume, so I am sure I will get it this weekend. The Tabloid TV Shows, Extra, Access Hollywood & Extra showed me briefly with Hef & the girls. I danced a bit, but it wasn`t as fun as last year. The best part of it was the day after. I spent the night in my old room and had a long girl-talk with Bridget, one of Hef`s girlfriends. Her & Holly are the only ones I get along with. They actually talk to be and are nice to me. We stayed in our pajamas, helped the butlers take down the haunted house, had a great breakfast in the dinning room, worked out in the gym, took a few pix of our tombstones in the front yard (we each had our own tombstones, mine said: Stacy Dyed of Natural Causes), visited the animals, ate dinner, watched a movie, then at nightfall we went back home.
I am still in my *Lull*. For the 1st time in my life, I am bored! I know I just need to go out & do stuff, but I just do not feel like it. I sacrificed a lot of my free time to Hef & Playboy, which I very much enjoyed. Now my involvement is only on the weekends and a few special events, so I have a bunch of free time on my hands in-between Monday ñ Thursday. Granted, I found a new loveÖ.Ebay, and it does take a lot of my time, but not enough. I still do a lot of photo shoots, but at this time of year it is pretty slow due to a lot of people going away or spending more time with their families du ring the holiday season. I think I need to take on a new hobby or something. I was never a crafty person. I always loved doing crafts, but I was just never really good at it. I guess my patience level is just too low to do it correctly and in good quality. I wish I was good at it, and then I can stay home do crafts then sell them at conventions or through the Internet. I think I may go back into doing mainstream movies. Not as a lead actress or anything, but probably as the blonde bimbo chick you see running through the scenes. That was always fun, yea, I think I will go back to that.

Oxox, Stacy

October 24
I bought 3 huge pumpkins today. I think I will carve them tomorrow in my usually annual way, I always carve a cats face on them with whiskers, ears & all. One will go to Hef, one will probably go the nice ladies in his office and the other one will stay with me for awhile then I will probably end up giving it to my grandmother. I still have yet to try on my outfit for Hef`s Annual Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. I was going to be I Dream of Jeanie, but I know that there will probably be a thousand Barbara Eden Wanna-bees running around. I was also thinking of being the original TV Go-Go girl Goldie Hawn from Laugh-in but I decided not too many people would get that, unless they are a fan themselves. I think my outfit will be pretty cool, sexy, a bit fetishy and kind-of comfy to boot. I wanna tell ya, but I am still scared that someone will read this and tell the evil girlfriends & I will somehow get sabotaged yet again. I`m sorry, but you are going to have to wait until next week. I might even have pictures for you!
I am also battling the sniffles & a sore throat. Yep, it happens every time there is a big happening party, I get a cold right smack dab in the middle of a big event. I really think about changing my name to Miss Murphy Law! Oh well, I don`t care, I will just have to drown myself in Day-Quill & have a bunch of my favorite Red Jello-Shots, that should get rid of it! I will probably end up in yet another Playboy Party Video (like the mid-summer nights dream video) doing something majorly embarrassing in the minds of those wonderful girlfriends! Tee Hee ;-)

Oxox, Stacy

October 17
I am writing this a little early. I am on my way to Viva Las Vegas to work with the fine folks at Necro-babe this week. However, I will be back by the time this goes up. I think I really needed this little trip. I have been feeling icky lately. I have been over sleeping, feeling all crappy, gloomy & stuff. I hate not having a schedule. I always have things to do, but I will never have the energy to do anything unless I have a hectic schedule to stress out about. That is me, all or nothing. I know my faults, you would think that knowing your faults would make it easier to fix. Nope, ya just say, thatís me, do nothing & feel like crap anyway. I really do miss the chaotic schedule that Playboy had me on. It was also nice to have somebody else do your scheduling for you. All l had to do was wake up, exercise, get ready, get in the car they had for me, show up & have fun until they took me home. A pretty awesome schedule that I miss extremely. Now I gotta go out and get a schedule for myself, wh ich is few & far between to keep me occupied. I can`t wait for GlamourCon ( next month, that will be good! You know how much I dig conventions, it satisfies my energy level, which is pretty high when I have a schedule. I also have a few auditions set up for the next few weeks for some upcoming TV shows & such, so hopefully this lull wont last long. Oh, which reminds me, check out MTV Cribs this week. I should be on it hanging out @ the Playboy Mansion. I am wearing a yellow bikini, orange mini skirt, no make-up & my hair a mess.someone should have told me the cameras were on me! HeHeHe.
Oxox, Stacy

October 10
Okay, this is the millionth time this this happen. l write up a pretty lenthy Stacy`s Words and either Yahoo loses it through spell check, or right when l send them my internet connected fizzes out & they get lost in cyber hell. This time l even saved them 1st into a word document, but deleated it when l thought they went through. Sorry a bout the spelling, but l am typing fast, some of my letter keys are broke, l am a little mad and am protesting spell check.
oxox, Stacy

October 04
Ahhhhh....l dunno what to do. The girls are acting up again. Everything was going ok, but they are raising havoc yet again. I swear it is like a frigging soap opera at the PB Mansion! The girls told Hef that they do not want to share the media with the 'likes of me' due to a few past hardcore photo shoots they dug up on the net l did years ago. Hey, l never had plans on running for congress, l never knew that 1 stupid photo shoot would come back & bite me on the ass! Hef understands, however he is trying to accommodate the other girlsí feelings. They told him they do not want me to share the media with them because it would taint the ëgirlfriendí name & they do not want to be ëguilty by associationí. They treat me like crap behind his back & make-up things about me. Since the girls do not want to be seen with ëthe likes of meí, that means l cannot do the media functions which also means that I am officially off the payroll, I cannot live there, no more perks, nothing. Hef wants me to treat the mansion like a 2nd home. He wants me there for events, parties & on weekends for dinner & movie nights.
The girls act fine to my face & around Hef, but behind my back is totally different. This is really testing my patience. They play games that l don`t know anything about. I don`t get it, there is nothing to gain playing these games, except the process of elimination to get closer to Hef, his power & his money. They see&nb sp;my honesty as a weakness, so l am the easy target. It is hard to go up there, they treat me like shit, playing their little games behind his back so they don`t get caught. I don`t get it, l didn`t do anything to them. I guess it is just their way of eliminating the competion or something.
What is worse is l know secrets about them. One is married (a no-no if you live @ the mansion) & 2 others do the same type of modeling work that l do and then some! I wanna tell Hef soooo bad....but I promised them (at the time l thought we were friends) I wouldn`t tell. I am not a rat or a tattletale. Besides, if I tell do tell it will just look as if l am just out for revenge and if they deny it, it will just make me look bad & things will get worse.
You are probably asking why I am putting myself through all this. You are probably saying, ëyou don`t need this, hold your head up high & walk awayí. The reason I stay is not for these bully-bitchy-gold-digging girls. Girls come & go, I am here to stay. I stay because I am true, loyal & f aithful to Hugh Hefner. He has been very s weet, kind & generous to me & I am very grateful. It makes him happy to see me there, he wants me there and I like it there. I love Hef`s friends, the animals, the staff, working out in the gym, the old movies we watch, the dinners & conversation we have at the dinner table, the people that come to these events, talking to the living legends that attend, the fun of life atmosphere that illuminates through the mansion from all the wonderful people, history & culture. It is truly Shangri-la. These few trouble-making girls are just an annoying little ant on my ankle at an huge enjoyable picnic. I met some really wonderful people and I will not allow some jealous-bully-game-playing-bitches to take that away from me.

September 26
Just when you feel like you are on top of the world, some jealous judgemental selfish idiot has to kick you in the teeth to make you fall off! More drama going on. I did write a long drawn out statement for this weeks Stacy`s Words, completely explaining everything. However I clicked on to Spell Check and as soon as l did, I felt a deep sinking feeling in my gut. Yep, ëpoofí gone! I knew I should have saved it before I sent it through spell check. I have lost soooo many documents that way. When will I learn?
I am too drained and tired to go through & try to re-type that all again. Someday I will explain everything. Lets just say that I must be going through some kind of a test to see what I am made of. I have so many decisions to make & I am so stressed not knowing which way to go. I guess it will all work out in the end. If not, oh well, at least I know I meant well.

Oxox, Stacy

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