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10/6/2000 - 11/24/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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Happy Gobble Day to all! l can`t wait to go visit my grandma and celebrate Thanksgiving. l love her soooo much!!!! Her cat of almost 20 years died last month. She loved that cat so much. She never had a cat before....l never thought she even liked cats. She hates to get close to an animal, because she knows when they finally pass on, she`ll get sad. The cat was a stray kitten. She would feed it chicken bones outside. Every year that would pass, the closer she got to the cat. Then finally the cat was welcomed inside, she spayed/fixed the cat, gave her a water and food bowl inside, brushed and gromed her, she even allowed the cat to stay and sleep inside the house! That was a rare thing.....grandma does not usually let animals in the house, let alone allow them to live inside. l was proud of my grandma, she was openly showing love and affection towards a cat....soooo sweet to watch. When the cat finally died, my grandma buried her out in the back yard, next to her 1st dog that she ever loved. How sweet is that? l know grandma will never take another cat to take it`s place. Grandma doesn`t do that. lf another animal ever dares to come into her life, it must be by complete accident, not planned, must be very mannerful and must be very persistent. My grandma will protest against any other is hard to win her heart, but once you do, it is the most dearest, sweetest thing anyone will ever experience, animal or human!

Well, l never made it to my 2nd doctor appointment. l was suppost to go Wednesday, the day before Turkey Day, but l didn`t want to have a sore throat for Gobble Day.....l wouldn`t be able to taste or enjoy anything. Really, that is the reason, it is not because l was a wuss or anything. l was not at all scared of having a metal rod being pushed into my nose down to my throat......nawww, that wasn`t it. lt was the was too close to Thanksgiving ;-) Believe me?

l updated 4 sections of my site this week, 1) My Weekly Pix, 2) My Stacy`s Words, 3) My Out & About section, and 4) My Member`s Forum. Also check my 'Current Events' section for new weekly Stacy Stuff.

Happy Gobble Day.....if you eat too much...take liquid Mylanta Supreme in smooth mint cream.....that seems to work the best for me. oxox,Stacy

l`m actually writing this on Monday November 13th. l`m getting ready to go to Lost Wages (a.k.a. Las Vegas) and stay there until the 18th. l will be at the convention called AdultDex out there. lf you`re around, come out and say 'Hi'! ------------ Since l will be away from my computer for awhile, l will not be able to answer your e-mail until my return. So if you sent me an e-mail and have not heard from me.....that is why. It will take me a while to reply...l know when l get back, my e-mai l count will be high. Since the holidays are near....l`ve been getting a lot of e-mail from shopping know....where they say stuff like 'sale' , 'holiday savings' and stuff like that. l don`t mind......l like getting ideas what to get it helps just cloggs my e-mail a bit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am a Pin-Up at: .......l am up for Pin-Up of the month. Check it out and vote for your favorite Pin-Up.....don`t feel pressured to cast your vote for for who you think is best. ----------- l might be on their radio show someday soon. They have an on-air show as well as a on-line show. They play the best Rockabilly, old and new! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l updated my 'Flashback' section last week, ln case you may have missed it. l always update 3 sections of my site everyweek.....Stacy`s Words, Pix Updates and one other section....ya gotta scroll down and find out which`ll never know which section it will be.........sometimes l don`t even know......l decide always at the last moment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l should be at the 'Invert 2000' on Sunday the 19th of November in Aniehem CA. For information go to: and click on the 'Newz' button below. Come and join the should be a big and eventful convention. l will be at The PoolSchool Booth. Just ask for Stacy Burke or Kat (my nickname). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of my cool members e-mailed me and wanted my reciepe for my Pineapple Salsa. Now...l am no cook.....l am clueless in the kitchen....but here are 2 of my favorites......they are yummy, but the best thing is....they are easy & no mess!

Pineapple salsa: 1 can of crushed pineapple, chopped brown onion (l use 1/2 of an onion...but do it to your taste), 2 chopped tomtoes (again, use as much to your taste), and 1 cup of chopped cilantro (l love l like to go overboard on yet again...use to your taste). Mix in the same tupperwear bowl that you`ll store it don`t want to dirty many dishes, cover and put in the refridgerator for about an hour. lt goes great with Tortilla ones are my favorite.....yumm!

My next favorite thing, that l have every morning, despite what the doctor says, is Cinnamon Ba nnana Coffee. l use a regular coffee maker. l use expresso flavored fine ground coffee, 6 heaping tablespoons ( l use 3 decaf expresso & 3 regular expresso....since l love coffee so much...l need to cut down my caffine intake). l sprinkle a little cinnamon (to your taste) on top of the grounds, and pour a capful (the small cap that comes with the bottle of flavoring) of Bannana Flavoring on top of the grounds as well....that way the water goes through the grounds and flavoring and brews it all together. l use bottle water (just taste better)....and press start to brew. The smell is great in the morning. l drink 2 cups a day with my cheddar cheese toast with jam and/or chocolate.......breakfast of champions! oxox,Stacy

Whew...l`m exhausted!!!! Friday l went to my movi e premiere in Hollywood for 'Tom Leykis The Movie'. l took Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones. We partied HARD!!!....or at least, l did. l drank Red Bulls and Vodkas all night....yummm :-p The Movie was pretty good. You can grab your own copy of it by calling 1(866)TLMOVIE ....You can see clips of it by going to and clicking on 'The Movie' icon up top. --------------------------------------------------------------------- l left the club at in my car...(don`t worry...l was ok...l partied hard way earlier......l never drink and drive)...l got a call......Remember the 'Speed Racer' guy l was telling you about several months ago in my Stacy`s Words.....well he called. He was in town and he wanted to see me. l was so excited...l peed my pants.....l`m not kidding....l really peed my pants!!! l have not done that since l was 5 years old!! EEWWWWW!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ He wanted to have me work his booth Saturday & Sunday all day. He had a booth at the Fresh Tracks Convention....a skateboard & snowboard convention and show. Sounded like fun...l love conventions, skateboarders, snowboarders, l love his apparel and skateboard decks and l was free that l said 'Yes'. ------------------------------------------------------------------ l got home and changed out of my wet clothes....ewwwww.....and cleaned my car really good. Got sleep around 4am....only to awake at 6:30am to get ready to leave for the convention at 7:45am. l`ll be honest with you.....l was hurting......bad! My eyes were swollen, red and felt like they were bleeding from lack of sleep. Plus all the Red Bulls from the night before didn`t help much. B.T.W. Red Bull is an energy can give you a headache....just like if you were to drink too much coffee. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- l worked from was tough...but l dd it...yeah! l went home and fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. l awoke around up from the couch...went to my bed hoping to go right back to sleep...nope...tossed and turned....funny how that happens. l have no problem falling asleep while l`m on the couch in my living room watching a T.V. Show that l really want to see....but get me in my bed, knowing l should go to sleep....and blink, blink...toss, toss....turn, turn! l have a feeling l`m not the only person with this problem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- l did eventually, l did fall asleep....and awoke felling fine and dandy!! lt was a great day on Sunday.....the convention went alot smoother then it did on Saturday! l had a blast! Riki......l mean 'Speed Racer' was very please d with how much l helped him with his booth. He has never seen me work he had no idea that l loved conventions so much and how well l can handle things and small crises. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We might do more conventions together.....l think it would be great to merge the fetish model merchandise and the skateboard gear together! He also has cool videos that he sells. He has 'The Best of Backyard Wrestling part 1 and 2' as well as some cool skateboard videos. lf interested in seeing the gear and apparel he has go to: and click on the 'PoolSchool' icon for more information. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- are not back together.......l have a feeling he still loves his ex-girlfriend. But....oh well.....Friendship is a lot better........yeah...right....maybe l`ll believe that if l keep saying that over and over ;-) P.S. Venus DeLight and l will be at the Wrestling Convention (WWC 2000) in San Diego C.A. Come out and see us! We will be selling videos, signing autographs and posing for pictures. oxox,Stacy

Yeah, l am baaack! l was in Las Vegas with Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones this weekend. We attended the Fetish & Fantasy Ball at The Tropicana. l went as a Motorcycle, Gloria went as a Dark Angel and Jessica went as a Bat.....all of us had PVC Corsets on. lt was very fun and crowded....many people showed up. We didn`t get back into our room until 4 am!!!! We took some pix....keep your eye out for them. You can see some pix right now if you go to: Login: Fetish....Password: Fantasy. There you will see many people and pix of the night, including Me, Gloria & Jessica.

l spent over $1000- on slots...did not win a thing! We all went to see the Excaliber Dinner & Show, were they Jousted in front of us. Those fine knights in shining Armour slain those dreaded Dragons and Evil Villains for us as we feasted on Game Hen, Bread, Potatoes, Tomato soup and vegetables. Haszzar!!!! We also spent a half day at the Spa.....getting ourselves pampered. Gloria got a Salt Glow, Jessica & l got a Herbal Wrap. We all got Swedish Massages and l got a little tan. We went to th e Hot Tub, steam room and the sauna. l loved everything but l was not too impressed with the steam was too hard to breath in felt like fluid in the lungs....the sauna was better.

Hope you`ll like my pix of Gloria & Jessica in my Friends Section last week. l hope you also liked my Halloween Story in my 'Member`s Forum' as well.....yea, it was a little corny....but l thought it was kind-of cute!

Miss Gloria Reyes & Jessica will be in my Stacy`s Chat and in My Dungeon (now the Pantyhose Room) a lot from now on. l corrupted them....hehe.......they now are scheduled quite frequently here :-) Tell them 'Hi' for me. l will work with them once in awhile. We love to spank, wrestle, suck toes and tie each other up!!!

If you live in the USA.....don`t forget to vote on Nov.7th!!!!

Well...l better go and unpack....l got a lot to do ....just to pack it all back up again....l will be at AdultDex in Vegas in 2 weeks.....then back in Vegas yet again in January for CES......l hope l don`t get too sick of Vegas.....if that is ever possible :-) oxox,Stacy

10/2 7/00
GlamourCon was a great success! Thanks to all that came out and said 'Hi' to me, l appreciate all of your love and support!! l will try to be at the next GlamourCon. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now l am getting ready to go to Las Vegas this weekend. Miss Gloria Reyes, Jessica Jones and l are scheduled to attend a Fetish Party on Saturday! We are sooo excited....we leave right after our 'Stacy`s Chat' appearance on Thursday. l will be there from 4pm-8pm and Gloria Reyes will be there from 5pm-12midnight PAC time.. heard right....Miss Gloria Reyes will make her 1st appearance on my 'Stacy`s Chat' &/or Dungeon Chat this Thursday Oct. 26th! This update might be up after this event. l have to write this on Wednesday, since l am leaving on Thursday/Friday morning. l have to still pack, change the oil in my car, do my nails, go to the bank, make some calls and work a few shoots today....whew...l`m stressed just thinking about it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l went to the doctor last week. l wanted to know why my voice was raspy and why it felt like someone was choking me. l thought it might be lumps on my thyroid or something like that. Ready for this? l have a severe case of Anti-Reflux Disease!!!! The little thingy between my throat and my stomach does not close and acid and digestive enzymes leak into my throat from my stomach and are creating polyps on my throat. The polyps are putting pressure on my windpipe. The doctor said it was good that l caught it so soon? l have been losing my voice for 3 years! She said if it goes undetected for many years, it could develop into cancer! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She put me on a diet. l can no longer have chocolate, caffeine(coffee), spicy foods, alcohol, fatty foods, mint, l cannot eat 3 hours before bed, no bending over for too long, no exercising after eating, no pressure around the middle, like belts or corsets, no laying down right after eating and l have to sleep on my back with the head of the bed elevated by 6 inches! Okay, let me tell you how hard this diet is for me. Every morning for breakfast l have 2 cups of coffee and some chocolate. l do not eat all day. l am only hungry at l eat at night before bed. l get stuffed, lazy and sleepy after eating and have to lay down after l eatin g before bed is great for me. l love spicy foods, l can drink a bottle of Tabasco, no problem. lt is hard for me to eat anything if it is not spicy. l sleep only on my stomach with a pillow under my tummy, so l sleep almost at an arch, bending forward. l think l found the reasons for my Anti-Reflux Disease. l have to take medication as well....prescription Tagament 2 times a day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- l don`t know how long l can do this diet. l`ll try it for a month. But giving up coffee and chocolate....aaaa...l don`t think so. l`ll cut down...but not give it up. l now make my pot of coffee like this: 5 big tablespoons of decaf espresso and one huge tablespoon of normal espresso, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of banana flavoring. lt is really good, but it has hardly any 'kick' to it. Instead of chocolate for breakfast, a chocolate chip cookie.....l think that is doing good.......ri ght? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l have to go back to the doctor next month. She is going to freeze my nose and stick a metal rod through my nose and down my throat! Yeah, right, like l am going to make it to that appointment! Ewwwww....yuck! l hope my voice comes back and the pressure on my wind pipe loosens up. But most of all...l hope these polyps either goes away or at least stop building up in there. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh well, take care everyone and l`ll talk to you all when l get back from Vegas. B.T.W. l have a personal voice mail at: (909)390-2687 There you can hear what l am up to :-) oxox,Stacy

Oh My Gaawwwd! l just tried the best Root Beer Ever!!!! l was one day 'surfing the net' and stumbled on this RootBeer site called Root 66 and their slogun is 'get your lips on Root 66'. l e-mailed them telling them how great l thought their campaign was and l still own a house on Route 66. l asked them where could l try their Root Beer at and if they needed any spokesmodels ;-) We e-mailed each other back & forth for awhile. Then this week...l found a six pack of their RootBeer in my mailbox...tough fit. lt was warm so l put 5 bottles in the fringe and one bottle in the freezer. l kind-of forgot about it as l did my daily chores around the house. Well, nightfall came, l rested in front of the T.V., like l do every evening. l was a little thirsty and l was getting a little tired of drinking my very needed water via doctors request. l thought, umm what do l feel like drinking? Oh no, the root beer! l grabbed it from the freezer....frozen solid, like a popsicle. l popped it open and drank it any way. lt was soooooooooo goooood! lt had chunks of ice through it and sooo rich, frosty, icy and just down right YUMMY! l am not that much of a RootBeer drinker...l can take it or leave it....but now...l am a true believer. l must plug their site: Go there and find out how you too can 'put your lips on Root 66' :-) ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l got so much to do. l am booked solid this week and l need to get ready for GlamourCon this weekend. GlamourCon is a convention that includes all mo dels, Playboy to Web-models. Come out and say 'Hi' to me. l will be signing autographs, posing for pix, selling my videos at a discount price, giving away pix, pens and T-shirts. Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones are suppost to be with me at my booth on Saturday. For more information go to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l got a doctor appointment on Friday. l got to find out why my voice is sooo raspy. l lose my voice a LOT. l do not smoke, l don`t talk all that much, l have no idea why l am losing my voice. Every year it gets worse. lt is hard to breath, it feels like someone has a tight grip on my throat all the time. lt takes a lot of effort to get enough air to talk. Weird huh? l still have not heard from my l`m not sure if or when l`ll ever get health insurance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l should be in my live chat on Thursday Oct. 26th....either in the main chat room or the Dungeon Chat, 4pm-8pm PAC time. Come say 'Hi' :-) oxox,Stacy


l just got done doing a steamy scene with the beautiful, Carolyn Monroe. Bob of came down to L.A. and we shot a few scenes. What a classy beautiful woman Carolyn is!!!! This may seem untrue....but this was my very first real 'Girl-Girl' scene. What made it even better, it involved stockings, garters, pantyhose and her smoking.......gotcha attention? ;-) All l got to say is.....when are we going to schedule an other shoot? ----------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- l`m The Tromette of The Month over at ! This one one of my goals in life. l`ve always wanted to be in Playboy Magazine, be a Super Hero, be a Cartoon, be in a Troma Movie and be a Tromette.......well l did all except the Playboy Magazine thing. l`ve done a ton of Playboy T.V. ( Night Calls, Sex Court, Girl Next Door, etc, etc)......but l guess they don`t want me in their magazine :-( l`m not picky....l don`t have to be a Playmate.....just put me in the Grapevine section or something.....Oh Well......l guess you can`t have everything in life. l just think it would be cool. l can someday look in a Playboy when l am old and gray and say...'l was once in Playboy!'. l can tell my grand kids that grandma was once in Playboy....that l went for my dreams and got them....hook-line-and-sinker! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- l am looking for Health Insurance.....boy what an annoying process! l don`t know what plan is best for me! You mean l got to read all this paper work, study it and compare? l even went to those web-sites that suppost to help you compare... ..they are just as application even got turned down! l need to get Health Insurance. l never go to the doctor until something is really wrong.... then it`s too late and l get sick....if l start going to the doctor regularly, maybe they can catch what ever in time and l might prevent getting sick.....hopefully. l`m finally getting responsible. l hate going to doctors....but l`m finding out that it is gotta go....or you`ll get twice as sick and miss twice as much work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, got to go....time to do my did know l die my hair....right? My hair is actually Dark Alburn. Did you really think l was a natural Blonde? oops....sorry....just pretend you didn`t read that part. oxox,Stacy

l`m going to be on my computer all day today. l let my e-mail p ile up. Sorry everyone......l`m not ignoring you......l`ll will just take me awhile. l have to answer my business section of my e-mail 1st....then l will start on all the other sections. l used to answer my e-mail everyday......but then l p ut myself on a 'computer diet'. You see... l would do my e-mail everyday...then when l was done l would surf here and this and do that.....before you know it half the day went by and l would be late for shoots, errons would not get done, my daily exercises suffered....etc, etc. So l decided to put myself on a 'computer diet'. l`m only allowed 1 hour a day 6 days a week, and 1 day a week is 'catch up' day. lt actually works, because that 1 hour a day l only have time enough to do the stuff l am only suppose to playing around. On 'catch-up' day once a week, l`ll reply to all my e-mails, surf, play around....waste the day on the computer if l is computer day! That worked out great for awhile, but now, since l`ve been doing more conventions, appearances and other catch-up day has been booked with other stuff. l have not have gotten a good catch-up day in a few weeks.....and my e-mail count is very scary....l may need a couple of catch-up days! So if you sent me a few e-mails......l am not ignoring you....l am sorry.....l will get to it, l promise....and soon ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK......l am even getting sic k at seeing my endless count of 'London Pix'......l think last weeks updates were the last of only new pix from now on......Yeah! l guess l went a little camera crazy over there, huh? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you seen last weeks updates in my 'Member`s Forum'? lt is a cool pic done of me as a really buff chick, by my e-mail buddy, Nifty....."Thanx Nifty!" l also updated my Flashback section last week. l have found some old pix of me when l 1st started modeling, back in soon as l get them scanned, l`ll post those up there as well......l was a red head in high school. l have always loved 'Lucille Ball' red hair. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pix of Angel, in my Friends Section......was taken by me at The Erotic San Francisco Convention earlier this year. She stole the show when she came out in a really slinky outfit and proceeded to do a slow sexy strip dance and then proceeded to smear gooey sweet creamy messy stuff all over her body and then roll around naked in it.....yuuummmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- l know it isn`t for a couple more weeks....but l want remind everyone that l will be at GlamourCon on Oct. 21st-22nd. Come out and say 'hi' to me.....l would love to meet all of you! l will be posing for pix, signing autographs, l will have videos for sale, and l will have free stuff that l will be giving away. Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones are scheduled to be with me at my booth. For directions, time, dates, pix and more information go to: oxox,Stacy

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