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8/4/2000 - 9/24/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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l did my 1st bondage video for HCV yesterday. l had a great time! l worked with Tori Sinclair, Shay Sights and Mistress Olivia. lt was great seeing all of the models again and working with them again! All this time in the business and this was my 1st time working for this company! l hope they give me another call.....they were all so nice to work with. The whole crew was really sweet! Here is their web-address if you would like to check out their huge video assortment: l`m not sure what the title of the video l did yesterday will be....they usually name the video after they shoot it. On my script, they typed some possibilities, these were the titles that they might use; 'Bitch Breakers', 'Cruel Persuasions' and 'Whipped into Submission'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am still trying to figure out how l can get a 'Kettle Corn' business going. l try to search the Internet, l get a few leads...l e-mail response. l even talked to a few vendors, they give me their number, l call them, leave a call back. Ummmmm......l found a kettle corn site that is selling a fanchise, but that is way too much money. l don`t want to do this full time. l just want to do this once in awhile, maybe have people work the booths for me, if l get a lot of events. l know l need a license and something from the Food and Drug department, since l will be selling food. l guess, l`ll just keep searching....l got time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My fever blisters are finally starting to go away......finally! lt was hard to laugh, smile and eat without them breaking open and bleeding everywhere......eewwww....gross, huh? Well.....they are finally healing, so people can look at me without getting sick to their stomach. They were hard to hide.....l just had to cover my mouth with my hand while l talked and stuff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has anyone seen the new singing fish that came out for Halloween? lt is such a great idea. lt is a skeleton of a fish mounted up with the plaque that says: Big Mouth Billy Bones. lt sings 'Bad to the Bone' and it glows in the dark. You know l had to buy it! l posted this one by the front door....the old one is by the back door. Now, which ever door you go out got a fish singing to you! l think my neighbors must be very annoyed by now! They are very loud fish and there is no volume control. Sometimes they will both go off at the same time if l turn off all the lights before going to bed. l gave one to my grandma for her birthday, she loved it......for about a week or so......then she got so annoyed by it (plus l think it scared her a few times...they can do that sometimes)....she finally turned it off. l even get a little annoyed by them......but l can`t help myself....l love my matter how 'cheesy' they may be.......but hey, l love cheese and 'cheesy' things! ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am scheduled to be in one of my live chat rooms on Friday October 6th from 10am-3pm PAC time. Check out my 'Current Events' section every Friday for news, events and cool stuff coming up. oxox,Stacy

Let me give you guys some advice......never feed a bear holding a potato chip in your mouth! That is what my lips look and feel like l really didn`t feed a bear that way. l caught the Flu. it all happened Saturday Night, the night of my BB-Q. lt went great! l made my homemade pineapple salsa, everyone showed up....l got a really sweet and cute guy to put together my BB`Q for me. l had some male volunteers to BB`Q my chicken, salmon and summer squash. Hey....l marinated the meat for them! Everyone left. l went to bed and fell asleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few hours later a awoke, freezing, l was soooo cold! l grabbed my sweats and thermos socks, bundled up and shook freezing until l feel asleep. Several hours later l awoke HOT and sweaty. l was so hot, l was nauseous. l stripped down and went back to sleep. l awoke the next day feeling really achy. My throat was sooo swollen l couldn`t see my chin! lt felt like razor blades everytime l swallowed. l had the flu big time! Every time l get a fever, l get fever blisters on my mouth. Well, l must have had quite a lips look like a can of Raid exploded on them......Mick Jagger would even laugh at my big fat lips! Aaaaaa.....they hurt so bad!!!! They burn and if l accidentally touch or scratch them....oh my gawd....AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! All my friends and neighbors have this, so l`m not is some kind of bad bug going beware on this one! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Live Fetish Chat is now updated with new and improved can now peek in on the 'Private Shows'. l do not have l can`t see it yet on my if anyone has any suggestions on how l can watch the action....please tell me how......and remember.....'baby talk'.....l get lost in that computer lingo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ln fact, tell me what you think about my site. l want to make some more improvements to it, but l want to know what your suggestions are. So Please, let me know what your opinions are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- lt`s time for a new check in my Video Clip Section for the newest addition to my Video Library. l also posted pix of my Super Stacy `s Adventures in my 'Out & About' section, at ComicCon 2000. You`ll see me at the Troma Booth, talking to a fellow Super Hero 'Smooth' and holding up a Print of me as Daisy Chain autographed by the artist George Perez of DC Comics. ln fact, l have a few of The Poster Prints of me as Daisy Chain still available. They are autographed by the Great George Perez and of course by me as well.......l`m selling them to my members only for only $15- each (that includes shipping and handling). lf you would like one, just send me a check or money order for $15- and l will send you an autographed print ASAP! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l better go and take a few lips are burning. Take care guys, take your vitamin C and wash your hands often! :-) oxox,Stacy

9/16/200 0
Hi everyone! Sorry that the updates were a day late, l hope the bonus set last week made up for it. lf not, then l have a lot of new photos, updates and new stuff coming! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- l`m having BB`Q today. l never really held a real party before. l have sooooo much to d they should be here any minute! l never cook....but l bought a BB`Q my neighbors are putting it together for me and l bought Salmon, Chicken and the other people are bringing steaks.....yummmm. l bought beer and ice...but l forgot that l do not have a the ice is melting in the sink. Oh and learn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summer is almost over....waaaaa....booo whoooo....l love the outdoors. l hate putting on jackets and stuff. They always make me feel like the Michelin Man....the tire guy....knocking over everything `cause l`m all bundled up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, there are alot of animals that need our help....check out: for details on how to brighten up an animals life! :-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- l`m sorry....but l got to go....soooooo much to is melting everywhere...l got to go get an ice chest. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
l should be in my live chat on Tuesday Sept.19th from 10am-3pm PAC time. oxox,Stacy

l`m a little nervous right now. l am getting ready to go down to the Troma Office to shoot an English T.V. Show called 'The Edge' with the Troma Gang. lt sounds like fun, but l just received my 'lines', talk about tough! Words that l can hardly pronounce and l got to learn it in a few hours! (Pressure) l get 'tongue-tied' (no pun:-) Here is what l got to say, without cue-cards: "Hi, l`m Megalomania, the Tromette of the week. Tonight, l`d like to discuss Cartesian dualism. The simple premise, 'l think, therefore l am', postulated by the French mathematician Rene Descartes was later expanded upon to suggest that not only do mind and body function separately, but that there is a schism between mind and brain. Scientists attempted for years to localize the cerebral function, basing their work upon the theory that mental events like beliefs, emotions, and traumas often bring about changes in the body. This theory grows even more complex when you factor in such intangibles as ethics and morality. So, according to this theory, anything l think about should bring about physical ch anges in my body. Let`s find out." (here l start thinking about something and l get incredibly excited, eventually bringing myself to orgasm) "Well, l think we`ve proved our point. Thank you Rene Descartes, and thank you Troma`s Edge TV for letting me come on tonight`s program." ------------------------------------------------------------------- That is what l have to learn to say in less than an hour as of now. Aaauuuhhhhhh! l know l will trip on a few words. At least l understand what l am saying, it is just hard for me to memorize words and especially those kinds of words....oh well.....l`ll do what l can do :-) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Jenny Jones keeps calling me to be on her show.......well not exactly Jenny Jones herself, but her producers. l have to call them back. l`m just see those know what happens on those shows. l`m afraid that they will tell me in will be a nice show all in good fun...and then all of a sudden someone from my past that hates me or something will come on and 'trash' me....and the audience will all gang up on me or something like that. Should l call them back? Should l take that chance? l`m still deciding....l`m not sure. ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ l updated my 'Friends Section' this week. Check out another one of my hottie-tottie friends....yummy:-) ox ox,Stacy


l am very excited right now. l am getting ready to leave for a shoot with Oak, of Harmony!!! lt has been a long time since l`ve worked for Harmony....way too long!!:-( l love Harmony sooo much!!! They are the ones that started it all, you know. My 1st bondage video was with Jon Woods of Harmony! l was hooked ever since! l may work for other companies, but my loyalty goes to Harmony! lt is home for me. l think they make very clever scripts and l always have a blast there! You know, they made me 'Holly Harmony', their mascot! What an honor!!!! l hope they will call me more often for shoots with them, l can never work for them enough! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l have yet another site. lt is a Talent Agency. l will post new talent and showcase them at: lt is dedicated to my beloved, respected and talented late agent, Hal Guthu of CHN. Most of the talent will consist of Fetish Models. So if you want to ever purchase a custom video of me, please, also ask for one of my 'Angels' to star in it with me. The site will grow as the content d oes. l just wanted a site to showcase new talent and show you some of the up and coming fresh faced talent out there! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l also did a site called: , l think l want that to be like a 'Fetish Chick of The Month' type of site. What do you think? Send me any body`s name or e-mail address that you think would qualify to be my Fetish Chick Of The Month, and l`ll ask her if she would like to be added to the site. lf she says yes, then, she shall be the Fetish Chick of The Month! Now, it does not say 'Fetish Model' of the month, so it can be anyone....even your girlfriend or neighbor (all with their permission of course! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l will be at The Shadow Lane Convention from 7pm-11pm at The Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs. l will be with Chelsea Pfeiffer of Harmony and Shadow Lane. l believe everyone is welcome, l`m not sure if there is a fee or anything to get it. l will be available to sign autographs and pose for pictures. l think we`ll even have a TV/VCR there to showcase our videos for sale. lt sounds like it will be quite fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l worked this week for a really sweet guy, that comes out here from Arizona. l want to give him credit here. He is the one that did those great pictures of me in that straight jacket and barefoot, that everyone loves, including me. l don`t want to give his name out, l want to respect his privacy. l don`t know if he has a 'Work Name' that l can use, but if l find out, l`ll tell you the name he uses to give him credit for all the wonderful stuff he does. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l better go, it is getting late and l do not want to be late for my shoot with Harmony. Have a Groovy Day everyone......smooches! oxox,Stacy

Easter weekend l was watching MTV. They were airing a show similar to a 'Where are They Now' type of show. There he was, this guy that l always had a little crush on. l followed his career and always thought he was a under-rated and a 'un-tapped' talent. He should still be a radio or TV host. I always thought he had a quick wit, he was bold, brassy and he was as cute as hell! l don`t want to mention his name, `cause he is fairly well-known in the media. l`ll just call him 'Speed Racer'. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- He plugged his web-site on the show, so l looked it up and sent him an e-mail. He answered me back that night! We wrote to each other for a few days, mostly talking about possible corresponding business possibilities. Finally his computer went haywire, and he needed a break, so he e-mailed his home phone number to me. It is not like l didn`t know him. l knew him for years.....however, he didn`t know me at all. l called him. We talked on the phone for at least an hour. Finally he said; ''Hey, you want to go get some coffee with me?'' l said; ''sure''. Luckily he lived close. He said you at the coffee shop in 15 minutes, and hung up. 15 minutes!!!!! l am in my 'round the house garb' , no make-up and my hair a mess. l quickly got ready in record time, 15 minutes and dr ove like a mad woman. --------------------------------------------------------------------- There he was waiting for me, sitting at a booth. l knew he was freshly single, `cause he talked about it on the show l watched that week. We talked for a few hours....the restaurant people finally had to kick us out so they could close. We had a lot of things in common, we had the same taste......he was like a female me! This was great! Finally l meet someone that l can really see myself with. He was a little on the negative side, but hey, he just got over a long relationship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since that Easter night meeting, we went out a lot. He called me everyother day, sometimes 2-3 times in the same day! l helped him out with his web-site, l bought him things on my trip to Cannes, Paris, San Diego and concerts. l never knew what to call us......he was not my boyfriend, l guess you just call it 'seeing each other'. l knew l should take it slow. l could tell he was still shooken up by his last break up. l wanted to go slow as well......he still could go back with his ex, his negativity might get to be unbearable, he might not like what l do for a living (even though he knew exactly what l did and he said he thought it was cool....he always loved Bettie Page), etc, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------- Things were going good....but l really started wanting to see more of him, but it was hard `cause he was a media personality and had to work and go on auditions just as much as l did. Sometimes he would be so busy he wouldn`t call me for a week and a half straight. l would understand, `cause my life was the same way. But it started to get worse. l would be calling him once a week. l finally decided not to call and see if he w ould call me. Well....he didn`t. l had an idea that maybe him and his ex got back together, no proof, it was just a feeling. That was 3 weeks ago today. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l went on my Shoot on Monday. l found out that his ex-girlfriend, a model for the same company l was that day, was coming in to shoot as well. l thought, oh god, l finally get to met her. l always thought she was so pretty and why would he be with me after being with her? l can`t compete with that. l knew that if l met her, l would think she was nice and sweet. l hoped that he never mentioned my name. l don`t like drama or 'katty-ness'. Well after a couple hours she walks in. She is soooooo gorgeous! She is soooo sweet and she was wearing his hat. l recognized it, he always had it on his bed post. l knew it....they are back together. She put on one of his web-site shirts to promote his site, for the photo shoot. ------------------------------------ l kept quite, l didn`t say a word. l just talked amongst the rest of the models. Good for them, l guess. She seems like she really likes him and l think he really likes her. l felt really bad to be a part of it at all. They really do make a great couple! But l did feel sorry for myself as well. l felt like l was back in high school and the cute guy that l had a crush on all year finally goes out with the popular cheerleader and they end up being one of those oogly-googly types, where you know they are all 'ga-ga' over each other. Has anyone seen that movie from the 1980`s called; 'The Last American Virgin' ? l felt like that guy. ------------------------------------- As a kid l always had a crush on the cartoon character, Speed Racer. l was going to marry him. l was always jealous over Trixie, his girlfriend. The my mom broke my fantasy, she told me his was not real, he was a cartoon. l guess, thi s too was not real....and this Trixie was real......and beautiful and sweet and nice! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh and learn. Just when l though l was this 'Ice Princess' where nothing or no guy can ever get to me....WHAM! ---------------------------------------------- Oh well....l`m human like the rest of us, l guess! ;-) l think l`ll go 'Prairie Dogging' this weekend............................ oxox,Stacy

8/18/2000 l`m soooo jazzed! Vivid Girl, Dyanna Loreen just called me today. She wants to use me again for yet another shoot for her Vivid Interactive CD ROM ....... this will be my 4th one! l love her, l love her, l love that woman! l love shooting for Vivid, they are the coolest company to work for. l can`t wait to see how these CD ROMS turn out. My set is not out --------------------------------------- l never would have thought about going into adult movies, but if Vivid ever asks me, l don`t know....l would hate to turn them down. They are easy to work for, they are soooo nice and they have been very good to me. Tempting, very tempting! ;-) ------- ----------------------------- Don`t worry, Fetish will always come is just too much fun!! l really love my life! l am sooooo lucky to have a career that l enjoy so much! How did l get so lucky? l wake up every mor ning wonder ing if today it will finally be to good to be true. That they will stop calling me in to work, that the shoots will disappear. That l will have to start all over again and find another job to support myself. AAAAAHHHHHHH.........What a nightmare that would be. l would survive, but geesh, what a bummer that would be! -------------------------------------------------------- l would never be able to pay for custom framing again! Let me explain, l bought some really cool prints at the Comic Convention last month at a really good price....$100 for 4 beautiful prints....a bargain right? l thought. They needed framing and they all were strange measurements, so l took them into a custom framing shop last week. They called me and told me they were ready, l went to go pick them up. Gulp! Get this.....the total was $367- for all 4 prints!!!!!! Over 3 times what l spent for the artwork!!!!! Why does the frames cost more? To me the artwork is more valuable....frames look easy to do. l t hink l`ll just go to a 'Pic`n`Save' and buy really cheap prints, take them home, take out the prints and put my prints in. The Framing place said that the prints will be preserved longer in their frames....ummmmm....l -------------------------------------
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. oxox,Stacy

My name is Stacy Burke and l am a web-aholic! l have been ru shing home and logging on my computer and not leaving it until late at night! l discovered a great thing.......building web-sites, myself! Now, l`m no web-mistress or web-guru.....but l`ve le arned a little bit on how to build simple sites. Now l am buying domains up like candy and creating sites here and there. l will be broke if l keep doing this. They are in a very simple format and l can`t post a lot of pictures up and there are a few restrictions since it is on a free server, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l built a site for my friend and fellow model, Miss Gloria Reyes. l`ve built one for my friends that have bands, l built one for my ex-boyfriend, l built one for my other girl friends, l even bought a couple to increase awareness of the world.....and the list keeps growing. l gotta stop.......l will be broke soon, and it is too time consuming. l have been inside my house all weekend, l have let things that l should do go. l don`t want to leave my house, but l`m forcing myself this week, to do so. Summer is almost over and l got to go out and enjoy it......even if it kills me ;-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My friend Riki Rachtman got to host Talk Soup this Monday (August 7th) on E! He did a great job, thank god l remembered and taped it! l was told l was on the E! show 'Wild o n The Beach' the same night. l missed that one, bummer....l always miss these shows that l`m on. l get a ton of mail that says, 'hey, l saw you on this show last night'........but l never see it. Oh well, it`s good to know you all enjoy my performance on these shows anyway. l just wish l knew ahead of time so l could tell everyone. l still get residuals from the NBC 'Exposed! Pro-Wrestling Greatest Secrets Revealed!' When ever they show it or sell it through their home video store, l get a check....not for very much, but hey, every bit helps! :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don`t forget to check my Video Clip Section. l add a new clip every month. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the list of sites that l did this remember, they are in a very simple format and l am very new to this. ................and still counting......l tell ya......l need help! @%&?*# ;-/ oxox,Stacy

Eat, eat, eat....that is what l`ve been doing. l never get hungry....l have been this way for years....l never get hungry, l would just eat out of boredom, nerves, or just for the taste. For the last 2 weeks, l have actually felt hungry. Food taste sooooo good when you are hungry! l thought, 'man, l`m going to gain my weight back if l keep eating like this'....but l am sti ll at my fairly new weight, 104 pounds! This is the weirdest thing. l guess my body needs the food. l`m not complaining....l`m loving it....l hope the lasts long as l don`t gain any weight, that is ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, now to my personal life. As you all know, l have an ex-boyfriend. l broke up with him for many reasons. He was moody, expected too much from me, hated my profession, jealous for no reason, a victim of life, etc, etc. We still hang out, we are still friends. He still gets those 'little fits', where l remember why we are not together anymore. l like the company, we like the same things. l think of him as a girlfriend or a brother. But there are times when l am boldly reminded tha t it is not that way for him. He doesn`t like it when l go out with the girls, go away on a trip without him, or if l talk to any other males, even if they are my neighbors! lt is probably my fault. l should have never stayed friends with him. But it`s hard not to. He has no other family, he has little friends and he his still buying a truck from me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- l need to move on and go out 'Pra irie Dogging', that is what l call 'looking for guys'. lt`s just hard for a girl to do that, lt`s even dangerous! Girls have to go with other people. All my Girlfriends are either married, has a boyfriend or likes to hang out at places that l don`t discos....yuck! The best person to go out with, lately, is my male cousin. This way, guys don`t come up to me, because they think l`m with someone. But if l find someone(which is rare....l find a guy l like once every decade), l can go up to him and tell him l`m with my cousin. My cousin likes it too, `cause, girls in the club think it is 'sweet' that he hangs out with his female cousin. Plus, he is hoping that l`ll set him up with a fellow model. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l would love to go out more by myself....but that's not very fun and it opens me up for 'the less desirable' or 'dangerous' people to approach me....and you can`t get rid of them if you are have no 'exit'. lt is hard to find a place that l like. l do not like discos, but l like to dance. l like rock`n`roll, rock-a-billy, alternati ve clubs....but they hard to find. l would love to meet a modern day Elvis with some tattoos ;-) ------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Well, now for my professional life. l just got done working for a new company. Well, they are not new...they been in business for 20 plus years, l think they are in their 3rd generation. l did 2 bondage and tickling videos for Cal Star (California Star). l don`t know exactly how you can get their videos. They only do mail order and work through distributors. They are pretty cool to work for, l think l`ll do a lot more videos with them.....hopefully ;-) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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