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11/24/05-06/02/05 - Blast from the Past: Stacy`s Diary

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November 24, 2005
I am having a little trouble with one of my neighbors. We always got along, helped each other out, I considered us friends. Well, all of a sudden trash kept showing up on my door step. I decided to email my neighbors to see who might be doing this. I found out it was my good neighbor & I was a little suprized, disappointed & mad. I did lash out in a couple emails, I felt bad about it & tried to say I was sorry, but he wasn`t having it. I guess the damage is done. It still doesn`t answer why he put trash in front of my door, in which started all this mess. He never said he was sorry. I don`t know what I am going to do. I hate that this has happened. Below is our email banter. I`m I in the wrong here, did I over react? Probably so, but I got mad that he was putting trash on my door step, thinking I wasn`t doing my share. Oh well. Here you go, what do you think? oxox, Stacy

My Email to my neighbors: Ok, something weird is going on. Once in awhile someone drops off a bunch of Newspapers at the front of my apart. complex. l usually pick up one & leave the rest for the other tentants. If the other 2 Newspapers are not picked up, l assume no one wants them & l dump the rest in the trash.
A couple weeks ago, someone dropped off a few Local magazines. l picked up MY copy & left the rest lay where they were incase someone wanted them. l saw that all were picked up except one. l would USUALLY pick the last one up, but for the past 2 weeks l have been rushed due to a hectic schedule via work, internet, call backs, etc.
Well, SOMEBODY must think the last Magazine belongs to me because it keeps showing up on my door. l do not want it, it is NOT mine & l ALREADY picked ONE up already....not to mention l have picked up MANY past Newspapers & Overfilling Junk mail falling out of mine & Others mailboxes.
l don`t know who thinks this magazine belongs to me, but it does not. l would gladly & will gladly pick up someone else`s trash & unwanted mail as time goes by, just not by force. l have picked up a lot of trash around my apt....including ciggarette butts (l do not smoke), beer cans, bottles (in which was not mine as well). l am just letting everyone know that l do more of my share & l don`t mind, but l refuse to be bullied to do someone else`s work around my own home.
Is this happening to you guys? Any ideas? Well, l really hope l don`t find out because l am someone who you really don`t want on your Sh*t list. l get back in evil ways *grin*. l just hope it isn`t someone that l consider a friend, that would totally SUCK!!
Love you guys!! Kiss Kiss
oxox, Stacy

Looking back on this email, it sounds like l am accusing the people on this list. l am not. Sorry if it sounded like it. l am just curious to know if you saw anyone going up my stairs & doing this, if this is happening to you or if you might know why this is happening. lt is not that big of a deal, but it is just weird & lastnight l was a bit irritated that this same magazine keeps popping up on my door.
oxox, Stacy

My neighbors Email back to me: Yes!
It does sound like an accusation!
Why don‚t you just throw the trash away instead of throwing it down to my area for me to pick-up and throw away; Like last night!?!?!
I definitely don‚t think that is very nice.
Other than that everyone gets papers and other type of crap mail left on their doors. We just throw it away and don‚t make a big deal about it, and accuse people of violating your sanctity!
Very cool Stacy!

My Email Back: Whaaaatttt!!!! l throw away trash ALL the time!!!! l do not EVER put trash on your door & make You throw away stuff!!!! And why do you think it was mine???? Dude, what`s up??? Are you okay???? Dude, you trip out more than a chick!!! You are sooooo moody sometimes!!! So it WAS YOU!!!! I thought so. Dude chill out!!! Is it really Me you are mad at, or that the for sale sign is in front of your door?? Dude take a major CHILL PILL.....or BONG PUFF .....Midol???? Whatever, you NEED IT!!!!
Hope this blows over like the Santa Annas!!! Love ya anyway.
oxox, Stacy

You know what, your friendship means more to me than this shit. Go ahead, put whatever trash you think is mine on my door, l will gladly throw it away. Whatever. l guess something is bothering you & you are lashing out. It`s cool, that is what friends are for.....whatever. l will throw away all the trash you want, it`s cool. Dave l am sorry, l am only human & l get angry at stupid shit. l just didn`t want anyone to think l wasn`t doing my share. l do throw away a lot of stuff, l just don`t wanna throw away the Newspapers & Magazines too quickly, incase someone wanted them. Sorry if you thought l was doing something wrong. l love ya man!!!
oxox, Stacy

His email back: Stacy,
I just got home Thursday night at 9PM from a trip.
Read the reply email. I was just responding to your nasty email.
When you get made at someone you try to get personal. It doesn‚t bother me! It is just the way YOU are!

End of subject!

November 03, 2005
Well, I got done filming my New B-Horror-Movie, The Mummy`s Kiss the 2nd Dynasty, last week. I had a blast filming it! The cast & crew were the best, I had soooo much fun!! Cindy Pucci was one of the stars, she is soooo cute!! I even got to have a few Nude Love Scenes with her, Hubba-Hubba!! In one of my many scenes, I get captured nude by the Mummy after a midnight swim. The Mummy hand gags me so I cannot scream, strangles me & then carries my nude body into the woods!!!! How cool is that??!! Then I get turned into an Egyptian Slave!! It should be out by next year in time for Halloween, probably on HBO, Cinamax & at your local Video Store near you, so watch out for it!!!
I am also single again!!! Yep, I broke up with my boyfriend. No one did anything wrong, we are just 2 very different people. The only thing we had in common was experimenting with Fetish, Bondage & crazy sex on camera.....but that was it. I know, I know, what more do you need.......but we did not get along very well outside the bedroom and that is pretty important to both of us. We were both not very happy, so we decided to part ways & eventually become just good friends.
So off I go again, solo in this big & exciting world....but never alone, I have many friends, family & of course you guys!!!! I am such a lucky girl!!

oxox, Stacy

October 15, 2005
Good News! I am starring in another Retro Media Film! I start Filming this Friday. I auditioned for the lead & they wanted me for the lead, however, the lead requires an older/young lady with dark hair to make look older (grey streaks & all). They also wanted her a little taller & paler (without a Malibu tan, like mine). Well, I did not quite fit that description, sooooooooooo.......3rd billing role of the blonde bimbo, eye-candy (yawn, seen this before) here I come!!! Please do not get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, I LOVE Retro Media & I LOVE being in a B-movie, especially a Horror Film, no matter what!! It is just, I know I can (excuse the pun), Nail the role!!! I can die my hair, stop going in the sun & wear platforms.....but I guess it is hard for directors to see what I can transform into.
My part is Susan, a young cute sexy blonde lipstick-lesbian in the New Horror, B-movie Skin-a-Max Film, called The Mummy`s Kiss; 2nd Dynasty' (yes, it is a sequel), cumming soon to your Video stores & HBO/Cinamax station near you!! Ok, I guess I should think that they even would consider me for that role, is a major compliment! We start filming this Friday. I really cannot wait. I live & love this sort of stuff. This is Sooooooooo Cool.....I love my Life!!!!

oxox, Stacy

October 06, 2005
I am back from my San Francisco trip & busy doing errands & catching up here on the home front. As you know, me & Brady went to San Fran to shoot for & Don't worry, you'll get to see the whole shoot here @!! That is one of the reasons l like to work for them, they share all their content with the model they shoot with. So you will not miss anything, you will see it all here as well as my future shoots like this that I have planned exclusively for!!!
With the Hog-tied shoot (I did several separate sets), you will see me in tight bondage, stripped, fondled, penetrated with dildos & having multiple orgasms with the Magic Wand Vibrator!! With the Sex & Submission shoot, you will see the same thing, however I will be tied in a more "accessible" position, I will be sucking Brady's Cock & Brady will be having rough Sex with me while I am tightly Bound. Again, I did several separate sets here as well. I hope to do more shoots like this.
It may take a little longer for the Sex & Submission set to be seen. You see Brady lost his wallet in San Fran & had no ID to release the shoot. Brady went to the DMV to register to get a new ID. It will take about 2-3 weeks before he receives it. Once he receives his ID, he has to fax it over to the company that shot our Sex & Submission shoot for their records. You see, they cannot release that content until they have all the proper paperwork. So, because of Brady losing his wallet, my sex while in bondage video & photo shoot will be slightly delayed
Remember, whatever I shoot will be seen here, no need to go anywhere else. Stay tuned, more to Cum exclusively here @!!!! :-)

Oxon, Stacy

September 22, 2005
Getting ready for a busy week! Today, Thursday, I have a ton of errands to do, I got to get Bridget`s Birthday Gift wrapped, I need to pack for my weekend at the Mansion, Pack for a shoot tomorrow, pack a dress for tonight because Bridget is having her Murder Mystery Party tonight at the Playboy Mansion! It will be 1920`s-1930`s dressed enforced & it will be like the board game Clue, pretty fun heh? I got to find the perfect outfit to represent 1926. The E! TV cameras will be there filming for their new hit reality series The Girls Next Door.
The next day, Friday, I have a Photo shoot early that morning. Then I got to hurry back to the Mansion for the weekend weekly Dinner & the Movie that starts promptly at 5:30pm.
Then the next day, Saturday, l got to wake up early once again & go to the LA County Fair. I try to go at least once to the fair every year & Saturday is my only free day to do so. Then, as usual, I need to be back at the Mansion by 5:30pm once again for their Dinner & Movie.
Sunday is Bridget`s Real birthday, so I am sure we will be doing something fun. Then again, at 5:30pm, yep, Dinner & Movie at the Mansion!
It doesn`t stop there! Monday I got to wake up at 6:30am, pack up & get home by 8am. Catch up on my computer for about an hour. Shower & get ready to be at work at 10am.
Tuesday, I work again at 10am - 5pm, then I got to go straight to a shoot an hour away at 6pm. Whenever I get home after my shoot, I got to pack up for a week long of major stuff!
Wednesday I fly out early to do a 2 day shoot in San Francisco. This will be my 1st shoot of many to come of a new style that no body is used to seeing me in before. I will be working 1st with another company, but soon, I will be doing my own videos. Lets just say, I will be doing more risque style of fetish videos (Hint-Hint).
Thursday night I fly back home, only to refresh my bags to go straight back to the Playboy Mansion. I have to be there at 9am Friday, for a meeting which should last all day, then like clock-work, Dinner & Movie at 5:30pm!
Saturday Oct. 1st, I have to get up early to do a Superheroine Shoot & then maybe another gig after that. Then, yep, you guessed it, I got to be back in time for Dinner & the Movie at 5:30pm at the Mansion!!!
Okay, I will stop with my schedule now. That is just a brief summary of my next week & 1/2!
Whew!!! Ok, time to wrap Bridget`s Birthday Gift!!

oxox, Stacy

September 08, 2005
Okay, this Katrina is all over the news. It is a major tragedy. Many people feel all different things. Many feel that the people still there were given enough warning & if they were stupid enough to stay, then they get what they got. Other feel that it was a disaster that all knew was going to happen, prevented & should have had a plan. Others feel that the government dropped the ball. Well, I feel a little of all of that.
Yes, many that could have left, should have left & they are in this problem because of their own stupid fault. But there are others that may have had a reason that they couldn‚t get out. Maybe they were too poor, maybe the road washed away too soon, maybe some had mental problems & didn't understand the severity of the situation. And of course, the children & animals are the true victims, because they rely on their parents to take them to safety.
I also believe the government dropped the ball majorly!!! It doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, black, white, smart, stupid, on drugs, mental, clean, sober, drunk, a scholar, at fault or not at fault, whatever......your government should be able to help you in time of need & you (the Americans) should get top priority!! Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping others in other countries when they want it & need it, but I think the priority should be us, the Americans 1st. As a rule in Life guarding, save yourself 1st in order to save others. If you die, you cannot help & the ones in need die.

oxox, Stacy

August 25, 2005
l got back from Florida on Monday night. l was so naughty!! l lost my voice during the convention, partied way too much, l came home with tons of bruises and a bad case of the stomach flu! Had to call in sick to work yesterday and you know l hate calling in sick to work, especailly at the Brewery!! I am still wearing my sweat suit l flew home in.....ewwww!!! But, O.M.G....I had major Fun, it was soooo awesome!!!
My Fetish-a-go-go party was more of a hit then l imagined!!! The DJ`s couldn`t find all the tunes on my set list, but they found good replacements. Thanx guys, you rocked!!! Everyone had a great time & LOVED the many people came up to me & thanked me for the theme!!!! I danced my ass off hard!!! I was a hot steamy sweaty wet mess since I was wearing my green latex go-go dress! Next time it will be WAY better!! More day-glo body painted dancing go-go dancers, cages, hula-hoops & more of my own go-go music!!! Yep, Stacy Burke`s Fetish-a-go-go is now an Annual Event Baby, Yeah!!!!
Next Convention, GlamourCon LA in November & then the AVN Expo Vegas in January!! Now l gotta get all unpacked (4 huge suitcases full) & get back to my normal routine. Missed you guys royally!!! See ya all soon!!!

oxox, Stacy

August 18, 2005
Right now, l am getting ready for my long day at work. Then later tonight, as
soon as l get home from work, l gotta a LOT of packing to do for my
Wednesday Morning Flight to Tampa Florida for FetishCon 2005!!!!!! I don`t know how I am going to get it all done. I am going to be sleeepy, so sleepy tomorrow morning.
Whoooo-whoooo!!!! Tampa here l come!!!!
B.T.W: I might be too busy to check my email & messages while l am
away. lf you need to contact me, please contact me After Monday Aug.
!!!! ATTEN: lf you have Emergency website questions, you can
contact my web-guy:
** Come Visit me this weekend @ **
P.S. Yeah, you might see glimpses of me on the new E! Reality Girls Next Door TV Show. I travel a lot & they filmed mostly during the week, so you wont see that much of me at all. But it is exciting to see my Friend Bridget becoming a Public Star that l always knew she was!!!

oxox, Stacy

August 04, 2005
Every Sunday at 9pm on E! -see how us girls handle living at the
Mansion. My friends Bridget, Holly, Kendra & Hef are the stars.
l only stay there on weekends & they shoot the show mainly during the week. But there were a few times they got me on camera. l have not seen the final editing cut, but l have a feeling l wont show up in the first few episodes. l was away at BoundCon in Munich Germany during some major Mansion events when they began filming. And if l do ever get on the show, l bet it will be just a glimpise, blur or me crossing in the background. They are filming the season finale this Saturday during Playboy`s Mid-Summer Nights Dream Party & I plan on Partying hard, so if they are smart they`ll catch some of my party antics! However, It is Bridget, Holly, Kendra & Hef who are the stars & they like it that way. But then again, who knows!

oxox, Stacy

July 21, 2005
I thought you might like a Sneek preview of my planned Music Set List for my Tampa Florida Fetish-a-go-go Party Event on Friday August 19th. Here is the my personal set list that l sent the DJ for the Night:

Killer Pussy- Teenage Emina Nurse/Nurses in Bondage (& any other song on that Album)
Toy Dolls- Devil went down to Georgia
Toy Dolls- La Vida Loca
Agent Orange- Miserlou, Blood Stains, Wild in the Street
Adolesents- Ameoba, Kids of the Black Whole
Elvis- Viva Las Vegas
Nina Hagen- My Way, White Punks on Dope
999- Homicide
Kim Wilde- Kids of America
Le Tigre- Peace Now (& any song on their Pink Album)
The Sounds- (any song on their album)
Green Day- (any song, preferably from American Idiot)
Blondie- Rapture (and any other song)
The Pretenders- (anything from their 1st album)
The Cars- Walking in Stereo (and any other song)
Nancy Sinatra- These Boots
Missing Persons- (any song from their 1st album)
Iggy Pop- l wanna be your dog, lust for life (and any other song)
Devo (a lot of songs from Devo, any song would be good)
Dick Dale- miserlou, Peter Gunn (and any other song)
The Safari`s- wipeout
Gary Newman- Cars
Alice Cooper- Clones
B-52`s- Rock Lobster, Quiche Lorraine, (any other song, but DO NOT play Love Shack- that song is 86 from my list completely)
The Go-Go`s- Cool Jerk & any other songs.
The Rockie Horror Sondtrack- Time Warp, Sweet Transvestit.
Cheap Trick- Dream Police
Tom Jones- What`s New Pussycat?
Dean Martin- volarie
The Ventures- Hawaii Five-O
Bow Wow Wow- do you wanna hold me, c30 c60 (& any other song)
The Ramones- Beat on the Brat (not to much from the ramones, they are over played)
Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK, C`mon Everybody, Stepping Stone, My Way.

..........Pretty cool, heh? Yeah, l can`t wait, it is going to be one Groovy Event that you would not want to miss!!!

July 07, 2005
What is Stacy Burke's Fetish A Go Go Party All About on Friday August 19th in Tampa Florida at FetishCon 2005?
Stacy Burke`s Fetish-a-go-go: Part Austin Powers + Part Surf Punk =
All Fetish! Get out your most Colorful Outrageous Grooviest Latex
&/or Fetish Wear & Dress to Impress as if Andy Warhol, Goldie Hawn,
Dick Dale & Sid Vicious were judging you themselves! Forget Gangstar
Rap, Rave, House or Sad Depressing Tunes! Upbeat Groovy Retro, Old
& New Surf Punk will on the Menu for your dancing Pleasure!!
Bring your Latex bikini`s, paint yourself in day-glo paint and Pogo,
Hula-hoop & Go-Go Dance the Night away!!! The Best Themed Dressed
will be highly rewarded!!!
Upbeat Groovy 1960`s, 1980`s, Surf, Punk, New & Old School Music
will be on the menu. Think Dick Dale, The Adolescents, Agent Orange,
Elvis, Spirit, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Blondie, The Plasmatics,
Ann Margret, Green Day, Missing Persons, Cheap Trick, David Bowie,
Le Tigre, Johnny Cash, Devo, Sex Pistols, The Cars....etc, etc.To get your groove on, get over to Daddy Zero to get your Retrowear,
or to Rena's Wildwear to get your funky latex. As mentioned before,
there will be prizes for the best dressed Fetish A Go Go outfit.
Tickets can be purchased at
More info @

Oxox, Stacy

June 30, 2005
BoundCon ll in Munich Germany was again, so much fun!!! It is held once a year. I love the food, I love the people & most of all, I love the Beer, especially the Bock Beer!!! I got to go to a few of the tourist sites of Munich. I went to an offal Traditional Beer Garden. I saw the waitresses in their Germany ŒSt. Pauly Girl‚ outfits. I tried real German Sauerkraut!
I had a direct flight to Munich, however it was a different story on the way back! I guess I should read the fine print next time. I first flew from Munich to Frankfurt. I had a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt. Then I flew to Heathrow London. I 1st thought I had a 1 hour layover there, but I mistakenly read am for pm. I actually had a 12 hour layover in London! I ended up having to sleep in the airport on a bench!! Finally after in route for over 24 hours, I finally got home, yippee!!
I love traveling, I love seeing the world, however I hate to be gone more than 1 week & I really wish the world would come to me instead of me having to go to the world!! All in all, there is No Place like Home!!

Oxox, Stacy

June 23, 2005
Ok, time part 3 of my Birthday Drama. Brady was there at my house. The roses he bought me were broken all over the floor and fallen in my cats water & food bowls. Presents I gave him were violently thrown at me. He was very loud, he yelled & screamed a lot. After about an hour or so of waking up the neighbors he finally stormed off in a loud huff, peeling out & burning rubber to make a final statement.
He would leave many long angry voice messages on my mobile phone for the next 6 days. He said some really hurtful things that I will or can never forget. I was not responding at all. Then finally on the 2nd to the last day before I was flying out to Germany I called him back after he left me a very emotional & remorseful message. He begged me to call him back. He wanted to make up for all the hurt he put me through on my birthday week. I knew I was to be gone for 8 days, my cats adored him & I really did need someone to watch my pad.

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