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3/2/01-4/26/01 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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Ok, l`m a bit stressed right now. l over booked myself yet again....when will l learn?? Next week, nothing booked yet, this week hectic city!!! When it rains it pours. Everyone wants to book shoots on the same week/day as everyone else.....what`s up with that? l have to turn down shoots because l am already booked.... l wish they can just say 'ok, Stacy, we can book you next week instead'. That way l can do them all!! HA HA, I`m a crazed out of control fetish model... give me all the shoots, give me all the shoots in the world... l want them all!!!!!! LOL..... just kidding... kind of ;-) There is just too much in the world that l want to do & sooooo little time!!!

l re-scheduled the 1st day of shooting my own Fetish Action Video Series 'Danger Beach' for Thursday April 26th. l had some problems booking the original 'Angels' to star in it along with me. However l think you`ll be more than happy with the new 'Angels' that l casted. l hope all goes ok.... l know that l will be hung-over & sleepy for the shoot- l wish not, but l will be. You see l am doing a Drunk Party Girl Video today (Wednesday April 25th). lt will last from 6pm -2am!!! l am not a night person, l am a morning person. Staying up that late is going to hurt! l am not a drinker either. l told the guy that that l am a 'light-weight' and will only drink beer & l will drink very slowly. l will drink a lot of water with it as well. l wish we could have scheduled this shoot earlier.... but everyone else in the shoot are night owls, so l lost that vote! :-(

The guy that's doing the video said l will be able to sell the video right here on my site as well at my conventions!!! So that`s good news!!! You will be the 1st to know & the 1st to get a copy of me, Tori Sinclair & Cleo Nicole getting drunk, acting silly, touching, frolicking, dancing around, who knows what will happen.... but it will be fun to do... and you know it will be fun to watch!!! :-)

There is new Newz about the re-opening of The World Famous Cathouse. lt will be open only every Sunday night, lt will be in Hollywood, l will be the cashier & web-master & it might open on June 3rd. For more details go to: - or call their info/hotline# (310) 281-8103

Here l am bouncing on my therapy ball typing this weeks Stacy`s Words, itching & red....a full body rash. l always get them, why? l don`t know. lt seems to come whenever l get a fever, get hot, under stress or if l am sick. l feel a little achy... well, ok... a lot achy. l look like a bumpy lobster.... it is soooo weird. The itching is un-bearable at times....ahhhhhhh!!!!! lt will be gone in a few days. At least it is not too obvious, l got some sun 2 days ago, so it looks just like l got a little too much sun.

l am working with Riki Rachtman ( Ex- MTV -vj, Host of WCW & the boxing show - Thunderbox ) on re-opening The World Famous Cathouse next month. The Cathouse was LA`s hottest rock club from the early 1990`s. He hired me as the web-master & cashier for the club. l can`t wait, this is going to be good!!! This club is going to Rock and l will be right in the middle of it!!! Since l am the web-master, that means that l will need to take many pix, and you know how l love to take pix!!!
Incase you don`t recall The Cathouse, log onto the New primal web-site @

Well, my 1st day of shooting 'Danger Beach' is on Monday April 23rd. l am soooo over-whelmed & stressed. This is new to me. l am used to being in front of the camera. Now, not only will l be in front of it, but l will be behind it as well. l will be directing, producing, writing the script, hiring the models, hiring the camera crew, hiring an editor, setting the time & locations....and more than everything....paying everyone out of my own pocket! lt will be worth it though. l have been wanting to do this for a long time. The 1st video will be the hardest. Once l do a few of them, it will all fall into place. l want them to be not good, but great! lt will be part Charlie`s Angels, part Baywatch & part VIP. l have sooooo much planned for it. l`m just a little stressed right now. l want it all to work out & I`m sure that it will.

Oh, l am sooo tired & sleepy. l need to go to bed. Sorry for all the eyes are barely open. (Yawn) Good-Night Everyone :-0



Thank you to all that joined me this week in my Stacy`s Chat & in my Live Video Chat Hotel. We have fun in there don`t we? The 'Flirt 4 Free' room`s text moves a little faster. That room gets more traffic, so more people are talking. The perk to that room is you get to see a little window of me in my Private Show, but not the private text...the public text still goes on. l always bring toys like Rope, Rubber hand-cuffs, Cleave-gags, Ball-Gags, Mini Me (my bondage barbie), Blindfolds Whips & my purple dildo! l am always available for private 1 on 1 private sessions while l am there. I will be doing LIVE chats about once a week, so please don`t be shy... come on by! ;-)

l am exhausted! l have been doing a few shoots, but mostly l have be doing more Social Stuff. l have been doing more Events like Parties, Gallery Openings, Conventions, Concerts, Interviews, T.V. Segments, Radi o Segments & Sporting Events. They are fun, they get me exposure and gets me Out & About. They don `t pay, my pocket book is showing this (l guess l gotta tighten my spending a bit)- but hopefully it will pay off eventually. l used to just do a shoot then escape back into my home & not come out until the next shoot. That works, but if l want to do more stuff & expand my career, l need to be seen. l got to learn how to do that L.A. smoozing thing. l am so bad at it! l always say the wrong thing, or get taken wrongly. l put my foot in my mouth a lot (and not in the good way ;-) l am also a klutz! l spill things, bump into people, slip, stumble or fall. l never recognize the Stars. l always turn down the 'after-parties, they are way too late for me & l don`t want to miss or be sleepy for my shoot the next day.

l am not much the 'party-girl'.... well not the way most L.A. party-girls are. l like to sleep & wake up early. l hate hang-overs, l do not drink a lot & l hate 'smoozing'. l just like to 'hang out' , check out the sights, meet some people, have 1 or 2 cocktails and go home alone at a reasonable hour. l am a little like 'a fish without water' at some of these events. l do like new experiences, so it is not so bad. lt is just funny to see the expression on some of these well-known faces when l decline their invitation.

l got an Easter Card from my grandma today!!! l sent her one yesterday. She is soooooooo sweet! You should see her card, it is the sweetest card ever!!!! l love her soooo much. l must call her today! She will turn 81 years old this August and she is still young as a 8 year old girl in her heart! l love you Grandma!!!!!

Hi everyone! l want to give credit were credit is due. Last week`s photo(part 1) set was done by Phil Carson of . He is a really sweet guy who takes pretty good photos. l shot with him & Nero (who did the rope work in my sets) while l was in Texas for the Texas Latex Parties last month.

In my 'Friends' section last week, l had pictures of me & Devon Demoore. Devon straps me down in a straight jacket & tickles my feet......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The picture of the girl laying on the bed on the top right hand corner is Francisca Lee who was at the shoot. The Pho tos & Video was done by Slam Productions. l don`t know if Slam will release the video or not. l will let you know if he decides to.

l am shooting with Jim of Shortfuse today. l am bringing some of my new Latex outfits that l bought in Texas. We are splitting the shoot, which means l keep the pix of my choice for my site only. That means you will ONLY see these pictures HERE! :-) l have not worked with Jim in awhile. Between his busy schedule & mine, it is rare that we can get together. You know these pictures will be great!

l will be on the Web-Radio @ again between 9am-12pm PAC time Saturday April 14th. l love it over there, they are soooo sweet , funny, fun & supportive! l hope this will not be the last time that l`ll be there....l hope to make many visits!

As you can tell, l love doing Radio Shows, l have done many. Mainly with 97.1fm KLSX. The crew there is sooo nice & fun! l love doing stuff for them & going to their functions. Who knows......l might be doing more radio stuff later down the line, it is an interest of mine.

Well, l better go, l do not want to be late for my shoot....... although the punishment might be worth it! ;-)


Spring has Sprung!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!! Uhhh......l have major 'Cabin Fever'.....l need to get out into the fresh air & smell the flowers!!! However, my allergies is in FULL-FORCE!!! Oh well.....that`s the small price l have to pay, so be it! :-)

l know l posted this in my Current Events, but l have to tell ya, l am sooo excited about this. l added yet ANOTHER Live Video Chat Room to my site!!! l now have another Fetish Room! lt is found inside my Live Video Chat Hotel. l will be there once a week....sometimes more often! l now have 8 complete Live Video Chat Rooms, not inc luding the Special Appearance Rooms! They run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with many Live Beautiful women....including me! ;-)

l am back to my busy schedule. l just got done working with Harmony again.... l love those guys....they are always soo fun to work with. This weekend l will work with Jack Banner again. He always does nice rope work & has great taste in tight women clothing. Next week, l work with Jim of Shortfuse...yeah!!! He will shoot a lot of pix that you will ONLY see here on my site!!!! l can`t wait to see what he has in store fo me! ;-)

l was told by a dear friend & Fetish Photographer, that l will soon be on the cover of a major Fetish Magazine!!! He will not tell me any more than that. He is keeping me in suspense!!!! Waaaa....does he not know that 'Curiosity Killed The Kat!'

Thanks to all that came down to visit me at Cyber Babe Expo, whos name has gone back to their old name- ...l guess their was already a site/event called CyberBabeExpo. lt was a succes s! Miss Gloria Reyes & Jessica Jones showed up the 1st day (Friday March 16th...however they disappointed many fans by not showing up on Saturday March 17th (St. Patty`s Day), which was the busier day, since it wasn`t a work day. l meet a lot of nice people, cool models & sweet fans!!! l love conventions!!!! lt is sooo wonderful to see the faces behind t he intern et user names!

l meet Robert Bane of The Tamara Bane Gallery which displays great art like my favorite artist, Olivia. l am a fan of Pin-Up Art and she is the best! l have many of her signed work up in my house. My Dream is to be painted by Olivia.....Oh how l could die happy.....that would be such a dream come true!!!!! Robert Bane & l met, and he invited me to a Gallery Opening Exhibiting the Art of Sorayama who also does great work! He does Japanese Erotica with a fetish influen ce. l was told that if l attend and wear my best Fetish Attire that he may notice me & use me as his next model! l`m sooo nervous!!! That would be so surreal....pinch me!!

l took many pictures of the Event, so you will see them posted up here soon in my 'Out & About' section.

l just added new & improved Live Video Chat Rooms to my Site! l now have 7 complete separate Live Video Chat Rooms running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with many Fetish/Lingerie Babes, including me! ;-) In my Live Fetish Girls Chat- there is 2 rooms. ln my Video Chat Hotel (formally my Dungeon Chat) there are 4 rooms plus Special Appearance rooms. ln My Stacy`s Chat l have one room. That comes to 7 rooms plus the Special Appearance rooms!!! Oh yea...we are Rocking Now Baby!!!! ;-) l will soon be adding more rooms as well as Voyeur Cams & More Videos to watch! So stay tuned & don`t touch that dial!!!!! ;-)

Don`t forget l will be at The Cyber Babe Expo today & tomorrow (Saturday) @ The Downtown L.A. Marriott. For more information go to: .... come say 'Hi'! :-)

Emily Marilyn & I just got back from the (week-long) Texas Latex Party.... Boy, it was Fun!!! l spent way too much money. l bought at least two grand in Latex Outfits, Boots & Corsets!! Oiy, l gotta get back to work & HARD to pay for this little trip! l do love my new stuff though! l got a Electric Blue Sheer Katsuit, a purple 2-piece long gown, a bronze fish-tail gown, gloves, belt a green Mini Skirt & matching halter top....all latex & all from Whiplash Clothing! l took soooo many pix!! l will post the pix up in my 'Out & About' section soon.

l met some really great people!!! l did my 1st on-stage performance @ the Latex Ball. l did a Magic Show with Bondage & Flogging with Phil Carson, it was a Hit!!! They loved it just as much as l did doing it!!! l told Phil that l wanted to do it at all the Events!! l will post the pix of our performance here as gotta see was great!!! Phil & l also did a Photo Shoot with Nero while l was out there. Those pix will be posted up here as soon as l get them scanned. l also did a Fashion Show for Crush the House ( a corset company) & Whiplash ( a latex clothing company).
<> HAPPY ST. PATTY`S DAY, Everyone!!!! I posted last years St. Patty`s Day Pix up in my 'Flashback' Section.

Watch & Chat with me LIVE in my Stacy`s Chat &/or My Dungeon (now my Lusty Leg Room) Thursday March 22nd from 10am-3pm (PAC time).

lf there was a tidal wave in the middle of the USA, it would hit my house. l am soooo accident prone! Saturday night l went to a annual Birthday Bash of one of my friends. l wanted to see a bunch of people l have not seen in years. l saw my best friend that l have not seen since high school! l knew all the bands playing & wanted to take pictures for their web-sites that l created for them. They were playing my favorite music, Surf Tunes! l was having a blast!! I have never felt so good. The steroid cream the doc gave me cleared up my skin. l was taking a old wives remedy 'Colloidal Silver' which is kind of a cure-all. l was taking my vitamins, so my energy was up & l was around all my friends listening to great has never been better. .....Until the lights went out in Georgia....well actually in my HEAD!!

The band was throwing free t-shirts into the crowd. l was told that one of the t-shirts landed in a glass light fixture (but l was later told that someone threw a menu in the air), the light fixture fell & broke on my head. l thought some one threw a pitcher of beer on my head, `cause l felt the heavy glass break & water or beer flowing from my head. l looked up, grabbed my head & quickly realized that wasn`t water or beer....that was my blood!!! l was gushing like a fountain. l grabbed my purse & camera, went to get my friend Tim, who rode with me to the gig and a few people helped me outside. The Paramedics asked me a few questions to see if l was okay. l knew my name, the date & where l was. They bandaged me up & told me l had a deep gash on my head & l needed to be rushed to the ER. My 1st Ambulance ride. Everyone wanted to come out and look at the human bloody fountain. l got to the ER, waited my turn....yep, even with a bloody head wound you gotta wait your turn in the ER. Hey those sprained ankles looked like they hurt, of course they can go ahead of me.

My head would not stop must have hit a fat vein. They held my head together & gave me 3 staples in my head with out numbing me at a l a tou gh cookie or what? They gave me a tetanus shoot & took a few X-Rays. l guess everything was fine. They sent my friend Tim with me to stay & watch me over night, to make sure l would wake up, check for drowsiness, unfinished sentences, stuff like that. Nope....all was fine.

l took Sunday off, l was a little sore & l had a headache. l had 2 wrestling matches to do on Monday & Tuesday.....and l did them. l told them not to grab my hair, watch my head and no sudden moves. Eveything went fine...the matches were good.....but they did tire me out a little. l have to get the staples out on Friday. l hope that doesn`t hurt too much.

l am in Texas for The Texas Latex Convention. l will be back on the 12th. l will not see my e-mail until then, just incase you are wondering why l have not answered your e-mail. l will read my e-mail when l get back, but please be patient. l have a shoot with Harmony on the 13th & another shoot on the 14th. oxox,Stacy


I am soooo over this rain! We have been having heavy rains out here for almost 2 weeks straight. It is sooo scary driving on the freeways. People drive too fast!! I even see Big Rig Trucks that are tailgating & going way too fast, not only on a rainy day, but for any day, even a dry sunny one! Don`t they know that it takes longer for them to brake, that is if their brakes even work!? I got in some really scary situations...where I even canceled a few shoots, just because I was afraid to go back out there. Safety 1st - work second... I wish more drivers would be less selfish and start thinking about what kind of damage they can do to themselv es & others!

My mail is always soggy as well as my outgoing mail! I am getting a little gloomy and my skin and lungs are dry & irritated from the heater and closed windows. Only one good thing comes from car has never been cleaner! :-) I guess we do need the rain, it does clean out the air....and it is nice to cuddle with my kitty kats and watch TV or read a magazine. Okay...maybe there is more than just one good thing about the rain. But, please Miss Weather Girl....No More Rain!!!!

I am booked solid this week. I am shooting with Special Interests (wrestling & Boxing) Monday & Tuesday. Then I leave Wednesday for Texas. I will be attending The Texas Latex Convention from March 8th - 12th. It will be filled with Parties, Luncheons, Workshops, Performances ( I am doing my 1st on-stage performance), & of course ...Shopping!!! I am taking my new digital camera with me, so all of you will get to see all the fun!

Well, I got a dermatologist appointment Friday (Today), to find out what is going on with my skin. Hopefully I will find out why I have eczema on my eyelids, forehead, neck (it looks like a hickey!), bald spots & heat rashes all over my body! I know that all sounds is not that noticeable, but it has been bugging me for about 6 it is time to get it checked out. I wish I could get Health Insurance, but no one will cover me. I have a ton of pre-existing conditions, so I guess I am too much a 'Risk'. I`m paying all these doctor bills myself...l guess that is another reason why I only go 3 times a year...if that. It gets to be expensive! Especially when I have to get the Polyps taking off my vocal cords. You see, I just found out that most all polyps become cancer...scary huh? So, I will have to remove them someday. B.T.W. I have polyps on my vocal cords from my Anti-Reflux Disease...... I am a mess huh? 10 years ago, I never got sick... I was once immortal....oh those were the days....(sigh)

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