Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to Lucille Ball, I love Lucy!!

Happy 100th Birthday to my Favorite Star EVER Lucille Ball! My Dream was to become Lucy in I love Lucy, she had the Perfect Friends, The Perfect Husband, The Perfect Hair Color and The Perfect Life! If ever I could jump into a TV Show and make it my Life, It would be I Love Lucy!
2nd Place TV Show, might be Gidget!
Lucille Ball Owned her own Studio, was the First to have a Pregnant woman on TV and have an Episode about it. Lucille Ball was the 1st to bring inter-racial Marriage to TV. Lucille Ball was the 1st Cougar, she was older than Desi, her Husband. Desi invented the 4 cameras on Set. Desi & Lucy used Film to tape their TV show. I read many books about her. She was a True inspiration & pioneer to me, I love Lucy!!

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