Monday, February 27, 2012

Childhood Memories: Selling my Art on the Streets of Hollywood at 8 years old!

I remember as a Little girl when my Mom lived on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood behind the Magic Castle - I would sell things - I would make a sign, post it on the street. Some days it would be Weeds/Flowers that I picked. Sometimes it would be a Random Yard Sale, selling my Old Toys. Sometimes it would be my Art, My Paintings I would Draw or Paint. Sometimes I would put on a Show.
One Day this guy drove up, bought one of my paintings and Demanded I sign my Name to it. I did not have a pen, so I brought him into the house so I can Sign it. My Mom was freaked out seeing her little Girl (I think I was 8 or 9 years old) bring in a Male stranger into her home.....however he turned out okay. He just wanted me to sign the painting he Bought from me. He said to me & my Mom, 'I want a signature on her painting I am buying, hec, you never know, She might be famous someday'. I signed it with a great BIG Smile on my Face. My Mom was just relieved he was not dangerous.

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