Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mystery Meat BBQ Sunday & Rack em up!!

Busy  for me this week - working my normal Full time 5 day a week Shifts at work - then - tons of household Chores when I get home - then watching 'Movies on the Beach' Mondays & Tuesdays - Booked a few Photo Shoots after work 2 days this week - then Saturday, me & my Brother gonna go help my Family organize their Garage - Oh, then I gotta defrost Freezer for Mystery Meat BBQ this Sunday!!! Oh yes....I am going to defrost my Freezer that is Packed with 'who knows what' - the Boys are going to grill it up on our Roof and we are going to have a Massive Feast - we call it 'Mystery Meat BBQ Sunday! 
Yea, I love Movies on the Beach - Grease was a good one last night (Different Movie every Night) - everyone sung along- Tonight it is ET - was all excited to go - but Roy 4got that he had Concert Tickets with Evil Vic tonight for the band 'Hell YEah' - I could still go to Movies on the beach tonight - but there is a ton of stuff I gotta do - working double shifts in the next few days.
 Missing ET as movie on the beach tonight, but getting tons of work done on my webmaster jobs while watching a beautiful pink sunset outside my office balcony window!

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