Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still Swatting those Vultures: Protecting my Grandparent`s Wishes

To catch up on the Back story of my Grandmother - read here: http://romantictorture.blogspot.com/search?q=grandma

As you may know my Grandmother who raised me since 2 years old along with with my Grandfather (he died 20 years ago), Died earlier this year. If you read my past blogs you know that a couple family members (mainly my Evil Aunt C & my Dad) are making waves, causing trouble, claiming they want more of the estate.
 My Good Aunt and Uncle took care of my Grandmother ever since Grandpa Died. They would take her shopping, fix things for her, do chores for her, help her keep up her house, take her to the doctors, host holiday & family gathers, etc......and when it was time, find a good active, attentive assistant living community......then eventually handling the funeral arrangements.
 My Grandmother & Grandfather created a will together. They were more than far. They divided their estate 4 ways = 1/3 going to their 1st Daughter (my Good Aunt), 1/3 going to their youngest Daughter (My Evil Aunt), 1/6 going to my Dad and 1/6 going to me. Me and my dad split the last 3rd. The reason my Grandparents did this is because They raised me since I was 2 years old with NO help from my Dad, their Son. He did not pay a dime, nor he care for me in any other way, other than treat me as like any other random child in the world. My mother & my grandmother (on my Mom`s side) took me every other weekend and I would spend summers with them. They would shower me in gifts and bought me anything that I needed. My Mom saved up to buy me braces and when the money got stolen, she saved it up all over again so I can get braces. They took me to all my doctors appointments, took me to Theme parks, events, anywhere l wanted to go. My Dad never gave my Mom any support and my Mom never bothered going after any support from him.
 My Mom was not able to take me full time, but she made it up to me when we got together.  My grandparents were good parents and it was good to have a Mom & Dad figure in my life. It was for the best.
 My grandparents were the Best parents anyone could ask for. Even though they were strict, it didn`t bother me at all. I knew they loved me and they were protecting me. I was not allowed out, unless it was for school, rarely allowed to have friends over or visa versa, but I didn`t need nor want to.  We would go Camping all the time, they would take me to all of my school events, they would let me dress the way I wanted, let me decorate my room the way I wanted, all was good.
 I never expected anything from them, I had nothing to do with their decision, but I knew they felt an obligation to make sure I was alright. It makes sense why they split their estate the way they did, however My Dad and my Evil Aunt are furious and hired every Lawyer to protest it.
 I feel so sorry for my Good Aunt & Uncle having to go through this. They were my Grandmothers Guardian since Grandpa died and took a lot of responsibility, including handling the estate and making sure everything was handled correctly and according to my Grandparents wishes. 
 I don`t know how this is going to all Play out. My grandparents did put a clause in that said that if anyone protest, they shall forfeit their share of the estate. I am sure my Evil Aunt and my Dad have no merit and this will all be a hassle and waste of time.....but unfortunately it will also be a waste of Money, my Grandparents money, as I am sure will be the funds to pay these Lawyers. Truly Very Sad. More to this developing saga to come, as everyday brings another twist.

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