Friday, September 13, 2013

Bros b4 Hos even if you don`t think so

There is a reason l never made it as an actress - l suck at pretending - if you suck l will TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE - No apologies!! But.....on the sunny side - if l love you - I WILL TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE and l will have your back, even when you don`t think l do, even when you say you hate me `cause you don`t understand and see what l see.
 This has to do with one of my friends who always has a POD with him (POD = Pussy of the Day). Which is fine......but when that POD Disrespects me or my friends I will call them out..........which is what happened this night......... my Friend who brought the POD did not appreciate that I called her out and yelled at me in front of everyone.....I let him yell at me and when he was done, I smiled at him and told him that I still love him.  

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