Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Life as The Krazy Kat Saving Lady...oh and Birds, Men, etc....

Back in the 1990`s I was into rescuing Stray Cats & Kittens. I would not go after them. I would either find them, they would be born or live under my Mobile Home or they would 'Mysteriously' be found on my doorstep. I think the neighbors knew I rescued Cats and once in a while I would awake to a box of kittens on my doorstep.
I would keep them until they were old enough to be Spayed or Neutered and get all their shots. I would then place them in a Non-kill shelter or adoption center.
I only allowed myself to only keep 3 cats as my own.....however I would have many at times due to they needed a place to stay and be cared for while they were getting spayed, neutered, shots, etc. I couldn't`t allow them to go outside because the property manager of my mobile home park was a cat hater and would set traps up, then kill them. It was a 'War Zone' for those poor kitties.
During this I kept 3 cats, Johnny, Bear & Kaiko. Kaiko & Bear was born in 1998. Bear, I kept because when she was born, the mother left her for dead. She was left life-less behind after birth. I took the little Kitty and saw that the Pouch/Embryo Bag was stuck to her nose and she wasn`t breathing. I wiped the 'bag' off her nose and blew into her mouth & nose. She all of a sudden started to breath and then I gently placed her back with her mom. Her Mom did not reject her, she took her mom`s nipple and started to feed, all was good.
When the kittens got big enough, I spayed/Neutered them, gave them shots & took them to the Non-kill Shelters/Adoption Centers.
The Only kitten that had a hard time finding a home was Bear, the name I given the Kitten I saved from Birth because of her Tortoise Shell type Fur, she looked like a Bear Cub. Bear grew up fearful of humans, still to this day it is a Chore to touch her. I decided to keep Bear because I knew I would be the only one that would accept her for her being her and allow her to live the way she wanted. She is happy just being with & getting the attention of the other cats.
Another kitten I kept during those years was Kaiko. Kaiko was born 1998. Kaiko was Black and White Female. She was very Pretty and a little dumb, but cute. She was a lot like Odie from Odie & Garfield Comic Strips. Kaiko was very determined, you can never tell kaiko 'No', she will do whatever Kaiko wants to do.
Kaiko was very Vocal. She loved getting pets & love, but hated to be picked up. She did not like being out of control & giving her control to someone else. Kaiko was very odd, but I liked that about her.
Johnny Cat is another Cat I kept. He was Born 1991. He was my Baby Boy. He was more human than any other cat I met. He would Play 'Fetch'. He would sit on my lap like a toddler. He would reach up and hug me with his paws. He loved playing Hide & go Seek with me. He would think he hid very well, but he did not realize that his tail would hang out beneath the curtains or couch. His tail would wag constantly. I would joke & try to hold his tail, but he was so strong that his tail would somehow wag anyway.
When I was very Sick, and I mean I was super Sick (hope to write a blog on that someday), Johnny Cat would always be by my side. Johnny Cat was really my best friend. He was so smart & funny. Johnny was always a sick Cat, he was born sick. I saved his life many times. Doctors were amazed that he came back to life as many times as he did. One doctor called him a Miracle could not explain why Johnny got better.
Once Johnny was in the Hospital on an IV he would not eat. The Doctor told me that she didn`t know what to do, that she could not send him home until he ate something. I went into his cage in the hospital, I looked at Johnny, he looked at me and Meowed. I told him in my Stern Mommy`s Voice, 'If you want to come home, you better eat something, once you eat & poop, the doctor will let you come home!' Johnny looked at me, then walked over to his food and ate the whole bowl of food! The doctor stood there with mouth open amazed!! She said, 'I can`t believe what I just saw, but he is free to go home' . Johnny lived for 5 more years after that. Johnny lived for 16 years total, He was not old. Cats can live for over 20 years, but I am happy for the 16 years I got with Johnny. However I was a mess after his death, I really missed Johnny, He was my Baby Boy! It was Nov. 2nd 2008, Johnny was dying on the Balcony in Convulsions, he would not let go, I knew he was in Pain, He knew we had an agreement that 'he not die until he reached 20 years old'.....but I saw how much pain he was in. I looked at him, held him and told him 'it was okay if he left, I understood', I said 'goodbye Baby Boy, Mommy Loves you'. Once I said that, he took one last gasp & he was gone. I held that little boy & wept soooo hard!!! I still have his ashes on the mantle. He is my Angel!
I really wanted another Baby Boy. A black and White Kitty like Johnny. I search High & low for a month, but no cat was up to my expectations. I was home Crying one night (Dec. 2nd 2008), I got a Photo Text from a friend of Mine (Texted Photo Pictured up top above). It was a photo of a Baby Black and white kitty in a cage. The Text said there is a Boy Black & white kitty for adoption in my vets office. I grabbed my keys & flew out the door. I saw Frankie (I named him Frankie because, one of my Favorite Elvis songs was 'Frankie & Johnny'). I grabbed him, they gave him Flea meds that made him super farty, I paid them my adoption fee and I took him home.
Frankie is sooo much like Johnny it is scary. I love this little Boy so much. He is a Cuddler, Nossiler, Licker, Loving Baby Boy.
I will go onto the Fred the Bird Story Soon that I recued....that is For another Time.
We lost Kaiko on Jan. 27th 2011. It was really tough for us. Roy, my Husband since March 2009, really took it hard. Roy has not had a pet in a really long time, so it has been awhile since he had to deal with the loss of a pet. Kaiko was 'Daddy`s Girl'. Kaiko would give Roy 'High Fives' as seen on YouTube. All our friends loved Kaiko and Kaiko Loved all the attention when people would come over. Frankie only wants Mommy & Daddy, but Kaiko was very social!
Kaiko was Only 13 years old, but she had some health problems. Most of my cats are special Needs cats, mainly respiratory problems. We had to finally take Kaiko to the Vet to put her Down. We really wanted her to die in the comfort of her own home around her family, but Kaiko was just to strong willed, even to the end, not to let go, even though she was to sick to save.
It is very hard to say good bye to a loved one, animal, human or whatever. Sometimes you feel guilt thinking maybe there was a way to save them, but in the end, we all do what we can. The best thing is to make Life as great & loving as we can while we are here & have life to give!!
oxoxo, Stacy
Video of our Kaiko Kitty, giving daddy 'High 5`s' R.I.P our 13yr old Baby Girl!

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