Saturday, December 3, 2011

Learning not to Lash Out when I am Hurt

I really wish I could Learn NOT to let what others Say to me affect me so much or at least act like it doesn`t affect me - but l am not that great of an actress or tough skinned - l tend to get hurt and l lash out - this is a trait of mine I really do not like and in the process of attempting to change. Wish me luck on my success in this!

l guess l am just to sensitive....l know l should not care what others think or say.......what l really need to work on is my Lashing out on doesn`t make things better when l do that......l need to squash the teenage tantrum drama....especially in public...besides, it is tough on the skin.....l look like hell after a night of drama......l need to stop if for nothing else but vanity.....LOL!!

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