Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Night I had Sex with Dwight Schrute

I had the most weirdest and yet real dream last night. I was with a group of people in a parking lot. I think we were on a Bus and it broke down or something. I was sitting on the Parking Bump/Stopper in the Parking Lot with the group standing above me - a guy was sitting next to me - I grabbed his hand - when I grabbed his hand he was shocked but pleasantly surprised. In the dream I knew all along who it was - however, this was the part of the dream where it was revealed that the focus of my attraction & whose hand I grabbed was Dwight Schrute (a character in which Rainn Wilson plays in the NBC TV sitcom The Office)!
As I was flirting & making a Shy & Sly Move on Dwight, I looked up at the building next to us. The window was open upstairs and I could see a party going on. I saw a Gothic/Andy Warhol/Rocky Horror/Marilyn Mansion/Transgender Party - full of Men & Older Women Dressed in Fabulous Drag - I ran up to join in - I opened the door and went in. There was a 5 layer tiered cake and each layer was made-up faces with blush, eyeshadow, puckered lips and fluttery eyelashes - the party was not as full as it seemed, in fact I thing they were trying to make the party bigger than it actually was. However it was filled with interesting characters, Drag, Rocky Horror, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Mansion form. As I stood in this room intrigued, Dwight must have closely followed me into the party and was standing at the door. At 1st Dwight was just looking for me, then hesitant, but then interested to come in with me and explore this adventure!
Once we were in the party we were having a great time. In Fact it gets a bit fuzzy here but I was bragging how Great Dwight`s body was. I insisted we all take off Dwight`s shirt. So we all tickle and lift his shirt up to reveal his toned 6 pack abs! At this point I got worried that if all saw his fantastic body, someone else would want him, he might want them and I would be out - so I demanded we put his shirt back down to Dwight`s relief!
After that I do not know if I could tell you the rest. Lets just say it was the most intense sexist Sex I have ever had in a dream and let me tell you, I have had very intense sex Dreams. I don`t know if I could ever watch another episode of The Office the same way again!!

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