Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saying Good-Bye to my Grandmother

Monday April 2nd, a couple of my Girlfriends gave me a ride to visit my Grandmother at her Assistant Living Home. Grandma stopped eating that Friday before and the Doctors put her on Morphine to ease the pain of her body shutting Down. I wanted to go and see her for the last time. When I walked in my Aunt and Uncle were there. My Aunt was crying and told me that my Grandmother was waiting for me. When I approached my grandmother, she reached out and her eyes were half open with a glassy look. I held her hand, told her I love her, that she was my Best Friend, she will always be my best friend, I told her thank you for everything she ever done for me and that it is okay if she goes, it is time. I sat with her for about 3 hours, talking to her about the memories we shared of her raising me, walking me to school, going camping, how much I enjoyed making her Easter Baskets & Christmas Stocking every year, how I enjoyed our Cheeseburger & Beer on Tuesdays, how much I know she loves Peeps and the Cologne Tabu. I then leaned over after the hours sitting with her and whispered in her ear 'it`s okay Grandma, everything is going to be okay'. As soon as I said that, she closed her eyes tight, let out a big sigh, her breathing slowed down and shallow and went off to a deep sleep. I wrapped her Rosary Beads around her hand, gave her a kiss on the cheek and left.
Grandma passed away in her sleep @ 7am Wednesday April 4th - she is at peace now in my Grandpa`s Arms - l hope they are dancing - they loved to dance. l actually feel relieved that she is not in pain anymore, went the way she wanted, I got to say my peace & now she`s dancing in heaven w/Grandpa. It will not be a Funeral, it will be a Celebration of her life and the wonderful memories she gave all of us!!

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On a Side Note, below is My Horoscope yesterday - how fitting - not only for the loss of my Grandmother - But I have been a bit Restless lately - feeling I need a little change of direction in life, New Adventure.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - You can sense that change is in the air when Mercury the Messenger turns direct, especially since this is your ruling planet. You may even feel a bit like Mary Poppins who arrived on a change in the wind and then flew off when it shifted direction once again. However, your current situation is quite different if you can accept that the integration cycle of the past few weeks is coming to an end. Embrace the unknown; it's time to create new experiences.

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