Monday, March 5, 2012

Beware of People that think People are Born to be Bad

People that say they have no faith in people should tell you not to have faith in them. People that say No one can be trusted reflects more about them - it should warn you more about them then believing their warnings of others. Beware of people who think people are Born to be Bad.

I know I am Trustworthy - I know I have no secret agenda - I know I am Honest - I know I am Good - so therefore I would assume I am not the Only one in the World like that - I would assume that there are others Like me.

Someone who knows they cannot be trusted - someone who has a secret agenda - someone who is not honest - They know they can be bad- would assume all are like them - they would have a hard time believing that someone could be that different then them.

I always have a debate with someone I know, who is convinced that All people are born bad and it takes work to be good. I see it opposite - I think All are born Good, but with Genetics, life experiences, chemicals, etc creates people act bad - I also think it is a lot easier to be good then bad - being bad, you have to always cover your tracks - it seems exhausting to me.

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