Thursday, March 1, 2012

Evil Vulture Swoops Again!

Latest Evil Vulture Aunt News: Admits to Taking Grandmother`s Prayer Box from her Room, but claims that Grandmother told her to take it. I was there Saturday, Grandmother was in No Frame of mind to say such a thing --and Us who were around her know this -and besides, Grandma Needs her prayer box more in her room than us who are healthy!! Grandma tells me to take things sometimes when she is well, But I am Not Greedy & I am wise enough NOT to Take Things From Grandma. - Everyone who Visits Grandma BRINGS things to Her - Only my Evil Vulture Aunt TAKES things from my Grandmother`s Room!

Evil Vulture Aunt also says the Reason 'Her' Kids & Grand Kids do not visit grandma is because 'they' have to work! Hello??? We have to work as well. Hec, my Cousin fly`s in from Texas!!

-Lost? Read more about what I am talking about here:

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