Thursday, February 17, 2011

a Friendly Discussion about The Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

a Friendly Discussion about:
Friend: Ok that Egypt is happy??? Any one want to post anything about that news reporter that was raped... Any one??? What about her voice?!?!
Me: Yes, very sad indeed and not excusable....however -we should not ignore the girls raped all the time at 'Frat Parties' Gang Parties, Date Rape, Spring Break, etc......Rape is never has nothing to do with the Good People of Egypt, Religion, etc.....there are Bad Peeps everywhere in the world -even at Spring Breaks & frat parties here in America !!

Friend: I wouldn't say all of those people are good considering what happened and this has everything to do with them..and it has been since the beginning of far as their protesting. Its the MOB mentality that takes over and... then overshadows what those people were protesting for..whether one agrees which side is right or wrong. Its what most of those people think about women in general, the westerners. Weeks before it was all over the news for westerners to leave the country. Why beacuase they love us and are worried about our well being. All I'm saying is if WE had a revolution in Boston today..would this happen to a Middle eastern reporter..televising for Al-Jazeera..I think not

Me: I also wish I could agree with you and be so sure that if we had a Revolution that this would not happen to a reporter from another country. However, America is not without Guilt. There are so many cases of People born & raised on American soil that Killed, Raped, Hurt, Destroyed, etc in the Name of their Religion, Morals, Beliefs & Politics. I have seen the Mob mentality here as well....Very Sad.
And don`t get me started on Religion. I believe All Religious Books belong in the Fiction Section of the Book Store - BUT - on the Same Token, I would NEVER Ridicule & take away someone`s Right to their Beliefs. You are right, Religion has been around from the beginning & I see no end -so sad that we still fight, Kill, Hurt, Destroy, go to War, etc over Religion (Theories).
I`ll let it go at that. I don`t wanna keep harping on this. I love all my peeps -even if we disagree..... It is like that saying.... Opinions are Like Assholes, Everyone has one! LOL!

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