Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes, it is a Fact I went to Bed with Tom Cruise & a Few Other Lingerie Clad Women -and got paid for it!

My Diary from 12/11/98
I just did a photo shoot with Tom Cruise! It`s for the new movie he`s going to make called,"Magnolia". Look for me! I`ll be the blonde having the BAD HAIR DAY (looks like straw!). There was one picture with me, Tom Cruise, and 5 other girls in lingerie in bed! The other picture is us girls in sexy business skirts and blouses at our computers and cell phones and Tom in the middle. I have no idea what the movie is about or when it will be out. They haven`t even started yet, I think. They were all "hush, hush" about everything. So I guess we will all find out together! I`ll talk to you next week! Take care! oxox,Stacy

My Diary from 01/20/2000
l want to go see that movie, Magnolia. A long time ago, l wrote in my Stacy`s Words that l did a photo shoot in my lingerie, in bed with Tom Cruise, for a movie called Magnolia, but l wasn`t sure if that was the correct name of the movie. lt was a strange shoot. lt was a still shoot only, no film. l was on a satin sheet bed, wearing my pink teddy hanging on Tom Cruise`s right arm with 5 other lingerie clad females around him. Then we did a scene in an office with cellphones and laptops wearing 'Melrose Place' type business suits, looking adoringly at Mr. Cruise. Tom Cruise is a really sweet, kind, fun and a friendly guy. Plus, l got to say this, since l had my hands all over his body, he has a tight, strong and muscular body! Especially his butt, it is so tight and small! l am so jealous! l have no idea what those pictures were for. My guess is, they were used for props in the movie, but l need to see the movie to find out. However, l know myself to well. l`ll never go see the movie. l`ll wait `till it comes out on video, then l might see it. lf not, l`ll wait `till it comes out on cable, then l`ll see it. Well, that`s my brush with greatness story, l can actually and honestly say l went to bed with Tom Cruise!

Side Note from 2day 02/03/2011: If you watch the Movie you see me Real Quick. An Actor is looking at a 900 number ad in a Magazine & all you see real briefly & quickly is a shot of me hanging on Tom Cruise Arm. I should write about that day some day soon. I remember it like it was yesterday. Tom was really cool. He was laughing at my jokes. There was one girl/model who was so nervous that her arm pits kept sweating all over the satin sheets and making smelly wet marks that I tried to avoid with my knee.
One Model embarrassed me so much by saying to Tom Cruise 'do you feel as stupid as we feel?' Tom looked at her and said 'No, I have been doing this a lot longer, so I`m okay with it'.
Hell, I was okay with it to, it was one of the coolest Modeling Jobs that I have had the pleasure of being a part of!

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  1. That is a little surreal :-) Funny how wet, stinky armpit puddles are so easily remembered.