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1/05/01 - 2/23/01 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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Well, l am back to my busy schedule again! l am booked SOLID until l leave for Texas to attend The Texas Latex Convention. Yep, busy, busy, busy.....ahhh it feels great to be back in the saddle again! l am doing many shoots with Anton Productions, Skye Blue, Special Interests & Troma all this month & next month as well.

l probably will not start filming Danger Beach, until next month, when the weather is a little warmer. If anyone knows of a band that would like some free exposure, have them contact me. l need music to use in the background of Danger Beach. In return, l will promote their band in the video, give them written credits, give them a free copy of the video with their music on it to use anyway they wish (maybe to be used as their 1st music video), and a link prompting their band on ! How does that sound...pretty cool huh? This way it is a 'Win-Win' situation. l get new cool background music that enhances the scenes & the band gets great exposure. Wouldn`t it be cool if l discover the next Beatles, David Bowie, Sex Pistols or Britney Spears?

l will be at 'The Texas Latex Convention' in Texas from March 8th- 12th. So if you are in the Neighborhood, come by and say 'Hi'! :-)

I will also be at The Cyber Babe Expo @ The Downtown LA Mariott from March 16th & 17th. For more information &/or to vote 4 me as your favorite 'Cyber Babe' go to:

I am still shopping around for a new computer. l need my next one to be able to do all the things that l have grown accustom to. l also need to learn more about owning web-cams & what best connection to get, etc, etc. l cannot wait until l have my very own web-cam set up in my will be sooooo much fun!!! Hope all is well with you guys....Spring is just around the corner....Yeah!!!!!! :-) oxox,Stacy


l just received my 1st purchase that l made on E-Bay today! l have been looking for a 'Hand Chair' that l always loved ever since l saw one at my Late Talent Agent, Hal`s Studio. l loved it sooo much l did a shoot in it, called 'The Red Hand Chair'. You may remember the shoot, the pix came out a little too dark, l was tied up in the chair. lt is like this big giant hand coming out of the floor and you sit in the palm of it. lt is sooo 1960`s, soooo groovy, sooo campy, soooo cheesy , soooo tacky & sooooo me!!!!! l picked the color of Electric Blue, it goes great in my house! l can`t wait to do another shoot in it!!!!!

Thank you to all that wrote me scripts and ideas, l will get to them all this week. l always let my e-mail pile up, then answer all of them in one long day.....l don`t know why, but l like to do that. l guess it is a way to control my time. lf l answer e-mails everyday, l will stay on my computer all day and never get any work done. So l put myself on a 'Computer Diet' l may surf the net and do some stuff for no more than 2-3 hours a day, save all e-mails, and spend the whole day once a week max, to answer all e-mail. This might change as soon as l get a new computer with DSL. You see, l still have dial up connection, my computer is 4 years old and it runs REALLY slow. It takes me all day to do a few simple things. l am going to get a new computer & DSL so l can do all that in half the time and l want to do this BEFORE this computer crashes, that will save a lot of headache. l am thinking about getting a New Mac. l need a SIMPLE computer as well as a computer that l can do many graphics, build web-sites, edit my new video series Danger Beach, add web-cam and other video functions to my web-site. Yes, you heard right, l want to add a web-cam to this site (, so you can see me live from my home....sounds fun huh? l can`t wait!!! lt will be awhile though, l still need to buy the computer, wait until it is shipped to me, have someone hook it up, l will have to learn how to use my new computer, transfer my old functions from my old computer to my new one, then set up the web-cam, learn how to use it, and then iron out the 'bugs' & tech problems......but l am on my way!!! This way you guys can see me doing my everyday activities, exercising, you will see me right after a shower or right out of bed, you will be a part of my parties & gatherings and you will get to see photo shoots going on....behind the scenes....literally :-)

l created a Yahoo Club for my friends & fellow models, Miss Gloria Reyes & Jessica Jones. It is free to join, check it out at: Hope Everyone had a Groovy Valentine`s Day!!! oxox,Stacy

Everyone, l need help! l am new at writing scripts. l need to start filming my New Fetish Action Series- Danger Beach -ASAP! I know what the 1st video will be....but l know l will have 'Writers Block' until l get the hang of it all. lt will be like a T.V. Show, with opening credits, theme music, cast members, even our own commercial breaks. l will play myself, Stacy Burke a Fetish Model & Actress living at the beach and getting into all kinds of trouble. That way you can see behind the scenes of a photo/video shoot. l will have guest appearances by other models, actresses, music personalities , etc, etc. lt will be a spoof on VIP & Baywatch, but more Campy, More 'Damsels i n Distress', 'In-Peril', katfighting, bondage, cholorform, cool outfits, pantyhose, spandex, showing me 'partying', at conventions, special effects....oooo the sky is the limit!

If you are in a band or know of a band and want exposure....send me a CD of your work....l might use it for bac kground on Danger Beach. l will give you full credit, advertise your band, your band`s web-site, hotline or whatever you wish for use of your music. lf you have any ideas for a script, send them to me (preferably via snail mail) and l may use it and give you writing credit, if you wish. l want this to be good and have all of you a part of it along the way!

l have sooo much energy now, l was really feeling run down....but now l am feeling better and back to exercising daily. However l found a bald spot on my head and have been getting fainting spells again. l used to get bald spots & fainting spells years ago when l was extremely anemic. I must be low on some other l am taking everything now. l also read that Pepsin causes bald spots....and l take Betaine Hydrochloride (which has Pepsin) for my digestive system & Anti-Reflux l cure one thing and create another....oh well. lf it gets too bad, l`ll stop taking the Pepsin.

l want to say to my 1st member and e-mail buddy: 'Telstar- where have you been...are you okay hun...l`m worried. Contact me so l know that you are okay Sweetie. '

l will soon be at the Cyber Babe Expo in March. You can vote for your favorite Cyber Babe at:

Happy Valentine`s Day to all of my Valentines out there.....and yes, that means you Hunny!!! :-) oxox,Stacy

Hello and welcome to Stacy`s Health Corner. Yes, l should change the title of this section from 'Stacy`s Words to Stacy`s Health Corner. lt seems that l always talk about my health problems here. l don`t mean to, it just seems to be what is going on with me. l used to never get sick...always healthy. l guess after awhile what you eat and do, really does catch up to you.

What is the latest news? l have Eczema on my eyelids! l have had this for 6 months now....l thought it was a reaction to a cream l was using.....but is eczema! l have studied a few of my medical books to find a treatment. lt seems th at l am lacking Zinc, Vitamin C, Omega-3(fish oil) and l need Evening Primrose & Betaine Hydrochloride (for my digestive system...which has always been bad, and it can cause eczema). lt has been hell going through this on my eyelids! They are dry, peeling, cracking, burning and at times develop blisters! l cannot use cream on burns BAD and they get red, inflamed and blister up. The only thing that works is Vaseline or straight Vitamin E. Wearing make-up only makes it worse and makes my eyes wrinkly. l wake up with my eyes swollen up like a pro-boxer after losing a match! l can feel the fluid inside them. lt hurts like my sinuses leaked into my eyes lids! Lovely visual huh? l just started taking these vitamins & herbs this week, so l hope it works.

l am doing a Radio interview LIVE with the '100 proof Boone Brothers' this Saturday Feb.3rd from 10pm-11pm PAC time. lt can be heard through the internet as we ll. For more information go to:

l am i n a New Coffee Table Book called 'Baldazzini & Saudelli`s Bizarreries' . lt has me in a Black Garter & Stocking Strip Tease Photo set that l once had up here. l cannot believe how 'chunky' l was 2 years ago...WOW! You can find the book by going to: .l will soon be on the Cover of 'The Third Book of Saudelli' dressed as The Blonde. lt is such an honor to work with such a great artist as well as such a sweet person as Saudelli! oxox,Stacy


Whoow....what a hectic week! l am FINALLY feeling better....yeah...l finally feel like a 'normal' person....tee hee ;-) l just got home from a meeting with my new Manager/Agent, over at: . l was having a hard time finding a new Agent/Manager since my Agent, Hal Guthu of CHN -The Best Agent anyone could EVER have! l looked and looked, but l only found agents that only did Mainstream work or Porno work.....and l am in-between....l could find no one that handled 'Fetish'. l was a Lost Littl e Lamb in a land of Wolves! Then l found this Agency......they handle everything.....exactly what l was looking for!

lf anyone wants a custom video, it is best to contact Anton Productions for all Fetishes, Double Trouble for Wrestling or Kat-fighting, and you can still e-mail me at: for other customs. But if you are a photographer and you would like to book me for a photo shoot, then you should contact: and/or you can E-mail my 'Bookings Only' address at:

l still have my small agency at: , but it was too over-whelming to conquer. l do not have enough time to dedicate to it....l am t oo busy with my Modeling, Acting and New Projects like my New Fetish Action Video Series- '!' l will have to put my Talent Agency on hold for awhile.

l did a mini-photo shoot for the cover of OC Weekly. They interviewed me and the will feature me in their upcoming issue, with me on the cover! Their web-site is at:

We all need to vote for Mis s Glor ia Rey es over at: . She has a chance to win $25,000, if we all support & vote for her. lf she doesn`t share it with all of us, at least we all know that she will use the money to buy new lingerie and shoes that we will all enjoy in future shoots!

l also just got done being a 'Bikini Girl' in the MTV Movie of the Week called 'Spring Break Lawyer' due to air in the Spring sometime on MTV.

Before l go here are a few more web-sites to check out; Save a Stray a Day, Please....for me? :-) To Catch a Thief....literally, at:

Have a Groovy Day, Peace! oxox,Stacy

Hi Everyone. For Today Stacy`s Words l wanted to share a very important e-mail with everyone. No matter which party you bel ong to, this concerns us all, whether you are a web-master, model, photographer, or customer.

"Pornography has no place in a decent society. As Governor of Texas, I have used the bully pulpit of my office to send the message that pornography is not welcome in the Lone Star State." The letters continued, "If I am fortunate enough to be elected President, I will insist on vigorously enforcing federal anti-pornography laws" (-George W. Bush MIM press release, 10/30/00)

Dear friend, I have just returned from Internext, the adult Webmaster conference and felt it important to share what I have learned. Whereas last year I returned home brimming with ideas for site improvement, this year I am coming home with a lesson in what the coming administration has in mind for the adult Industry. The picture painted was not a pretty one, as it seems the religious right may be helping to interpret our laws in a moral crusade for the next four years. I am writing this to you so that you have an idea of what to watch out for so you can avoid tangle-ups wit h the federal government. Please know that I am not a lawyer and this should not be considered legal advice in any way, shape or form. This is merely a summary of what was discussed at the Internext convention and I personally thought it was important enough to share with those I know who may be affected.

Ultimately you may want to consult with a good first amendment lawyer, as they will be able to give you a clearer idea of how the law is being interpreted. The coalition for free speech http://www.freespeechcoalition.or g, National Act, the electronic frontier foundation, The digital future coalition, the Free Expression network, and AVN Online are excellent sources to further research this material and or put you in touch with an attorney.

Although it can't be predicted where Ashcroff's 21.8 billion dollar budget will go, here are some of the things they may be concerned about:
1. Minors in the pictures, child pornography, has been a theme of Janet Reno's and will continue. You need to have records that comply with 18 U.S.C. 2257 to prove that every person who is naked, engaging in a sexual act, or participating in sadomasochistic activities is an adult. Your records will need to be up to date with the location of the files lis ted on your material. The regulations for the code is available at:
2. You will need to keep your adult material away from Children. Use warning labels in your metatags. Register with Cybersitter , NetNanny , ICRA , Cyber Patrol , Safesurf . Put in a firewall like Agecheck or a subscription area (that is only credit card based as the telephone based ones do not provide age verif ication) so that children cannot enter and see nudity, sexual acts or sadomasochism. There should be nothing on the outside of your site that is more risqué then a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
3. Your business practices- the Federal Trade Commission has already begun a string of busts against adult Internet sites (RGB being the biggest). Make sure that if you have a commercial site that you: Have excellent customer service Not just online cancellation but also phone and mail Do not Spam with unwanted email Do not use the word "Free" if there are any conditions. Free is Free.
4. Know that the legal definition of ob scenity. A 1974 Supreme Court decision, Miller v. California, says the government may limit the distribution of obscene material that is offensive, prurient, and has no "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value." That means make your site of value- put in non-sexual articles, artwork, political commentary, or discoveries. This is why magazines like Playboy always have articles- to prevent being considered obscene.
5. Know that obscenity is also based on community standards, which means if a someone gets offended by a golden shower or fisting in your video or website that they viewed in their small town in the bible belt, they can prosecute you. If convicted, you are looking at possible jail time as well as possible forfeiture of both personal and professional assets.
6. Know that if they deem more than one material obscene (for instance two videos) they can then prosecute for the additional charge of racketeering (the RICO act), which will generally include jail time. They may, if they do not get a conviction, try to get you for money laundering or tax evasion. The stress of arrest and the cost of legal representation will likely end your business.
7. Know that torture pornography is adds four levels to the obscenity law, meaning that it will be considered a greater crime and therefore warrant greater prosecution.
8. Know that dressing someone up as a child is considered synthetic child p ornography a nd is in the middle of a heated legal battle; therefore avoid it.
9. Know what your local laws are. For instance, in Alabama it is illegal to own a vibrator. There is a listing of legal links on For the last eight years Janet Reno has focused her attention as Attorney General on Child Pornography, avoiding direct attacks on consensual adult material. The only group that has been actively prosecuting the adult Internet is the Federal Trade Commission, who protects consumers from fraudulent trade practices.This will change. Whatever you put on your site you should be willing and prepared to defend. In hopes this helps to make the next four years some of our best, Ilsa Strix"
l want to thank Ilsa Strix for this very valuable information. oxox,Stacy

Hack, hack....aaaahhhhhhhh! oooooo.....l still feel a little sick. l am sooooo sick of being sick!!!!! l got the Flu on December 30th. l went out (dumb move) on New Years Eve anyway...l didn`t drink....just sat in a bar....but l got cold......and my Flu turned into bronchitis!!! l never felt as bad as l did those 10 days!!!!! l even called 911!!! l kept coughing....HARD, and l couldn`t go to sleep...l was sooo sleepy too. l got a fever....l got really hot, so hot that l was hallucinating. l wanted to crawl out of my relief at all. To top things sinuses were even acting up.

The hospital couldn`t do much....the Emergency Room was filled with people with the same complaints. l tried to go to my doctor....but he was l went to another doctor. He gave me anti-botics, cough medicine and a in-haler. The anti-botics was good...but it took 3 days until they did anything. The cough medicine did nothing. l have medical books so l looked up bronchitis. There are tiny hairs in your bronchial tubes that help stuff from get ting into your lungs....when you have bronchitis....those hairs stop working. Therefore you nee d to cough to take the place of those tiny hairs, and keep the tubes clean. Therefore, you need to cough medicine is not wise...nor does it work well. When l cough....l COUGH.....and cough HARD.....and continually....non-stop....night and day. No rest.....coughing made me more hot and it gave me a really bad headache.

l tried the in-haler....l hate in-halers. lt makes my heart go sooo fast and gets me light headed, dizzy and queasy.

But l`ll quit my whining....everyone gets sick....just watch out for this bug guys....this one is a DOOZY!!! The doctor says l get sick a lot because l am running around here and there too much and that l am over stressed. Over Stressed....that is sooo weird that l suffer from that. l don`t think l am more stressed than the next guy. Besides l love gets me motivated...gets me going...without stressed....well....l get stressed if l have no stress. Stress is my friend :-) Now, where is my coffee....oooo that`s right l have anti-ref lex disease......l cannot have coffee....yea let me warm up another cup......yu mm!!! oxoxo,Stacy

1/5/01 ..late due to webmaster:(
l am un-able to type out my Stacy`s Words this week. l have been sick since New Years with Bronchitis/Flu. l cannot stop coughing and it is hard to focus on my screen. l will not be able to attend CES this year either. l really wanted to go to. l went to the doctor. He gave me antibotics. l`m getting better...slowly. l have not even checked my e-mail in over a week. l have about 700 e-mails waiting for me. l`ll try to answer them this weekend. oxox,Stacy

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