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12/30/04-8/04/04 - Blast From The Past: Stacy`s Diary

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December 30, 2004
What a busy week! Thursday Dec. 23rd was Holly’s surprise Birthday Party at the Playboy Mansion. We started the night by going ice skating with hot chocolate & Egg Nogg. I only tried ice skating once before and no improvements have been progressed. I know how accident prone I am, so a kept hanging to the wall and scooted along at a slow pace. We then all headed back to the mansion for a 7 course Fondue meal. I love fondue & so does Holly! The cheese fondue is my favorite. For dessert we had chocolate fondue. We then worked off all the fun food by jumping in an inflatable jumping castle filled with balloons and then ended the night by watching the movie Christmas Vacation.
The next night was Christmas Eve. We all had dinner, watched Leo D`Caprio in The Aviator & opened presents. On Christmas day we also had a big dinner and then watched the movie Oceans 12.
Monday morning I had to drive up to Las Vegas to do a photo shoot. I left the mansion at 8:30am & got to my shoot at 1pm, pretty good, heh? I had to get a room out there since it was a 2 day shoot. Since it was the holidays the only place that had a room available was the Motel The Wild Wild West, yes it was! I drove back to the mansion on Tuesday night once my shoot was over at 6pm. I drove through some major rain storms, dense fog, thunder storms, lightning storms, flooding and freeway closers. I got to the mansion by 12 midnight & ended spending yet another night away from home. Johnny cat was at the mansion. I take him up there with me sometimes.
Wednesday morning I packed up my stuff & Johnny cat & went home, only to spend a couple hours in heavy traffic from the storms. When I got home I noticed Kaiko limping bad on his back foot. I unpacked in a hurry and took Kaiko to the vet. I guess a lot of other pets got into some trouble during the holidays because it was a long wait to get Kaiko in. Kaiko seemed to have busted her back knee tendons from being over active & jumping around to much. Just like mommy, I busted my knee years ago, went through physical therapy & I still have to take medicine (MSM) and do my daily knee exercises. Only time & medicine (MSM) will heal her. She may develop arthritis from it however.
While I was gone, a tornado, yes a tornado went through my neighborhood! Weird weather going around. Trees were up rooted and fell on many cars. Debris is everywhere. The floating lighted Christmas trees are all blown all over and the lights are down.
Tomorrow I got to get my New Years Eve outfit ready & do a bunch of errands.
Talk to you next year! Have a Happy & Safe one!!

Oxox, Stacy

December 23, 2004
Thank you to all that came to visit me during my Live Webcam Chat last Friday. I will be having another Live Webcam Chat on February 11th.
I am busy shooting & getting ready for the Holidays. I am also helping my friend Bridget to throw our friend Holly a Surprise Birthday Party for Thursday Dec. 23rd. We had to blow up 1100 balloons in the last 3 weeks!! Talk about a cheap Buzz, I was sooo dizzy everynight. We would blow up about 100 balloons a night. We start the party by going ice skating (which I do not know how to do), then we head back to the Playboy Mansion for a Fondue 5 course meal. Then play on an Inflatable Jumping Castle. Then enjoy S`mores, Hot Chocolate & a Movie!
The next day is Christmas Eve & then Christmas Day, in which we all spend at the Playboy Mansion. We have dinner at 5:30pm and watch a movie at 7pm (both nights). Later on Christmas Eve we take a group photo and un-wrap gifts.
I wish you all a Warm, Safe, Healthy, Fun & Happy Holiday Season!!!
-Click to Enjoy a Special Holiday Cheer from Me to You!

OXOX, Stacy

December 16, 2004
I thought I'd share a little bit of holiday cheer....
I don't think Julie Andrews ever thought of these lyrics.

My Favorite Things
Collars and corsets and chainmail bikinis
Black leather cages you lock on guy's weenies
Fetish and fashion and pierced nipple rings
These are a few of my favorite things.

Wrist cuffs and thigh cuffs
and straps of black leather
Chrome chains and padlocks
to hold them together
Buttplugs and dildos for good girls and boys
These are a few of my favorite toys.

When the lash bites
When the crop stings
When it hits the spot
I simply remember my favorite things
And it makes me feeeeeel so hot!

Blindfolds wrapped tightly
to heighten my senses
That little thrill when the Dominant tenses
Canes of rattan that deliver sharp stings
All these and more are my favorite things.

Floggers and paddles and crops of black leather
Rubber and latex are fun in all weather
Teeth tugging sharply on pierced shiny rings
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the Domme bites
When the whip stings
Shhh! Don't make Her mad
I simply remember my favorite things And then I won't be so bad!

Happy Holidays! Oxox, Stacy

December 09, 2004
Well, I got a new front apartment window, but now I am waiting for the tint guy. My front windows need to be tinted due to the strong morning sun. The guy doing my documentary flaked on our meeting. No big deal, but I took the day off, I hate to take a day off for no reason. He said he needs to reschedule. That`s cool, but I am not taking any more days off for our meeting, now he will have to work around My schedule!
I am completely done with my Holiday shopping!! I spent way too much money this year. I couldn`t help it, I kept finding really cool & perfect gifts for people!! Now I got to bust my butt to make sure my rent gets paid!! I am half way done with my wrapping, holiday wrapping, no, I am not moonlighting as a Hip Hop Rapper, tee hee!! I am just waiting for a few gifts I bought on-line to finish wrapping all the gifts. I want to be done by next week, so I can sit back & enjoy the season without stressing about the gifts this year.

Oxox, Stacy
F.Y.I: My movie, CURSE OF THE EROTIC TIKI (aka: Bikini-a-go-go) which is running on HBO & you can purchase on, has been nominated for BEST ALTERNATIVE FILM OF THE YEAR by the AVN Awards.
It is Nominated along with some Playboy Movies, l am excited! Here is the complete list of nominees in my catagory:
-Best Alternative Release-
50th Anniversary Playmate: Colleen Shannon, Playboy Entertainment Group
Back to the 50's Burlesque 2, Starr Productions
Nudes a Poppin' 16 , Evil Angel Productions
**The Curse of the Erotic Tiki, Retromedia Entertainment **
Family Business: The Complete First Season, Showtime Entertainment
Hotel Decadence, Peach DVD
Labor Day T & A 2004, GM Video
Lifestyles: Vegas, LSO
Naked College Coeds 26, DreamGirls
Penthouse Pet of the Year 2004, Penthouse Video/General Media
Playboy's No Boys Allowed 2, Playboy Entertainment Group

December 02, 2004
I am sitting here waiting for the window guys to come fix my front apartment window. It cracked due to extreme weather changes. Yep, we get extreme weather changes in California, not very often, but it happens. I also have to find the time & money to fix my car windshield, the same thing happened. It cracked due to extreme weather changes. It went from hot (80 degrees) to really cold (30 degrees) for a couple days. I know, weird, huh?
I then have to work out a time to meet with the guys that want to do a documentary about my life. I usually do not believe people when they come up & tell me these things, but I know these guys, they are the same guys that did the documentary about Tom Leykis, in which I make an appearance in. I have no idea if & when it will happen, but you never know. It could be a success, it could suck or it could never see the light of day. Either way, I have to schedule a meeting this week & I will probably go ahead with the project. Of course, you, my members get to hear about it first and will have access to the finished product first.
I am having a LIVE Video Webchat on Friday Dec. 17th from 12noon-3pm (Pacific time). A Special Link will be posted up in my Members Yellow Table of Contents on that day, so look for it & I hope you watch & chat with me!!

Oxox, Stacy

November 25, 2004
I am writing this on my new computer with this new kind of Word Document that I hope lets me save & use. This program is a 60-day trial software and it requires you to jump through a lot of hoops just to run it. I would rather just install it, but it asks for so many product key numbers that I have no idea where to find these Key Words or numbers. What happened to the basic computer software options that came with the computer without doing anything but clicking them to run them?
I don`t want this 60-day trial crap, trail stuff runs crappy! I just want it installed. I wonder how much it will be? Gee, computers turned into the new cable! Remember when cable was somewhat new and Showtime, HBO and all those stations ran many varieties of Movies less than a year old without overly repeating them? Remember how basic cable had a bunch of stations? Now they charge for every station individual and if you want a movie less than 3 years old, you have to buy the Pay Per View!
Oh gosh, I am starting to sound like my parents. Back in my day things were different, things were better. My old VCR worked fine, why do I need these new DVD`s? They will just have to buy new machines when DVD`s goes out of style in 2 years anyway!! What were wrong with 8-tracks? It is a conspiracy! They just develop new gadgets to make you buy more gadgets when there was nothing wrong with the old gadgets in the 1st place!
Yep, I am turning into my parents alright!
B.T.W. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

Oxox, Stacy

November 18, 2004
My computer finally crashed & burned last Thursday. l got a new one on Tuesday. After 3 hours, a few temper tantrums and yelling at the new crappy automated voice tech support systems, l think l am finally back in cyber space.
Now l just gotta buy new Softwear. All my old softwear wont work on my new computer. Man, when you are tight on money, everything expensive seems to break all at once!! 1st ibill wont give me my 6 months back income (still waiting), l had to re-earn the back income fresh from a 3 week expensive
european tour, my cat goes into the hospital with a $1000- vet bill (totally worth it, my baby is my life), taxes due (after extension),computer crashes, need to buy new one, now l need to buy new softwear since l have a new system.
I now got to go through and re-upload my pix, files, documents, etc. Ah, so much stuff to do, it will be awhile, a long while before all is back to normal if ever.
Okay, anything else? Dang, when it rains, it sure pours, heh?
One good thing, this new computer allows me to create cool videos. l think l am finally going to create my own line of fetish videos. A new can of worms & lotta work, but l think it will be New, Fun & Exciting Exploring these new frontiers together! What do you think? Do you think that is a good idea?

oxox, Stacy

November 11, 2004
I have been trying to write my Stacy`s Words for the past 2 hours, but my computer keeps crashing. I don`t think I have too much time before it crashes again, so I will have to make it brief.
I am going to be busy this month with Shoots, GlamourCon & shooting Mainstream TV & Film work. I am booked from November 16th-24th on the Movie Flight Plan staring Jodie Foster. I will be playing one of the passengers. I don`t know much about the movie, but I am sure I will know more about it by November 24th. I hate my wardrobe, it is so big, layered & majorily conservative! But, oh well, I guess it is okay for a change.
Well, I might be pressing my luck, so I will end this weeks Words now.

oxox, Stacy

November 04, 2004
Johnny Cat is doing better!! The Vet released him to me on Thursday Oct. 28th. He was sooo happy to be coming home, however, he was still very sick. Kaiko, my girl cat kept batting him on the head & hissing at him. I think Kaiko smelled that Johnny was sick & took advantage of his weakness. I brought Johnny to the Playboy Mansion with me. Right away, he seemed to perk up! He inspected my room & took advantage of all the attention from the other Playmates in the house. Johnny does not like the bunch of medication that I have to shove down his throat everyday, but every day he seemed to get better. He used to not like to leave home, but it seems like he knows he is lucky to be alive!
I have been taking him everywhere with me, even the supermarket, in which all the girls love to stop & sweet talk to him. Note to Guys, forget the puppies, get a kitty cat, they make the best chick magnets! Girls love Kitty Cats!!!
My other cats now accept Johnny & everything is almost back to normal. Johnny is following me around more than normal. He is more affectionate. It is like me & Johnny have a stronger bond now. It is like he knows that he is lucky to be alive and he does not want to be alone. I think he misses the Playboy Mansion a bit, he got used to the undivided attention from a bunch of girls! From now on, Johnny goes with me almost everywhere, he is my adventure kitty, he is my Momma`s Boy!!
Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion Update:
Leo Dicaprio is an A**Hole!!! Leo & Paris Hilton trashed the Playboy Mansion. They destroyed many of the donated expensive Halloween props! It was so bad, we had to shut down the haunted house for a long time to repair it good enough for others to be able to go through and enjoy it. Everyone that has met him or dealt with Leo, says he has a history of being a rude, demanding a**hole!!
WWF Wrestler Steve Goldberg & his girlfriend also got thrown out for
breaking into Hef & Holly`s bedroom, harrassing Holly & refusing
Holly`s request to leave her room!!
Andy Dick got in a fight with an angry man after he grabbed the guys
balls for no reason. Being a Celebrity is no excuse to be a DickHead!
There is a small video clip of the Playboy Halloween Party, it shows
me (as a Cheeta) & Playmate Jillian Grace (Girl Scout) with Malcom
in the Middle. See the Video here:
Pix are already up on:
-they cut me out of the front cover pix, but you can barely see my
boobs on the right side of pix. l am also in the party pix.
P.S. Just a reminder: it is SIGNY time again. Vote for your favorite
Bondage Stars at:

oxox, Stacy

October 28, 2004
Johnny Cat Oct. 25th & 26th
When l came home today, Johnny was sick. He was very dirty, skinny, he would come up to me slowly & he would not eat no matter how much l tried. When l picked him up, he seemed so weak. l rushed him to my vet, but they are now closed on Mondays!! So l had to drive to the nearest animal hospital 15 minutes away.
lt was hard talking to them and making them understand, since they do not have Johnnys medical records. Johnny has had health problems in the past & l have dealt with this sort of thing before, however this time Johnny seemed a bit worse. Johnny has asima that acts up at
times in which leeds to gum problems, which leeds to not eating, which could leed to dehydration.
After the doctor checked him out, he told me that Johnny must stay overnight. l just started balling un-controllably. Johnny is dehydrated and has a swollen kidney. They said that they must run blood tests & put him on an IV overnight. l know this bill is going to be huge, but l don`t care, Johnny is worth any amount!! l feel so bad!! l was without him for 5 nights (l stayed at the Playboy Mansion from Wednesday Night through Sunday Night), now the 6th night he is alone in a cold cage with strangers & an iv in him. He has no idea what is going on, poor guy!! The doc is suppost to call me in the morning & hopefully l can bring him home tomorrow
lt is sooo weird being here in my apartment without Johnny by my feet while l am on the `puter, meowing and bumping his furry little head against my leg. l am thankfull that l have Kaiko & Bear (my other 2 cats) and l love them so much, but it is still sad, empty &
lonely without Johhny cat here.
l am a crying wreck, l can`t stop crying!!! l wanna hold my baby boy in my arms sooo bad!!! l swear, if Johnny makes it out okay, l will never leave him alone for so long again. l miss him sooo much!!!
l just came from the hospital. Johnny is in bad shape. He is on an IV
flushing out the toxins in his system. His glucose is high, his gallbladder is inflamed and he has a kidney infection. The Doc thinks he may have ingested something. l had my kitchen & bathroom cleaned with bleach the weekend before, l think the fumes or residue got in
his system somehow. This is going to be a heavy medical bill but l don`t care if l have to be in debt forever, Johnny is worth it!
Now, they do not think it is from chemicals, now they think Johnny has Pancreatitis.
lt was so sad seeing him with an IV, laying in an empty cold cage by himself. l put blankets in his cage, climbed half way in the cage with him, held him and sang to him for 2 hours straight. He purred, his tail was wagging and he seemed to look better as he fell asleep. They are going to do more test and inject him with antibotics today. They want him to stay until Thursday night/Friday morning. l asked them if l could take him home at night & bring him back in the
mornings for more IV flushing. l think being with me will help him to get better, instead of being by himself in a cold cage away from home.

oxox, Stacy

October 14, 2004
I just got back from my European Tour and l came home to a list of disasters. My car front windshield is cracked, my house front window is cracked (both not caused by vandalism, but due to weather conditions while l was gone.), l found l have termites, bills are due again, but worse of all, Ibill is holding my income hostage for over 1 month!!! Ibill is my billing company l use for my websites. My bank is Major ally over-drawn due to my auto-withdraw bill-payment plans going through without my bi-monthly ibill auto-deposits coming in. Ibill is my billing company, I hired Ibill back in 1998 to collect my earned website income & they usually deposit my money into my bank account on the 1st & 15th of every month.
Ibill seems to be in some major dispute with their bank and has not paid any of their clients since 9/15/04!!! So far, I have not been paid for over a month & counting. They say they may not be able to pay anyone until Oct. 31st and that date is still no guarantee! Who knows if I will ever see my money that I have earned!! I know it is illegal for them to do this and I know there are a lot of other angry clients like me. I see lawsuits in ibill`s future, but that does not help me at the moment.
I have a huge over-drawn account on the verge of being terminated due to the amount of time (about 2 weeks, since I was over-seas & could not correct it) that is has been in a negative amount. Bounced payments & over-draft fees are racking up. I will have to manually cancel all the auto-withdraw bill-payments that I can find that I have. I am talking with Surf Net to create a new billing option. I need to open my own merchant account but I cannot open a merchant account with an over-drawn account, so that will have to wait. I am in BAD shape, but l know l am not alone.
I think I need to contact all of the people in the same boat as me and try to band together. Maybe we can sue ibill or something. I know this has to be illegal to withhold our money for so long. After all, we do not have the luxury of withholding money from Our bill collectors.
In the meantime, I will have to bust my butt & work Extra-Extra Hard to re-earn my (already earned, but held hostage) income. I have 2 weeks to earn about $5000.00!! Aw, no sweat!!! Hehehehe-Hahaha, oh I think I am going insane in the membrane!!
I think I will need to offer another billing company option to my sites and eventually fire Ibill. Too bad that my European Experience is overshadowed by this financial hardship! It seems as if every time I think I am getting ahead or at least caught up, something pulls me down farther than I was before. Oh well, I will deal with it & try to do what I can to survive. I am used to overcoming obstacles in the road. It just stresses me out, but, hey, stress is good, right? It is one hell of a motivator!
I did have a fabulous time in Europe & I hope that my mind will be clear enough to tell you all about it in Next weeks Stacy’s Words! Stay tuned for cool photos & all the juicy details of my Euro-Tour!!!

Oxox, Stacy

September 30, 2004
I am back from Tampa Florida, from the week long FetishCon event that l MC`ed. l have 12 hours to refresh, re-pack, pay bills, run errands, pick up new global phone, learn global phone, clean house, etc, etc and fly out to London tomorrow morning (Thursday), then off to Paris & Amsterdam (My European tour).
l missed being a part of the TV Pilot that they filmed at the Playboy Mansion. They are making Life at The Playboy Mansion into a Reality Series, if it sells and by judging by what they filmed for the pilot, l am sure it will sell fast!
FetishCon in Tampa Florida survived the Hurricane, but not the aftermath. Sunday afternoon our Hotel lost power & water. The whole hotel was pitch black, no elevators, no air, no water. We had to walk down the stairwells in the dark to get glow sticks from the front desk. You would think that would cancel our FetishCon Ball planned for that night, oh no, it takes more than a natural disaster to stop us. We got a few generators to run the DJ Booth & lights for the dance hall. We opened a few bars and used candles to keep our food warm for the buffet. Many people came out all dressed up. How they got dressed up in the dark, l`ll never know! l had a fabulous outfit fot the ball, but l could not find it in the dark, so l partied in my pajamas & ugg boots!
The hotel was full of refugees from other evacuated areas. There were dogs, cats & kids running a mock through out the hotel along with our hugh fetish crowd. All in all, FetishCon was a success despite all the problems. l only had 4 temper tantrums and that is good considering all the problems & drama l was going through.
The following day- Monday, our hotel was also being evacuated. Thank god my flight was scheduled for that day. l feel sorry for the people that had to stay an extra day or two or whos flight got cancelled.
Much more was going on, but that is the summary of it. All l can say is, 'God' must be a Democrat. He knows there is a new election and he wants to make sure Florida gets it right this time. Next Hurricane will be named Hanging Chad!
Now off to London for the week long Rubberball Activites & Parties, then off to Paris & Amsterdam! l should return on Oct. 12th, if all goes well ;-)
P.S. I now have a New Global Phone, l have the same cell number. This new phone also has Email & Internet Access, so l should be completely reachable during my travels. Love you, miss you & see you all soon!!

oxox, Stacy

September 16, 2004
I have always been heavy into music and the music scene. I used to
promote Bands in Hollywood a few years ago. Most of the bands I
worked with were Big Popular Bands of the 1960`s & 1970`s making a
come back by going back on stage. I also worked with a lot of Tribute
bands as well as Talented Up & Comers that some have actually made it
bi g in other bands after the 1st one broke up. I have gone on the
road and toured with many of them as well.
I worked with Arthur Lee & Love, Robbie Krueger of The Doors, Wild
Child, Baby Lemonade, Led Zepagain, Randy California, Spirit, Canned
Heat, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Grass Roots, The Rise, Romantic
Torture, Human Drama, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Dick Dale,
etc, etc, too many to list. It was a BLAST!!!
My favorite Music Genre is Surf Punk. My fav Bands are Agent Orange
& The Adolescents. I still play their CD`s over & over in my car. I
cannot get enough of their sound.
I am soooo glad to see I am not alone! The sounds coming out today
takes me back to the music I grew up with and have missed.
I worked with a band called The Killers on the set of the Fox TV Show The OC. I was very impressed. I bought their CD and was more impressed! It totally rocks!!!! Not just a few songs but the whole CD rocks!!! I highly recommend it!

oxox, Stacy
-Agent Orange Surf Punk Band-
-The Adolescents-
-The Killers-

September 9, 2004
Well, I still have not ordered my Super-Gadget Cell Phone. When I went to the mobile store, their computer Internet was down and they could not sell one to me. I guess something went down that day, because my Internet was down when I got home as well.
I will probably go order my super cell phone on Monday. I will definitely need it! I will be gone for 3 weeks straight and out of the country for about 2 weeks. Even though I will be gone, my bills will still come in and I will need to pay them on time. Having this super gadget will allow me to call my bank, transfer funds, send electronic checks and the internet access the cell Phone has, will allow me to contact my web-guy to update my sites from across the globe! At least that is the idea; I hope all goes as planned. I just do not know how, if I am lucky enough to set up any shoots while in Europe, to deposit the funds into my bank from there. I will need to find a way. Since I will be gone for 3 weeks, that is 3 weeks without work and we all know that no work equals no money, but the bills will still come in and they will still need to be paid on time. I will have to bust my butt to book shoots while I am out there to make my monthly bills.
I have some relief; at least I do not have to pay for my hotel & plane flights. I hope to make FetishCon very successful & profitable, which would help with making up for the 2 extra weeks without work. Saying that I am a bit more stressed than usual is an understatement. Besides doing my Fetish Shoots, I am doing a lot of mainstream TV & Movie work on shows like Las Vegas, CSI Miami & Without a Trace. I just got home from working a 16-hour day after working a 12-hour day yesterday with only 1 hour of sleep! It is hard for me to fall asleep when I am stressed. I have another 12 hour day tomorrow, but fortunantly the call time is in the afternoon, so I will get a chance to sleep a bit & run a boat-load of well needed to do errands.
What is that saying? No Rest for the Wicked? Boy, I sure must be a Wicked One!!! Hahahaha ;-)

Oxox, Stacy

September 2, 2004
GlamourCon Chicago was a BLAST!! Since I was the Model of the Month, I was on the cover & back cover of all the programs, in all of the newspaper ads in Chicago, on all the flyers, all over their website along with my interview. I felt like a celebrity! I had 10 hours of photo shoots scheduled during my 3-day stay in Chicago, not to mention the 12 hours of convention time, so I did not have any time to see the fabulous sights of Chicago. On Saturday Night I did get done in time to go to the GlamourCon Party in the Bar/Nightclub in the hotel. That party was a pumping & a thumping!!!! All the models, fans, friends, crew, photographers, my posse boys and a few unrelated club goers were all there, laughing, eating, drinking, dancing and having a great time. I danced all night long! I finally got back to my room at 1:30pm only to get up at 8am to get ready for another long, but fun day.
My computer is still acting screwy, but I cannot afford to call someone to fix it yet. I just deal with it crashing every so often. I was going to get a laptop, but I think I have a better plan. I am scheduled to travel a lot in the next 3 weeks. I will be in Florida for FetishCon, then in London for the RubberBall, then I will tag along with my friends Jewell Marceau & Cindy to Paris & Amsterdam. All together, I will be away from home for 3 weeks straight! I hate being away for so long and I want a way to keep in touch somehow. I think I am going to get a Global International Cell Phone. The options include web browser, email, photo and many other features, but I am more interested in a global phone that has email & PC capabilities. I have not got it yet, but they say it will do everything a PC will do, I can receive & send email, check on websites and receive and send global calls!! I really cannot afford such a pricey item, but in a way it is saving me money. If I had to buy a laptop & a global phone, it might have cost me over $1500-, but this phone will only cost me $400- and it is more portable and hopefully easier to use.
I am sure it comes with an owner’s manual instruction booklet the size of the LA Phone Book! I hope the phone is everything they say it is. It sounds wonderful. It sounds like a Super-Gadget! I might have to get a Red Cape for it ;-)

Oxox, Stacy

August 26, 2004
I am running errands and getting things ready for my trip to GlamourCon in Chicago. I am excited to go. I am looking forward to spending 12 hours of convention time with my Friends, Fans, Models, Photographers and meeting New Friends, Fans, Models & Photographers. I have also booked 10 hours of shoots total before & after the convention itself.
As soon as I get back I have shoots scheduled here at home. Whooo-hoooo, Yeehaw… feels great to be back in the Saddle (or Ropes ;-) again!!!!
I have not been able to get a laptop yet (it is too close to the 1st of the month and my rent is yet again due), so I might not be able to be reachable until I get back home to my screwy temperamental computer.
Okay, now to the ‘Juicy Stuff’: Kiss & Tell time.
A few weeks ago Playboy had its annual Mid-Summer Night Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion. All the stars were there, Paris Hilton, The Osborne’s, Sport Stars, Producers, Directors, etc, etc. John Heffron, the guy that won on the NBC TV Show Last Comic Standing was there. I have been watching that show and had a little crush on John. So when I saw him at the Mid-Summer Party, I approached him and asked him if he was John Heffron from Last Comic Standing. He said yes and we talked pretty much all night. He seemed like a really cool guy. He seemed like my type; quirky, geeky, self-conscious, funny. Nervous and unaware of his talent, looks and good fortune. We danced all night long. I would leave him alone at times through out the night so he could mingle with other guests and so I could do the same. After a while, we would hook up again, talk & dance some more. We seemed to be hitting it off great.
At the end of the night he asked me for my card so he could call me later. After I gave it to him, he told me that if he called or emailed me that I must keep the whole thing a secret. WHAT?????? I said!!! Why, what do you mean ‘a secret’? I looked at his hand; there it was a silver band around his left ring finger. You Dog, I said. I refuse to get involved with a married man; I would never want to be a risk to break up a marriage! He said he got married too quickly and that he just got married a week ago (a week ago???) and that he understood and he would not call me.
I walked away fuming! What a waste of a great evening!! I hate when you meet someone you always wanted to meet, someone you thought was cool and someone you slightly looked up to and when you finally do meet them, they do or say something that totally destroys that little good fantasy you had of them.
He did finally win the NBC Show Last Comic Standing and he now has a very big lucrative contract that he won from NBC & Comedy Central. I think he might get his own TV Show. I am happy for him, he is talented and deserved to win and I still think he is an okay guy, but he lost me as a loyal fan and hopefully he lost my card as well.
Oxox, Stacy

August 19, 2004
My computer is still acting screwy but I am getting by so far. I hope to get a laptop before my travels. Next weekend I will be at GlamourCon in Chicago. Then next month I will be at FetishCon in Tampa Florida and then I am invited to attend the Rubberball weeklong festivities in London England. I love to travel; I just hate leaving home to do it.
I have been doing a lot more mainstream TV & Movie work lately. That takes a lot of my time. Sometimes I am on the set for 16 hours in one day. A laptop would come in handy on set during my down time‚, which is a lot more often then the actual work time. Check out my Current Events Page for what shows to watch out for.
Things are back to normal at the mansion. The girls calmed down and we are all friends again. It is such a different world there. It is like living in a Soap Opera. Everything there is so over-dramatic. People take the smallest disagreements or character flaws and turns them into a major thing or event. It is so weird. I have been there for over 3 years and I still have yet to master it or understand it and I dont think I ever will. But I take it for what it is and I still want to go there for the good things it offers, after all the good still out-weighs the bad and that is what really matters in the end.

Oxox, Stacy

August 12, 2004
Time to get a laptop computer. You would think that me of all people would have had one by now. I have been putting it off, not only for financial reasons, but because I am so addicted to the computer at home, spending over 8 hours a day on it most of the time, that I thought my time away from home, I should be my time out period to enjoy the world outside the machine. Lately I have been working on TV & Movie sets more often, at times 3-4 days a week. Most workdays go on for over 12 hours and most of that time is sitting on set or in a trailer waiting for your scene. A laptop would make that time more fun, more productive and keep me from accumulating massive amounts of email that l get during my time away from the computer. Another reason it is time for a laptop, is that my main (freshly Home built 2 years ago) keeps crashing on me. I will never build my own computer again. It crashed 2 times while trying to write this.
It will still be awhile for me to get a laptop. I need to shop, compare prices, find one that I like for the price I like and find a place that will allow me to purchase it through monthly payment installments.

Oxox, Stacy

August 05, 2004
Do you ever say something stupid or ask a stupid question and it turns into a big drama drawn out scene just because you had the gall to ask such a question? There were a few events that my Playboy Mansion Girlfriend friends organized that did not involve me. I made the stupid decision to ask if I did anything wrong or if anyone was mad at me, since I was not invited to these events. I was not as concerned that I was not invited; I was more concerned on WHY I was not invited. I just wanted to clear any doubt and/or to fix any problems or misunderstandings that might have existed.
In the reply to my question, I got an angry response from all angles. 1st from the person I asked, she felt I put her in an awkward position since it was not her events. She admitted that there were issues. She also proceeded to tell me that I may push to hard in being part of the group and some people resent me for it. She also pointed out that by asking this question is a small example of being ‘pushy’. GULP! What? Damn, brutal! Was THAT true???
Then the person who organized the event gave me her reasons for not inviting me. She stated that it was not personal, it was due to the room in the car, my availability, that she choose friends she has not seen in awhile &/or closer friends over me, etc. Okay, cool!
I like her answer a lot better than the 1st one. What hurts is that the 1st person was someone I considered a true friend outside the ‘Hollywood/LA In-Crowd Scene’. I think I might have been wrong asking such a question. It was a pathetic thing to ask. It was not my intention to upset anyone or create such tension.
A week later and it is different around these girls. The one I thought was more my friend is not talking to me and is trying to get me out of the picture completely. I just sent another apology email to her and am planning on saying I am sorry in person when I see her this weekend.
I know I was wrong asking such a pathetic question, but I cannot believe it is creating so much drama. Okay, I am an idiot and ask, say & do stupid things sometimes, but so do a lot of other people. Does the time really equal the crime here?
Though out all this I come to realize these girls were not as such good as friends to me as I thought we were and that is okay. At least my stupid question cleared THAT up.

Oxox, Stacy

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