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The Year My LIFE Changed: 12/25/08-06/07/07 - Blast from the Past: Stacy`s Diary

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This was the Year my Life Changed for the Better - Sooo many things Happened this Year!!

December 25, 2008
I got a nasty cold with a nasty pesty cough that keeps me awake all night!! I have not jogged in over a week!! I feel awful!! I am going to try to force myself to go jogging today. I will have to bundle has been very cold lately. It has been 40 degrees lately.....which is very cold for southern California!
I awoke to a late Night massacre in my Living room!! I awoke around 5am due to my nasty cough....I come out to the living room where I find my husband Roy asleep on the couch with the TV still on (typical)......but this time I notice red fluid EVERYWHERE!! I guess Roy had about 2 bottles of wine.....and fell asleep with a full glass in his lap. It spilled looked like a gang got stabbed in my living room!! I dunno how it got everywhere. It was all over the couch....all over the blanket....all over the coffee table....all over the floor......dripping over each side of the coffee table.....under neath the coffee table....EVERYWHERE. I woke Roy up....he staggered off to bed without knowing what he did. I was going to just clean it up....but he would never believe me in the I left it for him to see....and CLEAN up in the morning. He still has No idea how & why it happened. It was a sight!! I took Photo on my cell Phone....I will post it up in My Out & About Section so you can See the carnage....however....the cell phone photos does not do the real crime scene any justice. Awww....the little gems of marriage!! Hehe.
oxox Stacy

December 04, 2008
During The Holidays - I know it is tough to watch what you eat. Don`t worry, there is always tomorrow to start your new diet....hehe!
Here are my tips for tomorrow. I buy, make & eat these items.....sometimes several times daily....I love all of this stuff....they are all very tasty....great for my budget & waistline!!

Stacy Burke`s Tasty Daily Diet Food Items
Amstel Light - Best tasting diet beer - I have yet to find a better tasting Light Beer - however Guinness is great - only 125 calories for a glass of full/not light beer - you get all the taste without all the calories of regular beer.

Crystal Light or Sugar Free Kool-aide is awesome to have on hand - great to mix with Vodka for a yummy drink without all the sugar & calories of Juice or mixers.

Diet Mountain Dew - Tequila - Splash of Lime Juice - Slash of Grand Mariner - and rim with Salt - for a tasty low calorie Margarita!
Best tasting tortillas - 50-80 calories per serving - High in Fiber & low in quesidillas - I like the Whole Wheat ones - but they make may different variety of flavors so good!!
Weight Watchers Bread - 50 calories a slice - high fiber - low carb. My favorite is the Multi-grain.

Weight Watchers Shredded Cheese = 80 calories per serving

Kraft Fat Free Cheddar Cheese Slices = 30 calories per slice (great for sandwiches & Grilled Cheese)

I can`t Believe it`s Not Butter Spray or Parkay Spray
zero calories & zero cholesterol if you spray moderately

Salsa - you can never go wrong with Salsa - low calorie - no fat - good for you.

Fat Free Sour Cream - great to make dips - great tasty topper to anything

Fat Free Parmesan Cheese - Adds a tasty cheesy flavor to anything - I add this to almost Everything! Salads, pasta, on tortillas, soups, etc.

Fat Free cottage cheese - great on salads - melts great in any dish, especially in tomato sauces - great as a ricotta cheese replacement.

Fat Free Creamers & whipped toppings.

Soy or Rice milk - Good for you - great in replacing of milk for cereal or cooking - no one will ever know. They even make a Holiday No that taste great but low in calories - better than the heavy Real Egg Nog!

Fat Free salad Dressings - best ones are the French, Italian, Ranch & 1000 Island.

Bacon Bits - great in salad & great to add to eggs, burritos & quesidillas - all the taste of real bacon without all the calories.

Egg substitute Carton - like Egg Beaters - low calorie - low cholesterol - longer self life than eggs in shell.

Canned Veggies - more nutrients than fresh - keep on hand to add to any dish - great filler - low calorie - great for you.

Fat Free Wheat Saltines - great tasting without all the calories - great to have on hand - great to crumble up in dishes as filler.

Melba Toast - love this stuff - good for you - crunchy- long self life - cheaper than other crackers - great to dip into hummus - great with any dip- tuna - cheese- etc.

Fat Free Peanut Butter

Sugar Free Jelly or Jam

Splenda or Equal - Sugar substitute - awesome - love this stuff - try some sprinkled on the weight watchers toast - Butter Spray and Cinnamon - yummy!!

Fat Free Miracle Whip - love this stuff - great for sandwiches - great for dips - great for cooking.

Fat Free Mayo - if you don`t like Miracle Whip - but to me, Miracle Whip is yummier.
Enjoy! oxox Stacy

November 27, 2008
I hate the dishwasher!!! I don’t get it!! I have one….I do not use it…..but once a month I have to run it….or else the water that runs through it (even if you don’t use it) will settle…..stink and attract bugs….so I have to run it to keep it clean… takes over a hour to run… I need to figure out how to disconnect it from my water source.
I never use the thing……it does not make sense to me….you got to rinse the dishes 1st… got to have a full load to run it…….it takes over an hour to finish…..and the dishes are usually not as clean as they would be if you did them yourself.
The dishwasher also takes up a ton of space I my kitchen in which I would rather have more cupboard space. I don’t get it….I hate the dishwasher....I want it out!!
oxox Stacy

November 20, 2008
This week the Photos are called 1970`s Chick Cop Interrogation. This shoot was my husbands idea. You see, I had this vintage rusty colored pleather jacket for years.....but earlier this week was the 1st time Roy saw me in it. I wore it with a denim mini skirt & Orange suede Go-Go boots. Well, I guess it was a hit....he could not stop talking about it. He kept complimenting me & kept asking where is my badge! He said I looked like a 1970 TV Chick Cop. He told me to get undressed.....but keep the jacket, boots & sunglasses on & interrogate I did......go look at the photos posted this week. Enjoy!
oxox Stacy

November 06, 2008
Okay, now that Halloween is over....I have Thanksgiving to look forward 1st one as a married woman. As you may have already new husband Roy has a bunch of wacky friends in which we call the 'Whack Pack'. They a bunch of really sweet guys that play roller hockey, drink a lot of beer, hang out at our local pub, who are ready to go to any event at a drop of a hat.......and who I cook dinner for all of them every Monday Night....while they watch sports or a movie on our plasma TV. I have a few of my friends to some are which I call the 'Kat-Pack'. I love those guys......they are true loyal & fun friends. I feel like I am Wendy, Roy is Peter Pan & the Whack Pack are the Lost Boys from the Fairy Tale Peter Pan.
Well, here comes Thanksgiving.......Roy & I will spend it with our Family......but I am planning on holding my own Thanksgiving for the Whack-pack the day after Thanksgiving. I am new to I am a bit nervous about cooking a entire Thanksgiving Dinner which includes a Turkey all on my own......major 'Gulp'!! Ok....I will be busy looking through magazines & On-line on how & what to buy. I want the bird to be tasty & safe....I don`t know what to stuff it with (I know to cook the real stuffing separately) & if I stuff the bird....can we eat what is stuffed in it??? Oh well.....Wish me Luck!!
oxox Stacy

October 23, 2008
Here I thought I was the only one with Vertigo.......I get it Baaaad....however some have told me it was all in my head.......hummmm.... l wonder....maybe.....but doesn`t the inner ear have something to do with it?? I cannot walk down stairs without holding onto a rail.....I have a hard time in heels.......I cannot stand still for too long before I fall.....sometimes I just fall for no reason, I get embarrassed, I am stunned and just get up, hoping no one`s getting worse.....however I am dealing with it better....but I will fall often....I see the horizon sway & my body will sway with it....or I will see the ground come up to me (just like in that Jimmy Stewart movie) & I try to step onto what I think is the ground....but it is not the ground.....and I will fall. I need to find out more about this Vertigo!

Here is the story in the Newz right now:
Janet Jackson is returning to her "Rock Witchu" tour and — finally — revealing the mystery illness that led her to cancel a string of concerts.
Following two weeks of scrapped shows, Jackson was scheduled to resume her tour Wednesday night at the Verizon Center in Washington after a bout of migraine-associated vertigo. She is being treated for the illness, which is characterized by dizziness, imbalance and other symptoms.
"She's a world-class entertainer and needs to be at the top of her game to give her fans the show they expect," Jackson's manager, Kenneth Crear, said in a statement. "She's feeling much better and is ready to hit the road again to finish the tour."
oxox Stacy

October 16, 2008
I always believed there was a Ying/Yang in intelligence. Some people go to schools & spend tons of money on smarts get 'book smart' but then common sense smarts gets sacrificed. The ones that did not go to school, learn from life itself & develop high common sense smarts.
I know this because I met some really educated people the ones that went to the finest schools & spent tons of time & money on their brain........but when it comes to very simple common everyday problems they are clue-less in how to solve them. In fact they rather make it into a bigger problem (that way they have an excuse why they cannot solve it so easily) and either embellish the simple problem or completely make it into a made-up some sort of evil wacky paranoid plot.
When I see these 'Book Smart' people wasting their time doing this I try to step in and solve it for them with a very easy obvious answer, but they refuse to hear me......they rather insist that I am the one that is wrong, that they are far smarter & they are the ones that are indeed correct. All I can do is laugh at the free entertainment of the absurdity of it all and watch them continue to run in a circle trying to catch their own tail.
oxxox, Stacy

October 09, 2008

To answer all the questions involving the Rumours of The E! Girls Next Door & Hugh are your of now.....however it seems every week day minute there are new changes....who knows........

Links to the News of Hef & His New Twin Girlfriends:

Bridet is in Spain & Croatia for The Travel Channel she will be on Chelsea when she returns.,2933,434307,00.html

Hi, Guys --
Thanks for making the Season 5 premiere another huge ratings success. All of us who work on this series are very proud of it and feel strongly that the episodes we're doing are the best yet.
Regardless of the rumors, headlines and tabloids, there is every reason to keep positive about the Girls and their future regarding GND. Lots of incredible surprises in store. (We can barely keep up with them.)
For those of you keeping track: We've taken the first four of the "20 new episodes" and added them to the short (!) Season 4 line-up. That way, the DVDs will still contain 16 episodes -- including "House Bunnies", "Hot Chocolate" and the next two. The "un-official" Season 5 first episode will be the one called, "Change of Undress." That's where Holly redecorates Mapleton House and invites lots of new girls to move in.
Season 5 will conclude with an incredible one-hour special. But fear not! Season 6 is in the planning stage.
All the best,
Kevin Burns
Executive Producer, "The Girls Next Door" the meantime, keep watching.....I (Stacy Burke) Roy & My Wack Pack will be featured throughout the New Season.

oxox Stacy

October 2, 2008
Look out for a Brand New Book out soon, by Gian Temperilli!
Here is the info so far........
Gian Temperilli is the co-author of a current autobiography regarding the late psychic and paranormal researcher, Peter James . Though you may not have known, Peter passed away last July due to respiratory complications. In the meantime, James left me with the responsibility of completing his work and getting it to publisher. Essentially, “Heaven Can You Hear Me?” details the life and career of the noted paranormal researcher. As a weekly psychic correspondent for the FOX hit television show, “Sightings,” Peter James ’ distinction in the arena of paranormal research is legendary.

Due to the digital format of the book, by mid October the manuscript will be distributed by Ingram nationally; and, Baker & Taylor overseas. As a second full color hardcover is released, it will be available in seventeen different languages and audio book. This release is essential for anyone interested in the paranormal.
Also, ‘below’ is a sample link that the publishing CEO has sent me that will represent the book sale page. Again, the cover image will be replaced with their ‘fancy’ version. Yet, this is one of the places that it can be purchased from when released. A pre-order page will be available shortly. Moreover, the publisher is having me film a brief promo/intro ‘clip’ on the Queen Mary that they will add to their site (and to other famed internationally paranormal sites) of me ‘talking-up’ the book. I will probably be doing that when granted permission from the QM marketing director next week.

September 25, 2008
Bridget asked me to co-host her taping of her New show on the Travel Channel 2day in Venice Beach......She has a soon-2-be New Show called Bridget`s Sexiest of the things we are doing is rollerskating from Santa Moica to Venice!!! The kicker??? I have not rollerskated in over 20years!!!!! AND....I was not very good at it waaay back then......OH BOY.....whatever....I know have health insurance, I got a helmet, elbow & knee pads....and l am debating grabbing my pillow 2 strap to my butt....hahahaha.....I am sooooo Super Dave Ozborn......(all you older kids know who he is right?)
The rest of the day I might co-host the show all bandaged up.....Tandem Biking, Muscle Beach.....I just hope some margarita`s are involved somewhere in the day as a reward for my bravery!!
Wish me luck!
oxox Stacy

September 11, 2008
Everyone, EAT @ Arby`s!!

Religious Right Group Urges Boycott of Playboy's 'Girls Next Door'
David Sullivan, AVN

The Florida Family Association is making noise with a campaign against the E! Channel reality series "The Girl Next Door," which follows the exploits of Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunny paramours.
FFA founder David Caton claims his group has successfully pressured 325 companies into pulling their advertising from the cable TV show.
"For all practical purposes, Playboy's 'The Girls Next Door,' which airs on the E! Channel, is nothing more than an infomercial designed to promote Playboy Enterprises' various products: their magazines, Internet service, and videos," Caton told the religious right-wing website OneNewsNow. "Most mainstream companies do not appear on there anymore – with the exception of just a small number, and Arby's seems to be one that has hung in there since 2005."
The FFA has launched a new campaign on its website enabling users to send emails to "about 20 corporate contacts" asking Arby's to drop its advertising.

FYI: For anyone that wants to make a Healthier Choice when ordering @ Arby`s:
BTW: I Love this Book 'Eat This Not That' is awesome..... .also the Hungry Girl Cookbook.... .sooo helps a lot.....especially when you have a husband who has high cholesterol & heart problems!! the News........
There is a lot of press/rumors going around about a huge upcoming wedding on season 5 of The Girls Next Door.....ummmmm I wonder who`s wedding they are talking are a few links;

Here is Holly Madison`s MySpace Blog:
Random Rumor of the week . . .
Hef and I are not getting married! It would not be a secret if I were engaged to anyone. There is a bad ass wedding coming up in Season 5 of Girls Next Door, but it's not mine! It was our friends' wedding that Bridget planned. I think it was one of the craziest weddings/receptions Vegas has ever seen. I loved the cut I saw of the episode (one of my all time faves) but they could not even show half of the stuff that went on that weekend!
I gotta admit, Bridget and I tried to get married while we were out there for the wedding . . . but you will have to tune in to see how that panned out! lol!
The Wedding Rumours....hehe

The Pirate Party Review & Interview: Check out us Pirates dancing around Bridget!!
'Kat, Roy, & The Wack Pack Pirates invade The Palms Pool with Bridget Marquardt!!'
'Kat, Roy, Hef & The Girls Next Door at The Telling Wrap Party @ Boarders in Hollywood'

Here's more pictures from the National Lampoon's A Night of Fantasy at the mansion:,,20223464,00.html
....scroll down to the Girls Next Door logo to view our previews for season 5.

August 28, 2008
As soon as Roy & I got home from a Fantasic Crazy week @ FetishCon in Tampa Florida....we had to Rush off to Vegas to help promote The Palms Pool Pirate Party with Bridget Marquardt & The Wack Pack (Many pictures soon to be posted of all events)....we were going to stay in Vegas one more crazy night on Bridget`s request, but we got a call from one of our Nieghbors on Saturday morning stating that there was this raging party at our house without us there...only our 21 year old roomate....cops were called & it was very loud. We decided to rush home to find out the story....only to get a bunch of mixed up stories. After a few hours & talking to many people, we found out the truth. It hurts to lose trust in a friend & roomate. Here is my letter to her:
Here is how you opened the door to bad basically played Russian Roulette with our apt., our property & lives......the night could have went VERY are Very lucky that something REALLY terrible didn’t happen!!

#1.) Having a Party without informing your Roommates. Having a party behind our backs- you purposely did not tell us. We always tell you b4 if we know people are coming come over!
#2.) Inviting Everyone, Anyone, making announcements of Party at Apt. out-loud to anybody listening.
#3) Having random under-aged drinkers at apt.
#4) being loud & talking vulgarly out loud, disrespect to our neighbors.
#5) having 4 separate reports to the Police, they drove by 3 times, shined light into apt. You are lucky they did not come up, because they would have arrested many people for under-aged drinking & pot/drugs (if you had them, which in this case, I assume you did).....and all of us would have been in major trouble.
#6.) jeopardized our apt. we could have all been kicked out for being a 'party-house'
#7.) if we didn’t get a call you probably would have never told us anything. We had to find out from others.
#8.) You didn’t tell us the whole story....and when you do tell us something....the story changes.....very shady!
#9.) your friend was so drunk, she fell, hit her head & was out for awhile. The ice pack in freezer was for her head. You are lucky she wasn’t seriously hurt or died.
#10.) we had a deal: No strangers in apt. You broke it many times.......very dangerous!! That is endangering ALL of us & our property!
#11.) You tried calling Fez to get your stories straight....very shady!!
#12.) you had 2 cars parked in my driveway.......2 cars not allowed.....and No one parks in my driveway without asking 1st!
#13.) making yet ANOTHER Scene at our Pub earlier that day with your under-aged friends!
#14.) when I asked you who was there, you were very evasive. Either you didn’t want to tell me or you could not remember.
#15.) Since you were the only one in apt. that lives here, you are totally responsible. My computer was turned on…..that is NEVER allowed!!!
#16.) we were told by many people that you went to our Pub and left people in Apt. un-atteded....You say that is not true…..but after all this, it is hard to trust what you say anymore.
#17.) The trust is now broken. We cannot have a roommate that we do not trust. That hurts the most…..That is very powerful & valuable to me…..TRUST…..and that is forever Broken!! Out of everything…..the trust being broken is the most hurtful thing that upsets me about this whole thing!!!!
#18.) you probably still do not get it…..but just because nothing that bad didn’t happen just means you just plain got lucky… opened the door to the high possibility of something bad happening…..and that was okay with you.


August 2, 2008
A lot of People don`t know that my New Husband Roy has a fake eye....he is legally blind....he cannot get a drivers licence, so I am his driver whenever he needs to go anywhere....however nothing stops him and you would Never is an interesting article about him & his eye.
The eyes have it

Tustin ocularist uses his art training to craft as-real-as-life replacements.
The Orange County Register
http://www.ocregist r/news/atoz/ article_710953. php
TUSTIN – John Kennedy pries out Ronald Luse's right eye with what looks like a screwdriver and presses it firmly against a whirring grinder.
Luse is cheerful.
"It falls out about once a year, but it's usually my fault," he reports.
Kennedy reinstalls the eye and appraises it like a jeweler.
"I think we could improve it a little," Kennedy says.
"My grandkids have a field day trying to tell which one is my real eye," Luse says. "I think it's perfect."
Kennedy, 53, smiles and sits back on his stool.
The patients who come to Eye Design Ocular Prosthetics have been through some of the most frightening diseases the mind can conceive.
Take Roy Hetherington, 36, whose eyes were attacked by the autoimmune disease iritis. His left eye withered and died, then shrank in his head.
Or Brenda Storz, 35, who lost her right eye to retino blastoma, a voracious cancer, when she was just 2.
And now Luse, 70, whose eyeball shriveled and dark ened two years ago after a stroke and glaucoma.
"It died on me," Luse says matter-of-factly. "It was very, very painful. If they hadn't taken it out I would have dug it out myself."
These are horror stories to curl the hair of most people, but Kennedy's patients are mostly past the pain. What they aren't past is the social stigma linked with disfigurement, the jerk of the head when someone notices there's something more than a little odd about their eyeballs.
"This eye is not for me. This eye is for how the rest of the world perceives me," says Storz.
That's where Kennedy comes in, a meticulous craftsman with an easy manner and an encyclopedic eye for color. He's an expert in the obscure science of reopening the window to the soul.
One of just 200 ocularists in North America, Kennedy has made eyes for babies born without, for war veterans who sacrificed an orb for honor; for people of all ages attacked by accident or disease.
When Hetherington came to Kennedy, he was still stinging from a comment by a former boss bothered by his wandering, shrunken eye.
"Can't you get that fixed?" the man demanded.
Turned out he could, although the first version, by another ocularist, bulged strangely and hardly matched his original hazel.
Kennedy made a perfect match, colored by sight and paintbrush, and today it's impossible to say which eye might not be real.
Still, Kennedy's not satisfied. One eye opening appears slightly wider. He removes the orb - turns out the tool is actually a suction cup - and attacks it with a grinder, removing material along the edge to relieve pressure on the eyelid. Reinserted, the eyes match.
Hetherington is ebullient, reporting how much his girlfriend, his family, his co-workers like his new eye.
"We live in a visual society. We are very into appearances. The first thing you look at is the face, and flaws stand out right away," Hetherington says. "When you lose an eye, it takes away part of your confidence. Once you get that part restored, you can almost forget that you lost it in the first place."
Kennedy says many of his patients share that feeling.
"I approach this as an art, but it's also real rewarding. I am helping people feel complete again."
Kennedy opens a tattered portfolio and removes 20 years' worth of watercolors.
He once pursued art as a career, but came to believe it wasn't practical.
In 1974, he disappointed his art teachers at Orange Coast College by switching to dental technology, where he would learn to make dentures.
"I could still sculpt and paint and get paid for it."
He took a job in the dental school at UC San Francisco, and became known as a master at creating lifelike dentures.
It was a good job, but something was missing. Kennedy wandered in the woods near Half Moon Bay, rendering landscapes in gauzy colors.
Rubbing shoulders with the dentists, Kennedy realized what it was. They were working with patients, while he was toiling alone in the lab.
"I wanted to be more directly involved with people."
In 1990 he quit his job and took an apprenticeship at a VA hospital in Delaware, where he learned to make ocular prosthetics.
He absorbed the new training quickly, standing out for his ability to relate to people and to match their real eyes.
His watercolors from this period are more vivid, infused with brighter colors, subtle reflections, and life. Kennedy had found his calling.
In 1997 he returned to Orange County to start his own shop, struggling to set up an ocular practice from scratch. In those first years, he made custom dentures to help pay the bills.
"The day I stopped doing dentures, that was a great day," he recalls.
While waiting for Brenda Storz, who is driving from Thousand Oaks, Kennedy pages through an old British sports car catalog, looking for parts for his MGA.
Finally Storz arrives, a fashion-model- tall mother of two with emerald-green eyes.
For 20 years Storz wore a "stock eye," an off-the-shelf model fitted by an ophthalmologist. It was a little smaller, a little off in color, clearly not the same as her real eye. She compensated by being twice as outgoing. After a two-year fiasco with another ocularist, who kept promising high-tech solutions but delivering nothing, Storz was careful about choosing a new ocularist.
Was his approach primarily artistic or scientific, she asked Kennedy? (He said artistic.)
How long would it take him to make the eye? (One day.)
You might think that modern eye prosthetics are some sort of high-tech science, miracle polymers matched by computer chromatograph.
Not so - and perhaps that's a good thing. Kennedy's not much for computers. He makes eyes using technology developed by the Army in the 1940s, when the supply of German glass eyes dried up.
He make a gel impression of the eye socket, a wax model of the eye, then a plaster cast of the model. The artificial eye is cast out of methyl methacrylate, an epoxy-like plastic.
Now comes the most intense part: Staring at Storz, he colors the sclera, iris and pupil, scratching his brush in dried pigment and simulating veins with scraps of thread.
Essentially, Kennedy has painted a portrait of her good eye on the plastic model.
He tops the colors with another layer of plastic, presses the model in a vise and cooks it at 212 degrees, then polishes it with pumice. Now Storz has two emerald orbs, an overwhelming change.
"You've stepped in a really intimate place with people like that," Kennedy says.
"It's a huge emotional impact when they look in the mirror and they're whole again."
Contact the writer: (714) 796-2240 or cknap@ocregister. com

July 3, 2008
I am learning how to cook! I have always lived alone & cooking never made sense to me. It cost me more money & more time to cook for myself. Now I have a husband, who needs to eat healthy because of his many health problems. I have been buying healthy cookbooks, googling websites & watching the food channel. Besides trying to cook healthy, I am also trying to cook cheaply.....which is a seems the word 'healthy' means is cheaper to eat crap!!
On Monday, his Buddy's come over and I cook for them. Their favorite meals that I have made them is my Shepherds Pie & my home-made tacos. I was told from Graham, one of Roy`s Buddy's, who is from England, that I make an awesome Shepherds Pie!! I am also told that my home-made taco shells & tacos are quite tasty as well! Now with the summer warm weather, we have been grilling on the roof. All that the guys gotta do, is bring beer & ice. They got the better deal, the Monday Night grocery bill is pretty steep!! But, oh is fun to have the boys over, relaxing, eating, drinking, laughing & telling stories. This Monday was Grilled Fajitas with all the fresh fixings. Last Monday was Turkey Burgers with home-made macaroni salad and the Monday before that was grilled kabobs with home-made potato salad. I think next Monday I will grill hot dogs with all the fixings like chili, cheese, mustard, katsup, relish, onions, etc.
What a great way to start off the work week, huh? Yes, I love my new domesticated life!!
oxox, Stacy

June 26, 2008
I am googling like crazy today. My new husband has many health problems. He has health insurance and goes to really great doctors, but there are so many ailments that are still a mystery why he has them & he is getting tired of not getting answers & dealing with these ailments.
Roy used to exercise frequently by going to the gym & jogging daily. About a year ago he started suffering from a fluttering heart/rapid heart beats/skipping beats. The doctor told him to take it easy with exercising until they find out what`s wrong. They say what he has is not life-threatening but highly annoying. He wants to get back to exercising, but every time he does, his heart flutters. His heart will also flutter at unexpected times, like when he is laying in bed resting. This is very alarming.
He has also been gaining weight, not just because of lack of exercise, but he seems to be gaining an excess amount of weight even through he has been on a diet for the past 2 months!
The doctors say he has high blood pressure & high cholesterol, so I have been packing his lunch with healthy items like oatmeal, veggies grapefruits and I have been cooking healthy dinners. He has been taking all the medications the doctor tells him to take plus fish oil tablets, flax seed & Omega 3.
He has been following the doctors orders for over 3 months now and he still has heart flutters, his blood pressure & cholesterol is still high and he is still gaining weight plus he feels really bloated.
He keeps going to the doctor for more & more tests but he is getting annoyed. He wants them to find out why & tell him how he can cure all this asap. I am also trying to get answers by spending many hours on the Internet googling his symptoms.
He has a history of un-explained ailments. In 1994 he went completely blind for no other reason than a 'arthritic' condition in the eye muscles. His sight came back about a year after, but only in one eye, he has a fake eye and his good eye needs constant care & really thick contact lens so he can see. He cannot get a drivers license because of having only one eye. I drive him where ever he needs to go. Before me he would take buses, carpools & call cabs (which is really expensive here in Southern California).
I am sure we will figure out what this is all about, but it is very frustrating, stressful & time consuming at the moment. I am sure we are not the only people going through this. Sometimes it just takes awhile to solve a mystery.
oxox, Stacy

June 19, 2008
We found out why my neighbor committed suicide. She had terminal stomach cancer. It was very progressed. She didn`t want to worry or be a burden to any body. Which would not have been true, but I understand.....but still it is hard. I especially feel sorry for the girls that found her, had to cut her down (she hung herself) & tried to revive her. No one knew she was planning this. She never let on. She was happy & planned stuff till the end. The paramedics say those are the ones you look out for the ones that talk about it want to be stopped. She was such a cute girl so full of life, the world is a lot dimmer without her, for sure!
The Memorial was this past Monday.....exactly one week from the day it happened. I have Monday Night dinners for the boys (Roy`s buddies, now my buddies, our extended family). every Monday Night, I cook, they bring beer and then we either watch sports, a movie or Johnny`s favorite TV Show, 'House'. Last Monday, a week ago, the Girl that hung herself, actually let them into the building.....they all said hi, the boys came into my apartment and the girl walked upstairs to her apartment only to never return alive. The boys are a little distraught over the whole thing, it is hard to be the last ones to see her alive.
This Monday, I made kabobs & home-made potato salad and we grilled on the roof. A couple girls from the memorial came up for a brew & we all made a toast to Laurie, that was her name. I bought her a star in the galaxy & named it after her.
Even though we now know why she did it and understand, it does not help or make it easy. She is greatly missed!!
oxox, Stacy

June 12, 2008
My New Neighbor upstairs from me committed suicide last night. She hung herself in her apt. I saw her walk upstairs (getting home from work still wearing her army clothes) last night around 6:30pm....l thought she just looked tired from work but l guess it was more. I had the boys (Roy`s Buddies) over for my weekly monday night dinners (made shake n bake)....everything was good....then heard screaming.....police came.....lots of crying.....then the coroner came.....didn`t want to intrude....thats all l know as of now......heavy day.....her sister came knocking on my door this morning asking what happened...I guess she just found out.....she never been here b4, never had a chance to visit her sisters new apt.....I brought her upstairs to my landlorad, who I think found the body. My apt. manager & her friends was inside..... I just brought her to them, they hugged & cried...I left quickly. I don`t wanna need for me to be there. I am sure I will get the details later.....I don`t wanna ask anything right now.
Last night I heard the coroner wheel her out (since her bedroom was above mine) and carry her down the steps. Gloomy day. I feel weird.
oxox Stacy

June 5, 2008
Major Life changes in 2007 Part 1: My New Pad!

Last Summer 2007 I was in a pretty cool apartment on the Beach. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, no parking, no balcony apartment, but it had 2 huge windows facing the beach! I love my neighborhood. However my apartment had a lot of problems and the property management & owners were not interested in improving it or helping me at all. I had no heat in my apartment for over 3 years I had torn old carpet, my garbage disposal would never work, the paint was disgusting the roof would leak it was way to small and they kept raising the rent drastically.
I didn`t want to move from my neighborhood but I knew I couldn`t stay in the same apartment. All the apartment prices were going way up & no one seemed to be pet friendly. I was scared I would have to move far away to something I could afford & allow pets.....somewhere I wouldn`t want to go and no matter what or where you move Moving is expensive just by moving itself.
Well lady luck must have been looking out for me, because within a month I found my dream apartment only 4 doors down from where my old apartment was it was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, had a balcony, garbage disposal, dishwasher, had a rooftop sun deck with BBQ and 360% view of the city & beach, secruity gate, driveway & garage....and only $100- more than my old run down apartment!!!
It was VERY expensive moving, since I had to take time off work, find people to help move (pay them with food & beer) pay 1st & last month rent, secruity fee & pay my old apartment for the last month`s rent. I was lucky enough to find a cool roomate to rent out the 3rd bedroom. The second bedroom I made into a Closet.....hey I got a TON of stuff!!
One of the many perks of my new pad is I got to paint it anyway I wanted!! My bedroom I painted bright Yellow. My Master Bedroom Bathroom I painted Turquiose. My closet room I painted Bright Orange. The Hallway I painted Bubble Gum Pink. The main Bathroom is Lime Green. My Roomate`s bedroom is a Pale Peach. The Living Room is Bright Turquoise and the Kitchen is called Lushious Lips!! Hehe....yep, I love my New Pad!!
oxox Stacy

November 29, 2007
I just found out I am going back stage with Bridget Marquardt (My friend, E! Girls Next Door & Hef`s Girlfriend) to Rob Zombie/Oz Fest this Friday......
WOW, I just saw SUICIDAL TENDENCIES last week, going back stage to Zombie Friday, then I am going to see Agent Orange & The Adolescents on Saturday.....then I am going to see The Original VAN HALEN.....yes the one with David Lee Roth, on December 20th.....yes, it is a Rock`in Month!!
oxox, Stacy

November 22, 2007
Monday Nov.19th around 5pm l was laying on my couch in a 'food coma' and my apt. manager & upstairs neighbor called me. She was at her Vet`s and they had kitties for adoption & she said one looked & sounded just like Johnny Cat and it was a BOY! She took a cell phone pix & sent it to me. I took one look and knew he was the one! I told her l am on my way. I flew out the door in my sweats & all and booked over to her vet. I saw him & told the nurses l wanted him now. I filed out the paper work & they let me take him home right then but without a carrier, l had to hold him in my arms throughout the ride home. He was so good.
The nurses gave me some info, but it was after 5pm, it was rush hour & there were so many pet owners veing for their attention. I only got a bit of info, but l will get more info when l gotta take him in for more shots in 2 weeks. They said on Dec. 2nd he will be a month old. He is too young to get all his shots....but they de-wormed him & did what they could. He was found in the airport with his brothers & sisters and wild mother. I don`t know why he was taken from his mother so early.....maybe something happened to her, maybe they couldn`t catch her. l`ll ask more when l have the nurses full attention on our 1st vet day.
Just think, he was born Nov. 2nd...the day after Johnny died... weird!!
Also, he does everything Johnny used to do. He sleeps on my pillow next to my head nose to nose, he meows like johnny, he stares at me, he likes to sleep on me (he slept for awhile on my back), he is a such a good boy, he loves to be held, he cuddles, he purrs loudly, he like to go under the covers, he is not a spaz.....he seems more mature than 2 1/2 weeks old....but he is soooo little......he also is a bit skinny, the nurses said they ran out of wet food so l will need to fatten him worries there!
Kaiko and bear hates him, but thats normal....soon they will all love him. He wants to be their friend so bad, he keeps trying to go over and say hi to them, but they growl and scare him away.
Weird year.....l got rid of an old apt. got the new apt. of my rid of an old boyfriend, got a new boyfriend of my dreams (always wanted a spiky hair bad boy punk rocker with a good heart) old baby boy of my dreams dies.....but l get a new baby boy of my dreams is a year of not only Major New Changes, but Good Changes for the better (not saying the kitty is better than Johnny, but you know what l mean). What is more weird, all my life l knew at this age something major was going to happen to me.....l wasn`t sure what it was.....but l always felt that 2007 was going to be my far my prediction is coming true!
I choose Frankie, cause the song Frankie & also sounds like Johnny without tring to make him into a Johnny Jr. ....l don`t want him to live in the shadow of Johnny....l want him to have his own name and identity.
Yep, l am in love.....with my NEW apt., with my NEW man & with my NEW baby boy......this is turning out to be a great year!
OXOX, Stacy

November 08, 2007
Johnny Cat (my 16 year old Baby Boy) died in my arms Thursday Nov.1st.....I am a mess....he was there through thick & thin....l saved his life many times & he saved my life many times.....he is the reason I am alive today....honest.....I will always love & miss my Baby Boy....he was my ONLY Best Friend......I love you baby!!!

You can see photos of Johnny through out my site & at my MySpace site:

A lot of good stuff is happening, but it seems for every one good thing, 2 good things happen. I miss Johnny soooo much, he was my soul mate, I can talk for days about the stuff he used to do. We would play hide & go Seek, he would sit on my lap like a Kid, reach around my neck with his paws and give me kisses, come to me when I was down, etc. He was a Mama’s Boy for sure. He loved people coming over & he loved the balcony!

He kept me alive so much. I would drive more careful or something, because who would take care of Johnny if I got hurt? So he kept me sane. For those of you that has kids, you probably know what I mean.

What hurts me as well is, Danny (My ex of 2 years) never called, emailed, text or contact me in any way to give condolences. I know he has a new girl, I know he has moved on, I just thought we would end up being still close as friends......and when your friend loses someone special in their life, true friends reach out and are there for each other. I know I should just get over it & that is the way he is, but I really thought when it really mattered he would be there for me like l was there for him. I don’t expect much, just a text, call, email or something relaying that he is sorry about Johnny.....that’s it.

So I guess it is official, Danny IS NOT MY FRIEND, he never really was, he is more concerned on what he needs & NOT the needs of I lost Johnny & the memory of Danny, 2 of my best friends (one WAS my best friend & the other pretended to be).....the 2 people in my life that I thought was there for me, through thick & thin.

Other stuff is going on now as well.....many ups & downs and I am trying to deal with them, but it is tuff.....sometimes I just want to give up & crawl into a hole. It seems every time I solve one problem 2 more problems pop up. But I guess that is life.

Oxox, Stacy

October 25, 2007
Saturday Oct. 20th, I Drove 2 the Playboy Mansion, woke up at 6am Sunday Oct. 21st, drank a few mimosa`s, piled in the Limo with Holly, Cristal, Anastasia & a couple Playmates, drove to The Abby.....met, chatted & took pix with Shirley Jones, Faith Ford & Hal Sparks (yummmmm).......walked, chatted & bonded with my Playmate Friends doing the 10k walk........had breakfast at The Abby, drove home & melted in my bean bag chair....only to get up a couple hours later to check online & patter around my new pad doing little chores. I hope to get to bed early, since I have a heavy work week as well as unpacking still. I am soooo exhuasted!!!! Boy, I need a foot & body massage BAD!!!!!
oxox, Stacy

October 18, 2007
Can you spell S-T-R-E-S-S??????
One of my old neighbors got all mad that the city didn`t pick up my box spring & cinder blocks that l left by the trash bins....he called the city & wanted them to arrest me for illegal dumping!!! l told him l contacted the refuse place & they said they were going to pick it up by the end of Tuesday (today) but he was ranting and raving calling my new apt. manager all day starting at 11am!!! The day wasn`t even over yet. The New manager was calling me all day, but l couldn`t do anything, I was at work. So she brought the cinder blocks over to my new apt. By the end of the day the city never picked up the box spring or blocks, so now l gotta find a way to get rid of the blocks and call back the refuse place 2morrow to pick up the box spring!
To add to that, my old property managment called me & left me a message asking when l will bring the keys back from my old apt. (they are in Pasadena) and until l personally give the keys back, they will be charging me for rent!!! I don`t think so. I gotta wake up early & mail them certified letter before work, I wanna make sure they get their keys back!
Then, to add to that....l am working every day (Monday-Saturday). After work, l am unpacking (200 boxes) & organizing my New apt. I was looking 4ward to having Sunday off, but I 4got that I agreed to do the Aids Walk for Playboy.....I can`t cancel, so Saturday after work, I will be going to the Playboy Mansion, spending the night, (since the Aids Walk is VERY early in the morning on Sunday) and come home later Sunday, only to wake up to another work week, get back to unpacking and getting ready to a move a full garage into another garage!! Whew!!!! I need a Spa Day after this month!!!
oxox, Stacy

September 20, 2007
OMG......what a difference a day makes!!!!! Yesterday, l was the most depressed that l have ever been......felt like my life was going no where........well my friend & next door neighbor told me an apt. has just opened up, the owner does something to do with limo`s at the Playboy Mansion (random) ......if l want the apt. they will let me have it for only $1950- a month, if l do not take it they will hike the price to $2200- a month..........get this.......this apt. is 3 doors down from where l live now, so it is still water front...on the has 3 bedrooms, walk-in closet, 2 bathrooms (1 in the master bedroom), huge living room, dishwasher, Balcony (yes, huge balcony) with panaramic view of the bay & beach........a roof top that has a 360 view of Long beach (beach, bay, downtown views).....BBQ, hammach, parking garage (which will be open soon), dishwasher, utilities paid....................and that is not all........since they have to paint & carpet it anyway.....THEY ARE LETTING ME DESIGN IT MYSELF........I can pick any carpet or tile l want & have it painted anyway l want, which will be every room gets a different color & l am having a painting party where l invited a few artist & l am getting a mural on 1 wall in each room!!!!!!! What the H#LL!!!!!!!
Yes, this will be expensive, l gotta come up with 1st & last months rent & pay the days remaining on my old place, but hot damn, l cannot pass this is too good to be true!!!!
Finally things are looking up!!! Now I gotta sand & help paint my new apt. and help with the Floors. I decided I wanted the concrete floors, no carpet......since I am on the beach & have cats, carpet is just a bad we gotta fill in the cracks & stain the concrete floors.....this will probably take a couple weeks, then I can move in.....I already put my 30 day notice in, so I am a bit stressed & worried that I have enough time for all of this......but I am sure all will come out okay! Yeah!!!
oxox, Stacy

September 13, 2007
I am scared that I am turning into a crazy terrible monster. I thinking I am spinning out of control. I am losing it. I am not think rational. What is wrong with me? Why do I do & say these things? Why do I think these things? Why do I have these thoughts? I am so depressed, I am so very depressed! I feel so lost & alone. I don't know how to fix things. I am ruining everything......I am destroying everything close & dear to me......I am destroying the love that I once had. I am hurting the people closest to me, I am destroying special & important relationships. I am hurting people that I do not want to hurt.
Everyone says that I will get over it, that I am just going through something right now & things will get better......but I don't think so, I see no light at the end of this tunnel.....all I see is wont be long until I will destroy it all.
My heart is so broken, so dark. I tossed away something very dear to me because of immature jealousy. I feel so abandoned. I am crushed inside. l am so empty, so hollow. I have never been so depressed in my life, all I can do is cry.
it seems when I find true love, I hold on too tight, I am so scared of losing it, that it is like holding hard onto wet will slip through your hands if you hold to tight, but if you hold it gently, it will stay in your hand. I am so scared of being alone, that I sabotage things to make me more alone. Why can't I just enjoy what I have? why can I? Why do I have this fear of losing it? The fear itself makes me lose the most special things in my life. I hate this about me. I mean no harm, but I feel like I am going to self destruct!
I am sorry if this seems weird, but I just had to get this off my chest & blog it.....I need to get this out......I just wanted to explain my irrational behavior right now. It helps to stay busy, so I guess that is why I am doing all these events & trying to surround myself with friends.......I am scared what my behavior will be if I am alone right now.
Love you guys!!!
oxox, Stacy

June 21, 2007
Love Letter of Finally Moving on:

June 2007
It all comes down to this, This is how my life is Now, This is who I am Now. I may change, I may not, however, I want things to be better and my goal is to make things better……but Still, this is how I am Now and all I want to do is enjoy life, do the right thing, spend it & share my life with people who love and accept me for who I am Now and who will still love & accept me when I grow or change.
l am glad l made the decision not to see you & talk to you, l think l needed some ME Time........l have many pending projects that have been needing my attention. My love for you clouded things and my life was all about you.....l forgot about l am taking this time to relax, do what is needed, reflect and figure out what l really want in life.
l am sorry for all the fighting we did, I wish we could have gotten along, but I really do not think you ever really 'got' (understood) me. l think l was just getting to 'get' (understand) you, but you pulled the cord before l could gather my thoughts, so l am off on my own once again. l do hope we can become friends again soon......since l do really miss you. You really have become my very best friend in the whole world, more than I have ever known in my life & l love to hang with you. l think that if we become friends again, we should go out & do more stuff instead of just chilling at one's casa (Spanish for house).......even though l love that, but l think we got into too much of quantity of time 2gether instead of QUAILTY of time 2gether. We really never got to really know each other.....we just fell in love 2 fast & l think we rushed things, we never really just courted & hung out without the pressures of a relationship..........but that is all in hind-sight and we are all over that now. Now, we must get on with our own lives alone & figure things out separately. However, it would be nice to see ya again soon......but it will happen when it happens.
B.T.W: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I have a few presents for ya.....some is still in next time l see ya, l will hopefully have it to give ya. Happy Birthday Danny.......and again, sorry for the year and a half of major crapola!
P.S. My last email is attached below, incase you ignored it the 1st time.
Part of me is still angry at you for many reasons. One of them of you saying things like, 'l care about you & l have to tell you when you are doing something stupid'. That statement hurts and hurts a lot. That is very hurtful, insulting & condescending. Just because you disagree with my actions does not mean it is stupid. I do not want to silence you, I want you to speak your mind….however…..You can also tell me you disagree without using that hurtful language, angry or being so loudly vocal.
You do also get very highly verbal in a high volume that can be miss-read as 'yelling'. When someone yells at me, l automatically get defensive……and l might yell back, act out or something. I did and still do want to understand you better. I hear your hurtful words & strategy but at the same time, l try to translate it to what you really mean… least l hope you do not really mean all those things you say…..l try to remember that you do not think l am stupid, you just highly disagree, at least at that moment (later you may agree with me & my actions)……but l am also human and l get defensive right away. I know that is one of my faults.
I do love you & we have a strong connection that I cannot ignore. When you are younger (like you) you take that connection for granted, thinking that you can find that with anyone or everybody………but as you get older, you realize that is not the case and when /if you are lucky enough to find that connection again, you cherish it and try to preserve it as much as you can.
If we become friends again, we need to take things slow. Lets not get into each others lives to much. We are best friends so that might be hard to do…..but I see that you disagree highly with the way I live and that gets in the way. I wish you can just accept me for who I am & love me for who I am Now. Yes, I will grow & change, but in my own way & time… must learn to relax & let me be me. In which, we could only be friends as of now. I do not think you have ever saw me as me, the way I am…..only who I may become or who you want me to be. I see your faults, but love you no matter what. If you grow, good, but if not, I may disagree with that, but I love you & accept you & your decisions you make in life. That is the way I am & I guess I was hoping you felt the same. Now, that is not to say that I am happy in what is going on with my life, just like you are not happy with the way things are going with you & your life. But that is MY decision to make and when I need to make it. I do plan to improve & make things better, but at my own pace and I need to think things out completely, just like you,. I appreciate your impute, but do not get mad at me for my actions… me to make to correct decision for myself, just like I trust you to make your own decisions in your life and do what you need to do. All I want is Support, Trust, Love and Understanding. I will give you the same in return.
Oxox, Stacy

June 07, 2007
MANY things going on......just got back from BoundCon Germany (FUN!) ....had a FABULOUS Birthday at the Playboy, l am leaving for Arizona Monday June 4th for a few days for a Superheroine shoot with Jewel Marceau, then when l get home on Wednesday, l have to bag up Everything in my house, & move EVERYTHING else (cats, plants & all) out & into another location for 4 days......then Move EVERYTHING back into my house on Monday June they can tent & fumigate my house for termites.........I am sure I will have to clean everything out, dump things out & organize everything back, which will take a few days.....all with a Full work & booking add to this, l am having car trouble & friends visiting from out of state.......uurrrrrggg!!!!!
oxox, Stacy

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