Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day in the Life of Stacy Burke

6:30am Wake up
Make Tea for Roy, Make Coffee for me
Take Cover off of Fred`s Bird Cage, Feed Fred, Give him Fresh Water, Clean or Fix anything askew in Fred`s Cage.
Turn on TV, usually to Good Day LA
Call Out to my Cats (yes, they come when called), feed them a little bit of wet food in their separate bowls.
Put Away Dishes that I washed the Night Before
Turn on Computer
Refill Pet Water & Food Bowls outside.
Water Plants
Clean Out Catboxes
Dust, Clean whatever needs to be clean right then.
Make up Bed
Brush teeth, Brush Hair, Wash Face.
If Roy needs to go his job site that day, I will make him a Boxed Lunch to take with him.

Check Emails, Website Updates, Zip Photo & Video Files. Do Computer Work.
Exercise: Do Floor Exercises at home then go for a 3mile Jog.

I then Shower & Get Ready.
If I have a Photo Shoot, I get my Shoot Bag ready, get gas & go to shoot.
If I have to go Grocery Shopping, I will try to go before 10am.
I may need to drive Roy to a Client Meeting or to the Doctors.
I may need to shoot Video Content for my Own Sites.
I may go out to Visit & Care for My Grandmother.
I run or do Errands that need to be done.
Roy (my husband) is Legally Blind, he cannot Drive, so I do ALL the Driving.
Fill Out Orders
Deliver Orders

If it is Sunday, I usually go Spend the Day at The Playboy Mansion.
Sundays Usually Roy watches Sports with his Guys at a Local Pub & I go to the Playboy Mansion & Hang with My Girls.

I pay whatever Bills that are Due.Yes, I pay ALL the Household Bills & Roy`s Cell Phone Bill. Roy Only Pays for our Rent & Roy helps out by giving me 30% of our Grocery Bill.

I Clean House: Dust, Vacuum, Clean Windows, Clean Mirrors, Laundry, Wash Car, Take Trash Out, Clean Bird Cages, Clean Food Bowls, Clean Catbox, Mop Floors, Wash Dishes, Etc.

I cook Dinner, Feed Roy, Put the Leftovers Away, Wash Dishes.
I make sure I do whatever needs to be done.
At Sundown I cover Fred`s (our Bird) Cage.
I usually try to go to bed around 10pm

My Monthly Bills that I pay:
Cable TV & Internet
Both Cell Phones (Me & Roy`s)
Car Insurance
Gas in Car
Groceries & Supplies
Car Registration
Electric Bill
P.O. Box
Web Hosting Shipping & Expenses

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