Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunset/Moonlight Movies on the Beach

During the Summer my beach host a Moonlight Movies on the Beach - Every Monday & Tuesday Alfredo`s Beach Club puts up a Giant Blow-up Screen and lots of speakers next to their Snack Shack and plays Movies for Free at Sun Down. Everyone brings their Beach Chairs, Towels and Picnic Baskets, gathers around and Enjoys a Movie. I always bring lots of warm clothes, my Skull design Snuggie and a Picnic Basket full of goodies.
 It is a real treat to watch the beautiful Sun Set over the Ocean, sit on the beach, enjoy Food & Drink while watching a Movie in the Moonlight with the sound of Crashing Waves in the background. We always run into our neighbors, people we know and meet new people. It is a great community Event that I look forward to every year.
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Had a great Trip, see ya Next Fall!!

I took a nasty fall last night walking home from Movies on the Beach - l fall a lot - this time it was because my Ugg boots fit me a bit loose - so when l pick up my feet to walk, my Ugg boot slips off a bit, causing it to drag a bit and catch the crack in sidewalk.....and down l go, like l was sliding to home base on concrete - Roy helped me up, asked if l was OK - l said yea, l`m used to it, it happens a lot, another bruise to add to my collection. I am very Clumsy. l was called 'Patches' because my  Grandma had to sew patches on the knees of all my pants because l fell so much that it made holes in them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Jobs Mon....

Been Really Busy with my New Schedule - I now have 5 Jobs!
I wake up at 5am to get ready, feed animals & do Household Chores
* 7am-1pm: I am a Manager at a Laundromat (yes, Laundromat. I like it. It gives me a guaranteed weekly pay check -and it is nice to do something different. I like meeting New people and doing new things)
* 1-2pm: I walk my friends Dogs (I`m a Dog Walker)
* 2pm-6pm: I may have a photo shoot scheduled
* 6pm-7pm I do my House Wife Chores
* 7pm-10pm I do my Webmaster Job
at 11pm - I try to get to bed, since I have to awake at 5am the next day.
........and during the Summer....there are a Ton of Activities to attend......
However....I plan to post more on my Blogs.....sorry I have been neglecting my blogs lately......just getting adjusted.......I will post more.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Just got home after a 12+ hour work day - I bought Hubby a Fried Chicken Dinner on way home - now Chilaxing, having a glass of wine while doing my `puter work - I have not eaten yet -but soon - gotta wake up at 5am to do it all over again - oh BTW - we got a New Bird today - Josephine is her name - she is 1 1/2 yrs old and soooooo full of is AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mystery Meat BBQ Sunday & Rack em up!!

Busy  for me this week - working my normal Full time 5 day a week Shifts at work - then - tons of household Chores when I get home - then watching 'Movies on the Beach' Mondays & Tuesdays - Booked a few Photo Shoots after work 2 days this week - then Saturday, me & my Brother gonna go help my Family organize their Garage - Oh, then I gotta defrost Freezer for Mystery Meat BBQ this Sunday!!! Oh yes....I am going to defrost my Freezer that is Packed with 'who knows what' - the Boys are going to grill it up on our Roof and we are going to have a Massive Feast - we call it 'Mystery Meat BBQ Sunday! 
Yea, I love Movies on the Beach - Grease was a good one last night (Different Movie every Night) - everyone sung along- Tonight it is ET - was all excited to go - but Roy 4got that he had Concert Tickets with Evil Vic tonight for the band 'Hell YEah' - I could still go to Movies on the beach tonight - but there is a ton of stuff I gotta do - working double shifts in the next few days.
 Missing ET as movie on the beach tonight, but getting tons of work done on my webmaster jobs while watching a beautiful pink sunset outside my office balcony window!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home Alone

at home - guys are away, camping at The Hootenanny in Irvine Lake - I have the house to myself - watching the Sun Set on the Ocean from my Balcony - enjoying a glass of wine - I was gonna go out - but naw - Junk Food in Fridge, Trash TV, my Couch & the Kitties are calling my name -ahhhhhh