Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homemade Mexican Dessert Burrito

my grandmother used to grill a corn or flour tortilla - put some cheese and sugar in the middle -and make a grilled burrito out of just cheese and sugar -and it was ooey gooey awesomeness.........that is what l am making for dessert right now.......and it is tha BOMB!! p.s. add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holidays = Sunday in my Jammies

Sunday, I usually go to the Playboy Mansion and Roy usually goes to watch Football at a pub with his buddies. This time Roy took a train to visit an old school friend who he has not seen in years. I stayed home the whole day......shooting custom videos, drinking spiked egg nog, watching Holiday Movies on cable TV, Cooking a tasty dinner for Roy when he does come home.......enjoying having the house to myself....with no where to my Jammies all day.....with my furry children (aka: animals). Loving the Holiday Season. Hope your Holiday Season is going good as well......Cheers!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Happens - Warm and Fuzzy TV Season

Drinking Spiked Egg Nog and watching 'The Sound of Music Live' on TV -dealing with my Hubby`s protest (he is in Man Cave -protesting against this on the BIG TV in Living Room) - Whatever - it`s The Holidays - this is the time I watch 'Warm and Fuzzy' things - rare l know....however the NEW Mob Wives comes on VH1 at 10pm - l might snap out of it and watch that with him then............maybe......

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Batman - Woman!!

I Bought Hubby a Batman Onsie at Target on Wednesday after my shoot - grabbed one on hanger marked 'Large' -but when I got home -realized it was a medium -thought no biggy since hubby made fun of them earlier in week, so I thought he didn`t care  -but soon realized that he really liked it/wanted it and was bummed it was wrong size - so I went back to Target today - on Black Friday, in the rain to exchange it - Only 1 large left - yessss - exchanged it no problem - smile on his face worth it - got today off work cause I had an event to go to - but enjoying the day.....home......watching Holiday Movies in my PJ`s......drinking spiked egg nog - Roy going to concert later - I may just stay home and be a Holiday Bum....ahhh yessssss!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wine-Down - Shooting for Cuel Video tomorrow

Spent Waaaay to much at Grocery Store ($180-) - like always -oh well -just got home from a Busy day at work -Made Dinner for me and Hubby -Flank Steak PinWheels & Baked Potatoes -yumm -now for a glass of wine to help me 'wine-down' ;-P
 I got a Busy day tomorrow - Shooting a Custom Video with Francesca Le for Cuel Video. I will post the Script @

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dark Wednesday

Hubby works from home all day on his computer...he is on an important client editing hair wet from shower.....I still need to blow dry it and get ready for work....Electrician knocks on our door...tells us they need to replace pole by our building...that we will be without power for the next 4hrs starting advance warning Urggggg!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am Wild over Oscar Wilde -wait- Who is Oscar Wilde?

Hubby in San Fran on business - I am home alone watching Parks and Recs on TV, Drinking Wine, eating Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Raisins on Crackers.....and googling Oscar Wilde.......ok....l maybe late on this....prolly was taught in school about him.....prolly watched a few films.....but learning about him as if l never heard of him before.....l am in loooove with him so far.......what is his story? l must watch a movie about him.......l am fascinated by him......l am a 'smitten-kitten' ....l want to know all about him....NOW!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Agent of Wine & Video Editing

Hubby watching the TV Show 'Agents of Shield' with Evil Vic -then they are going to see the new Thor Movie --- Me? I just got off work, drinking wine and editing 4 episodes of 'Roy`s 5 minutes of Metal' for Roy`s New YouTube Show @ in the 'Vote4Roy' Playlist

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

$300- Dia de los Muertos Cigarette Girl

OK - For Halloween, my costume is a Cigarette girl with dia de los muertos face make-up - i needed some cigarettes to fill my cigarette girl tray -so l went to Rite Aid to buy a couple of cartons of cigarettes........l grabbed one carton of Parliament & one carton of Parliament Lights....... the check out girl said to me...'that will be $134- please'...........Me = 'whaaaat???? $134- ???? That is more than double the price of my costume!! WTF???? HOW DO PPL AFFORD 2SMOKE??? - No way.....just ONE carton please for $67-'............Still.....$67- for ONE Carton (12 packs of cigs)??? REALLY - HOW THE F- DO YOU GUYS AFFORD TO SMOKE??? Now, I am Really gonna sell these cigs for $1- each on Halloween, just to make my money back & Profit after this.........OMG - REALLY???? And I thought Parliament were the Cheap cigs!!!!! I will stick to Alcohol as MY Vice, thank you.....its waaaay cheaper!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Control your Wife!!

Note to everyone - if you have an issue with me - I would appreciate you to tell me personally - in a nice way - and Not going behind my back - by telling, texting, messaging, calling or emailing my Husband - in an attempt for my husband to tell, control, handle, reprimand, yell, scold, get mad, etc.... at me - I am an adult - I lived alone for over 20 years before I had a husband - Besides, my husband cannot ever 'control' me or tell me what to do - he can only 'request' me to do something - and the same goes for everyone else - the decision still is in MY Control - when you go behind my back and contact my husband with your concerns about me - it ONLY adds stress in our marriage - and makes you a Rat because my husband tells me and at times shows me your text, voice mails, messages, really you are not accomplishing anything by going about it in your cowardly way - it would just be better for everyone if you confront me personally, yourself - unless you get your kicks out of putting stress on your friends marriage - if this is the case - then you are not a true friend to anyone.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Capt. Phillips @ The Playboy Mansion

I met, had dinner & watched the Movie 'Capt. Phillips' with one of the Producers Dana Brunetti and actress Kristin Chenoweth at The Playboy Mansion tonight - WOW, What a terrific evening - everyone got photos, but I was just to shy and awkward to ask for photo........I was just happy to be there......but she gave me a hug and complimented me on my hat........OMG.......Kristin is sooooo tiny, cute, funny, nice, talkative......etc......just like you imagine..........WOW.......GREAT NIGHT INDEED!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Computer Etiquette 101

Annoying when you are on your `puter at work and some strange guy comes up and tries to look at your screen and asks you what you are watching/doing! Do l go up to YOU stranger, while you are on your cell phone, talking annoyingly loud and ask you what/who you are talking to? No l don`t.......besides.....l really don`t care!! #‎MindYourOwnBusiness‬

Monday, October 7, 2013

Remembering Yucca Joe

 Saturday we went to a friends Funeral pretty much all day. Roy`s best friend`s Step-Dad died. They called him Yucca Joe.......because...... reason #1 he sold and had many Yucca Plants ........and.......reason #2 he would tell Jokes ALL the time......get it? Yucca-Yucca! His wife put a book together of funny family stories and all of her husband`s corny but funny jokes. That book is one of my prized possessions! Someday I will share with you & Tweet some of his clever Jokes! Even though it was a sad day, it still was an enjoyable day. My husband got to see a lot of childhood friends he has not seen in a long time. They had a Mariachi Band before the church service and a Taco Party after the service. We stayed for a long time talking with everyone. Then we met up with all of our local friends later that evening. All in all Saturday was a relaxing enjoyable Day.
 Sunday: 1st day of feeling almost back to myself again - such a beautiful sunny day - deciding on going to playboy mansion today or walking around beach, getting some much needed sunshine & fresh air from being sick for 2weeks........l think the beach walk wins!!!! I made a video this day - I will post up on my YouTube Channel soon @
Reason #1 why I love Sundays: Sundays are not filled with Plans, Sundays are filled with Options!

Friday, October 4, 2013

News Alert: I actually went to a Doctor Today!!

Went to Doctor today -Blood work results will come in next week -so still dunno what is wrong with me - but for now I'm on Antibiotics & Meds - I drove by McDonald on way home - stared at menu for awhile - my god they added tons of things to that menu since l`v been there!! However got my usual, a Cheeseburger Happy Meal and, best part, I scored a Batman Mask - just the Toy I was hoping for - YESSSS!!
Also it is soooo Windy tonight, our Flags are getting a workout and I think my Halloween Decorations are going to Blow away!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I am one of those rare People that get Really Sick From Botox? WTF??

Last year when I got Botox - I got really Sick - AND I MEAN REALLY SICK!! I thought I just got a Major Nasty Flu Bug - it lasted for over 2 weeks. This year, I got botox on Friday Sept. 20th and Monday Night Sept. 23rd, I started getting Flu like symptoms again! My body aches so much - I am in so much pain - my muscles feel stressed - I have major chills - then I get super warm - I cannot get comfortable - my throat is dry - I feel like I have pee all the time - I just don`t want to move - I want to just lay down - but I can`t - I have to much to do this week!
 I have been reading online that a few people have these rare side effects from Botox - and I guess, I am one of those Rare People!! I guess I will not get Botox again - DAMN IT!! I think I will be okay, if not, then please, have it be an open casket - don`t let this botox go to waste!! LOL!! (Sorry, Sick Joke)

Flu-like Symptoms

Some patients who receive Botox treatments can experience flu-like symptoms on or after injections. According to Medline Plus, symptoms can include headache, chills, runny nose, fatigue and body aches. Patients who routinely receive Botox injections can also experience stomach related effects such as nausea or indigestion. Generally, these side effects disappear after continued use. Patients should contact a doctor to receive treatment for these symptoms.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bros b4 Hos even if you don`t think so

There is a reason l never made it as an actress - l suck at pretending - if you suck l will TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE - No apologies!! But.....on the sunny side - if l love you - I WILL TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE and l will have your back, even when you don`t think l do, even when you say you hate me `cause you don`t understand and see what l see.
 This has to do with one of my friends who always has a POD with him (POD = Pussy of the Day). Which is fine......but when that POD Disrespects me or my friends I will call them out..........which is what happened this night......... my Friend who brought the POD did not appreciate that I called her out and yelled at me in front of everyone.....I let him yell at me and when he was done, I smiled at him and told him that I still love him.  

LBC Wack Pack Battles Devore - Beware Bare Hi Knee under Kilt

Roy, Dominic, Little E, Evil Vic & Del Grande just left for the Battle of San Bernardino  ALL DAY/NIGHT Metal Fest in Devore CA. - Roy is wearing his Kilt with no Underwear and his bad knee with no cane - I cannot wait to see how this turns out!!!!!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My life on a Post-it!

I can sum up my daily Monday - Friday routine on 1 Post-it!
BTW: That 1 hour shower includes washing hair, drying hair, grooming, getting clothes, etc.

Beware - Seasonal Products always finds a way into your House!!

Went Grocery shopping - we only needed a 'FEW' things .......... Oh Nooooo.......Seasonal Products already on selves..........$200- later the products are in MY house.........I am in TROUUUUUUUUBLE!!!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stacy Burke Hires a Maid & Roy is put on Ice @

Another Day in a Life of a Fetish Model/ Beach Bunny Housewife - I hire a Maid for the 1st time as I go to a Fetish Shoot while Roy Ices his Knee in the Man Cave - See my apartment before and after. Please Subscribe to my Channel @

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Black Sabbath, Cosplay, Brie & Wine!

Hubby Roy is at a Black Sabbath Concert tonight (Ya, 5 days after Knee Surgery) I`m home, watching a syfy Cosplay Show, snacking on Brie and sipping on this New Kick ass Barefoot Refreshing Red Wine I bought at Rite Aid -yummm...... l highly recommend this tasty & so refreshing!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Charcoal Grill Fumes no Good for Birds!

we are BBQ-ing on Charcoal Grill downstairs.....I just realized smoke & smell coming into house, Right by Josephine cage (our Cockatiel) - gonna move her into bedroom - fumes can kill her.

Friday, August 30, 2013

No Knee, No Guts, No Glory! The Sick leading the Sick

Roy`s knee surgery went well - however, he is in a lot of pain -he is now resting at home using the 'Ice Machine' on his leg - which is this machine that compresses cold air around Roy`s knee to help the healing - Thank you Vic for helping him home and waiting with him until l came home from my shoot! Roy requested Fried chicken, mash potatoes, biscuits & cole slaw for dinner - so I grabbed some on the way home from my shoot on Thursday. 
 However Later that Night......
Oh, what a pair me and my Hubby Roy make - he is really bad pain after knee surgery - and I spent the whole night puking my guts out - dunno if this cold turned into a bad stomach bug or yet again, I got food poisoning - I did not sleep at all - my stomach bloated up huge - it was in major pain - took ant-acids, pepto besmo, water.......all I did was toss and turn in major pain and spent the night on the bathroom floor puking my guts out with the TV on for my Only comfort - I really don`t think I can eat again - Every time a food commercial would come on, it would make me feel nauseous and I would puke some more - not liking this - but here we are - both of us in this house - both miserable sick - trying to help each other - I am trying to get today off from work - but it is not looking good - in fact I may have to go in EARLY - WTF?!! Oh but wait......the New girl finally text me back - she had plans, but will adjust them and work for me - Hooray!! Ok, Hubby calling out for me.....I better wattle over, go and see what he needs........Talk to y`all later - Have a Great weekend!! 

Read Part 1 here:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nasty Cold - Shooting w/ Anton Video & Roy is having Knee Surgery

This Cold is a REAL Nasty one - wont go into the Gory details - but it was enough to have me call off work today - I NEVER DO THAT - good thing we Finally have good trained help now - but I had to - l need to be on point 2mrw - Tomorrow is a BIG DAY - Taking Hubby in to have his knee Surgery in the morning - then Driving to the Valley to shoot with Anton Video  - Then picking up Hubby and being his personal nurse along with my other jobs - It will be nice to have Roy finally on the road to recovery!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Belmont Babe & Comic Roy - Local Crime Fighters

Last night, after I got off work, Roy and I went for a walk though our neighborhood for their Street Fest (Neighborhood Restaurants serving samples of their food, Raffles, Vendors, Family Fun Event)......we saw guy getting ass kicked bad ......woman and man pushed guy over bus bench, he fell, hit head on ground....then while he was on ground they both slammed his head on sidewalk. ...she was standing on his neck and kicking his head into ground with other foot....her guy was throwing major fist punches to victims head....then guy threw victims shoes and phone onto traffic.....hit a car....almost caused hubby Roy walked towards them....they started coming towards us....I made Roy stop...he took pix....I called 911...Roy followed them down an alley and l stayed on phone with 911 until cops came......we filled police report....cops found the couple...found knife on her.....we had to wait to identify was them.....hope they never come back here again.....victim should be ok....he was badly hurt......bloody all over, especially his head and nose.....but still very drunk and refused to go to hospital. ....sad cause all in front of his little daughter and stunned wife! l heard victim was a bit of an asshole before getting beat -being obnoxious - but can`t condemn him for that as we all get out of hand sometimes - he Still didn`t deserve what he got. That Couple was pure Trouble - someone that I do NOT want in MY Neighborhood!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Home from Fetishcon 2013

Just got home from FetishCon - Waaay to much Fun - goes waay to fast!! To much to tell you - but exhausted right now. Flew all day Monday August 19th (connecting flights between Florida & California) - just got home.....dropped off bags......ran errands.....went grocery shopping......made dinner for hubby & house sitter (thanks Reg!).......cleaned checking emails......I still need to un pack, clean house, do laundry and get ready for work well as pack picnic basket for Movies on the beach after work tomorrow. I am posting New YouTube Video Vlogs about my FetishCon adventures......check them out at

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going to FetishCon? Please Read

Going to @FetishCon Next Month? Please Read here =
I have always had a hard time remembering names, faces, please don`t get offended.....I do this to people I see all the Time.......even to people I have known for come up to me, remind me your name and all will be good. Sometimes I might seem like I am ignoring you, but really, I am embarrassed that I forget your name....or how I know you. Sorry, it is Not is Me.

BTW: If you booked a shoot with me, please email me the Time, Day, your Contact info and what you need me to I can file it in a special FetishCon Shoots Folder.

I am soooo looking forward to @FetishCon - I have been working 7days a week at my 'Normal Vanilla Job' - working like crazzzy - I have been neglecting my Fetish Family - it will be sooo good to make up for lost time!! Thanx....see you all soon!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Driveway Squaters & un-Supportive Neighbors!

Came home -someone parked in my driveway -Hubby w/hurt leg -neighbors no help -say no biggy -but yes, it is a BIGGY -we pay for that driveway -how would they like it if someone was in their house that they pay to live in -someone just squatting for a spell -plus hubby w/hurt leg -I can`t go park a block away and have him walk -I can`t wait for them to get back to their car to move it -we are tired -we got to work in the AM -plus it happens ALL THE TIME - Mad that neighbors don`t support us -if someone was parked in THEIR spot, I would support them/back them up/be on their side -WTF??

 We have a BIG Sign that says 'NO PARKING - TOWING ZONE AT OWNERS EXPENSE' -that they must have seen in front of them....they thought 'ok' cause they know ppl that lives here.....yea-yea-yea- whatever -stupid & RUDE!!

 Was on phone with tow company - the people that was in my driveway walked up just in time - my hubby scared the crap out of them - don`t mess with an injured, in pain, tired old punk rocker!!!

Some guy and his girlfriend walked up from beach -we never seen them before -claimed they knew someone in our building -(prolly came to one of our parties once, so think they get a 'free pass') we said we don`t care -it is OUR Driveway, we didn`t give you permission to park here, we pay to park here, my husband has hurt knee, we have heavy items to carry up, we are tired, all we want is for you to move your car, never do this again, so we can park and go to bed.---------- Roy scared the guy so much, that the guy kept telling us he would pay us $100- We screamed back at him telling him that we do not want his money -all we want is for him to never park there again! --------what pissed me off more was the new neighbor across street was yelling at me and Roy!!! How`s that for supporting your new neighbors?? I can`t wait to return the favor!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Help - this Butch Dyke is gonna Kick my Ass!

I got scared at work Tuesday Night....this crazy dyke chick might kick my! Omg.....I decided to wash our work I am doing this.....this dike chick comes in....she comes in every Tuesday......she is all upset cause she keeps finding our towels in her wash......I look....and yes, it is our towel....weird, because I did not put it there......I used only one washing machine and one I just say to her, just to take out what is not hers and I will deal with it later......then she complains that it might ruin her clothes....that the towels stink.......and then she accuses me of sneaking around when she turns her back and puts the towels in her wash on purpose.....I laugh and must be super fast then....maybe we have a ghost....that's crazy.......she then gets all mad at me.....she is aggressive and scary........I thought she was going to gonna kick my ass! SUBSCRIBE @

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stupid Neighbors!

Really.....cops at house cause we are singing bad karaoke on a Saturday Night on 4th of July Weekend at 10pm at our Beach Pad? Wasting a cops time and taking them away from fighting REAL Crime!! Stupid goddamn stupid bitch m-fer neighbors - come out and meet me in person dick-heads! Don`t live on the beach and expect quiet - just like l don`t play in traffic on the 405 fwy - bullsh!t!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Choizo, Eggs & Ghetto Mimosa`s

This past weekend - Breakfast = Choizo, fried Potatoes, eggs, cheese, tortillas and Ghetto Mimosa`s (I ran out of Juice - used drink packets....not bad, taste kinda like tang)


Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Pirate Mayhem Saturday

I woke up at 6am - went to work - home now - going to Pirate Invasion Soon - Hubby going to Mayhem Festival in Devore with Broken Knee - But Now he is having a Bloody Mary with our Neighbor and they are tempting me to join them - ALL THIS BEFORE 11AM on a SATURDAY!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Happy Father`s Day to my Grandpa who raised me -along w/my Grandma -he was a true gem -I was indeed a lucky girl! That is me as a little girl watching him weld in our back yard by his work shed.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Magic Monday!

uMMMM....Hubby in Chicago on business.....home alone.....watching TV and.....Magic Mike comes on HBO?? I never seen this film......ummmm.....half naked men on my big screen TV???? I cannot seem to find the remote to change channel........hahaha......oh, but l did manage to find the wine......

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exhuasting Week so Far - and it`s ONLY Tuesday!!

It has been an exhausting week so far - soooo busy at work - then my housewife chores - dinner on stove - finally gonna sit down with a glass of wine, reply to my ever growing list of 'need-to-reply-emails' and see what I have missed on the net......that is IF I do not fall asleep on my laptop!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I`m sorry, what was your Name again?

I am really bad at remembering names. I am also bad at remembering faces. I can remember meeting someone, what we did, how much fun we had, etc. My hubby gets so annoyed when I ask him to remind me of someone`s name. It takes awhile until I finally get it. Even if I finally remember, I will have a 'Brain Fart' and forget it sometimes. Sometimes I forget people names that I have known for years. Sometimes, it just escapes me for a brief moment, but there are times that I need to be reminded again. There are times I may remember the wrong Name. There has been people that for years I think I know their name, but get corrected. It is so embarrassing. I also will mis-pronounce names a lot. I have a speech impediment and it makes it difficult for me to pronounce some words.....sometimes I might just hear it wrong.
 Sometimes I meet so many people at certain functions......sometimes I will meet someone and wont see them again for a long time.......sometimes that person will look different.
 Sometimes I will see someone at the Laundromat or out and about, they say hi to me....they look familiar , but then again, I see them at the same they might just being friendly.....but I sometimes wonder if I stopped and talked to them and we had a 'moment' and now just have forgotten.
 Sometimes I will know someone for years, I might have never asked them their name, I never really learned years go by.....I want to ask them their name, but I don`t because it is so embarrassing.
 I know there are some tricks to remembering a name.....people have tried to teach me.....but I still forget. I have also been told that I must not care enough to remember, but I know that is not true. I do care. I am trying to be more honest with it now. Now when I meet someone or if I known them and forget their name, I tell them the truth....I apologize to them and tell them that I am prone to forgetting names. Most of the time when I am honest with them, they confess that they suffer from them same thing sometimes. What a relief!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Saturday Filming My Hubby`s 1st Muay Thai Belt

I was REALLY looking forward to going to the 2nd annual West Coast BBQ Cookout @ The Queen Mary on my day off 2day - But my hubby, Roy, is getting his 1st Belt @ CHUTE BOXE LONG BEACH today - so that is where his Loving & Supportive Wife will be - Recording the whole thing of course, like a Proud Wife Should! ;-)

BTW: Here is the Video I took

Be sure to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel @

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frankie Loopy after Denist

I Took my Cat Frankie to vet - Teeth Cleaning, 3 bad teeth pulled, Vaccinations, Flea Meds, Antibiotics, etc = $550.00 - Frankie all 'Loopy' from procedure, running around, happy to be back home - Best $550- I spent if this makes his life Pain Free from now on!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pass the Toast Please

Urg...nothing like having a nasty cold and then get Food Poisoning at the same time AGAIN!!! I mean, really??? I used to have an iron stomach - but this is my 3rd bout  of Food Poisoning this sleep- been up-chucking all night!!!! I may NEVER eat again..........hey, wait....what`s that I smell.....Toast? Ummmm....ok......that should be safe.....I hope!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wierd how many thoughts go though your head as you Fall in Slo Mo

Walking down hallway at home, tripped on Rug - major face plant hard on ground -so weird the many thoughts that go thru your head as you fall in slo mo #Bruised #Confused

 my thoughts in my head was like 'oh no l think l am falling....yes....I am in fact falling......will this hurt as much as I think it will......what did I trip on.....the rug? dead lift feet?......who can l blame.....oh here we comes the floor....l better brace myself....but time for we go.....(THUD)....ummm....did that hurt......YES...YES IT DOES HURT.....Damn.....Ok better lay here for awhile.....check for bruises later......hey.....that thud was pretty hubby is just in the next room....I am sure he heard it.....why isn`t he running into check on me.......WTF????' ........yep all those thoughts went thru my head in all but a few seconds.......weird huh?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Casablaca Night @ The Playboy Mansion - Here`s Looking at You Kid!

On the 1st Friday of April - Hugh Hefner host Casablanca Night at The Playboy Mansion to kick off his Birthday Weekend - we all get dressed up - have a Fabulous dinner (usually Lobster & Steak), watch the Movie Casablanca  then Hef turns the Mansion into Rick`s Cafe - we dine on Caviar with all the fixings and Champagne by candlelight - I look forward to it every year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boycott Quinn`s: Reason #1

  Read Updates @

NOTE: This is just ONE True Story of MANY True Stories - but this made me finally to be silent No More - Now just wait - I will tell the rest soon - until then - here is what happened to my friend, just yesterday........ 

St. Patty`s Day - place is packed - it is an Irish Pub after all in the heart of Belmont Shore off of 2nd st - you are a bartender - you are working hard - you are ringing up tons of ticket orders with your name on it because you are the one serving them and it goes on your tax record to claim the taxes of the percent of bill for the assumed tip - you are putting up with a lot of crap and hard work - one bartender quit - probably for a great reason - you kind of wish you were her - but can`t think of that now - now you have to work harder because now you are one bartender short and you have thirsty customers- but that nice bit of tip cash at the end of your long shift is going to make it all better.
 Finally the end of the night comes - time to total out your draw - time to calculate your Credit Card Tips - but wait, the owner of the bar decides to take your draw and calculate himself. He tells you that your tips will be waiting for you in the Morning. You are confused, this is NOT protocol, Your Name is on those tickets, You are responsible for them -it is You who has to claim that total on your Tax records each Year - besides, you were looking forward to the rush of excitement from counting your tips to validate all your hard work from that night. However, you go alone with what the owners says, after all what other options do you have. You go home and come claim what you earned the Next Day.
 The next day, you go into your Work. The place you have worked at for many years, you have even worked there longer then the owners, your bosses now. Your Boss hands you an envelope that he says has your tips from that very busy long St. Patty`s Day, the Day that all the Bars are packed and All the servers and Bartenders look forward to because of the High Volume of People mean High Volume Tips. You excitedly Rip open that envelope - you look inside and grab the $14- inside!!!! Wait, Whaaaaat........$14-.......Fourteen dollars.......$14-???????? No Wait, there must be some sort of mistake. You ask your boss what happened, where is my Money, where is the Money I earned....where is the Money that I will be taxed on at the End of the Year, the Money I was looking forward to and earned honestly....that I worked Hard for??????? Where???? Where??? Where is it????
 You boss explains that he split your tips with the cook, his sister who helped out serving jello shots, the bar patron that does a few favors for beer, etc.....and then gives you this story that maybe the bartender that got fired might owe you some money!!! What, is this YOUR BOSS telling you this? Does he KNOW HOW ILLEGAL THIS IS??? Not Only is it ILLEGAL, It is Also IMMORAL and Completely is down right THEFT!!!! This is it, you put up with so much crap for way to long, so many other stories to tell about this place. We have been quiet for way to long - this is it - you quit, goodbye!! You get a Lawyer because not only is it wrong, it is so illegal. You actually probably paid more in taxes from the drink tally that you have to claim to the IRS so that they can tax you on 7% off that total because the IRS Taxes servers on their Tips, Hellooooooooo!!!!! Shame, Shame, Shame on that Family Owned Business - But this time they just screwed themselves just like they do their Regular patrons & workers. The silver lining is you quit and was not fired. You are a great Bartender and you will find a better place to work and Now the world will know the Evil of this Evil Place!!!!!
Quinn`s Pub
200 Nieto AveLong Beach, CA 90803

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Someone Call me a Doctor!' (Channeling my inner David Lee Roth voice)

I dont know what is up with me lately. Ok, more than just lately, something strange has been going on with me for a few years. I find myself having a short fuse. My focus in life is blurred. I feel restless. I want to do something, I want to do more, I want to do everything, I feel like a horse in a gate wanting that gate to open so I can run as fast as I can.......but to what? Maybe I have no goal. I am used to a goal. I have slowed down my Modeling/Acting/Self Promotion/Business Stuff due to not having a car for a year, but mostly because, I find it harder and harder for me to leave the comfort of my Neighborhood. I always hated traffic, I never liked Los Angeles, I don`t really like being to far from home and shoots were always so far away, that has always been the biggest draw back from my work. However I always loved tinkering on the computer, creating stuff, communicating, making money on my own by being myself.
 I think I may have reached a crossroads in my life. I am not saying that I am quitting anything, I will always model, create things and be in business for is just that might be more on the back burner. I want something new, but don`t know what. Over a year ago,I sold my car, I was car-less, I had to get around only by Bike, Cab, Ride, by Foot or if needed, by Rent-a-Car. I loved it. It forced me to stay more local. I walked everywhere, rode my Bike and took cabs. I shopped less because I could only carry so much. I lived more simple. I cut cost down. By spending money locally, I supported the local business where I lived. I cut down my modeling a lot, I would only accept a shoot if it paid enough for a decent days pay plus rental car. By cutting my modeling, I had to find another income in the meantime that gave me flexible hours. I took a job at the local Laundromat/Cleaners. The hours were good, I can walk to work, it gave me a chance to learn a new trade, I got to know my neighbors better, I felt in tune with my community and the stress was better due to no more Traffic! In fact I still work there, I am writing this blog at work right now during a slow period. That is another perk, when it is slow, I can log on, Blog, Tweet, Facebook, email, etc. I can still do what I always have done. I downsized what I used to have and cut cost and I love it!! All that excess baggage was so stressful and not needed.
 After saying all that, you would think I would be all Zen would think.....hec, I would think! But I still feel restless. I feel anger, stress, annoyed, etc. Any little thing sets me off. I catch myself and try not to explode. I`m ok at that......but not always. I snap and when I snap, I snap hard! I don`t know if I have a reason emotionally or physically. I had a partial hysterectomy when I was really young, maybe this is a hormonal thing? Either way, I am very aware of it and I want to find a way to get over it. Maybe I should find a doctor or something. I have not seen a doctor in quite a long time, unless you count the very few Emergency Room visits in the past decade. Either way, I got to find a way to squash these feelings, I have a feeling that if I don`t, I maybe on a way to an emotional breakdown and explode and it wont be good.
  In the meantime, I recognize it and trying to deal with it. Nothing in my life is in crisis. Sure my marriage is rocky at times, but so is a lot of other people out there. I know I got to handle things better. It is on me and how I react to things that can make or break my day and the day of anyone that is close to me. I need to take better control of things. I need a goal. I need to get on track. I am just trying to figure out how.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Peeps!

Last weekend was a Birthday weekend for 2 of my Friends. Reg & Ed. I made Ed a 'Peep Show' Cake because he loves peeps and I got Reg a Tray of Chocolate Cupcakes + a Pastrami Burger. Poor Reg never got to enjoy his Cupcakes because he had to leave Early. Next Time Reg!
 Reg biting into his Pastrami Burger
 Reg`s Cup cakes and the Makings for Ed`s Peep Show Cake
 Ed`s Peep Show Cake
 Reg before the Burger
Ed on Top of the World!