Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boycott Quinn`s: Reason #1

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NOTE: This is just ONE True Story of MANY True Stories - but this made me finally to be silent No More - Now just wait - I will tell the rest soon - until then - here is what happened to my friend, just yesterday........ 

St. Patty`s Day - place is packed - it is an Irish Pub after all in the heart of Belmont Shore off of 2nd st - you are a bartender - you are working hard - you are ringing up tons of ticket orders with your name on it because you are the one serving them and it goes on your tax record to claim the taxes of the percent of bill for the assumed tip - you are putting up with a lot of crap and hard work - one bartender quit - probably for a great reason - you kind of wish you were her - but can`t think of that now - now you have to work harder because now you are one bartender short and you have thirsty customers- but that nice bit of tip cash at the end of your long shift is going to make it all better.
 Finally the end of the night comes - time to total out your draw - time to calculate your Credit Card Tips - but wait, the owner of the bar decides to take your draw and calculate himself. He tells you that your tips will be waiting for you in the Morning. You are confused, this is NOT protocol, Your Name is on those tickets, You are responsible for them -it is You who has to claim that total on your Tax records each Year - besides, you were looking forward to the rush of excitement from counting your tips to validate all your hard work from that night. However, you go alone with what the owners says, after all what other options do you have. You go home and come claim what you earned the Next Day.
 The next day, you go into your Work. The place you have worked at for many years, you have even worked there longer then the owners, your bosses now. Your Boss hands you an envelope that he says has your tips from that very busy long St. Patty`s Day, the Day that all the Bars are packed and All the servers and Bartenders look forward to because of the High Volume of People mean High Volume Tips. You excitedly Rip open that envelope - you look inside and grab the $14- inside!!!! Wait, Whaaaaat........$14-.......Fourteen dollars.......$14-???????? No Wait, there must be some sort of mistake. You ask your boss what happened, where is my Money, where is the Money I earned....where is the Money that I will be taxed on at the End of the Year, the Money I was looking forward to and earned honestly....that I worked Hard for??????? Where???? Where??? Where is it????
 You boss explains that he split your tips with the cook, his sister who helped out serving jello shots, the bar patron that does a few favors for beer, etc.....and then gives you this story that maybe the bartender that got fired might owe you some money!!! What, is this YOUR BOSS telling you this? Does he KNOW HOW ILLEGAL THIS IS??? Not Only is it ILLEGAL, It is Also IMMORAL and Completely Wrong....it is down right THEFT!!!! This is it, you put up with so much crap for way to long, so many other stories to tell about this place. We have been quiet for way to long - this is it - you quit, goodbye!! You get a Lawyer because not only is it wrong, it is so illegal. You actually probably paid more in taxes from the drink tally that you have to claim to the IRS so that they can tax you on 7% off that total because the IRS Taxes servers on their Tips, Hellooooooooo!!!!! Shame, Shame, Shame on that Family Owned Business - But this time they just screwed themselves just like they do their Regular patrons & workers. The silver lining is you quit and was not fired. You are a great Bartender and you will find a better place to work and Now the world will know the Evil of this Evil Place!!!!!
Quinn`s Pub
200 Nieto AveLong Beach, CA 90803

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