Wednesday, October 23, 2013

$300- Dia de los Muertos Cigarette Girl

OK - For Halloween, my costume is a Cigarette girl with dia de los muertos face make-up - i needed some cigarettes to fill my cigarette girl tray -so l went to Rite Aid to buy a couple of cartons of cigarettes........l grabbed one carton of Parliament & one carton of Parliament Lights....... the check out girl said to me...'that will be $134- please'...........Me = 'whaaaat???? $134- ???? That is more than double the price of my costume!! WTF???? HOW DO PPL AFFORD 2SMOKE??? - No way.....just ONE carton please for $67-'............Still.....$67- for ONE Carton (12 packs of cigs)??? REALLY - HOW THE F- DO YOU GUYS AFFORD TO SMOKE??? Now, I am Really gonna sell these cigs for $1- each on Halloween, just to make my money back & Profit after this.........OMG - REALLY???? And I thought Parliament were the Cheap cigs!!!!! I will stick to Alcohol as MY Vice, thank you.....its waaaay cheaper!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Control your Wife!!

Note to everyone - if you have an issue with me - I would appreciate you to tell me personally - in a nice way - and Not going behind my back - by telling, texting, messaging, calling or emailing my Husband - in an attempt for my husband to tell, control, handle, reprimand, yell, scold, get mad, etc.... at me - I am an adult - I lived alone for over 20 years before I had a husband - Besides, my husband cannot ever 'control' me or tell me what to do - he can only 'request' me to do something - and the same goes for everyone else - the decision still is in MY Control - when you go behind my back and contact my husband with your concerns about me - it ONLY adds stress in our marriage - and makes you a Rat because my husband tells me and at times shows me your text, voice mails, messages, really you are not accomplishing anything by going about it in your cowardly way - it would just be better for everyone if you confront me personally, yourself - unless you get your kicks out of putting stress on your friends marriage - if this is the case - then you are not a true friend to anyone.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Capt. Phillips @ The Playboy Mansion

I met, had dinner & watched the Movie 'Capt. Phillips' with one of the Producers Dana Brunetti and actress Kristin Chenoweth at The Playboy Mansion tonight - WOW, What a terrific evening - everyone got photos, but I was just to shy and awkward to ask for photo........I was just happy to be there......but she gave me a hug and complimented me on my hat........OMG.......Kristin is sooooo tiny, cute, funny, nice, talkative......etc......just like you imagine..........WOW.......GREAT NIGHT INDEED!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Computer Etiquette 101

Annoying when you are on your `puter at work and some strange guy comes up and tries to look at your screen and asks you what you are watching/doing! Do l go up to YOU stranger, while you are on your cell phone, talking annoyingly loud and ask you what/who you are talking to? No l don`t.......besides.....l really don`t care!! #‎MindYourOwnBusiness‬

Monday, October 7, 2013

Remembering Yucca Joe

 Saturday we went to a friends Funeral pretty much all day. Roy`s best friend`s Step-Dad died. They called him Yucca Joe.......because...... reason #1 he sold and had many Yucca Plants ........and.......reason #2 he would tell Jokes ALL the time......get it? Yucca-Yucca! His wife put a book together of funny family stories and all of her husband`s corny but funny jokes. That book is one of my prized possessions! Someday I will share with you & Tweet some of his clever Jokes! Even though it was a sad day, it still was an enjoyable day. My husband got to see a lot of childhood friends he has not seen in a long time. They had a Mariachi Band before the church service and a Taco Party after the service. We stayed for a long time talking with everyone. Then we met up with all of our local friends later that evening. All in all Saturday was a relaxing enjoyable Day.
 Sunday: 1st day of feeling almost back to myself again - such a beautiful sunny day - deciding on going to playboy mansion today or walking around beach, getting some much needed sunshine & fresh air from being sick for 2weeks........l think the beach walk wins!!!! I made a video this day - I will post up on my YouTube Channel soon @
Reason #1 why I love Sundays: Sundays are not filled with Plans, Sundays are filled with Options!

Friday, October 4, 2013

News Alert: I actually went to a Doctor Today!!

Went to Doctor today -Blood work results will come in next week -so still dunno what is wrong with me - but for now I'm on Antibiotics & Meds - I drove by McDonald on way home - stared at menu for awhile - my god they added tons of things to that menu since l`v been there!! However got my usual, a Cheeseburger Happy Meal and, best part, I scored a Batman Mask - just the Toy I was hoping for - YESSSS!!
Also it is soooo Windy tonight, our Flags are getting a workout and I think my Halloween Decorations are going to Blow away!!