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Protecting my Grandma, Fighting the Vultures - Update March 29th 2011

This is an Update to my Post: Protecting my Grandma, Fighting the Vultures

March 29th 2011
: I have been going to Visit my Grandma Every Tuesday. I always bring her a Cheeseburger, a Beer & Other Treats. Peeps are her Favorite Treat, so since it is Easter season, I have Been bringing her a Lot of Peeps - She Loves Them so Much, She eats 2 Packages in One sitting!!
I also bring Photos & stuff to decorate her Room. I do not try to bring to much because she always Asks why am I bringing more stuff in her Room. She Says she is going home soon & she doesn`t want people to take her stuff. I reassure her that No one will take anything, that if she moves, I will take everything to her & if anyone takes anything, that is okay because I will replace it for her.
She always says things are missing from her room - but after a few minutes going through her room - I find everything & Put it back where it belongs - I think she moves them & forgets where she put things. However there were a few Photos missing that I could NOT find - No Worries, I have Copies & will Re-post Next Week. I also noticed that a Few Family Members still need to be added to her Photo Wall, so Next week I will print out copies of some family photos and put them up for her.
Sometimes she thinks she is still going to be going back home to live alone, but that unfortunately wont be the case. However the good news is that she is saying she is going home less and less. She is starting to talk about the ladies that live there and how much fun they have! They keep her Very busy there. They have Wii Bowling, Bingo, Church Services, Card Games, Movie Nights, etc. They Serve Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in their Little Restaurant area. They also have a Patio area outside with a Grill. Now that the weather is getting better, I might try to plan a BBQ Lunch with her outside!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sky (Ceiling) is Falling - Broken Water Pipe

I was doing Laundry today. The 1st Load was out of the Dryer. I put Away my Clothes, but I left my Husband`s Clothes out to be Put away. As he was putting away his Clothes, he started Freaking out. I went into the Bedroom to see what was going on. Our Bedroom Ceiling was raining on us and it was not Raining outside. However we noticed our upstairs Neighbor was in the Shower.
I told Roy my Husband to Call our Landlord ASAP so he can call his Plumber. The Plumber came & Cut a Hole in our Ceiling above our Bed. Asbestos went everywhere. He told us to cover our faces anytime we came into room. The Pipe above is is so Moldy and smells as well. I wonder if this had anything to do with my allergies & repository problems that I have been suffering from lately. I guess the Pipe in the Wall that leads to our upstairs Neighbor broke. I guess there is a Lot of Major Construction that we have to look forward to. I closed the door because I do not want my cats in there. I will have to move my things out of my bedroom & I guess we are going to have to sleep in Roy`s Man Cave for awhile.
Roy is majorly Freaking out. He has always hated our Apartment, even though I love it. I found it and got it before I met him. It is true we have a lot of problems, but I have had worse problems with my other Places I have lived in. It is Not ran by a Property Manager, which is a Good Thing. I got a Really great deal on it. An apartment as big as this, 3 Bedroom, with Garage, Driveway, Balcony, Laundry Room, Roof Top, BBQ, Beach Front...etc Rent usually is 3-4 times more then what we pay for it.
The Owner just needs to be more on top of things.
Now it is starting to Rain, so the Bedroom Construction is at a be continued....

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Friend 'Reg' got Jumped on the Blue Line Train

(Preview to this Story @
My friend homeless friend, 'Reg' got jumped on the Blue Line the other night - fell into common trap -he was on train -a pretty young lady approached him she said she needed 2call her mom & asked if she could use his cell phone -he wanted 2help her so he handed her his phone -that`s when he got jumped -he fell -he didn`t see anything -all he heard was people yelling 'hey, get out of here. When he got up the girl, his phone & who ever jumped him were gone -luckily he landed on his bag, so they didn`t get 2steal that -he`s a bit bruised -took him home, fixed him dinner - he slept in Roy`s Man Cave -got him towels & supplies so he could shower & clean up- fixed him Breakfast -and Roy walked him to bus stop so he can he go get new phone.

My Hooptie & Broken Agreements

(1st Posted Dec. 29th 2009)

Last year I got a Letter from Saturn that states that my year has Transmission problems & that if I have any trouble -that Saturn will replace my transmission for Free. I took my car in last year because my transmission was acting up......Saturn decided to try to fix it 1st before replacing it....for free like stated in my agreement. Well- fast forward to Xmas Day -I am in Pomona with my Grandma and my car breaks down. We get it towed to Saturn of Cerittos. We learn that my Transmission is dead and we need a New one. I bring up the agreement. Saturn now tells me that the letter/agreement is no longer valid due to the Government Buy Out of Saturn. The Only deal they can give me is a 50/50 -they pay half of the repairs. A new Transmission is about $5000-$6000- that means we gotta pay close to $3000-!!!!! I still do not think that this is right- I think they should honor their agreement -we cannot afford I hate spending that much money on a hooptie 2003 car that will have more trouble later!! Besides- I cannot trust Saturn anymore to honor ANY Agreement that they give me.
I guess I`m gonna have to contact my Lawyer and Sue Saturn- this is NOT right- I have an agreement in writing that states that they sold us a bumm car & that they are responsible to make any repairs or replace any/all for Free!! I am sooo bummed, upset, sad, broke....etc......I hope the New Year is better!!!

My Friend 'Reg'

(1st Posted Dec. 22nd 2009)

About 12yrs ago I was working a Convention and I met this 'Fan Guy' there. He was a Fan of Models. He would come to all of my Convention Appearances and stay all day. Some might find this uncomfortable -but I feel ok with it. He would help me out by carrying my booth stuff, watching my booth while I had to go to the Bathroom, getting me something to eat etc. He was very helpful & I enjoyed seeing him at these events, I considered him a friend. Let`s call him 'Reg'.
Reg is a part-time sub-situte teacher with a bachelor degree in physiology -however you can tell he doesn`t work that much -because he doesn`t have much money & a lot of free time.
About 3years ago he came by the Bar I was working at to Visit me on my Birthday, have Lunch & Say Hi. That night I knew my Husband was throwing me a 'Surprise' Birthday Party -so I invited Reg. My Hubby didn`t really realized I invited someone to my 'Surprise' birthday party until later when he found out I knew all along.
Reg got to know my Hubby & all of our Friends in which we call 'The LBC Wack Pack'. They all got along very well. We invited Reg to our Monday Night Dinners in which I cook Dinner or Roy, my Hubby, Grills on the Roof -then we All watch a Movie or Sports on TV after Dinner. We also invite Reg to our Events & functions, we consider him a friend & part of the LBC Wack Pack.
Ever since we have known Reg, we noticed his clothes are sometimes a bit dirty, at times he smells really bad and his car is always messy & full of stuff. We suspected he might either be living out of his car or has a really small dirty cheap apartment. One time his car broke down & we offered to give him a ride home while it was being fixed. He told us to drive him to Huntington Beach -but he said not to drop him off at his house because he was embarrassed of his place, so we dropped him off Close to his place. We never pry-ed for information, we knew he might not want to tell us anything. Instead we just offered him to come around more if he wanted. I would let him stay at our house if we were going away, to watch our place, feed the cats, water the plants, etc. I would buy him some new clothes every so often.
On July 3rd we had a Pre-4th of July beach party. Reg was there all day. That night he went to go home -walked to his car -but his car was gone. He came back to our place & told us his car was Stolen. We freaked out -told Reg that we need to call the Cops -Reg did not want that -Reg said just to let it go. That did not make sence to us. We asked Reg many questions. FINALLY hours Later we FINALLY Get the Truth from Reg.
Reg`s Car was towed because the registration was expired. Reg cannot register his car because it will never pass smog. Reg has to just let the car go. Reg admitted that he has been living in his car and that all his stuff is in it. Reg has not worked in a long time and has no money. We told Reg that we will figure this out -in the meantime -he can stay with us.
Reg got to get his stuff out of his car. We let him clean up at our house. I washed his clothes. We found Reg a GREAT Shelter Program close by to us locally. They set him up in a hotel room of his very own for Only $5- a Night. They give Reg a $28- a day allowance for food & necessities. They help him find a Job, which they say will be easy because of his education. They do have rules, in which Reg is not a fan of. One of the rules is a 6pm curfew. Reg will not be able to come to our Monday Night Dinners for awhile, but we told him that is okay, that there will be many other Daytime activities that we can do. This program is awesome. It is comforting to know that this type of program exist!
There will probably be more updates on Reg, but so far that is where we are now. Reg just needs to stick with this program. He said he was in one similar a long time ago, but did not stick with it. We told him if he did that to us, and abandoned this program that we worked so hard in getting him into, that he will not be allowed back to our house. Not to be mean, but we cannot in-able him to remain in dire straits. This is the best for Reg. I will post updates as they transform.

Fake Accents

(1st Posted Dec. 9th 2009)

Here is one of my 'pet-peeves'
I hate it when someone who normally speaks with no accent will speak in a major heavy accent to the word that they are saying - for example - someone with no accent talking to you -but all of a sudden if they say a Spanish or Italian word -they will say it in such a thick accent- that you would think they were from there or had that accent while they talked normally.
I am not against accents -I just don`t like 'fakes' ....the ONLY reason to speak in a accent is if that was your normal way of talking - saying an Italian or Spanish word in an accent does not make it correct -you are doing a dis-service to that language. When people come to the USA and talk English- I do not expect them to fight their natural way of talking and hide their accent- so why do it the other way around.
Newscasters do this a lot. A Newscaster will be talking in her own non-accent -and then all of a sudden a Latin Name or City will pop up & the Newscaster will roll her R`s or say the name/word in a Heavy Accent.
There is an Italian Cook on the Food Network that does this sooo much. She will talk in her normal American born accent -but if she has to say Spaghetti or any other Italian word -so will pour on the heavy accent -to where you think she just arrived from Italy!
Why is this? What statement are they trying to make? I do not get it! I would never fake an accent of a word from another country or state. It is like if I said the word Jambalaya in a Creole accent -or if I said the word Chop Suey in a Asian Accent -or if I said Gyro in a Greek accent -that is un-necessary & I think a dis-service to the language. So Please -just stick to your own accent -way of talking unless you are an actor and you are role-playing!!
What do you think? Am I being weird about this?
oxox Stacy

Pedestrian Etiquette

(1st Posted Nov. 11th 2009)

I notice a lot of people do not have pedestrian etiquette. I have noticed this not only because I walk & Jog a lot around town, but I have noticed this while shopping in malls, grocery stores, in people`s homes, etc.

When walking on a crowded sidewalk, you should always veer to the right when someone is walking by you or coming the other direction, just like when you drive on the road. If you are walking with others, all should veer to the right, if not enough room, the correct thing to do is walk behind each other single file until there is enough room to walk side by side or in a group.
If you are walking on a crowded sidewalk and decide you need to stop, please do not stop dead in your tracks, the person behind you might slam into you, please move to the side out of the way.
If you have a large stroller, please do not use it, or your baby, to bull-doze your way through the crowd, that is Rude and disrespectful to use your baby like that. Another thing please do not hog the road- don`t use the complete sidewalk for your double-wide stroller and don`t be part of the Stroller Mob, where it is impossible to get by your group of breeding diva`s!
When walking out of a store onto a sidewalk, crossing a bike/jog/walking path, Please look out for oncoming traffic don`t just blindly step onto a sidewalk or path thinking traffic will stop for you.
Please do not ride your Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, etc on the sidewalk, it breeds trouble- it is the law that you ride those in the street. If you are on a Bike or Jog/Walk Path -follow the arrows and make sure not to ride on anything in the Pedestrian Area.
When walking a Dog, please ALWAYS use a Leash. Please keep dog on a snug leash. No one wants to trip over a leash if the dog crosses over. That could be very dangerous for the dog as well as the passer-by. Please do let your dog jump, chase or get to close to others, your dog maybe the best dog but the other person does not know that, you do not know what trauma they may have in the past from a dog attack, etc. Besides they may even be highly allergic. Be courteous of that!
Please be aware of your surroundings, do not assume someone is going to move for you, please make room for your fellow Pedestrians, Bikers, Joggers, etc.
As time goes by, I am sure I will have much more to add to this- but for now, that is all. Please spread this Blog to ALL!!
Thank you.
oxox Stacy

Live Like a Cockroach

(1st posted Oct. 20th 2009)

I admire the cockroach. The cockroach has lived through the ice age -it has survived the elements, almost impossible to kill, it has been here before humans & will probably be here after us humans are gone. The Cockroach eats trash & not the most sanitary of species, but yet, they trudge on.
Being a human, we wash our hands because it kills germs, we take vitamins to shield us from germs, use sunscreen, stay away from sun, we cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, watch what we eat, steer ourselves from germs to all and any length. We are almost like that boy in a bubble.....afraid of that one germ to make us sick.
However, the more you shield yourself, the more you weaken yourself. The only way you get stronger and build immunities to germs is to be exposed to it -just like the flu shot.
Now- I am not saying -throw all cleanliness & caution out the window -I am just saying that I think we are getting obsessed with staying away from germs. I believe all things in moderation and I want to build resistance to things. The more I shield myself, the weaker I am getting, to where the common cold can destroy me.
I like the sun, the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, it energizes me, warms me, makes me feel better.....I just don`t try to spend to much time in it.
I wash my hands, yes I am really clean, but I am not going to carry that hand sanitizer in my purse. I eat healthy most of the time, but I will eat extremely UN-healthy at times and ENJOY IT!!
Take what you want from this, I`m not a doctor, but I bet most doctors will know that what I am saying is somewhat true.
So there you have it- that is my part in saving the Human Race, to make us stronger, so us humans can live on......building & Strengthening our immune system. Think of me as The Human Cockroach.
oxox, Stacy

My Beauty Routine:

(1st posted Oct. 8th 2009)

My Beauty Routine:

Once a week I use an Harsh Apricot Scrub
Once a Week I use a At Home Facial Peel
Every Night I cleanse face with an Acne Toner
Every Morning I cleanse my face with an Anti-Acne Cleanser

I moisturize my body every day with lotion with Vitamin A, C & E
For my Face I use a mixture of Retinol A, Vitamin C Serum & Acne Cream like salicylic acid. (Vit A is great for Cell rejuvenation, Vit. C is a great antioxidant & radiance booster, and I have oily skin & prone to acne- so I need a bit of Acne Medicine to prevent pimples)

I like to use an all over Body Spray instead of Cologne. I go with the Seasons. In The Fall/Winter, I like to use Pumpkin, Apple, Vanilla Scents. In the Spring/Summer, I love Coconut, Pineapple, Banana Scents. My Favorite is the Smell of Tanning Lotion.

I have always used & will always use Avon Products- They are the Best & Least Expensive.

Roy - The Eyes have it!

(1st posted Monday, September 28, 2009)

A lot of People don`t know that my New Husband Roy has a fake eye....he is legally blind....he cannot get a drivers license, so I am his driver whenever he needs to go anywhere....however nothing stops him and you would Never is an interesting article below about him & his eye.
He was Blind Completely for almost 2 yrs- had to go to the Braille Institute & use a cane to go about life. He regained sight in one eye- but the other Eye is gone. His one good eye is not good either- has to have a lot of work, fancy contact lenses & eye drops to see.

The eyes have it

Tustin ocularist uses his art training to craft as-real-as-life replacements.
The Orange County Register
http://www.ocregist r/news/atoz/ article_710953. php
TUSTIN – John Kennedy pries out Ronald Luse's right eye with what looks like a screwdriver and presses it firmly against a whirring grinder.
Luse is cheerful.
"It falls out about once a year, but it's usually my fault," he reports.
Kennedy reinstalls the eye and appraises it like a jeweler.
"I think we could improve it a little," Kennedy says.
"My grandkids have a field day trying to tell which one is my real eye," Luse says. "I think it's perfect."
Kennedy, 53, smiles and sits back on his stool.
The patients who come to Eye Design Ocular Prosthetics have been through some of the most frightening diseases the mind can conceive.
Take Roy Hetherington, 36, whose eyes were attacked by the autoimmune disease iritis. His left eye withered and died, then shrank in his head.
Or Brenda Storz, 35, who lost her right eye to retino blastoma, a voracious cancer, when she was just 2.
And now Luse, 70, whose eyeball shriveled and dark ened two years ago after a stroke and glaucoma.
"It died on me," Luse says matter-of-factly. "It was very, very painful. If they hadn't taken it out I would have dug it out myself."
These are horror stories to curl the hair of most people, but Kennedy's patients are mostly past the pain. What they aren't past is the social stigma linked with disfigurement, the jerk of the head when someone notices there's something more than a little odd about their eyeballs.
"This eye is not for me. This eye is for how the rest of the world perceives me," says Storz.
That's where Kennedy comes in, a meticulous craftsman with an easy manner and an encyclopedic eye for color. He's an expert in the obscure science of reopening the window to the soul.
One of just 200 ocularists in North America, Kennedy has made eyes for babies born without, for war veterans who sacrificed an orb for honor; for people of all ages attacked by accident or disease.
When Hetherington came to Kennedy, he was still stinging from a comment by a former boss bothered by his wandering, shrunken eye.
"Can't you get that fixed?" the man demanded.
Turned out he could, although the first version, by another ocularist, bulged strangely and hardly matched his original hazel.
Kennedy made a perfect match, colored by sight and paintbrush, and today it's impossible to say which eye might not be real.
Still, Kennedy's not satisfied. One eye opening appears slightly wider. He removes the orb - turns out the tool is actually a suction cup - and attacks it with a grinder, removing material along the edge to relieve pressure on the eyelid. Reinserted, the eyes match.
Hetherington is ebullient, reporting how much his girlfriend, his family, his co-workers like his new eye.
"We live in a visual society. We are very into appearances. The first thing you look at is the face, and flaws stand out right away," Hetherington says. "When you lose an eye, it takes away part of your confidence. Once you get that part restored, you can almost forget that you lost it in the first place."
Kennedy says many of his patients share that feeling.
"I approach this as an art, but it's also real rewarding. I am helping people feel complete again."
Kennedy opens a tattered portfolio and removes 20 years' worth of watercolors.
He once pursued art as a career, but came to believe it wasn't practical.
In 1974, he disappointed his art teachers at Orange Coast College by switching to dental technology, where he would learn to make dentures.
"I could still sculpt and paint and get paid for it."
He took a job in the dental school at UC San Francisco, and became known as a master at creating lifelike dentures.
It was a good job, but something was missing. Kennedy wandered in the woods near Half Moon Bay, rendering landscapes in gauzy colors.
Rubbing shoulders with the dentists, Kennedy realized what it was. They were working with patients, while he was toiling alone in the lab.
"I wanted to be more directly involved with people."
In 1990 he quit his job and took an apprenticeship at a VA hospital in Delaware, where he learned to make ocular prosthetics.
He absorbed the new training quickly, standing out for his ability to relate to people and to match their real eyes.
His watercolors from this period are more vivid, infused with brighter colors, subtle reflections, and life. Kennedy had found his calling.
In 1997 he returned to Orange County to start his own shop, struggling to set up an ocular practice from scratch. In those first years, he made custom dentures to help pay the bills.
"The day I stopped doing dentures, that was a great day," he recalls.
While waiting for Brenda Storz, who is driving from Thousand Oaks, Kennedy pages through an old British sports car catalog, looking for parts for his MGA.
Finally Storz arrives, a fashion-model- tall mother of two with emerald-green eyes.
For 20 years Storz wore a "stock eye," an off-the-shelf model fitted by an ophthalmologist. It was a little smaller, a little off in color, clearly not the same as her real eye. She compensated by being twice as outgoing. After a two-year fiasco with another ocularist, who kept promising high-tech solutions but delivering nothing, Storz was careful about choosing a new ocularist.
Was his approach primarily artistic or scientific, she asked Kennedy? (He said artistic.)
How long would it take him to make the eye? (One day.)
You might think that modern eye prosthetics are some sort of high-tech science, miracle polymers matched by computer chromatograph.
Not so - and perhaps that's a good thing. Kennedy's not much for computers. He makes eyes using technology developed by the Army in the 1940s, when the supply of German glass eyes dried up.
He make a gel impression of the eye socket, a wax model of the eye, then a plaster cast of the model. The artificial eye is cast out of methyl methacrylate, an epoxy-like plastic.
Now comes the most intense part: Staring at Storz, he colors the sclera, iris and pupil, scratching his brush in dried pigment and simulating veins with scraps of thread.
Essentially, Kennedy has painted a portrait of her good eye on the plastic model.
He tops the colors with another layer of plastic, presses the model in a vise and cooks it at 212 degrees, then polishes it with pumice. Now Storz has two emerald orbs, an overwhelming change.
"You've stepped in a really intimate place with people like that," Kennedy says.
"It's a huge emotional impact when they look in the mirror and they're whole again."
Contact the writer: (714) 796-2240 or cknap@ocregister. com

July 3, 2008

Gian Temperilli/ Peter James/ Queen Mary

(1st posted Monday, September 28, 2009)

Gian Temperilli- of Gian & Shirley 'The Ozbournes of The LBC' - The one with The SUPER LONG HAIR.well- say bye-bye to his long locks.because of the tight finacial times he has decided to go to the Police Academy to become a cop (the only people hiring).but he has to cut his hair.this is really traumatic for him cause he has always had long hair.all his life!! Good newz however- Gian is donating his long locks to 'Locks of Love'- they make wigs for cancer patients. Gian has great martial arts knowledge and is very book smart- so after 4 years on the beat- he hopes to be a detective.
It is sad still though.I wish his book would take off. His real love is writting & the paranormalhe wrote a great book about Peter James - and is very close to the people who own The Queen Maryinfact anytime I wanna go Ghost Hunting & get into the 'closed-to-the-public' Ship`s Pool- I canhehe!!
Anyway- here is a few pix (attached below) of Gian to remember his Hair.(tear).

Gian Temperilli- of Gian & Shirley 'The Ozbournes of The LBC' - The one with The SUPER LONG HAIR.well- say bye-bye to his long locks.because of the tight finacial times he has decided to go to the Police Academy to become a cop (the only people hiring).but he has to cut his hair.this is really traumatic for him cause he has always had long hair.all his life!! Good newz however- Gian is donating his long locks to 'Locks of Love'- they make wigs for cancer patients. Gian has great martial arts knowledge and is very book smart- so after 4 years on the beat- he hopes to be a detective.
It is sad still though.I wish his book would take off. His real love is writting & the paranormalhe wrote a great book about Peter James - and is very close to the people who own The Queen Maryinfact anytime I wanna go Ghost Hunting & get into the 'closed-to-the-public' Ship`s Pool- I canhehe!

Gian`s MySpace page:
oxox Stacy

Gian`s MySpace page:
oxox Stacy

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01/08/09-09/17/09 - Blast from the Past: Stacy`s Diary

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July 23, 2009
in the Words of Bernie Dexter-

June 25, 2009
One of this weeks Video & last weeks Random Photos is of my Friend & Tattoo God Corey Miller from the reality Show LA Ink, tattoo-ing my friend Mark visiting from Ireland at The Annual Queen Mary Ink & Iron Festival. Mark had a girlfriend in Ireland, she knew he was going to the USA for his summer vacation. Mark asked her if it was okay that he got a tattoo while he was visiting the states if he ran into his Favorite Artist Corey Miller. She said Okay, as long as the tattoo was about her- Mark agreed.
4 weeks before he came to the US, Mark`s girlfriend died from an epileptic seizure. He decided to honor his promise to her & venture to the US to find Corey Miller- Only this time the tattoo will be a remembrance tattoo honoring Mark`s Girlfriend. Mark came to my house for dinner one night & told me his story. I was touched & floored at the same time. I told Mark that I knew Corey Miller, that we knew each other growing up & that he will be in town for the Ink & Iron Show the following weekend and that I will put in a call & get Mark in to see Corey Miller. You see, Corey Miller usually has a waiting list of at least 3 months but since he was at a convention- it would be 1st come 1st served- it was Mark`s best bet since Mark is only here in the US for a short time.
I took Mark to The Queen Mary for The Ink & Iron Show & introduced him to Corey. Mark was star-struck & over-whelmed! We told Corey Mark`s story- and well- you can see by the Video & Photos (in my Random Section) how it went. Corey did a fantastic tattoo on Mark`s leg & it will be the best souvenir that he would ever get!
It is strange how things just fall into place like they were meant to be sometimes. It was a Great Day!
oxox Stacy

June 11, 2009
Here is the Description & Info about This Week Updates & How to Order the Full Length Video to go with The Photo!

SHKO0030 Super Powers in a Bottle starring Stacy Burke
Stacy becomes a superheroine...then becomes the victim of villainous Loren in this highly unusual scene. The 2 parts of the scene are quite different so please read the description carefully before ordering. Clip 1 was made as a custom video and does not contain much knock out or superheroine content. Stacy relaxes at home in jeans, cute top and sneakers. She reads a book about superheroines and wishes that she was one. She orders some vitamins online and immediately takes them when they arrive. At first, she feels sick and sleepy. She staggers around the house weak and tired and passes out on the couch. When Stacy awakens, she discovers that she has super powers. She opens a door and it comes off the hinges; she crushes a soda can with her fingers; she can hear her next door neighbors talking; she can see through walls! She finds that she can move heavy objects with no effort and can run incredibly fast. Suddenly, Stacy is attacked by a masked man. She beats the guy up and even picks him up by the throat. When his mask comes off, it is her own boyfriend! He explains that the vitamins simply brought out super powers she already had and that he set it all up so that she can become a superheroine and do good deeds. In clip 2, there is a lot more for knock out and superheroine fans. Stacy gets dressed in her new superheroine costume. Evil Loren sneaks in, looking incredible in a shiny catsuit. Loren needs to test Stacys powers. She grabs Stacy and clasps a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. Stacy fights hard and manages to break free twice, only to be grabbed again. On the third try, Stacy is weakened enough that her eyes roll up and she passes out. Loren places her on a table and examines her, which includes groping her hot tits. When Stacy wakes up and tries to stagger away, Loren sprays her with knock out liquid and Stacy collapses to the floor with a thud. Stacy is placed back on the table but tries to get away again. This time, Loren mixes a special concoction for her. Before knocking her out again, Loren examines the disoriented Stacy, shining a flashlight in her eyes. Thinking it would be no fun to chloroform Stacy in that state, she wakes her up some more before clasping the cloth over her face. Stacy fights but soon slips into unconsciousness. Lorens male supervisor shows up and examines Stacys limp body. Needless to say, he pulls her top down and plays with her tits. Later, Stacy awakens again. When Loren tries to chloroform her this time, Stacy gets the upper hand. She gets Loren in a headlock and chokes her into unconsciousness, Loren awakens tied to a chair. Stacy taunts her by holding the chloroform close to her face several times and then pulling it away. Then, she ties the cloth to Lorens face. Lorens eyes roll back and she passes out. There are 2 photo sets...1 for clip 1 and 1 for clip 2.
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KOB0334 Not So Super Spies starring Stacy Burke & Tori Sinclair
Two fetish legends together again! The girls have reunited for this thrilling story about 2 spies who are repeatedly knocked out by a clever villain. Actually, he is not that clever…the spies are just kind of foolish. In clip 1, Tori, in sexy leather pants sneaks into the home of her arch-nemesis Jack Banner. She confronts him but when she moves in to arrest him, he sprays her in the face with knock out gas. Toris eyes roll back and she passes out quickly. Jack takes the opportunity to fondle Toris curvy body and does not notice when Stacy, looking totally hot in leather pants, sneaks in. But, Stacy gets hit with the same spray and she too passes out. Jack fondles and gropes the two helpless spies, then leaves them. The girls are from rival spy agencies so, in clip 2, when they wake up, they are each pissed off to see the other there. After exchanging a few insults, they split up to find Jack. In the kitchen, Stacy gets hit over the head with a club and is dragged to the couch. Tori also gets knocked out with a blow to the head and she falls right next to Stacy. After some more fondling, Jack leaves the girls alone. Stacy awakens and decides to have some fun with her rival. She poses Tori in a suggestive position and wanders off. In clip 3, Jack is waiting with a blow gun and he shoots Stacy in the ass with a knock out dart. Stacys eyes roll and she passes out. Moments later, Tori meets the same fate and falls next to Stacy. Jack enjoys a bit more fondling then leaves. When they wake up, the girls go into a bedroom and find they are locked in. The room fills with knock out gas and the girls are quickly overcome by the fumes. They fall unconscious onto the bed. Jack decides to thoroughly humiliate the girls. When they wake up, they are on a bench in the park! In clip 4, the girls decide to put their rivalry aside and they return to the house to get their nemesis. Stacy confronts Jack and attempts to arrest him. But Tori sneaks up and sprays Stacy in the face with the knock out drug! Stacy falls unconscious on the couch. But Tori says she only did it to gain Jacks trust and she tries to arrest him. They fight over the spray bottle. Tori is sprayed and passes out. Jack does some fondling then takes off. Stacy awakens and, angry at Tori, she exposes Toris breasts and poses her. When Stacy goes to find Jack, he finds her first and shoots her in the tit with a dart gun. The drugged dart takes effect right away and Stacy falls to the bed. Tori enters and is also shot with a dart. In clip 5, the girls awaken and continue to search. Stacy is knocked out again with blows to the head. Needless to say, Tori ends up next to her a minute later when she too is struck with a club. Instead of groping them, Jack poses them and takes photos. Left alone, the not-so-super spies awaken and decide to just get the hell out of there. But, before they can leave, the room fills with knock out gas. They quickly become sleepy and fall to the floor unconscious. They wake up some time later and rush out of the house. They reaffirm their friendship and their commitment to capture Jack. But, Stacy was lying and she sprays knock out gas into Toris face. Tori passes out and Stacy ties her to a chair in Jacks house. When Tori wakes up, Jack informs her that she will be his prisoner for a while. He holds a chloroform-soaked rag over her face and knocks her out.
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June 04, 2009
*Belmont Shore Residents YouTube Channel*
*We HATE This Thug in the White Tank & All his Buddies- Azzholes-NOT OKAY-Peeps like this Ruin The Hood & We Love our Hood-if You see this-record it & Call Police ASAP!*

Frustrated with late-night brawls and other disturbances along Second Street, Belmont Shore residents are turning to new methods—like posting videos to YouTube—for curbing bad behavior

Unhappy with the response they’ve gotten from every level of Long Beach government, some residents of Belmont Shore neighborhoods have begun picking up video cameras and posting clips of middle-of-the-night misbehavior by Second Street bar patrons on YouTube.
“If it means showing the world that Belmont Shore is not this quaint little community, so be it,” says John Forstrom, 38, frustrated by the noise, vandalism, violence and occasional creepiness he’s had to live with since purchasing a house on Glendora Avenue with his newlywed wife in August 2006. “Residents have been saying the same things—to elected officials, city departments and the police—and nothing has changed. But people are organizing other strategies now.”
Production values on the first two video clips posted to YouTube are piss-poor—literally so in the segment showing a woman in a short skirt pulling down her underwear and taking a whiz in the middle of a neighborhood street while her boyfriend warms up the car. Nonetheless, when linked to the other video—a long, loud, profane brawl that spilled into the neighborhood behind Legends Bar on April 17—it quickly elicited more than 200 comments.
“The video route has gained enough attention,” says Forstrom, a Belmont Shore Residents Association (BSRA) board member, “that I think people are going to go that way.”
There is talk of picketing bars that can’t keep their drunken customers out of the nearby neighborhoods, or of filing nuisance orders, or of seeking increases in their business licenses to cover the cost of more police.
There is also another kind of talk—the calm and productive kind that has accompanied the sale of Belmont Station and Panama Joe’s to new owners, who have reached out to residents and accepted conditions on their business licenses aimed at reducing problems and improving relationships.
Forstrom, who remembers how he and his wife watched a five-on-five fight outside Belmont Station on the very first night in their home, negotiated the conditions with Belmont Station’s new owner. Things worked out well enough that Granada Avenue residents asked for his help when Panama Joe’s was purchased by the Newman family, who owns the Sharkeez chain.
“We used John’s conditions as a template,” says Adam Hattan, who was among many residents who’d suffered under Panama Joe’s previous ownership and were worried things would get worse, considering Sharkeez’s spirited reputation. “I drafted them up and got a petition with 70-some signatures.”
Instead of ignoring or rejecting residents’ apprehensions, the restaurateurs worked to alleviate them, says Greg Newman, son of Sharkeez founder Ron Newman.
“We reached out to the neighborhood association, listened to their concerns and told them how we’d handled similar problems in the past,” he says. “We acknowledged that there likely would be problems, but promised that we would jump on them when they occurred.”
BSRA president Mike Ruehle, who has been so critical of Legends Bar that its owner—Belmont Shore Business Association president Gene Rotondo—has banned him from the establishment, is impressed with the Newmans’ approach to the residents.
“Their cooperation has ranged from putting formal conditions in their business license to something as simple as fixing the air conditioner on the roof that had been squeaking forever,” Ruehle says. “I even heard them give out their home phone numbers, saying ‘If there is a problem, call us and wake us up.’ We have never seen this.”
A couple weeks ago, the residents were invited to dinner at Panama Joe’s for a progress-report meeting. Things went well. Then, a few days later, things did not.
“We had our first problem—for whatever reason, a large, loud group of people were behind the restaurant and wouldn’t leave,” says Newman. “We’ve since had a meeting to figure out how to keep it from happening again. We want to be good neighbors, because it’s the best way to do good business. That’s the level these other places are going to have to get to if we want to solve this problem. Otherwise, the neighbors are going to keep complaining, and eventually it’s going to come down on everybody.”
Tags: bar fights, belmont shore, Belmont Shore Residents Association, Legends, Long Beach, public urination, sharkeez, youtube

May 14, 2009
Roy has a Best Friend-a really good friend for many years. This guy really has not had many girlfriends. He is a Really good Mid-west Boy who is true blue. This Guy met a Girl & has been seeing her for almost a year now. It is cool that he found a girlfriend. However she has some insecurities. She has been slowly 'Pussy-whipping' Roy`s friend. All of a sudden Roy`s friend has been acting differently when she is around, canceling plans with Roy to do stuff that she wants, He has been not as 'Animated' as usual. We see it all the time- it happens to the best of us, not really a big deal- usually things settle in after a few months. HOWEVER- She is Really uncomfortable with other girls around, especially Playboy girls.....and well- When you are friends with me & Roy, we are friends with Playboy girls- who (sorry to burst any ones bubble...) is just like any other girl.....they just want to hang with cool people & have a good time. They are really good friends of ours that mean a lot to us & will defend to the end- just like any of our friends.
Well this 'Girlfriend' tries to get herself & her boyfriend out of any event or situation that a Playboy girl will be around and if her boyfriend goes out with the guys and accidentally runs into a Playboy Girl, she will get bent out of shape & yell at her boyfriend! She will invite everyone to her events except Roy & I because of our Playboy friends & in fear we might invite or corrupt her guy. We tell her over & over that we were All friends with Playboy Girls way before we knew her & if her man really wanted a Playboy chick it would have happened already!
Anyway- there is A LOT to this story. Mainly made-up drama that she created but she somehow turned some of our friends against us. We had enough, so we talked to these friends & cleared the air, stating that we mean no harm & just want to be able to be friends with everybody & that Playboy or our Neighborhood friends are both important to us & that people are people & that we all should never Judge.
Well she didn`t like the fact that we cleared the air, l think she actually liked having people against us so she can go hang with them & feel validated or something. Anyway- all in all- Roy`s friend, as he should-sided with his girl and is no longer friends with Roy. Roy is really sad- he thinks he lost his best friend to a girl that has no remorse in destroying a Life Long Bond!
So much more to tell- but l am exhausted from this stupid drama! I hope that Roy & his best friend get back together and never let a Petty Insecure Woman ever tear them apart again!
oxox Stacy

April 30, 2009
Here is Bridget`s Blog about her Travel Channel Episode with me & Roy:

Southen Cali: No Place Like Home
By Bridget Marquardt on April 28, 2009

When I was first told that we were doing Southern California as one of the episodes for the show I was slightly disappointed. Not that I dislike California at all, quite the contrary, I love it here! It is my home and I foresee myself living here possibly for the rest of my life, but sometimes when you spend a lot of time in one place you can become jaded and forget about all the wonderful things right at your fingertips. I learned a lot about my community and how much fun I can have right in my own backyard. Best of all, this is one travel adventure that I got to bring my dog Wednesday on!
Let's begin with Malibu and work our way down the coast. Malibu is beautiful and known for its real estate, celebrities, scenic beauty and rocky coastline. It is a place where people want to be seen. And since my friend Holly Madison has the perfect car, a red 1960 convertible Corvette, for cruising the coastline I had her give me a ride.
So, since I'm in the market for a new home … why not enlist the help of a Sotheby's real estate agent and look at some homes? The house or shall I say estate he took me to was immense with an amazing view of the beach. However, the style of the house didn't exactly suit my tastes and at $15 million it didn't really fit my budget either. It was still fun looking.
Then Holly and I went to the infamous Geoffrey's for lunch. This restaurant has been around for ages and it used to be the stomping ground for many famous celebrities such as Cary Grant. Today it was Holly and I! The food was delicious and the view was amazing. Speaking of views!!!! After lunch I went paragliding!!! The paragliding contraption was nothing like I thought it was going to be. We actually started on the beach as opposed to a cliff or mountain top and my guide had a huge fan and motor attached to his back after I was clipped to the front of him, he instructed me to start running. As I did, we got lift off and were soon flying over 500 feet in the air with spectacular views of the ocean, coastline and Malibu Mountains.
Santa Monica
The Santa Monica Pier is filled with all kinds of fun carnival style adventure rides, games and junk food What I didn't know about is the new trapeze rig! I love doing trapeze and for those of you who know me, you know that I have incorporated trapeze into my normal workout as much as possible. So, when I heard that there was a new flying trapeze rig on the Santa Monica pier, I knew I had to try it out!
It was so exciting flying through the air with the ocean breeze whipping through my hair and swinging straight out towards the ocean. It was truly a unique way to enjoy an activity that I truly love. Not to mention I had several friends come to visit … my trapeze trainers Ray and Tania from Hollywood Aerial Arts and my good friends from the Playboy Mansion, Stacy Burke and her husband, Roy.

Continuing on down the beach Stacy and Roy joined me for a bit of roller skating and tandem biking on the bike path that links Santa Monica and Venice beaches. Not only is this a great form of exercise but it is a great way to see the seaside as well. Stacy and I went shopping amongst all the street vendors and performers and tried on funky sunglasses and ate ice cream. Another thing I would love to do there is learn to graffiti. There is a wall in Venice that artists can actually apply for a permit to tag the wall. Although I'm not an artist, I would love to leave my mark on Southern California like that!
In Laguna, I met up with an artist that shared with me the importance of the art culture and lifestyle in Laguna. He walked me down the main street showing me where many of the local artists get their inspiration. He then took me down to the beach and gave me a painting lesson. As I mentioned earlier, I'm far from being an artist … but I didn't think I did too bad!
Next, it was off to the St. Regis Hotel. One word … BEAUTIFUL!!! They showed me the Presidential Suite where I got to reside for the rest of the day. The bathtub was so large I could practically swim in it, the balcony overlooks the pool, golf course and the ocean and the chef made me huge chocolate sculptures that I couldn't keep my hands off of!!! The St. Regis is also pet friendly! So, I got to bring Wednesday and boy was she spoiled!! They had a dog bed, treats and fancy bowls awaiting her arrival. I got a partial massage out on the balcony it was feeling amazing but it had to be cut short due to our filming schedule … bummer.
After my abbreviated massage I headed out for a golf lesson. I was a little unsure about playing golf. Golf was always a sport that I had never been interested in and the few times I did try and hit a golf ball, I usually missed. I felt I was best suited for miniature golf. However, after a short lesson with my instructor I was hitting the ball and holding my own. Surprisingly, I've decided that I like golf and it is something I would like to try again.
Del Mar
In Del Mar there is an annual event that makes people get dog gone crazy. It's a Dog Surf competition!!! I don't claim to be an expert surfer but these dogs surf way better than I do! They also have a doggie bikini and board short competition as well as vendors representing everything you could need for your pet and more! It was a fun day and I brought Wednesday with me to help judge the contest!
San Diego
When I went exploring San DiegoI knew I needed to bring along my good friend Kendra Wilkinson. She grew up there and I knew she would know all the sexiest places to go! Kendra picked me up from the Ivy Hotel, where I was staying, in a convertible Mustang and we headed to her favorite beach, Wind and Surf Beach. We stayed there for a little while working on our suntans and getting caught up.
A little later, we went to La Jolla and went kayaking with sharks. Yes … SHARKS!! I looked down and saw tons of them swimming all around and under our kayaks!!! Luckily, they are leopard sharks and they can't hurt you. I was happy to her that but at the same time I was praying that we didn't tip our kayak!!
That night we went back to the Ivy hotel and partied it up at the rooftop bar. Hot people, good music, beautiful view and awesome drinks what more can you ask for?

April 02, 2009
Well if you saw my last minute Stacy`s Words I posted here a couple Days Ago- you know that I was a Victim of Identity Theft. The Bank is in the process of correcting it. Infact they have an ATM Photo of the people that withdrew my money from an ATM Machine Camera. The Photo has to be sent to my branch, they will call me once the photo is ready for me to see, maybe about 10 days or so. It is kind of creepy to know that I am going to see the people stealing my cash. I`ll tell you how it goes.
Until then, for up to the minute News- Follow me on Twitter- I update daily if not Several times a day.....Just go to My Current Events Page here on My Site for The Latest News & Announcements: -(oh & remember- to see Site Updates- Scroll Down!)
oxox Stacy

March 27, 2009
Woke up to find out that I am the Victim of identity theft AGAIN (it happened b4 about 3 years ago)- someone somehow got a bogus ATM Card with my info & has been running to ATM to ATM withdrawing funds- funds I do not have!! Infact while I was on phone with the Bank- the agent noticed activity at that moment- someone was in Bank of America trying to grab $300- from the ATM Machine as I was on phone. I asked, how can someone get cash from an account that is already overdrawn (from them)? She says the bank allows it!!
Well the bank froze my account until they can recover my funds- I am overdraw until then -l have no $$ until it all clears up -it will take at least 10+ days, until then, no $$ for me - cannot pay bills- nothing until it all clears up. ----- When my bank does finally clear up- I will get a new account & then I gotta go into all of my 100 yes 100, Auto-withdraw bills & change it to new account info before payment gets returned via expired account, which would be bad! SUCH A MESS!!
To add to that, My Husband, Roy is having Heart problems- he suffers from heart arrhythmia. It acts up every so often- but this week has been really bad - it has been going non-stop this whole week. He is having trouble sleeping. He is getting annoyed by it, it is scaring him & it is scaring me. Doctors & Medicine is not helping. I told him I think it is time to find another doctor. When something is not working, you need to change it up, besides, it is always wise to get a 2nd opinion!
And now we just found out that His Mom, my mother-n-law having heart problems as well & is in the hospital AGAIN!
oxox Stacy

March 13, 2009
In this weeks updates I FINALLY posted my Wedding Photos- the real deal- the REAL DAY- not the photos of the MANY Months, Weeks & Days leading Up to it- that has already been posted. These are MY WEDDING DAY PHOTOS! These photos are very special to me. My brother gave me away! Bridget was my Maid of Honor & Wedding Planner! Holly, Kendra & the Playboy gang came! Hugh Hefner Let us stay & use the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at The Palms for our Reception! Roy had his Wack Pack as his Groomsmen -and- I had The Kat Pack as my Bridesmaids!
It was the Wedding of my dreams!! In fact I have always wanted 2 Dream Weddings - The 1st one is the one I had last year March 29th 2008 - Vegas 1960 Go-Go Elvis Themed Gold & Silver Colors - that was filmed for E! The Girls Next Door! Check- done that & it was AWESOME!!! But now it will be our 1 year anniversary on March 29th 2009 - so on That date (coming up) - we are going to have my 2nd type of Dream Wedding -a Traditional Hawaiian Beach Wedding Luau on the Beach - I am going to wear a Real Traditional Expensive Princess Style Wedding Dress - Roy in his Tux - the Colors will be Palm Tree Green & Royal Blue!
I am soooo excited! All the usual suspects will be there along with other Friends & Family that could not make it to the Wild Vegas one. I am such a Lucky Girl!
oxox Stacy

March 05, 2009
Just 2 clear things up. Hef (or anyone else) never kicked me out of The Mansion. I was one of the 7 girlfriends. A few of them told Hef that they didn..t want me to be one of them- they didn..t want me as a 'girlfriend' - they thought I would create bad press if the world found out that I was an established Fetish Model- they thought it would make them (the girlfriends) 'LOOK BAD'. But I really don..t think they REALLY had a Problem with my fetish (in fact a few of them did fetish modeling in the past- but never did I use that info against them ..cause that would make me as petty as they were)- I think it just was what they told that to Hef to get me out. Girls are funny when Money-Power & Fame come into Play- they get REALLY Competitive -some would stab their own mother in the back for just a smell of Money-Power or Fame. Some were extemely mean to me- I felt like I was back in High School in a school-yard of Bullies- But- High School is, at times, Adult Life to- I think we (at least some) really never grow out of it.
Hef & a couple other girls (Holly & Bridget) was very sad about it- he really did not want to break up with me- but he had to honor the so-called majority of the group. So- I was no longer a girlfriend - but he swore that I am & will always welcomed to the Mansion & he will always love me.
I will always love Hef, The Staff, The People I met & hung out with for the past 10 years over there @ the Mansion! Hef has been very sweet, kind & generous - after all- he, Bridget & E! did sooooo much for me & my wedding....and they welcomed my husband as part of the Family- that is soooo cool!! I am very lucky to have the people I have in my life.
oxox Stacy

February 26, 2009
I am addicted to Twitter - I have it running up here in My Current Events Section- follow me- I have been know to Drunk Text! :

Car in Shop- I am Car-less- I am Stranded!! I gotta re-wire my total Electrical System (Heavy Rain got in & shorted out system) -and- I need a brand new Transmission!!! Yep- Long & Expensive as Sh!t! Oh Well- Gotta do it! Hoefully I will get my car back later this week.
I took the Metro Train to & from The Payboy Mansio for Oscar Sunday - yep, I am Ghetto-Fabulous!!

LA Radio Sucks Big Hairy Elephant Balls!! 1st Indie 103 & Now KLSX 97.1FM !!!! LA really has the worst selection of Radio Stations- always have. Vegas has great vareity of Stations- Why can..t LA Have a Variety? Are we THAT BORING??? Where is the Metal? Where is the Punk? Where is the New Rock? Where is the Indie? Where is the Good Talk?? I know the economy sux- but even when the Economy was good - we had limited Stations- I don..t get it!! - Well, I just might have to start MY OWN Radio Station!! hehe- I am actually in the prcess of creating my own Pirate Radio Show - Stay Tuned- you will be the 1st to know!!

Went bowling lastnight 4 the 1st time in many years- had a BLAST - found out that I am pretty Good!!

No time 4 Controlling, Critical, Judgemental, Jealous & Manipulating People in my Life! There are a few People that were 'so-called friends' but secretly do not approve of The Playboy part of me- so they shield their Boyfriends & Girlfriends away from me & make 'Secret Plans' without me & my husband - when we, in turn will invite them to everything! What are they afraid of? Do they really think that all my Playboy friends will rape them, puposely corrupt them & their friends?? - They should be so Lucky!!
....I am sure I will have more to say- maybe I should cut down on my famous Mud-Strong Coffee- for more up to the Minute Updates- log onto my Twitter!!
oxox Stacy

February 19, 2009
My Unusual Snacks:
-Honey, cayenne pepper, and pretzel crackers
-Low fat sharp cheddar cheese, Splenda sugar subsitute wrapped in a Fat Free Wheat Tortilla warmed up melted.
-Low fat cottage cheese, seasoned with mexican spices, rolled up in a corn tortilla, jack cheese & green salsa on top- zap in microwave until warm & melted.
-Pears, low fat cottage cheese, cayenne pepper.
-Jack Cheese sprinked with Cayenne pepper.
-Salsa & cottage cheese mixed with corn chips for dipping.
-Low fat wheat bread with 'I can`t believe it`s not butter' spray, sprinkled cinnamon & subsitute sugar toasted warm.
-Hot Fire with Limon Cheetos dipped in fat free bean dip or fat free sour cream.
-Hot Fire Pork Rinds dipped in Fat Free Sour Cream.
- Cheese and carmel popcorn
-Cucumbers sprinkled with Vinegar & salt
-Low Fat Wheat Bread, spread with fat free Miracle Whip & sliced cucumbers sprinkled with lemon & salt.
- Sliced Sourdough Bread toasted with Butter Spray, Jack Cheese, tomato slice & sprinked with itailan seasoning.
-Fat Free Wheat Totillas or Corn Tortillsa warmed with Butter Spray, Bacon Bits & Cheese.
-A1 Sauce mixed with Fat Free Cottage Cheese to use as a dip with Crackers.
-Diet Mountain Dew, Tequilla & splash of Grand Marnier - Rock Salt around ice filled glass.
-Champaign with a slpash of Red Grapefruit Juice.
-Avocado smashed with season salt & pepper served with warm corn tortillas & salsa.

.....more of my usual eating habits to come

My Weekly Grocery List:

Splenda (0 calories)
Weight Watchers Multi-Grain Bread (50 calories a slice!)
The Tortilla Factory Smart & Delishious Wheat Tortillas (80 calories each!)
Fat Free Cottage Cheese
Salsa with Cilantro
I can`t believe it`s not butter spary (0 calories!)
Low Fat Cheese with 2% Milk -any flavor- but Cheddar & Jack is best!
Parmesan Cheese
Fat Free Miracle Whip
Pink Grapefruit
Amber/Mico Beer
Sauvignon Blanc Wine (Charles Shaw - 2 buck Chuck!)
Cabernet Sauvignon Wine (Charles Shaw- 2 Buck Chuck!)
Black Silk Coffee (the stronger- the better)
Fat Free Creamer (Blueberry Cobbler is my Favorite!)
Fat Free French Dressing
Salad Greens
Bacon Bits
Seasonings (like cayenne pepper!)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Hot Fire Limon Cheetos
Bean Dip
A1 Sauce
Town House Flips- Pretzel Chips
Sugar Free Kool-aide
Diet Mtn. Dew

February 12, 2009
E! Girls Next Door Answers from Kevin Burns:
As far as a "time line" goes, all we know is that Holly is/was a Criss Angel fan going way back. Her interest in him got stronger when she guested on his show more than a year ago. The Mardi Gras episode was actually the very first "Season Five" episode to be filmed. The fact is, after Season Four (which was short) and "House Bunnies" the Girls had been taping pretty much non-stop since March 2006. Everyone (including my staff) was exhausted. We really didn't want to go back in production until March or April -- even though we expected to be back on the air with the "20 episodes" in July or August (it turned out to be October). Nevertheless, it was Holly who was eager to start taping again, She also wanted us to follow her 55th Anniversary Playmate search, etc. (which began in January). (This was also about the time Holly found out that she and Hef probably couldn't have a child together.)
Kendra was also impatient to start filming. She had made it clear to us (and Hef) that she wanted to leave the Mansion at the end of Season Five. Once Hef and Holly became a serious couple, Kendra felt that the only thing keeping her at the Mansion was the show (and her fears of "the real world.") She wanted to date and get on with her life. She had an agent and was trying to pitch ideas for her own show, etc. (Hef gave his blessing to all of this.)
Frankly, I think the prospect of Kendra's leaving made Holly and Bridget examine their own plans for the future. Bridget got involved with her radio show, trapeze, the horror movie and then -- bingo, I had an offer from the Travel Channel to do a series on "The World's Sexiest Beaches" and I suggested Bridget would be perfect to host it. Bridget was thrilled when the network agreed.
With Bridget and Kendra now focused on new prospects, Holly became depressed that her future with Hef wasn't turning out as she'd hoped. The 55th Anniversary search was going well, and her job at the studio was stimulating her -- but Holly was now eager to get a show of her own, too.
During the summer, Holly had several meetings with us (at Prometheus) and we developed some cool ideas. One was called "Studio West", where we'd follow Holly's adventures with aspiring Playmates. ("Go West, Young Girl" was kind of a pilot for this idea. "Pleading the 55th" was another version of it.) The network (E!) was interested, but the feeling was that with Kendra gone -- and Bridget possibly moving out at the end of Season Six -- Holly's job at the studio would probably become the focus of GND.
Frustrated and impatient, Holly focused on the 55th Playmate search. What we didn't know (and neither did he) was that she was falling out of love with Hef. Starting in the spring (according to her) her interest in Criss Angel was becoming a fixation. She sought opportunities to meet him (at Hef's birthday party) and communicate with him (she invited him for 4th of July). Just when the romance started, we don't know. Our guess would be July, just about the time Kendra became involved with Hank and Bridget began pre-production on her movie (where she met her current boyfriend).
The **** really hit the fan when the candidates came out for the 55th Playmate shoot. There was lots of drama and tension behind the scenes. Holly and Hef had a big argument involving one of the candidates -- who had broken one of Hef's biggest rules by inviting a boyfriend to sleep over with her at Mapleton House. We think that was the final straw.
After that, Holly was suggesting to me and members of my staff that she was "over" Hef and that her feelings had started back in January, etc. It was then (in August) that rumors first circulated that Holly was taking trips to Vegas in order to meet up with Criss. (Holly would deny this to Hef when first confronted.)
Then, it happened. Just weeks before the premiere of Season Five -- Holly and Hef split. We had already filmed all 20 of the Season Five shows and were editing them. (The Scuba episode and "Third Time's the Charming" -- the two that air this coming Sunday -- were the last two "official" GND episodes of the Season Five order.)
What were we going to do? We always knew that Kendra's departure would be a big deal -- but now the entire "family" was breaking up. (This was happening as E! was negotiating for Season Six and a Kendra spin-off.) Bridget was also blind-sided. She was pretty much happy to stay with Holly and Hef and had no plans to leave.
The original plan was to have Season Five end with Kendra's departure, to be immediately followed by her own show. (We didn't know about Hank or the engagement when we sold this idea to E!) Holly and Bridget would "guest" on Kendra's show and then Kendra would "guest" in Season Six, etc.
No such luck.
In the wake of Holly's announcement, we scrambled to put the pieces together for what became the one-hour season finale ("Transitions" Part 1 & 2). The challenge was to tell the story without putting blame on anyone -- or closing any doors. At the time we filmed this (in December), Holly had moved out of Hef's bedroom, but not out of the Mansion. Bridget was leaving to do her Travel Channel series (now called, "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches") and Kendra was moving out (as we'd expected).
As for the infamous "twins", Holly encouraged that relationship so that Hef wouldn't be too lonely. Since then, Hef has recovered from the breakup (he was devastated) and begun dating again. As Season Six (ten episodes) is slated to begin in September, you can imagine that we're not eager to begin filming too early. We think April or May will be time enough for the "dust" to settle and find out just who we will be working with.
Remember, "The Girls Next Door" is and was always intended to be a show about the women who live and play at the Playboy Mansion. It's about the women in Hef's life. When the women change, so does the show. If it works, it works. If not.? Well, it was fun while it lasted.
But don't worry. Kendra's show will include Holly and Bridget. Season Six will feature HBK as often as their schedules permit. Hef's world is a pretty big one, and although there are lots of open wounds right now, they heal quickly.
It will remain our job to keep up with all of this, and keep turning out the very best show possible.
By the way, with "Transitions" we will have successfully produced 80 half-hours of GND! After Season Six (and Kendra's first season) it will be close to 100! That's an incredible milestone for any series. It's a miracle for a reality show.
We owe this to you guys -- the fans of GND. Thank you.
(Oh. and, by the way: We have NOTHING to do with the E! promos. The network is in charge of how they advertise and promote the series.Don't blame us!)
Kevin Burns

February 5, 2009
Gian Temperilli- of Gian & Shirley 'The Ozbournes of The LBC' - The one with The SUPER LONG HAIR.well- say bye-bye to his long locks.because of the tight finacial times he has decided to go to the Police Academy to become a cop (the only people hiring).but he has to cut his hair.this is really traumatic for him cause he has always had long hair.all his life!! Good newz however- Gian is donating his long locks to 'Locks of Love'- they make wigs for cancer patients. Gian has great martial arts knowledge and is very book smart- so after 4 years on the beat- he hopes to be a detective.
It is sad still though.I wish his book would take off. His real love is writting & the paranormalhe wrote a great book about Peter James - and is very close to the people who own The Queen Maryinfact anytime I wanna go Ghost Hunting & get into the 'closed-to-the-public' Ship`s Pool- I canhehe!!
Anyway- here is a few pix (attached below) of Gian to remember his Hair.(tear).

Gian`s MySpace page:
oxox Stacy

January 29, 2009
Well LA Radio Offically Sux!!!
The Day the Music Died: The End of Indie 103.1Henry Rollins, music director Mark "Mr. Shovel" Sovel and DJ Darren Revell talk about the shutdownBy Randall Robertspublished: January 22, 2009
About three months ago, while I was driving home from LAX on a Saturday night, the car stereo was barely on, my mind was far away, and I just wanted to get home. Then the riff on the radio registered in my head — it was the slow, syrupy Sabbath-esque run of the song “Dopesmoker” by a band called Sleep. But “song” isn’t the right word for “Dopesmoker” because it’s an hour long, one meandering monster chord progression rolling over and over as cymbals fly, the bass hums, and the band sinks deeper and deeper into the riff’s abyss. Think Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray” multiplied by 666. As I drove up La Brea and watched the lights of Hollywood roll across the basin, Indie 103.1 had once again delivered a jolt of spirit into an otherwise mundane cruise through L.A. That night Henry Rollins played the entire 63-minute song. On commercial radio. In the second-largest market in the country.
Every diehard loyal to Indie 103.1 FM over its improbable five-year run as Los Angeles’ most consistently surprising rock radio station has had similar Eureka moments. This being L.A., these no-way-did-they-just-play-that-song epiphanies usually occurred in the car, when something joyous would erupt from the speakers as if from the stars above. Maybe a Modern Lovers groover, or the Minutemen, the Melvins, Postal Service, or No Age, Joy Division, the Cure, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If you were a rock fan, the surprises kept coming.
The station’s biggest surprise, however, came Thursday at 10 a.m., when regular programming abruptly ceased and the staff was laid off with no warning. Morning DJ TK had just ended his show by playing “My Way,” not the Sid Vicious version most familiar to Indie listeners, but the Frank Sinatra original. An announcement followed: “This is an important message for the Indie 103.1 Radio Audience,” said the male voice — not a regular Indie DJ but one of the station’s salespeople — “Indie 103.1 will cease broadcasting over this frequency effective immediately. Because of changes in the radio industry and the way radio audiences are measured, stations in this market are being forced to play too much Britney, Puffy and alternative music that is neither new nor cutting edge. Due to these challenges, Indie 103.1 was recently faced with only one option — to play the corporate radio game.”
The announcer informed listeners that Indie “had decided not to play that game anymore,” and bid farewell to the terrestrial airwaves in favor of the Internet. Entravision Communications, the station’s Santa Monica-based owner, played the message the next two days between a half-dozen Indie classics, including X’s “The New World,” Black Flag’s “Jealous Again,” the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy in the UK” and “My Way,” this time by Sid Vicious. Each replay was like a little stab in the heart — especially when people learned that the “decision” to go online meant firing the staff that built and maintained Indie. The frequency is now home to Spanish-language El Gato 103.
Indie 103.1 FM, a renegade music machine built from scratch by two guys over Christmas break in 2003 after a $2,500 shopping spree at Amoeba Records, was an anarchic and influential juggernaut in the L.A. music scene. Ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones’s noontime “Jonesy’s Jukebox” was the station’s flagship show, and one of the most unlikely star turns that the station’s founding creative team, program director Michael Steele and music director Mark “Mr. Shovel” Sovel, helped orchestrate.
The station launched after Entravision, which owns 48 mostly Spanish-language radio stations (among other media properties), teamed with Clear Channel Communications to unleash an alternative-rock station on Los Angeles. “Both parties saw an open market for a station like this — that this community wasn’t being served at all on commercial radio,” recalls Sovel. “There was KCRW, but they don’t play much music during the day. And there was nothing on KROQ worth listening to.”
So Sovel canceled his Christmas plans and with Steele “hunkered down while the city was empty, scheming to get [Indie] on the air.” He says that the two were given complete creative freedom by their corporate overlords. They started ripping their favorite classic punk, new-wave and alt-rock tracks to create a database, then headed to Amoeba with the company credit card. “We just started grabbing every album that we loved,” remembers Sovel. “It was so cool to be able to look through [The Clash’s] Sandinista and go, ‘Oh my god, “Hitsville UK!” I’d love to hear that on the radio,’ knowing that we were about to throw out this bomb on L.A.”
When Steele and Sovel visited Jones, a gruff, Cockney, aging punk living in the Hollywood Hills, “We sat in his house and he said, ‘I want to be a DJ on your station,’” recalls Sovel. “We didn’t know what that meant. I didn’t know what he had in mind. I don’t even know if he knew.” Jones debuted “Jonesy’s Jukebox” in February 2004, and Sovel — whom Jones dubbed “Mr. Shovel” — became his producer.
“It was so unorthodox,” Sovel says. “There was all this dead air and pausing, smacking his lips, and I was in the background thinking, ‘Oh my god, what have I done? This is a train wreck.’ And very quickly people started going, ‘This is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard.’ Suddenly people like Johnny Ramone were coming to be on his show.” Over the next five years Jonesy created this weird, awkward, anti-interview show. His guests may have come on to plug their new movie or album, but they’d end up talking about some non-sequitur topic and laughing hysterically. The first time I was on, about a year ago, he only played one song — and belched into the mic a half-dozen times — over the whole two hours. The second time — which, it turns out, was part of the final “Jukebox Jury” segment on Indie — we talked about the service industry and proper tipping etiquette, the mysteries of Nickelback, coffee, Brian Wilson’s mental struggles, and, oh yeah, we judged a few songs.
The moments are too many to mention. Patton Oswalt and the Comedians of Comedy guest-hosting “Jonesy’s Jukebox.” Former bandmates John Lydon and Jonesy talking Sex Pistols. “When Robert Plant came into the studio,” recalls Sovel, “it was Jonesy, Plant and me in there. They started singing some old ’50s song, and in the middle of it, Plant starts singing, ‘You need cooling/baby I’m not fooling’ and as he’s doing that he looks at me and winks. I’m thinking to myself, that’s Robert Fucking Plant singing ‘Whole Lotta Love.’”
Sovel also created and hosted “Check 1-2,” which dedicated itself to highlighting the best L.A. local rock bands. More shows arrived. Henry Rollins’ “Harmony In My Head,” “Complete Control” with Joe Sib, “Neon Noise” with Paul V, Darren Revell’s “Big Sonic Heaven.” Joe Escalante’s “The Last of the Famous International Morning Shows,” which ran from 2006 to 2008, featured David Lynch as its weatherman.
These specialty shows were mixed with a consistently adventuresome rotation of new indie rock, punk and dance, songs from tiny labels and big majors, a bunch of tracks added into rotation based not on a band’s marketing budget but on the merits of the song. Everybody knew that the Pixies’ “Debaser” was a classic, but few radio stations played it as much as it needed to be played. Daft Punk sounds great on the radio next to the B-52s and Tokyo Police Club. Countless bands received airplay on Indie that otherwise wouldn’t have stood a chance.
When you were stuck in traffic and had no future and no exits before you, Indie was there. New York City has so many newspapers and magazines because citizens take the subway and read while they commute. In Los Angeles, you listen to the radio. And, sure, there are CDs and iPods, but for that segment of society with janky cars, jammed-up CD players and dinky rock & roll speakers (i.e. the young creative class) — and for the desperate music supervisors looking for a song in a pinch just as the Go! Team jumps across the airwaves — Indie 103.1 was a central part of our daily lives.
“When I landed on Indie,” recalls DJ Darren Revell, “radio had become sour over the years. I never imagined to be working at a radio station like Indie. I remember the first time I ran the board for TK — I think it was Cinco de Mayo and he was playing ‘Jealous Again’ by Black Flag. And I was like, ‘Holy shit! I can’t believe there’s a radio station playing Black Flag during afternoon drive time.’”
The station not only played Black Flag, but in ’04 snagged its former lead singer. When Henry Rollins negotiated his two-hour spot, he was typically blunt. “I said, ‘I bet you can’t pay me anything,’” Rollins recalls, “and they said, ‘Correct!’” He said he wasn’t looking for money, but freedom: “I will abide by the FCC rules, of course, but you can’t tell me what to play.” They agreed. “They’ve given me 120 percent freedom. No one ever told me to cool it.”
Great radio, however, doesn’t pay the bills; advertising does, and the station’s Arbitron numbers never matched its listeners’ enthusiasm. “Our ratings were never good,” admits Sovel. “We’re on a signal that doesn’t cover the entire city. But they were good enough to generate advertising. They wouldn’t have let us stay there if we weren’t making money.”
But with Entravision’s stock recently dipping below $1 a share (it’s currently being threatened with delisting by the New York Stock Exchange), the corporation opted to chase the much larger Spanish-speaking audience. (Entravision declined to comment for this article.)
The station’s fate was sealed, in hindsight, this past October, when what Sovel calls a “perfect storm” hit the station. First, of course, was the economic collapse, which resulted in many advertisers cutting back. And second, Nielsen/Arbitron changed the system by which it counts listenership by introducing a device called the Portable People Meter. The company claims the innovation more accurately measures the number of people listening to a radio or TV station at any given time.
When the PPM Arbitrons arrived, however, the results were far below what they had expected, says Sovel. “We saw the first numbers and we were like, ‘We’re fucked.’” It showed Indie as 39th in the market, with a 0.6 share of the Los Angeles radio audience.
Sovel thinks that the PPM’s methodology extremely underrepresented its L.A.-basin listenership. Regardless, in October, program director Max Tolkoff, who replaced Steele in 2007, eliminated some of the evening specialty shows in hopes of improving the numbers, and moved Rollins’ “Harmony In My Head” to Saturdays. The playlist also began tilting more toward the center, with more commercial alternative choices.
The wondering and whispers intensified. (When I was there the Friday before it shut down, the minifridges were bare and the receptionist was no longer validating parking tickets.) “Recently that threat had been there,” says Revell. “Definitely over the past two or three months we felt it stronger.”
Revell was finishing up his 7-to-midnight show the night before Entravision pulled the plug. “Jonesy was upstairs cleaning out his office around quarter to 10, and I put two and two together. I saw Jonesy up there and so I decided I’d play whatever I wanted for the last two hours I was on the air. I wish I could remember everything I played, but there was so much emotion going through me, and I was so upset because I knew we were going away, at that point. It was devastating. I know I played The Cure’s ‘Disintegration,’ and the last song I played was the Sugarcubes’ ‘It’s Oh So Quiet.’” (Jonesy was unavailable for comment on the shutdown.)
The next morning, after the first farewell announcement, the phones starting lighting up. Some people thought it was an April Fool’s joke — except that, it’s January. The Indie message boards bounced with missives of outrage and despair, blogs buzzed, and Saturday host Tedd Roman Twittered his layoff. He snapped a picture of the locked studio door, which was affixed with a Xeroxed “Do Not Enter” sign. Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and Slim Jim Phantom, ex of the Stray Cats, were left standing in the lobby, unaware that their appearance on that day’s “Jonesy’s Jukebox” had been canceled.
Within the day, fans had created online petitions and “Save Indie” MySpace pages. Later that night, when Revell was spinning records at the Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz, he was bombarded with condolences and thanks. “People were just coming up and hugging me, and crying, and bringing me to tears, too, really. Just totally overwhelming.”
“We had a very active audience,” says Sovel. “They were not passive. We could put on a show at the Hammer Museum with two really good local bands and there would be a line around the block of a few thousand people — a thousand of which couldn’t get in.”
Among that active audience, he continues, are artists and industry types interested in somehow keeping the Indie 103.1 spirit alive. He says that over the weekend he and others brainstormed options of moving the station’s former talent en masse somewhere else on the FM dial. “There’s a lot of activity going on,” he confides. “There’s a vigorous effort to put Indie back up on the air in Los Angeles, and there’s a lot of people offering their support, both individually, as listeners, and artists who have come forward to offer their support, as well.”
Of course, if Indie survives, it will have to be with a different name. Indie 103.1 is owned by Entravision (Clear Channel stopped booking ads in 2005), and the station’s Web site is continuing to stream the music library. It’s part of the company’s attempt at moving the station’s avid fanbase online, where there’s much less overhead. Programming such as Indie’s, Entravision explained in its on-air farewell announcement, “could only be done on the Internet, a place where rules do not apply and where new music thrives, be it grunge, punk or alternative — simply put, only the best music.” (“We would never abandon our listeners like that,” stresses Sovel, who was frustrated with the announcement looping over the station he helped build. “I want listeners to know that that was not our decision.”)
Some of the specialty shows, including Paul V’s “Neon Noise” and Full Metal Jackie’s “Chaos,” will continue on the webstream. Rollins, too, was asked by management whether he would be interested in continuing.
“Knowing that I have a lot of listeners who listen abroad,” explains Rollins, “the Internet is their connection to me; I said yes. I asked, ‘I get to play more songs because there’s no commercials?’ They said yes. ‘And no FCC so I can finally play N.W.A?’ And they said yeah.” This past weekend Rollins put together broadcasts for the next three Saturdays, “and they all have 30 minutes more of music, and zero restraint.”
But, he adds, “You see the abruptness with which the terrestrial version of this show ended. The online version? You never know. It could be all over by lunchtime today. But I was told that there are so many online listeners that it’s making them want to keep the station online to try it out. So the future of this little station — I don’t know. I did these three shows. I wonder if they’ll air.”
If online Indie fizzles, says Sovel, it’ll be no big deal to him. “Nobody cries when a web stream goes silent. It’s not the same thing. There’s an intangible experience of listening to the radio that can’t be duplicated on the Internet. And there’s an emotional attachment to it because everybody felt part ownership in it as part of our community. Which is why people are calling and crying and are sad about it.”
Not that everyone’s surprised, he confesses.
“From the day we went on the air, people didn’t expect us to last, but it kept going and going, and even when we were doing well, people would say, ‘Are you going to stay on? Please don’t go away.’ There was this collective sense that nothing good like this could last.”

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct two factual
errors. First, Tedd Romann was Twittering his layoff, not TK. We have
changed the passage in the story to reflect this. Also, the Black
Flag song that Indie looped in its rotation after the station went
off the air was "Gimme Gimme Gimme," not "Jealous Again." We
apologize for the errors.

January 15, 2009
My Big Vegas Wedding is scheduled to aire on E! The Girls Next Door Sunday January 18th 2009. Hugh Hefner had a preview screening of our episode at The Playboy Mansion Sunday January 11th after The Golden Globes.
OMG- What a WILD Episode it was.but boy did they cut a LOT out!! It was impossible to show all the crazy, wild, 2 month process of the event & leading up to it. I just hope they show more of it in the deleted scenes & commentary when the Girls Next Door Season 5 Series DVD go on sale!
I have a TON of Photos from the Wild & Crazy 3 day Vegas Wedding weekend event, that you will ONLY find here on!! So far, Right Now, in my Out & About Section, you can find My Engagement Party, My Salon Day, Our Vegas Party Bus Trip, The Dinner before the Bachelor & Bachelorette Party, The BIG Party at Rain (which they did not show on TV).then soon I will post up Roy`s Bachelor Party with The Score Girls as his Strippers, My Bachlorette Party with The Thunder from Down Under as my Strippers, Getting Ready for The Wedding, My Wedding with The Gold Suit Elvis & The Wack Pack, The Reception (which was held at The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa @ The Palms), The Day After, The Bus Ride well as many other Crazy events before & afterso stay tuned for your Exclusive Footage!!
There is Sooooo much more yet to come as well. I did an episode of Bridget`s Sexiest Beaches to aire on The Travel Channel.I also have Photos to post up here of that day that you will ONLY find Here @!! I also have many more photos & videos of more future episodes of me on The Girls Next Door as well as other showslike Kendra Wilkinson`s New Upcoming show and other Wacky, Wild, Crazy, etc Events! Yep, 2009 will be a very exciting time here, I am glad you will be a part of ityou are in store for a lot of Wild, Crazy, Fun, Exciting & Sexy times ahead here @ - so buckle up your seat-beltsit is going to be a bumpy ride!!! hahaha ;-)
oxox Stacy

January 08, 2009
Here is a 'Happy New Year`s' Letter to Bridget Marquardt from my husband Roy that I thought was soooo touching and I want to share it with you:
Hello, Bridget!

Well, I was debating on whether or not I should send this to you but Nick said I should so, here you go:

It was just under a year ago that I first met you and the rest of the girls. I didn’t know much about you other than you were on this tv show and that you were one of Hef’s “girlfriends”. Stacy would talk about you a lot and said that you were just about the nicest person she knew and that you inspire her so much. She shared some pretty funny stories and talked about how you befriended her when just about everyone else had written her off. Needless to say, you are very important to her and have made a huge difference in her life.

Which comes to why I’m writing this to you.

2008 was a special year for me Probably my best ever. There were some hard moments and I lost some people that were very close to me. But, I gained some amazing friendships this year, and I count yours at the top of the list.

I met you for the first time at the Mansion at last year’s New Year’s Eve bash. It was quite a spectacle and a bit overwhelming. I thought my head was going to pop. But, you made a real effort to make me feel welcome there and that meant a lot to me.

After that, when Stacy and I decided to just get on with things and tie the knot, you stepped up in a way so unimaginable, I still look back on it in disbelief. With all that had going on, the crazy schedule, the travel, the Girls Next Door, etc, etc you managed to plan out and execute our entire wedding and did it IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!! Unreal. From the proposal on your radio show, to the floral arrangements, to the cigar roller, to the party at Rain, to the suites at the Palms, to the Chapel, to the poker chips with our names on them, to the bling out of Stacy’s dress. I could go on and on and on. On top of that, our wedding is going to be on your show!!! It’s almost too fantastic to believe. Yet, you did it all and asked for nothing in return.

During the year me, my wife and you would sit around late on Sunday nights and just talk about all the crazy life stuff. Not the “show” stuff, but the real life, serious stuff. Life after mansion stuff, dating stuff, career stuff. Those were my favorite moments. Just hanging out and talking about a lot of stuff.

Forgive my longwinded writing. I’ll just get to the point. I agree with my wife: You are one of the nicest human beings I have ever met and you are an inspiration to a lot of folks. And it isn’t just me that says that. You’re kind of a legend around the homestead. You have left some really huge footprints in the hearts of a lot of our fiends, too. Not a day goes by when we are all together that the Wack Pack doesn’t ask how you’re doing and if there is anything you need help with. Its like knowing that you have your own personal Justice League ready to assemble at a moments notice!

Now, its 2009 and a lot has changed for everyone. You’ve got your new show, you’re moving out of the mansion, and you’ve got an awesome new man in your life and you look super happy! You, above all the other gals at the house, have risen above it all. It’s going to be a great year for you, Bridget, and I imagine that you are going to accomplish some really monumental things this year. You have a lot of character and integrity and its going to take you a long way to reaching your goals. That and the fact that you’re just so down to earth are going to really serve you well. It’ll be fun to watch your success take you to new and undreamt of places.

Thank you, Bridget, for making 2008 so great for me and Stacy. We love you and cherish your friendship very, very much!

See you in 2009!!

“Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."
~ Ludwig Beethoven