Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank you Hubby for Helping me Stock our Pantry this Week!

Monday always = Domestic Day for me. My day is full of Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Cleaning House, etc. Luckily my Hubby was generous enough to pitch in this week with Grocery Money! Usually I pay for the Groceries. October was a Tight Month Financially for me, I am hoping that November will be Brighter, Work Wise. I am very Grateful for my Hubby`s help in Stocking our Selves this week. Thank you Hubby!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend 2011 - Friday Oct. 28th

Friday Oct. 28th 2011
Just got Home, Hubby wanted me 2Drive him 2the BIG Halloween Store 2get Costumes - he Wanted 2be Old School Capt. America from the Movie.

Roy bought me the Deluxe Super Girl Costume -So my Dead Fly Caught in Spider`s Web Costume will have 2Wait 4the 2mrw Night.

On Way Home -we Drove thru Micky D`s & Ordered the McRib Meal (which is 1180 Calories BTW) -Better go Jog 1st b4 eating that!!

BTW: I 4got 2Mention that While we were @ Halloween Store KCAL 9 News Interviewed us - So watch 4us on The Local News Today!!

2Get myself N2 the Spirit of Halloween, I put on Something Really Spooky, Creepy & Scary on TV........TLC Toddlers & Tiaras.

OMG - I Found the Clip with Roy & I on the Local TV News Buying our Costumes -we are 2ward the Middle of Video

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Need a Female BFF

I think I need a Female Friend to talk to. Most of my friends are guys. My female friends live far away, have a lot on their plate and they have no time for my petty problems. I use the Web, but I get Chastised for it. I guess it is not the place to talk about my deep feeling and what I am going through. I am trying to get by on my own, but I am having a hard time with it. I think I am losing my mind sometimes. I constantly feel attacked. I really need an outlet to Vent.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I marched with Occupy Long Beach Ca. Saturday Oct. 8th 2011

I March on Saturday Oct. 8th 2011 - had The BEST, most Insightful, Most Meaningful Time Ever in my Life -going 2more of these meetings -ALL Welcome 2Join me @ @OccupyLongBeach - I will post Video soon or go to Site to View their Videos @

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teacher vs Parent

Anyone can be a parent. no school to become a parent. no money to become a parent. no rules to become a parent. Just have sex, not use birth control and spit one out. You only have to wait 9 months to become a parent, however having a baby is not the same as being a parent. I do not know why people always think it is up to the parents to bring up children, I wish it was like that! In a perfect world the parent would be a parent to their kid, but this is not a perfect world.
A teacher chooses to become a teacher. A teacher goes to school, a teacher pays money to become a teacher, it takes time, patience and hard work to become a teacher. A teacher must want to become a teacher. Once they are a teacher, it is their job to teach that child no matter who their parents are.
I am tired of people saying it is up to the parents to raise the kids. I wish they would, but it is not always like that. It is not the kids fault that they are born and not taught correctly. Sorry to say this but, it is everyone else`s problem. We need to step up when no one else will and if not, then, We need to stop relying on the parents and rely and appreciate the teacher more. More importance should be focused on the teacher. this is not the way I would like the world, but it is the reality of our world that we cannot ignore anymore.
I`m not saying to give up completely on the parent. by all means, give the parent every opportunity to be a good parent & teacher to their kid, just do not depend on it. If that indeed happens, it would just be a much needed & appreciated bonus.
Stop passing the buck, whatever it is. Claim the problem as your own because it is your own. If everyone did their part plus 100 times more, it would be a better world. As of now, we all just get by the skin of our teeth. As some teachers put on our papers 'we are not living up to our penitential'.

Duncan Edwards Just wondering who raises your children? What if they don't raise them the way you think is best? Who taught you to spell? If everyone just did their part as they should, nobody would have to do 100 times more. Sorry but I'm not letting nor do I desire to have anyone else raise my children. That's my job because I'll do it better than anyone else would care to.

Me: That`s wonderful if you raise your own children, you then are fine - but not everyone is like you - I don`t like that people do not raise their children, but at the same time, it is a reality. I cannot force them, no one can force people to be good parents - but thankfully there are teachers out there. What I am trying to say is we need to appreciate & recognize the teachers who are sometimes our children`s parents. (and yes, our children, ALL children is OUR children)

What Happened to Honest Capitalism?

I am Pro-Capitalism, but not at the Expense of Others, My Fellow Man, The Planet or Universe. I am for Honest Capitalism.
I understand that there will always be the battle between Good and Evil, however, I will always fight for over all good. I will especially step in whenever I see the fight being fought more UN-balanced & UN-fair than usual and watching good people being fooled by what they think is good, like a Sheep to Slaughter. Evil can disguise itself as being good. You must always read the fine print or more so, follow the money.
I know sometimes I must Vote for the Lesser of Evils. I will always Vote. No one will silence me. No Vote is a usually a Vote against your best interest, because you are putting your fate in others hands. It is very important that everyone Votes. Everyone needs to document their Voice with a Vote. It is more then winning your view, it is documenting how we as a nation feel. It is history. Even if things do not change right away, the more we all speak up, the more of a chance we have of having things change the way the Majority of us wants it instead of continuing to give the power to the 1% to Stuff their own pockets with our best interest.
oxox, Stacy

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