Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Clown Sex: a True Story Told by a Girl I have never met

Side Note From Stacy: I read this Store on the E! Message boards. Thank you for Story. Attention E! Boards, I have not posted in a Long Time -I tried to post - but now u need permission & E! wont let me send request to get permission - my PM keeps rejecting it being sent, I don`t know Why. Oh Well.

I am an Internet, Media, Life Sponge Junkie - I like to Surf around and absorb Information, Stories, Theories, News, Gossip, Whatever - Everything is interesting to me.
Anyway - as I was Surfing an Entertainment Board, I ran across this Story - The Girl telling it says it is a Real True Story that Happened to her - I believe Her, unless she was on an LSD Trip - Here You Go, Enjoy! oxox, Stacy

Random Clown Sex: a True Store Told by a Girl I Never Met.

2 yrs ago, a former friend(FF)of mine was at the bar with my best friend. The circus was in town for that week and into the bar walks a full-on clown...wig, make-up, big shoes, the whole she-bang. So my BF who is a huge jokester walked up to him and points at FF and says "Hey my friend over there wants to hook up with you." So the clown goes over to FF and sits down. FF and BF talk and talk before they realize he wasn't really talking...come to find out, he's from TURKEY. So he doesn't understand a word they're saying. So they all end up going to this hotel in town and apparently, the clowns pool their money at the end of the week and rent ONE hotel room so they all can take showers. BF leaves and FF hooks up with this clown, while OTHER clowns were taking showers. He didn't take his make-up, shoes or wig off, so she had no idea what he looked like.
To top it off, she calls me to watch her kid the next week cause she got some kind of infection and the Dr's couldn't figure out what the **** it was. She was on antibiotics for over a month. He added her to FB so she was able to see what a dog he was AND he had like 9,000 friends...LOL. He probably met half them from his traveling circus.
*Signed Random Girl*

Side Note From Stacy: I read this Store on the E! Message boards. Thank you for Story. Atten E! Boards, I have not posted in a Long Time -I tried to post - but now u need permission & E! wont let me send request to get permission - my PM keeps rejecting it being sent, I don`t know Why. Oh Well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blast From the Past - The Beat Goes On - 1st Posted Jan. 25th 2010

I have already told you about my car breaking down on Christmas Day with my 89 yr old Grandmother in the Car. I go a ride for my Grandmother - Me & Roy got a tow all the way back to Long Beach. Saturn was supposed to fix my Transmission for free due to a recalled Transmission -but with the Government Buy-out -that agreement was Null & Void and we had to pay about $2500.00 for a re-built transmission.

Fast forward to January 24th. Sundays, I usually go hang out with the Girls at The Playboy Mansion, eat, drink, talk, watch movies etc. Roy usually hangs out with the guys in Long Beach, drink & watch Sports. I was not feeling to well, so I decided to stay home & Rest. Roy went out all day with the guys, drank & watched football.
Around 9pm he came home, well actually our friend Jake brought Roy home. Roy was super drunk and was bleeding from the back of his head. Jake said Roy fell & slide on the sidewalk on the back of his head. I want to call the paramedics, but Jake insisted it was just a scrape. We cleaned & wrapped Roy's head up with bandages. Roy was defiant, tried to get up several times, even fell face first in bathroom. We put Roy to bed & Jake left.
Roy said he was hungry, so I made him soup and gave hi lots of water. Roy took off his bandages even when I protested he keep them on. He kept getting up. I told him if he gets up one more time that I will call the paramedics & he will go to hospital. Roy kept calling me into bedroom, wanting more food, water, soda, hugs etc. Finally after 2 hours he fell asleep.
Roy awoke OK, but a bit hung-over. We had a talk. I told him that this cannot happen anymore. He cannot get so Drunk. I am not a professional, so I cannot tell him what he needs to do, so I told him that he needs to seek a professional for help. Roy does not drink every day. Roy can have a few beers and he is okay. The problem is when he does drinks too much, Roy gets dangerous and he will not listen to anyone. He is a bull in a china store!

Roy had to board a Plane on this day (Monday Jan. 25th). He had to fly to El Paso for a Work meeting. Roy packs up and I drive him to the drop of area at LAX. I turn of car to give him a hug good-bye. I go back to my car, try to start it and it is dead. My car will not start. I am stranded at the drop off curb of LAX. I go to security, they say there is nothing they can do. They say that the LAX Cops should be around soon, they never came. I used my cell phone to call my Free Saturn Roadside assistance. I get a recording stating that due to over-whelming calls that they are booked up & to try again tomorrow! I try to call some of my friends, no one is home. I call 411 many times to get another tow truck company close to LAX. Every number they gave me either did not work or I got put on hold forever. Finally 411 gave me a tow truck number that I got to talk to a live person! Help was finally on its way!!
The tow truck came and towed me to my Saturn Dealership that I always go to. That tow truck ride cost me $125.00 -but what else could I do? I dropped off my 'Hooptie' (car) and got a Courteous Shuttle back home. It seems that my battery was leaking Fluid and corroded my cables. That repair bill will be about $350.00 and it should take a couple days!! Gulp!!
I am soooo sick. I make some Mexican Soup with Lots of Lemon, Tabasco & Cilantro. I am so stressed. Money is not good lately. My work has slowed down because of the Holidays & because of the Economy. Roy got a promotion, but he is still in training and it will be awhile before we see any income increase. That what makes his trip to El Paso so important. This trip is his 1st of his Travel Training.
It is now 4pm, I sit down to take everything in. My cell phone rings, it is Roy. Roy is in El Paso. He just got to his hotel, the training does not start until the morning. Roy says his heart is racing (Roy has a bad heart), his heart is beating really fast and he is nauseous. Roy said he threw up and is not feeling well. I am scared, what if it has something to do with his head injury? Roy says he is going to go to the hospital and he will call me later.

Roy called me a few hours afterward. He says he is back from Hospital, in his hotel, taking a bath & then going to bed. In the morning he has a work meeting all day, then he flys back home later that night.
Roy has many health problems, one of them is a bad heart that beats fast at times. I think it was a combo of Dehydration, Flying, The New Promotion The Car Breaking Down The Financial Stress, etc that brought on his heart fluttering. We must get things right and soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Story of Skankles Part 2

(Part One @

After over a year of avoiding Skankles. She called up Roy and wanted to meet. She wanted to mend things up for her Boyfriends (Roy & his best Friend) Sake. She said that her man was feeling sad & was missing Roy`s Friendship. We know it took a lot for her to do that, so we agreed. Things were not exactly back to normal, but at least we could all be in the same room and talk to each other. The best part was that Roy got his friends back.....sort of. She still would not allow Roy`s friend to come to our house. However we would go to their house as long as there were other people there. It was not that great, but it was better.
Now skip yet another year. It seems that 'Skankles' has given her Man an ultimatum. She told him if they did not get married by her birthday in March, that she would break up with him, move out but remain friends. Well, I guess our boy wasn`t ready, so he took her up on it. She now has an apartment close to us and he took on a room mate & decided to stay in their apartment.
He was very depressed for awhile. The boys would stay with him, he would get really drunk and then start feeling really sad and blamed himself. They were together for a little over 2 years. It was his 1st real girlfriend. She however, has done this before. In fact, it is what she does. She flirts a lot, meets a guy, moves in then after a year or so, she tells them to marry her or she will leave.
Even though I may have had my differences with her, I kind-of understand where she is coming from, even though I do not condone it. I have to give it to her for being honest & up front about it, no matter how much I may disagree with it. She has a plan for herself. She has a time frame. She wants to get married, have babies, before she gets any older and she lets her partner know. I get it. However, I wouldn`t want to get married on an ultimatum. I would always would wonder if he wanted to be with me. I wouldn`t want to force anyone to be with me. I would wonder if he would ever resent me for it. I just couldn`t do that.
Just when I am starting to warm up to the New 'Skankles' I hear rumours that she is seeing a New Guy so soon which would not be that bad but I also hear that she may have been seeing this guy while still being with Roy`s best friend! Oh No, I hope Not, but so far I do not Know. Looks like this summer all secrets will come out on the beach, since we are all neighbors once it looks like this is Also a Diary Entry to be Continued.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Story of Skankles

(Blast from the Past - Diary Entry from the Past Brought Up because I have an Update coming soon)

Here is a Brief Story of 'Skankles' from May 14, 2009

Roy has a Best Friend-a really good friend for many years. He & Roy were Really close for many years. In fact I put him in My & Roy`s Wedding Vows because he was worried that I would come between him & Roy. He would come over Roy`s house every Monday Night before Roy met me- that is how our weekly LBC Wack Pack Monday Night Dinners came about. We Now have Monday Night Dinners for Roy & His buddies Every Monday -complete with Dinner & Movie.
This guy really has not had many girlfriends. He is a Really good Mid-west Boy who is true blue. This Guy met a Girl & has been seeing her for almost a year now. It is cool that he found a girlfriend. However she has some insecurities. She has been slowly 'Pussy-whipping' Roy`s friend. All of a sudden Roy`s friend has been acting differently when she is around, canceling plans with Roy to do stuff that she wants, He has been not as 'Animated' as usual. We see it all the time- it happens to the best of us, not really a big deal- usually things settle in after a few months. HOWEVER- She is Really uncomfortable with other girls around, especially Playboy girls.....and well- When you are friends with me & Roy, we are friends with Playboy girls- who (sorry to burst any ones bubble...) is just like any other girl.....they just want to hang with cool people & have a good time. They are really good friends of ours that mean a lot to us & will defend to the end- just like any of our friends.
Well this 'Girlfriend' tries to get herself & her boyfriend out of any event or situation that a Playboy girl will be around and if her boyfriend goes out with the guys and accidentally runs into a Playboy Girl, she will get bent out of shape & yell at her boyfriend! She will invite everyone to her events except Roy & I because of our Playboy friends & in fear we might invite or corrupt her guy. We tell her over & over that we were All friends with Playboy Girls way before we knew her & if her man really wanted a Playboy chick it would have happened already!
Anyway- there is A LOT to this story. Mainly made-up drama that she created but she somehow turned some of our friends against us. We had enough, so we talked to these friends & cleared the air, stating that we mean no harm & just want to be able to be friends with everybody & that Playboy or our Neighborhood friends are both important to us & that people are people & that we all should never Judge.Well she didn`t like the fact that we cleared the air, l think she actually liked having people against us so she can go hang with them & feel validated or something. Anyway- all in all- Roy`s friend, as he should-sided with his girl and is no longer friends with Roy. Roy is really sad- he thinks he lost his best friend to a girl that has no remorse in destroying a Life Long Bond!
So much more to tell- but l am exhausted from this stupid drama! I hope that Roy & his best friend get back together and never let a Petty Insecure Woman ever tear them apart again!
oxox Stacy

Friday, April 1, 2011

We All Have an Important Role in this World

At 1st guys (and sometimes certain girls) seem to be okay with my modeling career, but after awhile they seem to resent it. They will say condescending things to me. I think they resent the thought of me being able to make more money in a day with less work then they do in a week and with less education. In my eyes, the work is not really that simple, but in some people`s head, it is that simple.
I do not like to knock people down for what they do for a living. We all have different talents, needs, wants, dreams, journeys & goals. We need all the Jobs & career`s in this world to keep it going.
My Only wish is for people to be nice to each other and to follow their dream no matter what it is. It can be to be the President or to be the Best Drive-thru Cashier in the World. We all have a purpose in this World to keep it going. For me, as long as my Bills are Paid, I have a Warm Place to Sleep, I have my Friends, Family & Animals around me, I am a Rich Woman!
oxox, Stacy