Friday, April 1, 2011

We All Have an Important Role in this World

At 1st guys (and sometimes certain girls) seem to be okay with my modeling career, but after awhile they seem to resent it. They will say condescending things to me. I think they resent the thought of me being able to make more money in a day with less work then they do in a week and with less education. In my eyes, the work is not really that simple, but in some people`s head, it is that simple.
I do not like to knock people down for what they do for a living. We all have different talents, needs, wants, dreams, journeys & goals. We need all the Jobs & career`s in this world to keep it going.
My Only wish is for people to be nice to each other and to follow their dream no matter what it is. It can be to be the President or to be the Best Drive-thru Cashier in the World. We all have a purpose in this World to keep it going. For me, as long as my Bills are Paid, I have a Warm Place to Sleep, I have my Friends, Family & Animals around me, I am a Rich Woman!
oxox, Stacy

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