Friday, September 28, 2012

My Goal of Salvaging my Family Memories

Boxes and Boxes of Family Photos - from both my Mom`s Side & Dad`s Side - Barely making a dent - my goal is to put them into Photo Albums, Scan them & Post to share with my friends & family - Memories are to be Shared, not to be stored in a Dark Garage to be used as Landfill someday!
 I am also thinking of looking up my Family Roots to share with my Family as well so they can pass the information to their children.  
 Going thru old family photos, scrap-booking -look at this pix close, I guess they use 2allow smoking in hospital beds?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Comfort in my Loud Building at Night

Some might get mad when hearing loud music from Neighbors in their building late at night - but l find comfort in it - my neighbors are my friends - l know they are having fun, awake, keeping me company, watching over me, l am never alone - it is an extended family l have here in the makes me sleep more sound....more safe......more it here at The Embassy!!

Fall Plans

as soon as it gets colder - l wanna clean out & throw out a BUNCH of stuff -so tired of storing a bunch of stuff l don`t use - gonna start by getting rid of all the shoes l do not wear - mostly heels - if l can`t walk in them comfortably, they are out - done with uncomfortable shoes - bye-bye!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Care when No one is Looking - I wish you CARED for me as much as you cared for yourself!

Words mean nothing.....only action.....say you care all you want, act like you care all you is what you show me with no audience or fan fare that matters to me!
When I care and you Run away....I chase after you to make sure you are okay......I wish you cared the same....I know I cannot force just hurts that it is not mutual......I wish I didn`t care so much.....I wish I could be like you and fall asleep while you are out all night.....but I worry to much.....something inside me makes me put on my shoes and go out at 2am alone strolling the dark streets looking for you....only to find that you snuck back home while l was out looking for you and fell asleep in your office.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beware of Guys that Whistle!

It might just be me, but Guys that whistle always creeped me out......I feel that it seems that most serial killers is like their sub-conscience is trying to give you a fair warning before they strike so their deep seeded guilt is justified because it was you that ignored the it only me that thinks this way.......Bruler????
...... a guy walked into my work about 30 minutes ago...looks like James Spader....walks and acts like him to.....walks slowly and whistles....but not a happy tune....I slow, unmusical type of drone tune.....he gave me the uber girls know what I mean....we have great intuition.....we can sense a creep miles away!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leaky Bra

Running out of beige bras that fit, so I put on an old water bra......lesson learned, never buy water bras, they leak.....not good when you are @ work with no change of clothes.....good thing I work in a laundromat......I poked holes in bra, drained water from bra, .i put on clothes from our lost n found pile.....while i washed my clothes........then put my clean clothes back on.......sheesh!

 Ya, and a few seconds after i took this photo, the other side started leaking.....l dunno what they put in those water bras, but the fluid is super gross......oh that l polked holes in it, squeezed fluid out and washed it, l actually have a new pretty cool beige bra!

 What is weird is when I put it on I thought about that old 'Will and Grace' TV episode when she wore one at a Gallery opening and her Water Bra sprung a few leaks....I might have Jinxed myself!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saving Roy`s one good Eye

Took my hubby Roy to ER at 8am today -as you know, he once was blind for a couple years, but Doc saved one eye -however his 1only eye is not so good - well, this morning, his 1semi-good eye was red, wet, swollen shut, he was in a lot of pain & he was pretty much blind -we spent entire morning in ER -Doc said Roy has an eye infection - sent us home with Pain Meds & Eye Meds - I had to hurry 2work & Grocery shop for Roy afterwards -he is now laying on couch watching TV the best that he can -his eye still red, swollen and his vision is still not so good -Oh, gotta go, he wants Popcorn!

09/07/12 UPDATE: Roy says his eye is worse, he is having trouble working from home, hard to see `puter.....he is frustrated cause his Special Real Doc is out of town til Monday - I told him that it might take time for the Medicine to fight the infection - he doesn`t want to hear that -he is scared that he is going blind again -Why do Emergencies Always Happen on Weekends and when your Doctor is out of Town?????

Reply from Friend: "Never fails, tell him to hang in there, the medicine will kick in, he just needs to relax and not stress out & he will heal faster." 

 My Response: That`s what I have been telling him....but you know....I am the Wife......he hears me differently.....I need one of his Boyzzz to tell him that......then he may hear it, believe it and do it......I call it 'Pulling the Bro Card'