Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saving Roy`s one good Eye

Took my hubby Roy to ER at 8am today -as you know, he once was blind for a couple years, but Doc saved one eye -however his 1only eye is not so good - well, this morning, his 1semi-good eye was red, wet, swollen shut, he was in a lot of pain & he was pretty much blind -we spent entire morning in ER -Doc said Roy has an eye infection - sent us home with Pain Meds & Eye Meds - I had to hurry 2work & Grocery shop for Roy afterwards -he is now laying on couch watching TV the best that he can -his eye still red, swollen and his vision is still not so good -Oh, gotta go, he wants Popcorn!

09/07/12 UPDATE: Roy says his eye is worse, he is having trouble working from home, hard to see `puter.....he is frustrated cause his Special Real Doc is out of town til Monday - I told him that it might take time for the Medicine to fight the infection - he doesn`t want to hear that -he is scared that he is going blind again -Why do Emergencies Always Happen on Weekends and when your Doctor is out of Town?????

Reply from Friend: "Never fails, tell him to hang in there, the medicine will kick in, he just needs to relax and not stress out & he will heal faster." 

 My Response: That`s what I have been telling him....but you know....I am the Wife......he hears me differently.....I need one of his Boyzzz to tell him that......then he may hear it, believe it and do it......I call it 'Pulling the Bro Card'

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