Sunday, November 15, 2015

should l become a vegetarian?

l just watched a horrific video on how pigs being abused before slaughter to make Spam - l balled my eyes out - it is not right to torture anything - l felt their pain in this video - l am really thinking about becoming a Vegetarian

Doggy Door Sunday

Eating left over steak - drinking red wine - binge watching holiday movies - peppermint bark for desert - installed new doggie door so door can be closed and animals can go outside to do their business - Clyde fresh n clean from groomers - my hubby in his Capt. America onsie - ah loving my Sundays during the Holiday Season!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Who is the Whore Now?

say what you say about me - all true - l never claim to be anything else - l never hid my past - but l also do not parade it around - so if others bring up my past - I KNOW IT WAS NOT ME WHO BROUGHT IT TO THEIR ATTENTION - so who is the whore now?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Electric Bill Rip-off!!

Oh Yeaaaa -the WORSE part of the Holiday Season - the Electric Bill - The Month of October, I used No fans, No heat, I use Candles instead of lights and Only One Strand of Lights for Halloween -and the Electric Bill is $225- for a 3bedroom apt.- last month it was $175- and there is NO DIFFERENCE in how much electricity l used from last month to this month - gee - cannot wait til the Xmas Electric bill comes - last year it was $400- ‪#‎SMH‬

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pretty Homeless Famous

Saturday night and what am l doing??? Cleaning out my bottomless pit of a closet and Filling up my car yet again with donations for the homeless while watching the movie Pretty Famous and drinking wine!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pro and Cons of Fall/Winter

the ONLY thing about Fall/Winter l HATE is:: #1. Dry Skin/ #2. Cold/ #3. Dark early/ #4. Allergies/ #5. l gotta wear pants/ #6. The Expensive Electric Bill/ #7. Pale Skin/ #8. The Extra 5 pounds of fat/ #9 Spending ALL my money of Gifts that No One Likes or Uses, but ‪#‎ItsTheThoughtThatCounts‬ / HOWEVER - I do LOVE the Holiday Movies, Snuggles on the couch, The Pretty Holiday Lights and all the LOVE and Unity in the world - sooo BRING ON THE HOLIDAY SEASON!! OXOX

Sunday, November 1, 2015

HAPPY 1st of November!

Nov. 1st - end of Daylight savings -1 more hour of sleep -taking down Halloween Decorations and putting up Thanksgiving Deco - no more Humidity - but still very Hot - a Dry Heat - Winds blowing - which means my Allergies are in Full effect - Nose running - sneezing uncontrollably - dry skin - body full of histamine - the 'Fall' of Fall indeed -- ah lovely!!