Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Restless - Looking for a New Adventure!

I`m going thru a point in my life where I`m VERY Restless - I`m craving a New Adventure but have no clue What - l`m looking but found nothing yet - but that doesn`t stop me from looking - I think I need a Change of Career - So watch Out Help Wanted Signs Everywhere!!
Mid-life Crises, yea, maybe....but at same time....l have all this energy that is stiffed.....I guess I can continue doing what I do....but it is making Less and Less money....I`m a Dinosaur in my field....I either gotta step up my Game doing what I already Do.....or Go to a New Field.....either way.....I gotta Change it up......I need more Money and I need to Corral my Energy towards something more rewarding,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Childhood Memories: Selling my Art on the Streets of Hollywood at 8 years old!

I remember as a Little girl when my Mom lived on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood behind the Magic Castle - I would sell things - I would make a sign, post it on the street. Some days it would be Weeds/Flowers that I picked. Sometimes it would be a Random Yard Sale, selling my Old Toys. Sometimes it would be my Art, My Paintings I would Draw or Paint. Sometimes I would put on a Show.
One Day this guy drove up, bought one of my paintings and Demanded I sign my Name to it. I did not have a pen, so I brought him into the house so I can Sign it. My Mom was freaked out seeing her little Girl (I think I was 8 or 9 years old) bring in a Male stranger into her home.....however he turned out okay. He just wanted me to sign the painting he Bought from me. He said to me & my Mom, 'I want a signature on her painting I am buying, hec, you never know, She might be famous someday'. I signed it with a great BIG Smile on my Face. My Mom was just relieved he was not dangerous.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Business Meetings Go Wrong - I wont be Bullied to Work for Anyone!!

Boston Comic Con at the sheraton of framingham, MA
better known as Super Megafest
November 17-18
I will provide airfare (1 coach) 1 (standard hotel) ground transportation (40 minutes from logan (boston airport)
$500 guarantee
in exchange for expenses and fees,
i would like items i provide signed (300 in exchange of expenses and fee) and a 50/50 sales split.
if you fly from vegas which is less money I will pay you $700. in other terms, im giving you a $1000 budget for expenses and fee.


Hi There,
I think that all sounds Ok. I prefer to handle this via email instead of text or verbal, that way I can go over it, I have it written down so I don`t miss anything or forget anything, etc. Verbal agreements always Sucks, because I might hear something wrong, I might forget what was said, I can`t go over it later, nothing on record, etc.
The Vegas Airport is several hours away from me, very difficult for me to get there. The closest airport to me is The Long Beach Airport.....but other Airports that are close to me is the John Wayne Airport in Orange County and LAX.

I really do not have a lot of Merchandise to sell, so the 50/50 split might leave you with Little to Nothing...unless you have something you want me to sell.

So, just so I get this correctly, the deal would be:
You pay for my Flight to Location and Back Home.
You Pay for my Road Transportation from Airport to Hotel
You Pay for my Hotel during Convention
Plus you are Giving me a $1000- appearance Fee
I sign items that you provide me with to Sign at Convention

Feel free to correct me if I have it wrong.
oxox, Stacy

everything correct except its $500 not $1000.
do you have hi res photos u can email me?

(No Reply- Grandma in Hospital at this Moment)

r u able to do a midweek luncheon deal. fly in tuesday red eye landing 6am and back later that day?
march 20-21
april 3-4
april 10-11
do any of them work?

Yea, I can do that....just let me know in advance when you are coming in. If it is March, the 20th is better than the 21st.
oxox, Stacy

could u fly in the 13th tues and back tues or tues red eye back weds

Oh, I read that wrong....I thought You were flying in! Oh no....sorry....no traveling for me for awhile....to much going on.
oxox, Stacy

u dont read ,.. I AM FLYING YOU but on the 13 to sign the 14th

I cannot fly anywhere....I have my Job here.....I just started a New Job....No Traveling for ME for awhile.
oxox, Stacy

so why did you agree to march and nov in boston. i was flying and paying you

As I remember - you 1st offered Boston in March - but something was a hit and miss and then it was the later one in November that we were aiming for.........but no biggy........I can`t remember every little small pending project at the moment.....very chaotic right now.....New Job, Sick Grandma, Vulture Family Member that I`m fighting Off, Other Family Members Flying in to Help, Hubby Health Crises as well...............it is hard to keep all plates spinning.
Lets just pass on Everything. Thanks anyway. Have a great Day!!
oxox, Stacy

my grandma is in ICU , i rushed her to the ER on friday
boston in Novemebr 17-18 , (you agreed) NY is March
yes you emailed saying 1000 + airfare i replied 500 + airfare. i never heard back. but you agreed none the less.

Do me a Favor and Lose my Contact Info - Please NEVER contact me again - have a Great Day - Thank You!

what did i do?


J (Via Direct Message Twitter):
nice blog.. kinda upsetting you would do that . hope both our grandmas feel better. fyi : i have no interest in working with u now.
(He post a Link here to a HardCore Bondage Website that I guess He thinks I am Ashamed Of, I am Not, in fact this Link is up on My Website)
learn now before its too late. i was doing business . my grandma also in hospital. u have no heart at all. peace out
take care and feel better and never ask me for money or a booking again. you stepped your boundaries

(Did not Reply - Blocked him from Twitter)

.........ME Stacy, then Blocked him from my Email & Twitter - Did I miss something here? I NEVER Agreed to a Convention March - I thought HE was Flying in to Meet Me in March. I know there might have been a little Miscommunication - but I felt a little Bullied and Mocked with him replying about His Grandmother. Excuse me, but My Grandmother Raised me, she is like a Mother to me, Do NOT mock or make light of that. I am sorry if his Grandmother is sick as well, but he mentions that only after I say that I cannot Travel Due to her being sick among other things, like family members being vultures, family members flying in, car issues, my husband being sick, New Job, etc. I was not looking for a Competition on who has the saddest story - I was Only Explaining Why I could Not Travel in March!! I am being UN-reasonable here?

I have worked for him before and it was weird, I just had a bad gut feeling about him. However, I worked for him and stuck up for him when other models were complaining that his convention was dead and he copied a bunch of photos of them they did not like and made them autograph it - I said to the models that it was his 1st convention maybe he will learn and get better. Boy was I wrong! I should have trusted my Gut Feeling in the beginning - Gut feelings are Never Wrong!

Note to Everyone, especially Models: Beware of

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bye - Bye Hooptie Car!

Question for all Car Pros Out there: I was Online and got an Over the Phone Estimate from a company -who offered to pick up, pay Me between $600-$1600 cash & do all the paperwork for my 2003 AWD Saturn Vue with 122433 miles on it - I bought a New Transmission 2yrs ago, however the Transmission is going out again, it would take me around $2400+ to fix it - The Windshield is cracked, the side Mirror is Damaged & the Sunroof Leaks (so, there is some moist water damage around sunroof) - Should I take the offer?

UPDATE: Looking for a New Car....oh, Wow....CraigsList for Buying a Car is a Jungle!! I am leaning towards a Nissan Versa....even brand New they are reasonably Priced and Dependable - Anyone have opinions about the Nissan Versa?

UPDATE: Feb. 23 2012: Just Called one of those Online Cash4Cars Companies, they are coming today to buy my car - they handle all the paperwork - they quoted me $800-$1500 for it - I`ll let you know what the final payout will be. It will be nice not to pay the insurance & registration on a Car I cannot drive anymore. Say Goodbye to my Hooptie!!

UPDATE: Feb. 23 2012 @ 3:30pm: I only got $850 cash for it - but oh well - they are picking it up tomorrow - money is in my bank and I just wrote checks to pay all of our bills - feels GREAT! Cancelled my car insurance & transferred ownership. Free and Clear baby!!! Ummmm....parking sucks here at the beach....maybe I`ll rent out my driveway!!

UPDATE: Feb. 24th 2012: I awoke this morning to an Empty Driveway! They must have came to pick it up early this morning while I was asleep. When I saw the empty driveway, I felt a pit in my Stomach, it felt weird!! However, it also feels good, getting rid of Clutter, Baggage, a Fresh Start!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Hat in my Collection of Hats, as in Jobs: Laundry Girl!

Job Roster: Model, Webmaster, Online Store Manager, Avon Lady, Blogger, Pet/Walker/House/Sitter, House Wife and Now Laundry Girl!
Yep, I got a part time Job in a Cleaners/Fluff N` Fold/Laundromat. I trained for 3hours today. I was a little Overwhelmed. I never did anything close to that ever in my life, with the exception of being a customer. I was a 'Fish out of Water'! I am sure I will get the hang of it eventually....however, it Did Not help that the girl Training me bragged how the last girl she trained learned everything so well in 2hours that she went home and let the New Girl Close by herself!! Doh!!! Oh Well, I train again Next Week....I`ll keep ya posted on my progress.

One of the Perks of the Job, is I am able to bring my Laptop and do my Webmaster work during Down Time, so it will be like having 2 Jobs in One!

I am one of those weird people that cannot pass any 'Help Wanted' sign without the urge to apply - l am very curious - l would love to experience every job in the world!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Still swatting at the Vultures while Grandma is Sick in the Hosital again.

Read it from the Beginning here: http://romantictorture.blogspot.com/2011/01/protecting-my-grandma-fighting-vultures.html

UPDATE: Grandma in hospital again -Not good -family flying in -Picking out dress & caskets -I was supposed to Shoot 2day -trying Not 2think about it -but it`s tough.
My Grandmother Raised me - so she was like a Mother to me as well as my best friend.
Grandma having hard time breathing -doesn`t want life support -she refuses 2eat -she is trying 2stave herself -says she wants 2die.
I have full make-up on because I was going 2shoot 2day -in a Funk -just sitting here waiting 4updates -eating Combo`s snack crackers.
l should do something -but I don`t wanna do anything but go back 2bed -but l better snap out of this & be productive somehow.

All the while my Evil Aunt (my grandmother`s youngest daughter), the Vulture is hovering, I am trying to ignore it for Grandma`s sake. It will be difficult during the funeral. I know that evil Aunt will find a way to make it all about her. I can see it now, her blubbering, sobbing, hysterically crying, making a scene in a sad attempt to bring the attention and sympathy towards her.

I will post updates here in this post, so keep checking.

Tuesday Feb. 21st 2012:
I called my Cousin who was at Hospital today. My Grandmother is eating and getting up on her own! Yesterday, News of my Grandma was Very Grim -2day the News is Very Good -this is not the 1st time - Both my Grandma & Hubby share this trait!
On a Superficial Brighter Note: Making my Hubby Hot Sausage Gumbo in the Spirit of Fat Tuesday - Happy Mardi Gras!

UPDATE: Feb. 23rd 2012: My Grandmother is doing better - She is out of hospital and in nurses care at her Asst. Living Home - My Cousin from Texas flew in and is Watching Over Her right Now.

UPDATE: Feb. 26th 2012: My Brother & his daughter picked up Roy & I and took us to Visit Grandma. My Good Aunt, Uncle, Cousin from Texas was there with Grandma.....as well as my Evil Aunt. When we saw her, we decided to leave the Evil Aunt alone with grandma so she can visit and not be to over-whelming for Grandma.........so we all went out for Lunch. When returned, Evil Aunt was gone and grandma was sleeping. We still gathered around and visited with her. Grandma awoke a few times to hold my hand. While we were in Grandma`s Room - my cousin noticed something missing from Grandmother`s room. We asked the nurses and sure enough, my Evil Aunt Stole something from Grandma`s Room!! The Nurses said they not only seen it with their own eyes, but they have camera`s for proof. The nurses did not stop the Evil Aunt because they didn`t know that what was happening at the time. The Nerve of her, my Evil Aunt is my Grandmother`s youngest Daughter - I don`t know how you can steal from your own mother, let alone your sick old mother......she is a Vulture!

Update March 1st 2012:
Latest Evil Vulture Aunt News: Admits to Taking Grandmother`s Prayer Box from her Room, but claims that Grandmother told her to take it. I was there Saturday, Grandmother was in No Frame of mind to say such a thing --and Us who were around her know this -and besides, Grandma Needs her prayer box more in her room than us who are healthy!! Grandma tells me to take things sometimes when she is well, But I am Not Greedy & I am wise enough NOT to Take Things From Grandma. - Everyone who Visits Grandma BRINGS things to Her - Only my Evil Vulture Aunt TAKES things from my Grandmother`s Room!

Evil Vulture Aunt also says the Reason 'Her' Kids & Grand Kids do not visit grandma is because 'they' have to work! Hello??? We have to work as well. Hec, my Cousin fly`s in from Texas!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pet Peeve: People that Park in Middle of the Street

Pet Peeve: When People park in the middle of the street, especially a small one way street, block driveways and they have a big car. They always say 'Oh, I`m just going to be a minute' -Which is NEVER True. They are soooo selfish!! The Fire Truck just went went by and had to slow down to maneuver around that Stupid Vehicle - My Gawd, Just find a parking spot and walk your fat ass to your destination like we all do - Sheeesh!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

'Deep Thoughts' that make you go Ummmmmm

Keep your Expectations High ONLY in Your Self -and- Keep Expectations Low in Others - Creates Less disappointment, less stress & keeps you motivated!

Lies, Hiding, Secrets, Deceit and Covering Up must be exhausting, sad, soul stealing, stressful, time consuming, draining, and distracting from All things good, positive and beautiful in the world surrounding you right in front of your face.

The Truth Really does Set You Free!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Marriage at Times......

I thought Marriage was about: Love, Acceptance, Support, Warmth, Security, Safety, Happiness, adventure, company, Self Worth, positive, Found, life

What I Got: Abandonment, Betrayal, Lies, Hurt, Confusion, Coldness, Unsure, Danger, Scared, Dark, Sad, Regret, Alone, Doubt, Worthless, negative, Lost, death

True Talent is Ageless!

This will be the 1st Superbowl that will watch in years just because of Madonna - Madonna Rocks - I hate the 'Age-ism' that started in the entertainment circle and that now spread to the rest of the world - Whatever age she is, Madonna can still work it.....so much better then these so-called talentless young hags - Rock on Madonna -this Chick has your Back Girl!!