Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Business Meetings Go Wrong - I wont be Bullied to Work for Anyone!!

Boston Comic Con at the sheraton of framingham, MA
better known as Super Megafest
November 17-18
I will provide airfare (1 coach) 1 (standard hotel) ground transportation (40 minutes from logan (boston airport)
$500 guarantee
in exchange for expenses and fees,
i would like items i provide signed (300 in exchange of expenses and fee) and a 50/50 sales split.
if you fly from vegas which is less money I will pay you $700. in other terms, im giving you a $1000 budget for expenses and fee.


Hi There,
I think that all sounds Ok. I prefer to handle this via email instead of text or verbal, that way I can go over it, I have it written down so I don`t miss anything or forget anything, etc. Verbal agreements always Sucks, because I might hear something wrong, I might forget what was said, I can`t go over it later, nothing on record, etc.
The Vegas Airport is several hours away from me, very difficult for me to get there. The closest airport to me is The Long Beach Airport.....but other Airports that are close to me is the John Wayne Airport in Orange County and LAX.

I really do not have a lot of Merchandise to sell, so the 50/50 split might leave you with Little to Nothing...unless you have something you want me to sell.

So, just so I get this correctly, the deal would be:
You pay for my Flight to Location and Back Home.
You Pay for my Road Transportation from Airport to Hotel
You Pay for my Hotel during Convention
Plus you are Giving me a $1000- appearance Fee
I sign items that you provide me with to Sign at Convention

Feel free to correct me if I have it wrong.
oxox, Stacy

everything correct except its $500 not $1000.
do you have hi res photos u can email me?

(No Reply- Grandma in Hospital at this Moment)

r u able to do a midweek luncheon deal. fly in tuesday red eye landing 6am and back later that day?
march 20-21
april 3-4
april 10-11
do any of them work?

Yea, I can do that....just let me know in advance when you are coming in. If it is March, the 20th is better than the 21st.
oxox, Stacy

could u fly in the 13th tues and back tues or tues red eye back weds

Oh, I read that wrong....I thought You were flying in! Oh traveling for me for much going on.
oxox, Stacy

u dont read ,.. I AM FLYING YOU but on the 13 to sign the 14th

I cannot fly anywhere....I have my Job here.....I just started a New Job....No Traveling for ME for awhile.
oxox, Stacy

so why did you agree to march and nov in boston. i was flying and paying you

As I remember - you 1st offered Boston in March - but something was a hit and miss and then it was the later one in November that we were aiming for.........but no biggy........I can`t remember every little small pending project at the moment.....very chaotic right now.....New Job, Sick Grandma, Vulture Family Member that I`m fighting Off, Other Family Members Flying in to Help, Hubby Health Crises as is hard to keep all plates spinning.
Lets just pass on Everything. Thanks anyway. Have a great Day!!
oxox, Stacy

my grandma is in ICU , i rushed her to the ER on friday
boston in Novemebr 17-18 , (you agreed) NY is March
yes you emailed saying 1000 + airfare i replied 500 + airfare. i never heard back. but you agreed none the less.

Do me a Favor and Lose my Contact Info - Please NEVER contact me again - have a Great Day - Thank You!

what did i do?


J (Via Direct Message Twitter):
nice blog.. kinda upsetting you would do that . hope both our grandmas feel better. fyi : i have no interest in working with u now.
(He post a Link here to a HardCore Bondage Website that I guess He thinks I am Ashamed Of, I am Not, in fact this Link is up on My Website)
learn now before its too late. i was doing business . my grandma also in hospital. u have no heart at all. peace out
take care and feel better and never ask me for money or a booking again. you stepped your boundaries

(Did not Reply - Blocked him from Twitter)

.........ME Stacy, then Blocked him from my Email & Twitter - Did I miss something here? I NEVER Agreed to a Convention March - I thought HE was Flying in to Meet Me in March. I know there might have been a little Miscommunication - but I felt a little Bullied and Mocked with him replying about His Grandmother. Excuse me, but My Grandmother Raised me, she is like a Mother to me, Do NOT mock or make light of that. I am sorry if his Grandmother is sick as well, but he mentions that only after I say that I cannot Travel Due to her being sick among other things, like family members being vultures, family members flying in, car issues, my husband being sick, New Job, etc. I was not looking for a Competition on who has the saddest story - I was Only Explaining Why I could Not Travel in March!! I am being UN-reasonable here?

I have worked for him before and it was weird, I just had a bad gut feeling about him. However, I worked for him and stuck up for him when other models were complaining that his convention was dead and he copied a bunch of photos of them they did not like and made them autograph it - I said to the models that it was his 1st convention maybe he will learn and get better. Boy was I wrong! I should have trusted my Gut Feeling in the beginning - Gut feelings are Never Wrong!

Note to Everyone, especially Models: Beware of


  1. If my opinion matters (it might not, I`m pretty much just a fan of yours reading your blog which I found through Twitter lol) But I don`t think you are being unreasonable giving the circumstances.
    You didn`t agree, and he was being a bit forceful about that, and I also felt pretty taken back when I saw his responce to your explination of stuff going on in your life right now, and how flippantly he did that.

    His comunication wasn`t great, which won`t have helped either. I personally hate it when I`m typing out readable "real conversation" like messages/emails and the other person replies in ways that aren`t as clear, but they get pissy with me if I don`t get exactly what they are trying to say, even if I take the blame and say nicely that I did`t understand or read it correcty

    Obviously right now your emotions will be all over, and I think that has added to your descision to block him, which you might descide was a rushed descision at some point, but either way you were not in the wrong for doing so, and if he doesn`t understand your reasoning then he` proabably not worth working for too readilly anyway right?

    Sorry if this was only meant to be replied to by people you know nd stuff. I just thought I`d let you know my opinion on it. You can remove my comment if you want
    Either way I really hope everything works out for you, and I`m sorry to hear about your Grandmother (I was in the exact same situation as this not too long ago, so have felt for you since I read your originaly tweet about that)

    Be safe and stay smiley. You are fantastic!

  2. Awesome - Thank you so much for your Comment. I am going through a lot so that is why I thought I might have been to rushed in my decision - but looking back on it and his past emails, I think I made the correct decision. He was a bit of a Bully and he was very unclear in his business transaction.
    Thank you for your kind wishes as well!
    oxox, Stacy

  3. I think emotion is a little high with bringing events of both your personal lives into a business negotiation. I agree with the above comment that communication was not very detailed. There was a lot of room for misinterpretation. Since I'm assuming no contract was signed, there shouldn't be any penalty for backing out of any deal you made, other than the word of mouth that may become of this. I didn't read his comments as really bullying. More like he was upset because he had things in motion, and the misinterpretation thwarted his plans.

    I think maybe both of you are a little at fault, and there was over-reacting on both sides caused from the fragmented communication.

  4. I understand Lewis....however, if you look back on it, I never agreed to Anything in March with the exception of thinking HE was Flying in to Meet Me....I never Agreed to Travel in March at all.
    oxox, Stacy

  5. ...Yeah, his plans might have been "thwarted" but there was no agreement or official booking actuay made at any point.
    So he had no right to make plans around/involving someone he hadn`t confirmed the booking of...

    Maybe he`s inexperianced?

    And I think he should have been a LOT more professional in the way he went about handeling this anyway, which is the issue. He gets pretty toolish pretty quickly, and tried to effectively lie? manipulate? I`m not sure exactly the word to describe it, and he might usually be ok (I obviously don`t know him, so I`m no going to say he IS this that or the other lol) But right here he had an emotional reaction which I felt uncomfortable reading, so imagine being Stacy, emailing back and forth about a booking, it`s been a bit hard to understand, then all of a sudden you read him over reacting like that?

    Again, he might be a nice lad really, but HE was the one that got a bit funny with the personal stuff... I think Stacy offered an explination of her situation rather than brining her personal life into a buisness deal.

    In entertainment you have to remember you are talking to and dealing with real people, and sometimes in life things go on in peoples lives that make them less available than normal. And she was friendly and "on the level" with him about that, and to be honest she didn`t even need to be so open as to offer an explination... And to me it felt as though he kind of threw it in her face a bit...

    He was more out of line with his reaction than she was with hers was my overall view of it.

    I think a few people might look at this blog differently through having a stronger opiniion on the deffinition of "Bully" Like people might take it as very litteral and look for like, agressive name calling or something? Wheras I think you have to look at the context of it to get what she means/feels maybe

    .... Not my place to tell people how to read anything, but I can see that maybe being a possible issue for some that might read this so maybe this will help with that?

    ...Did that even make sence? lol

  6. He just Contacted me Again - I updated this post - I now had to block him from my Twitter. Read My Updated Notes Towards Bottom as well as his Twitter Messages to me.

  7. Firstly, I only JUST realised there is a "Reply button" most of my last post (my second one) was meant to be in reply to Lewis (obviously) but I didn`t know about the official reply option lol

    As for the atest devlopments, he`s just backed up everything I said about him seeming unprofessional. By "going on the offence" again and basicly being a prick to you further, he`s proved he is incapable of handeing situations, or seemingly dealing with people!

    You told him personal stuff in trust and as an expination, and he starts using his personal life to try to make you feel bad AND he`s using it as a toold to be a [not very nice word] to you... That is not on!

    I`m glad you are warning others abut him. And your decisions to 1) stop working with him 2)block him and 3) Go public with this have all now been justified and proven to be the right thing to do...

    The only thing he`s proved ME wrong about is that I tried to suggest he might be an ok guy and there was room for missunderstanding.. Nope, he`s a [nasty word] lol
    It` a real shame he chose to act this way, but at least now you can expose how he has been, and the fact you felt uneasy in the past, without ANY feeling of guilt about it. Maybe it`s a blessing, and a model that would have went through hard times with him now wont thanks to reading this.


    P.S I didn`t want to swear or be to explicit on your blog site lol

    1. Second paragraph, first line, that should read "Latest developments" ...Sorry... I really should proof read better lol