Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Restless - Looking for a New Adventure!

I`m going thru a point in my life where I`m VERY Restless - I`m craving a New Adventure but have no clue What - l`m looking but found nothing yet - but that doesn`t stop me from looking - I think I need a Change of Career - So watch Out Help Wanted Signs Everywhere!!
Mid-life Crises, yea, maybe....but at same time....l have all this energy that is stiffed.....I guess I can continue doing what I do....but it is making Less and Less money....I`m a Dinosaur in my field....I either gotta step up my Game doing what I already Do.....or Go to a New Field.....either way.....I gotta Change it up......I need more Money and I need to Corral my Energy towards something more rewarding,


  1. I`d say you`re a LEGEND in your feild, not a dinosaur. And I think a LOT of fans and people getting into that work would be gutted if you give it up sompletley.

    Maybe something extra would be good tho (money if nothing else) Just make sure it`s something that makes you happy, and lets you spend your energy on it in the way that you want... Good luck finding your new thing.

    Maybe with your experiance and fame in the ine you work in you could start producing and make the next big time company and that would bring more money into what you do? Or work in more mainstream entertainment? Or start working some indy pro wrestling shows (You have more abillity than some of the rubbish that gets booked already lol)

    Those were more... random thoughts I had after writting what I wanted to... I didn`t comment to try to tell you what I think you should do with your life, I`d never do that, so I hope it doesn`t come off like that x

  2. Aw, thank you baby! No worries, I am not retiring or Quitting anything - all I want is to a ADD a New Adventure.....I am restless.....Searching....Will let ya know when I find what I am looking for.......All are invited along for the Ride!