Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What do you think this Dream Means? Couch in the Sky

Me and my Husband Roy was sitting on a Couch that was High up in the Air, supported by Many Stacks of Soft Cushions. The Couch was a bit unsteady and would sway. We were sitting up as High as a Ferris Wheel without anything holding us on the couch. The Couch seemed to be at a Fair or Venue like a Fair. Were were watching a band on a Stage in front of us. Roy was playing Air Guitar wildly and yelling to the guy playing Guitar with band on Stage. Roy seemed to be a bit Drunk and doing like a Battle of Air Guitar Game with the Guy on Stage. As Roy would be doing his wild arm swirls playing his Air Guitar trying to get the Guys attention and 'Hamming it up' for the Concert attendees, the Couch would sway high in the air and it would scare me.
Roy didn`t notice me being scared, he was to busy 'Hamming it up' and doing whatever to get attention and having Fun. I was getting more and more scared as the Couch was swaying more and more. A guy that was standing nearby Noticed me being scared. He walked over to me on the Couch, he was the same height as the Couch because he was wearing really tall stilts on his legs. He must have been a Fair Stilt walker that happened to be around watching the band. The guy in stilts was concerned for me and grabbed a ladder. He brought the ladder over to me and told me he will help me climb down.
I was a bit hesitant because I have Vertigo, a Fear of Heights and I am Very Clumsy. He somehow made me feel safe and I knew he would make sure I would climb down ladder safely to the ground. I was scared but I slowly started down the ladder. As I took my 4th step down, my Husband Roy noticed I was leaving. Roy yelled out to me, 'Stop, Stop, come back up!' I stopped but could not look up or down, I was starting to Shake. I just stopped long enough to yell loud enough up to Roy, 'No, I can`t!' I kept Climbing Down Slowly and Deliberately. Roy was not happy nor did he understand why I was climbing down. He seemed to take it as an embarrassment to him publicly. I was just grateful that I was safe on the Ground.
I would have loved to see how this dream ended, but right then my Husband got up from the bed and it caused me to wake up from the dream. The dream was so vivid and fresh in my memory I had to write it down.