Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine`s Day Crash

Valentine`s Day = Roy went to see a Lynch Mob concert at the Whiskey a-go-go on Sunset in Hollywood with Dominic - we are going out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate instead. Meanwhile My Computer Crashed so I took it to Best Buy.
 The Geek Squad guy saved my `puter! - l had MANY problems with it. #1. faulty power cord #2 l had 2 anti-virus installed that was competing with each other #3. Sound had to be re-installed #4. for some reason the website youtube crashes my puter - but he couldn`t diagnose why at the time. - the whole thing only cost me $54 for the new power cord and an hour of my time - not so bad!! While there I was looking around at all the cool gadgets. Some girls wish they were rich to go shopping for clothes, jewelry, shoes......not me......I would rather go to Best Buy and buy all those gadgets.......I am a Gadget Girl!!
 I got home early enough to go out, but decided to stay home. My stomach was not feeling good. My system has been more and more sensitive lately. I no longer have an iron stomach and can eat everything and everything. I get sick more frequently from eating certain things or combination of things. I even got food poising 3 times last year!! So Friday Night, Valentine`s Day, I am staying home alone with my cats.........which is a Great night in my Book! 
   ~~~ Below: Photos of our Valentine Gifts to each Other ~~~

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Honesty Rewards All

Last week at work a guy that was there doing laundry brought up an Ipad to the counter - said that someone must have left it there - I looked around for anyone looking for it - found no body so I just put it behind desk, thinking they would be back to claim it soon. No one came that day. I tried to log into the ipad to see if l recognize them through photos - but it had a password lock. A week passed - no one came to claim ipad - then all of a sudden a lady came asking by chance if anyone found an ipad. I said yes, but there is a password lock, if you can unlock it l know it`s yours - yep - it was hers. She was so grateful - said that it was a gift from her husband. She thanked me and said she will be back. Another week went by. She came in yesterday, apologized for not coming in sooner, but she was broke - she handed me a bag and said thank you again for returning her ipad - l said 'no, you don`t have to get me anything' - she wouldn`t take no for an answer - she said that she wanted to thank me for my honesty. Inside the bag was some chocolate truffles and a very sweet thank-you note. It was very sweet of her and it made me feel good that the Guy found it and that I saved it - Yesterday was a good Day!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life is a Banquet - sometimes at Home!

We were going to go out - but giving into the theme of the day - l guess it is nice to have at least ONE day Not having to go Anywhere and staying home for the complete day and night - spending day in my PJ`s - watching old movies, drinking wine and ordering Chinese food in - l know my animals are enjoying it - and to tell you the truth - so are we! 

Watching the 1958 movie 'Auntie Mame' -how I adore this movie! "Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death