Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forever Startled

Roy, My Husband works at Home, in his Office aka: Man Cave. I work from home as well and usually at my computer in the Living Room next to Kitchen. He usually has the TV on and so do I in the Living Room.
I don`t know what it is, maybe because I get lost in my thoughts or maybe it is the tone in Roy`s voice....but he will Scare the Crap out of me to the point of a heart attack!! It will be pretty quiet, I am doing something, he is no where around....all of a sudden he speaks from no where and as he speaks he appears.....I know he is at home.....I know he is there.....but for some reason...I get startled, I scream, I jump, my heart pounds, my heart beats takes me a lot to calm down afterwards.
Roy gets really pissed off at me when I do this. He will stop talking, not finish what he was starting to say and walk away pissed off. Later he says to me 'You know I live here to, right? You got to get over this!' I try, I hate being scared, but it happens a lot! We been together over 4 years, he works from home, I should be used to it, I want to be used to it because I REALLY HATE BEING SCARED.....but, yet, it happens about 3-5 times a week. I wish I knew how to cure this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EAS: Emergency Alert System

I remember these LOUD Annoying Emergency Alert Systems Tests interrupting my TV when I was a Kid - here we are in almost 2012 in the age of i-phones and such - you would think that these EAS would end or at least evolve into something less loud, annoying & intrusive!

Monday, November 28, 2011

How would you handle this? The Silent Servant

I find it very Rude when I walk up to someone to share a Short little story about my day and as I am talking, still not finished with my story, they shove an empty dirty dish towards me while still chewing on their last bite of food, gesturing for me to put the dirty dish away, only after I cooked that very meal for them and I am not done with my one sentence story. Obviously they are not interested in my story and more interested in treating me like their Silent Servant.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Glittery Starter Bucket List

Watching Millionaire Match Maker w/ Vegas Drag Queen Frank Marino & they showed Hamburger Mary`s -we have one here in Long Beach -I so wanna go! Even though l cannot walk in heels to save my life and completely lack grace, l soooo wanna tap into my inner Drag Queen!!
Reason #? why I wish I was Rich = So I can have a Great Big Room for myself, a 'Woman Cave' with Comfy Couches, Big Screen TV`s, Sound System, Tanning Bed, etc. -so l can Host a 'Girlie Night' once a week - Chick Flicks, Cocktails, Food, Hire People to come give us Facials, Massages, Nails, Hair, Botox, etc - Damn, if that is not Motivation to make more $$,
I have Never seen a Twilight Movie - I am a little Curious to Watch one to see what all this Hoopla is all about! I might, in fact l might try 2plan a girlie movie night and play all 3 of them in a marathon with a cheese plate and a box of wine!
I`m learning that I`m the ONLY one who appreciates my creative Dinners- Hubby is a simple creature who`s fine with Hot Dogs & Hamburgers Every Night - therefore last night was Cheesy Hot Link Dogs, tonight was Cheeseburgers!
My wish is to Open a Club/Bar/Lounge filled w/ Many Big Screen TV`s, each one playing something like Bravo TV, Fashion Shows, Tabloid Shows, Chick Flicks, Sex & the City, etc - couches everywhere, a dance area, wine, girlie drinks, finger foods, Fondue, desserts, Maybe even a 'Primping Room' with Nail, Hair, Massage Stations - What a Great Place that would Be!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Car Stuck

I am debating spending another $2000.00 on another Transmission for my 2003 Saturn (I just did this 2 years ago, my car has a Recalled Transmission Problem) or Spending $2000.00 on a Used Car (That might have Hidden Problems) - don`t know what to do - either way, I do not have the $2000 to spend anyway *sigh*

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I bring Home the Bacon...Fry it up in the Pan......

I know it may sound weird, but I am feeling REALLY Good about Me Writing, Signing, Sending Out Checks & Paying Our (Me & My Hubby`s) Bills today!! I feel like singing that Old Song 'I bring home the Bacon, Fry it up in the Pan.......' LOL!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Dream Place I want to Own Someday!

I wish I could Open a Club/Bar/Lounge filled with Many Big Screen TV`s and Big Comfy Couches. Each TV playing something different like Bravo TV, Fashion Shows, Tabloid Shows, Chick Flicks, Sex & the City, etc. Serving wine, girlie drinks, finger foods, Fondue, desserts, etc, Have a Dance Area and Maybe even a 'Primping Room' with Nail, Hair, Massage Stations - What a Great Place that would Be!
Doesn`t it sound awesome?? You know the Gay Guys would Love it as well! AND - Straight Guys would come around because they know that is where the Girls hang out. It would be a Perfect place for us girls to Hang before going out, after hanging out or Just to hang out and Talk Crap about the Guys....LOL!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart Episodes

Roy has an Arrhythmia Heart Condition. Once in a while his heart will mis-fire electrical currents that makes his heart flutter. His heart will race, beat fast, skip beats at random times, night, day, at rest, during exercise and it can last for hours. The only slight relief that he can do is lay down with his feet elevated. Roy takes heart medicine for it but it still happens. Sometimes it gets so bad, he will have to go to the Emergency Room.
Last Night my hubby Roy had another Heart Episode. I asked him if I should call 911, He said No. He layed on couch with his legs up. When it was time for bed, his heart was still fluttering, so when he layed down in bed, I put pillows under his legs to raise them. He was asking me for help. I asked again, should I call 911, he again said no, he will be fine. I was concerned, but at the same time, I know this happens a lot and in time, his heart will go back to beating normal. I told him that I was concerned that it was his Body Building Shake he drank at dinner that might trigger it. He said no, but I read the label and it states to consult Doctor before taking especially if on Medication. Roy takes medication for his heart as well as a Bunch of Vitamins & Herb Remedies. Roy says there is no reason for me to concerned about his medications, vitamins, Herbal Remedies and his heart, so I will believe him.
It took awhile, but Roy finally fell asleep. He did awake a few times through the night complaining that his heart was still racing. When I awoke in the morning, Roy was not home. I called him to see if he was okay. He laughed and said yes, he is fine. He awoke early and got a ride to work. Roy seemed to bounce back just fine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Devil Car Should have a Name

If you follow my Blogs you know that My Car has a Recalled Transmission that they said would be Fixed for Free. Well, my Car`s Company was one of the Car Companies that Failed and bought out by the Government. When my transmission went out, I went to them, showed them my letter from them to honor their Free service an Free Transmission replacement. They denied me, told me that that agreement was no longer valid and I was on my Own. After much protest and filing out a massive class action law suit along with many others in the same boat as me, my company offered to replace my transmission with a re-built one for $2300.00 - WoW, what a deal.....NOT!! Well, I didn`t have much of a choice and took them up on their offer. Ever since then, I have nothing but problems with my car. It goes into 'Reduce Power' at any given time, it leaks, the electical is all messed up, etc.
Flash to today. I drive about 30 minutes to my photo shoot, pull over and park. I come back to my car about 2 hours later after my shoot was over and start it up gearing up to go home. I put it in the Drive gear and nothing, it will not move, only the engine revives. I put it in all the gears, the Only gear that my car would move in was Reverse. I shut off my car, walk back to my shoot, knock on door and tell them I am stranded. We call a Tow truck and take it to the auto shop. When the mechanic gets a hold of it, my car works beautifully!!!! My car shows no quirks at all!!! Thank goodness I had witnesses that know how my car was acting, so we tell the Auto Mechanic all. He hooks it up to his computer but it shows nothing. He drives it around and concludes that indeed my transmission is on it`s way out soon. To fix it it could cost from $1500.00 to $2000.00 or more on my 2003 Crappy Car that I am not even sure if it is worth the money and time to fix. I have no Money to Fix it, I have no warranty, it has been 2 years and my car company no longer exists! He suggests I drive it home and think about what I want to do next. This is where I am at Now. We will see.

Brain Damage between Friends

I have had a few 'Head-buts' with a certain Friend that I will call EV, through the Years.
One night, I was with my guy friends on Balcony of a local pub. EV was talking. He talks slow and Stutters a lot and gets mad if you cut him off, talk over him or ignore him. I was listening, but I started to ask him something before he finished what he was saying. He got mad at me, glared at me and said Harshly, Rudely and Loudly to me 'Can I finish?, Can I Finish? Can I finish?' I looked at him, shut my mouth tight and sat there as he went off on me. Someone said something beside me that I cannot recall now, but it made me Laugh. I don`t know why, but I think it was because in my head, I was thinking 'Okay, EV is being Rude, but that is just him, I can either get mad, which will only make things worse, or I can not let it bother me and go on having a good time'.
Well, EV did not like that I laughed and got more mad at me. So I turned my seat around so he could not see me and for me to try to stop laughing, but for some reason I couldn`t stop laughing. I was not laughing at EV, even though, I think that is how EV took it. Looking back on it, I think I was just laughing as a Stress/ Survival thing - it was either Laugh or Get upset, and allow EV`s attitude get me upset.
EVgot really angry at me, even when my hubby tried talking to EV about something else to distract EV. EV yelled to me 'Stop Laughing you Bitch!' That is when I gathered my stuff and walked away from EV, Hubby & everyone on the Balcony, I went inside & Sat Down at the Bar. I just removed myself from a bad situation that was only getting worse.
I sat at the Bar and the girl bartender sympathized with me because Only an hour earlier, EV was rude to her. EV ordered Food through the Guy Bartender and he forgot to write down No Cucumbers, not because EV told him, but because he remembered EV hates Cucumbers. So When she brought EV`s food to him, he threw the Cucumbers at her yelling 'I hate Cucumbers, they spoil the food on my Plate!' and threw the Cut up Cucumbers on the table for her to pick up & throw away.
EV has rage issues, he is mean & rude even to his Friends. Some say it is because of his Brain injury (from a car accident years ago) -but some say he was like that before. Everyone hates it, some gets upset, but they all put up with it. I don`t know if I can be like everyone else.
There are so many stories involving EV`s Rage. He has tantrums, he is rude, he gets violent, he will cuss you out, he will call you names, he will hold grudges, he rarely says he is sorry, he expects everyone to wait for him. If everyone wants to go somewhere and he does not like the place, he will refuse to go to that place and get mad at everyone that goes without him. If there is an event that we are all at and he doesn`t know about it, he will get mad. If we try to make plans, we have to arrange it to his schedule or he gets mad. Everyone around him walks on Egg Shells and adjust them selves to deal with it and appease EV.
When EV orders food, if they screw up his order or if something is on his plate that he was not expecting, he will get mad, yell at server and sometime will throw the food at server calling them names at the same time. EV would do the same thing even at someone`s house if the hostess gives him a plate of food he does not like. He rarely says Thank you. He calls ladies in grocery store Cunts when they try to talk or joke with him and he doesn`t find funny.
EV would never put up with someone that would treat him like he treats everyone else. EV is VERY Lucky for the Amount of Good Loyal Friends he has and has had for all these Years. Some of his friends go back to Grade School. EV treats them all like that once in awhile, they all get over it and remain friends. I do not know if I can be as Understanding as they are, however, I must try. EV is one my Husbands best Friends. I will never try to break the friendship they have. I will try to be more understanding, however, I will never condone what EV does nor will I be Best Friends with EV anytime soon.