Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forever Startled

Roy, My Husband works at Home, in his Office aka: Man Cave. I work from home as well and usually at my computer in the Living Room next to Kitchen. He usually has the TV on and so do I in the Living Room.
I don`t know what it is, maybe because I get lost in my thoughts or maybe it is the tone in Roy`s voice....but he will Scare the Crap out of me to the point of a heart attack!! It will be pretty quiet, I am doing something, he is no where around....all of a sudden he speaks from no where and as he speaks he appears.....I know he is at home.....I know he is there.....but for some reason...I get startled, I scream, I jump, my heart pounds, my heart beats takes me a lot to calm down afterwards.
Roy gets really pissed off at me when I do this. He will stop talking, not finish what he was starting to say and walk away pissed off. Later he says to me 'You know I live here to, right? You got to get over this!' I try, I hate being scared, but it happens a lot! We been together over 4 years, he works from home, I should be used to it, I want to be used to it because I REALLY HATE BEING SCARED.....but, yet, it happens about 3-5 times a week. I wish I knew how to cure this.

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  1. Long term Stacy Burke YouTube viewer / fan and have been reading your blogs from the most recent to here. Having watched you for years and sharing SO many of the same symptoms, I think you might have ADHD. That isn't a flaw or something "wrong" with is just a different way of one part of the brain aborbing chemicals. So many things you say are consistent with ADHD and also with awesomeness. Some of the most creative people on earth have / had ADHD. I have long felt that Roy was unworthy of you and emotionally abusive, but it is your life not mine and I'm sorry for any sadness you are feeling in the divorce. You are so talented and hardworking and so creative, and yet you probably feel that you underachieve on your potential. You're a lovely person. I could be wrong, but check into ADHD and see if you see any of yourself in it.