Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Devil Car Should have a Name

If you follow my Blogs you know that My Car has a Recalled Transmission that they said would be Fixed for Free. Well, my Car`s Company was one of the Car Companies that Failed and bought out by the Government. When my transmission went out, I went to them, showed them my letter from them to honor their Free service an Free Transmission replacement. They denied me, told me that that agreement was no longer valid and I was on my Own. After much protest and filing out a massive class action law suit along with many others in the same boat as me, my company offered to replace my transmission with a re-built one for $2300.00 - WoW, what a deal.....NOT!! Well, I didn`t have much of a choice and took them up on their offer. Ever since then, I have nothing but problems with my car. It goes into 'Reduce Power' at any given time, it leaks, the electical is all messed up, etc.
Flash to today. I drive about 30 minutes to my photo shoot, pull over and park. I come back to my car about 2 hours later after my shoot was over and start it up gearing up to go home. I put it in the Drive gear and nothing, it will not move, only the engine revives. I put it in all the gears, the Only gear that my car would move in was Reverse. I shut off my car, walk back to my shoot, knock on door and tell them I am stranded. We call a Tow truck and take it to the auto shop. When the mechanic gets a hold of it, my car works beautifully!!!! My car shows no quirks at all!!! Thank goodness I had witnesses that know how my car was acting, so we tell the Auto Mechanic all. He hooks it up to his computer but it shows nothing. He drives it around and concludes that indeed my transmission is on it`s way out soon. To fix it it could cost from $1500.00 to $2000.00 or more on my 2003 Crappy Car that I am not even sure if it is worth the money and time to fix. I have no Money to Fix it, I have no warranty, it has been 2 years and my car company no longer exists! He suggests I drive it home and think about what I want to do next. This is where I am at Now. We will see.

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