Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart Episodes

Roy has an Arrhythmia Heart Condition. Once in a while his heart will mis-fire electrical currents that makes his heart flutter. His heart will race, beat fast, skip beats at random times, night, day, at rest, during exercise and it can last for hours. The only slight relief that he can do is lay down with his feet elevated. Roy takes heart medicine for it but it still happens. Sometimes it gets so bad, he will have to go to the Emergency Room.
Last Night my hubby Roy had another Heart Episode. I asked him if I should call 911, He said No. He layed on couch with his legs up. When it was time for bed, his heart was still fluttering, so when he layed down in bed, I put pillows under his legs to raise them. He was asking me for help. I asked again, should I call 911, he again said no, he will be fine. I was concerned, but at the same time, I know this happens a lot and in time, his heart will go back to beating normal. I told him that I was concerned that it was his Body Building Shake he drank at dinner that might trigger it. He said no, but I read the label and it states to consult Doctor before taking especially if on Medication. Roy takes medication for his heart as well as a Bunch of Vitamins & Herb Remedies. Roy says there is no reason for me to concerned about his medications, vitamins, Herbal Remedies and his heart, so I will believe him.
It took awhile, but Roy finally fell asleep. He did awake a few times through the night complaining that his heart was still racing. When I awoke in the morning, Roy was not home. I called him to see if he was okay. He laughed and said yes, he is fine. He awoke early and got a ride to work. Roy seemed to bounce back just fine.

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