Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Glittery Starter Bucket List

Watching Millionaire Match Maker w/ Vegas Drag Queen Frank Marino & they showed Hamburger Mary`s -we have one here in Long Beach -I so wanna go! Even though l cannot walk in heels to save my life and completely lack grace, l soooo wanna tap into my inner Drag Queen!!
Reason #? why I wish I was Rich = So I can have a Great Big Room for myself, a 'Woman Cave' with Comfy Couches, Big Screen TV`s, Sound System, Tanning Bed, etc. -so l can Host a 'Girlie Night' once a week - Chick Flicks, Cocktails, Food, Hire People to come give us Facials, Massages, Nails, Hair, Botox, etc - Damn, if that is not Motivation to make more $$,
I have Never seen a Twilight Movie - I am a little Curious to Watch one to see what all this Hoopla is all about! I might, in fact l might try 2plan a girlie movie night and play all 3 of them in a marathon with a cheese plate and a box of wine!
I`m learning that I`m the ONLY one who appreciates my creative Dinners- Hubby is a simple creature who`s fine with Hot Dogs & Hamburgers Every Night - therefore last night was Cheesy Hot Link Dogs, tonight was Cheeseburgers!
My wish is to Open a Club/Bar/Lounge filled w/ Many Big Screen TV`s, each one playing something like Bravo TV, Fashion Shows, Tabloid Shows, Chick Flicks, Sex & the City, etc - couches everywhere, a dance area, wine, girlie drinks, finger foods, Fondue, desserts, Maybe even a 'Primping Room' with Nail, Hair, Massage Stations - What a Great Place that would Be!

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