Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a Very Burke Christmas!

We spent Christmas Day with my Family, then came home to spend the evening with Roy`s Friends. We bought a Turducken (a Turkey Stuffed with a Duck, Stuffed with a Chicken) and his friends Cooked it up. It was pretty tasty, but Not as tasty as I imagined it. I do not know if it is worth the $96! His friends made really strong Drinks, The Best Gravy and Mac n Cheese I have ever Had! I was really impressed!!
This year I gave my Husband a Custom Printed T-shirt of a One of a Kind Commissioned Art Work done by DC Comic Book Artist George Perez personally for Roy of Captain America back to Back with Superman.

I gave my Cats & Bird some Treats & Toys. For all of my friends, I gave them all Holiday Cards with a Free Lottery Ticket inside. Hopefully some won some Cash!
My Husband has yet to give me my Christmas present, but he says he is willing to buy me Botox if I want it. I just might take him up on it. Too bad it is not a New Car or a Gift Card to an Auto Mechanic, since my Car is still Broke Down.
Christmas maybe Over, But NOT for My Husband & My Animals! I went 2the Grocery Store with the intention to Only grab a 'Few' things, but ended up coming home with over $135 worth of Groceries which included: Package of Dress Socks, New All Weather Suede House Shoes, Fried Chicken, dozen Tamales, Gummi Bears, etc for Roy -and- More Treats & Toys for my Bird & Cats!!
The Day After Christmas we enjoyed Mimosa`s & Bloody Mary`s over at Roy`s Friends House. The Bloody Mary`s were Made with Tomato Juice, Vodka, Worshire Sauce, Horseradish, Spices, Tabasco, Jalapeno Olives and Garnished with Fried Bacon as a Stir Stick, that eventually would go limp at the bottom of the Bloody Mary awaiting as a Tasty Treat for you once you finished your Drink!
I hope all of you had a Wonderful Holiday Season as Well!! oxoxox, StacyBasting the Turducken
The Special Bacon Bloody Mary

Felix Playing with his Quacking Stuffed Puppy Toy Duck he got for Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fashion Funk? Virtual Closet - Voila!!

I am going though a Fashion Funk. It takes me sometimes hours to find something to wear even if I am staying home. I am trying to stop wearing the same 2 outfits. I live at the Beach, I like to be Warm, I like to be Comfortable and I walk everywhere so I need to wear something Warm and Comfortable. If I am just staying home, I guess I really do not need to venture to far away from my Normal Small Rotation of Clothes, but as for going out, I really need to step up my game. I think I also need to re-organize my Closet to Find things more easily. I guess I will get to that After the Holidays.
However, in the meantime I need to figure out how to find Cute Fashionable Clothes I want to wear and get ready faster. So, I decided to do what I used to do when I was in High School. I bought a few Fashion Magazines, looked for outfits I like, that I could pull off and for outfits I might have similar in my Closet. I cut out those outfits and pasted them on the walls of my Room & Closet. Then on a Day off, I went through my clothes and put them into ensembles, laid them out on the bed and snapped a photo of the outfit. I put together about 6 different outfits and snapped a photo of each outfit. I then put away my clothes and downloaded the photos on my computer. Now when something comes up where I need to get ready in a Hurry and I want to be somewhat Fashionable, Comfortable, Warm and have no idea what to wear, all I have to do is go through my Virtual Photo Closet on my Computer - Voila!!

The Long Way Home

I probably could have Succeeded much Faster if I was Obedient, Kept my Mouth Shut & Kissed Ass - But I prefer the More Scenic Route!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ham & Potatoes!!

I Just went Grocery Shopping, I bought over $200 worth of Groceries for only $135 - yep, l am a bargain shopper - Now doing Laundry, Baking a Big Fat Ham - Homemade Garlic Parmesan Au Gratin Potatoes in Oven - My Hubby is All Happy, I bought him all his favorite Treats - Gummi Bears, Banana Nut Bread, Salami, Provolone, Pastrami, Sausages, His Favorite Soups, etc.......Roy is a Happy Boy!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Accepting My Fate - Flaws and All

I feel like i am being attacked from all sides. It seems like everyone can act immature, say rude things, lie, cheat, have tantrums, breakdowns, etc and I should forgive and forget - but I am not allowed the same in return. If I do any of those things, I will be shunned, attacked, ridiculed, ignored, shamed, mocked, yelled at, abandoned, etc - No one forgives or forgets when I fall victim to my emotions.
I must also be a mind reader, because sometimes someone will get mad at me for doing or saying something that they think I should not have said for a reason I was not aware of. I was brought up a only child, so these social dramas that are going on around me is still new to me. The older I get, it seems everyone is like this. I thought only a few people got caught up in drama, but the closer i get to people, I see that this is the norm.
Now, I am not saying i am innocent by any means, but it seems that I do not get the same consideration. I guess i should be flattered that they expect me to act on a 'higher' level, but the truth is, I am just as human as they are and i have a lot of flaws. I wish more people would accept and still love me with my flaws and all, as is. I do want to work on myself, I want to improve myself, but i wish they would give me the same understanding they give everyone else. Why am I the one that does not 'get off the hook'? To be honest, it hurts that i do not get the same benefit of the doubt.
I wish they knew I was on their side, I would do anything for them and I do. I don`t want to give the impression i am doing a 'oh, woe is me' bit. it is just a observation and I`m trying to figure out how to deal with it. i feel very alone and not supported emotionally. i feel like i have no one on my side and that is very depressing.
I guess I will just have to work on taking the Higher road and try not to fall victim to my emotions so much, I really need to work on that and be a better friend. Maybe I will just take this fate as it is and accept it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Uncle Happy was in Pearl Harbor

I once had an Uncle named Happy (Yes, that was his Real Name) - he was on my Mom`s side of the Family. I remember him telling me stories of his time as a Cook aboard a Ship during Pearl Harbor when I was a kid at our family Holiday Parties. He Survived by Ducking under a Prep Table. I have not seen him since I was very young.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for a Cheap, Easy, Installed Video Intercom

I miss my Grandma & Worry about her. Since my Car broke down, it has been difficult to go Visit her. Anyone know a cheap easy webcam system so I can Call, Talk & See my Grandma and she can see me? I want 2install a Intercom like System so I can Communicate with her at will.....like a Cheap, Easy Skype.
I am just worried a Computer, Tablet or Phone would either get Stolen, Lost, Broke Etc. Many people go in and out of my Grandmother`s room - my grandma is very old and sick so she might break, lose it or cannot use it. I was hoping I can install a Device that the Nurses might be able to easily use - so I can call them and ask to turn it on when I want to call my Grandma - kind of like a Video Intercom.

- I got it, a Video Camera.......Don`t know if will happen....but I think that`s my Best Bet!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Learning not to Lash Out when I am Hurt

I really wish I could Learn NOT to let what others Say to me affect me so much or at least act like it doesn`t affect me - but l am not that great of an actress or tough skinned - l tend to get hurt and l lash out - this is a trait of mine I really do not like and in the process of attempting to change. Wish me luck on my success in this!

l guess l am just to sensitive....l know l should not care what others think or say.......what l really need to work on is my Lashing out on others......it doesn`t make things better when l do that......l need to squash the teenage tantrum drama....especially in public...besides, it is tough on the skin.....l look like hell after a night of drama......l need to stop if for nothing else but vanity.....LOL!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forever Startled

Roy, My Husband works at Home, in his Office aka: Man Cave. I work from home as well and usually at my computer in the Living Room next to Kitchen. He usually has the TV on and so do I in the Living Room.
I don`t know what it is, maybe because I get lost in my thoughts or maybe it is the tone in Roy`s voice....but he will Scare the Crap out of me to the point of a heart attack!! It will be pretty quiet, I am doing something, he is no where around....all of a sudden he speaks from no where and as he speaks he appears.....I know he is at home.....I know he is there.....but for some reason...I get startled, I scream, I jump, my heart pounds, my heart beats fast....it takes me a lot to calm down afterwards.
Roy gets really pissed off at me when I do this. He will stop talking, not finish what he was starting to say and walk away pissed off. Later he says to me 'You know I live here to, right? You got to get over this!' I try, I hate being scared, but it happens a lot! We been together over 4 years, he works from home, I should be used to it, I want to be used to it because I REALLY HATE BEING SCARED.....but, yet, it happens about 3-5 times a week. I wish I knew how to cure this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EAS: Emergency Alert System

I remember these LOUD Annoying Emergency Alert Systems Tests interrupting my TV when I was a Kid - here we are in almost 2012 in the age of i-phones and such - you would think that these EAS would end or at least evolve into something less loud, annoying & intrusive!

Monday, November 28, 2011

How would you handle this? The Silent Servant

I find it very Rude when I walk up to someone to share a Short little story about my day and as I am talking, still not finished with my story, they shove an empty dirty dish towards me while still chewing on their last bite of food, gesturing for me to put the dirty dish away, only after I cooked that very meal for them and I am not done with my one sentence story. Obviously they are not interested in my story and more interested in treating me like their Silent Servant.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Glittery Starter Bucket List

Watching Millionaire Match Maker w/ Vegas Drag Queen Frank Marino & they showed Hamburger Mary`s -we have one here in Long Beach -I so wanna go! Even though l cannot walk in heels to save my life and completely lack grace, l soooo wanna tap into my inner Drag Queen!!
Reason #? why I wish I was Rich = So I can have a Great Big Room for myself, a 'Woman Cave' with Comfy Couches, Big Screen TV`s, Sound System, Tanning Bed, etc. -so l can Host a 'Girlie Night' once a week - Chick Flicks, Cocktails, Food, Hire People to come give us Facials, Massages, Nails, Hair, Botox, etc - Damn, if that is not Motivation to make more $$,
I have Never seen a Twilight Movie - I am a little Curious to Watch one to see what all this Hoopla is all about! I might, in fact l might try 2plan a girlie movie night and play all 3 of them in a marathon with a cheese plate and a box of wine!
I`m learning that I`m the ONLY one who appreciates my creative Dinners- Hubby is a simple creature who`s fine with Hot Dogs & Hamburgers Every Night - therefore last night was Cheesy Hot Link Dogs, tonight was Cheeseburgers!
My wish is to Open a Club/Bar/Lounge filled w/ Many Big Screen TV`s, each one playing something like Bravo TV, Fashion Shows, Tabloid Shows, Chick Flicks, Sex & the City, etc - couches everywhere, a dance area, wine, girlie drinks, finger foods, Fondue, desserts, Maybe even a 'Primping Room' with Nail, Hair, Massage Stations - What a Great Place that would Be!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Car Stuck

I am debating spending another $2000.00 on another Transmission for my 2003 Saturn (I just did this 2 years ago, my car has a Recalled Transmission Problem) or Spending $2000.00 on a Used Car (That might have Hidden Problems) - don`t know what to do - either way, I do not have the $2000 to spend anyway *sigh*

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I bring Home the Bacon...Fry it up in the Pan......

I know it may sound weird, but I am feeling REALLY Good about Me Writing, Signing, Sending Out Checks & Paying Our (Me & My Hubby`s) Bills today!! I feel like singing that Old Song 'I bring home the Bacon, Fry it up in the Pan.......' LOL!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Dream Place I want to Own Someday!

I wish I could Open a Club/Bar/Lounge filled with Many Big Screen TV`s and Big Comfy Couches. Each TV playing something different like Bravo TV, Fashion Shows, Tabloid Shows, Chick Flicks, Sex & the City, etc. Serving wine, girlie drinks, finger foods, Fondue, desserts, etc, Have a Dance Area and Maybe even a 'Primping Room' with Nail, Hair, Massage Stations - What a Great Place that would Be!
Doesn`t it sound awesome?? You know the Gay Guys would Love it as well! AND - Straight Guys would come around because they know that is where the Girls hang out. It would be a Perfect place for us girls to Hang before going out, after hanging out or Just to hang out and Talk Crap about the Guys....LOL!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart Episodes

Roy has an Arrhythmia Heart Condition. Once in a while his heart will mis-fire electrical currents that makes his heart flutter. His heart will race, beat fast, skip beats at random times, night, day, at rest, during exercise and it can last for hours. The only slight relief that he can do is lay down with his feet elevated. Roy takes heart medicine for it but it still happens. Sometimes it gets so bad, he will have to go to the Emergency Room.
Last Night my hubby Roy had another Heart Episode. I asked him if I should call 911, He said No. He layed on couch with his legs up. When it was time for bed, his heart was still fluttering, so when he layed down in bed, I put pillows under his legs to raise them. He was asking me for help. I asked again, should I call 911, he again said no, he will be fine. I was concerned, but at the same time, I know this happens a lot and in time, his heart will go back to beating normal. I told him that I was concerned that it was his Body Building Shake he drank at dinner that might trigger it. He said no, but I read the label and it states to consult Doctor before taking especially if on Medication. Roy takes medication for his heart as well as a Bunch of Vitamins & Herb Remedies. Roy says there is no reason for me to concerned about his medications, vitamins, Herbal Remedies and his heart, so I will believe him.
It took awhile, but Roy finally fell asleep. He did awake a few times through the night complaining that his heart was still racing. When I awoke in the morning, Roy was not home. I called him to see if he was okay. He laughed and said yes, he is fine. He awoke early and got a ride to work. Roy seemed to bounce back just fine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Devil Car Should have a Name

If you follow my Blogs you know that My Car has a Recalled Transmission that they said would be Fixed for Free. Well, my Car`s Company was one of the Car Companies that Failed and bought out by the Government. When my transmission went out, I went to them, showed them my letter from them to honor their Free service an Free Transmission replacement. They denied me, told me that that agreement was no longer valid and I was on my Own. After much protest and filing out a massive class action law suit along with many others in the same boat as me, my company offered to replace my transmission with a re-built one for $2300.00 - WoW, what a deal.....NOT!! Well, I didn`t have much of a choice and took them up on their offer. Ever since then, I have nothing but problems with my car. It goes into 'Reduce Power' at any given time, it leaks, the electical is all messed up, etc.
Flash to today. I drive about 30 minutes to my photo shoot, pull over and park. I come back to my car about 2 hours later after my shoot was over and start it up gearing up to go home. I put it in the Drive gear and nothing, it will not move, only the engine revives. I put it in all the gears, the Only gear that my car would move in was Reverse. I shut off my car, walk back to my shoot, knock on door and tell them I am stranded. We call a Tow truck and take it to the auto shop. When the mechanic gets a hold of it, my car works beautifully!!!! My car shows no quirks at all!!! Thank goodness I had witnesses that know how my car was acting, so we tell the Auto Mechanic all. He hooks it up to his computer but it shows nothing. He drives it around and concludes that indeed my transmission is on it`s way out soon. To fix it it could cost from $1500.00 to $2000.00 or more on my 2003 Crappy Car that I am not even sure if it is worth the money and time to fix. I have no Money to Fix it, I have no warranty, it has been 2 years and my car company no longer exists! He suggests I drive it home and think about what I want to do next. This is where I am at Now. We will see.

Brain Damage between Friends

I have had a few 'Head-buts' with a certain Friend that I will call EV, through the Years.
One night, I was with my guy friends on Balcony of a local pub. EV was talking. He talks slow and Stutters a lot and gets mad if you cut him off, talk over him or ignore him. I was listening, but I started to ask him something before he finished what he was saying. He got mad at me, glared at me and said Harshly, Rudely and Loudly to me 'Can I finish?, Can I Finish? Can I finish?' I looked at him, shut my mouth tight and sat there as he went off on me. Someone said something beside me that I cannot recall now, but it made me Laugh. I don`t know why, but I think it was because in my head, I was thinking 'Okay, EV is being Rude, but that is just him, I can either get mad, which will only make things worse, or I can not let it bother me and go on having a good time'.
Well, EV did not like that I laughed and got more mad at me. So I turned my seat around so he could not see me and for me to try to stop laughing, but for some reason I couldn`t stop laughing. I was not laughing at EV, even though, I think that is how EV took it. Looking back on it, I think I was just laughing as a Stress/ Survival thing - it was either Laugh or Get upset, and allow EV`s attitude get me upset.
EVgot really angry at me, even when my hubby tried talking to EV about something else to distract EV. EV yelled to me 'Stop Laughing you Bitch!' That is when I gathered my stuff and walked away from EV, Hubby & everyone on the Balcony, I went inside & Sat Down at the Bar. I just removed myself from a bad situation that was only getting worse.
I sat at the Bar and the girl bartender sympathized with me because Only an hour earlier, EV was rude to her. EV ordered Food through the Guy Bartender and he forgot to write down No Cucumbers, not because EV told him, but because he remembered EV hates Cucumbers. So When she brought EV`s food to him, he threw the Cucumbers at her yelling 'I hate Cucumbers, they spoil the food on my Plate!' and threw the Cut up Cucumbers on the table for her to pick up & throw away.
EV has rage issues, he is mean & rude even to his Friends. Some say it is because of his Brain injury (from a car accident years ago) -but some say he was like that before. Everyone hates it, some gets upset, but they all put up with it. I don`t know if I can be like everyone else.
There are so many stories involving EV`s Rage. He has tantrums, he is rude, he gets violent, he will cuss you out, he will call you names, he will hold grudges, he rarely says he is sorry, he expects everyone to wait for him. If everyone wants to go somewhere and he does not like the place, he will refuse to go to that place and get mad at everyone that goes without him. If there is an event that we are all at and he doesn`t know about it, he will get mad. If we try to make plans, we have to arrange it to his schedule or he gets mad. Everyone around him walks on Egg Shells and adjust them selves to deal with it and appease EV.
When EV orders food, if they screw up his order or if something is on his plate that he was not expecting, he will get mad, yell at server and sometime will throw the food at server calling them names at the same time. EV would do the same thing even at someone`s house if the hostess gives him a plate of food he does not like. He rarely says Thank you. He calls ladies in grocery store Cunts when they try to talk or joke with him and he doesn`t find funny.
EV would never put up with someone that would treat him like he treats everyone else. EV is VERY Lucky for the Amount of Good Loyal Friends he has and has had for all these Years. Some of his friends go back to Grade School. EV treats them all like that once in awhile, they all get over it and remain friends. I do not know if I can be as Understanding as they are, however, I must try. EV is one my Husbands best Friends. I will never try to break the friendship they have. I will try to be more understanding, however, I will never condone what EV does nor will I be Best Friends with EV anytime soon.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank you Hubby for Helping me Stock our Pantry this Week!

Monday always = Domestic Day for me. My day is full of Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Cleaning House, etc. Luckily my Hubby was generous enough to pitch in this week with Grocery Money! Usually I pay for the Groceries. October was a Tight Month Financially for me, I am hoping that November will be Brighter, Work Wise. I am very Grateful for my Hubby`s help in Stocking our Selves this week. Thank you Hubby!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend 2011 - Friday Oct. 28th

Friday Oct. 28th 2011
Just got Home, Hubby wanted me 2Drive him 2the BIG Halloween Store 2get Costumes - he Wanted 2be Old School Capt. America from the Movie.

Roy bought me the Deluxe Super Girl Costume -So my Dead Fly Caught in Spider`s Web Costume will have 2Wait 4the 2mrw Night.

On Way Home -we Drove thru Micky D`s & Ordered the McRib Meal (which is 1180 Calories BTW) -Better go Jog 1st b4 eating that!!

BTW: I 4got 2Mention that While we were @ Halloween Store KCAL 9 News Interviewed us - So watch 4us on The Local News Today!!

2Get myself N2 the Spirit of Halloween, I put on Something Really Spooky, Creepy & Scary on TV........TLC Toddlers & Tiaras.

OMG - I Found the Clip with Roy & I on the Local TV News Buying our Costumes -we are 2ward the Middle of Video

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Need a Female BFF

I think I need a Female Friend to talk to. Most of my friends are guys. My female friends live far away, have a lot on their plate and they have no time for my petty problems. I use the Web, but I get Chastised for it. I guess it is not the place to talk about my deep feeling and what I am going through. I am trying to get by on my own, but I am having a hard time with it. I think I am losing my mind sometimes. I constantly feel attacked. I really need an outlet to Vent.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I marched with Occupy Long Beach Ca. Saturday Oct. 8th 2011

I March on Saturday Oct. 8th 2011 - had The BEST, most Insightful, Most Meaningful Time Ever in my Life -going 2more of these meetings -ALL Welcome 2Join me @ @OccupyLongBeach - I will post Video soon or go to Site to View their Videos @ http://occupylongbeach.webs.com/

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teacher vs Parent

Anyone can be a parent. no school to become a parent. no money to become a parent. no rules to become a parent. Just have sex, not use birth control and spit one out. You only have to wait 9 months to become a parent, however having a baby is not the same as being a parent. I do not know why people always think it is up to the parents to bring up children, I wish it was like that! In a perfect world the parent would be a parent to their kid, but this is not a perfect world.
A teacher chooses to become a teacher. A teacher goes to school, a teacher pays money to become a teacher, it takes time, patience and hard work to become a teacher. A teacher must want to become a teacher. Once they are a teacher, it is their job to teach that child no matter who their parents are.
I am tired of people saying it is up to the parents to raise the kids. I wish they would, but it is not always like that. It is not the kids fault that they are born and not taught correctly. Sorry to say this but, it is everyone else`s problem. We need to step up when no one else will and if not, then, We need to stop relying on the parents and rely and appreciate the teacher more. More importance should be focused on the teacher. this is not the way I would like the world, but it is the reality of our world that we cannot ignore anymore.
I`m not saying to give up completely on the parent. by all means, give the parent every opportunity to be a good parent & teacher to their kid, just do not depend on it. If that indeed happens, it would just be a much needed & appreciated bonus.
Stop passing the buck, whatever it is. Claim the problem as your own because it is your own. If everyone did their part plus 100 times more, it would be a better world. As of now, we all just get by the skin of our teeth. As some teachers put on our papers 'we are not living up to our penitential'.

Duncan Edwards Just wondering who raises your children? What if they don't raise them the way you think is best? Who taught you to spell? If everyone just did their part as they should, nobody would have to do 100 times more. Sorry but I'm not letting nor do I desire to have anyone else raise my children. That's my job because I'll do it better than anyone else would care to.

Me: That`s wonderful if you raise your own children, you then are fine - but not everyone is like you - I don`t like that people do not raise their children, but at the same time, it is a reality. I cannot force them, no one can force people to be good parents - but thankfully there are teachers out there. What I am trying to say is we need to appreciate & recognize the teachers who are sometimes our children`s parents. (and yes, our children, ALL children is OUR children)

What Happened to Honest Capitalism?

I am Pro-Capitalism, but not at the Expense of Others, My Fellow Man, The Planet or Universe. I am for Honest Capitalism.
I understand that there will always be the battle between Good and Evil, however, I will always fight for over all good. I will especially step in whenever I see the fight being fought more UN-balanced & UN-fair than usual and watching good people being fooled by what they think is good, like a Sheep to Slaughter. Evil can disguise itself as being good. You must always read the fine print or more so, follow the money.
I know sometimes I must Vote for the Lesser of Evils. I will always Vote. No one will silence me. No Vote is a usually a Vote against your best interest, because you are putting your fate in others hands. It is very important that everyone Votes. Everyone needs to document their Voice with a Vote. It is more then winning your view, it is documenting how we as a nation feel. It is history. Even if things do not change right away, the more we all speak up, the more of a chance we have of having things change the way the Majority of us wants it instead of continuing to give the power to the 1% to Stuff their own pockets with our best interest.
oxox, Stacy

Read More Political Talk @ StacysSoapBox.com

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What do you think this Dream Means? Couch in the Sky

Me and my Husband Roy was sitting on a Couch that was High up in the Air, supported by Many Stacks of Soft Cushions. The Couch was a bit unsteady and would sway. We were sitting up as High as a Ferris Wheel without anything holding us on the couch. The Couch seemed to be at a Fair or Venue like a Fair. Were were watching a band on a Stage in front of us. Roy was playing Air Guitar wildly and yelling to the guy playing Guitar with band on Stage. Roy seemed to be a bit Drunk and doing like a Battle of Air Guitar Game with the Guy on Stage. As Roy would be doing his wild arm swirls playing his Air Guitar trying to get the Guys attention and 'Hamming it up' for the Concert attendees, the Couch would sway high in the air and it would scare me.
Roy didn`t notice me being scared, he was to busy 'Hamming it up' and doing whatever to get attention and having Fun. I was getting more and more scared as the Couch was swaying more and more. A guy that was standing nearby Noticed me being scared. He walked over to me on the Couch, he was the same height as the Couch because he was wearing really tall stilts on his legs. He must have been a Fair Stilt walker that happened to be around watching the band. The guy in stilts was concerned for me and grabbed a ladder. He brought the ladder over to me and told me he will help me climb down.
I was a bit hesitant because I have Vertigo, a Fear of Heights and I am Very Clumsy. He somehow made me feel safe and I knew he would make sure I would climb down ladder safely to the ground. I was scared but I slowly started down the ladder. As I took my 4th step down, my Husband Roy noticed I was leaving. Roy yelled out to me, 'Stop, Stop, come back up!' I stopped but could not look up or down, I was starting to Shake. I just stopped long enough to yell loud enough up to Roy, 'No, I can`t!' I kept Climbing Down Slowly and Deliberately. Roy was not happy nor did he understand why I was climbing down. He seemed to take it as an embarrassment to him publicly. I was just grateful that I was safe on the Ground.
I would have loved to see how this dream ended, but right then my Husband got up from the bed and it caused me to wake up from the dream. The dream was so vivid and fresh in my memory I had to write it down.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Land Lord`s Electrician`s Business Skills

A few days before we had to go to Tampa Florida for FetishCon, my Living Room Ceiling Fan stopped working as well as one Outlet. I called our Landlord and he gave me the Number of his Electrician. I called them and left message that I needed to set up an appointment. When we were in Florida I saw I had a few missed messages from the Electrician. When I got a chance, I called the Electrician Back and set up an appointment once we got back home.
The appointment was set for Friday at 3pm. Roy had to be gone all day so I adjusted my schedule so I could be home by 3pm. At 1pm I was at home doing errands when the Electricians called me, they said that they were running early and if it was okay to come by in 20-30minutes. I said okay and decided to wait for them and finish my errands afterwards as long as I can get everything done before 3:30pm. By 1:30pm, no electrician, so I called them to see how much longer and if had enough time to take a quick 20minute jog. The Electrician said they are on way, so I waited some more. I was getting stressed because none of my errands was getting done and it was getting later. 20 minutes later (it was around 2:30pm by now) I called electricians and asked if I could just reschedule because I really needed to get my errands done before the weekend and it was Friday. They said they were still on their way. I asked again, if I could just cancel today and reschedule. The lady said they are booked until next week. I said I will take my chances and call them back.
The Following week my Husband called the Electrician and left several messages un-returned. The next day he called them back, this time they picked up the phone. He asked them if he could schedule an appointment. She pulled attitude with him saying that we were on the no call back list and they refuse to come to our house. My husband then called our Landlord and told him of our problem. Our Landlord said that they were His electrician and for us to find our own electrician, have them fix our Ceiling Fan & Outlet and to deduct it from our rent as long as it is under $65-
Really????? WTF???????? How is this Good Business??? Sheeeesh!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to Lucille Ball, I love Lucy!!

Happy 100th Birthday to my Favorite Star EVER Lucille Ball! My Dream was to become Lucy in I love Lucy, she had the Perfect Friends, The Perfect Husband, The Perfect Hair Color and The Perfect Life! If ever I could jump into a TV Show and make it my Life, It would be I Love Lucy!
2nd Place TV Show, might be Gidget!
Lucille Ball Owned her own Studio, was the First to have a Pregnant woman on TV and have an Episode about it. Lucille Ball was the 1st to bring inter-racial Marriage to TV. Lucille Ball was the 1st Cougar, she was older than Desi, her Husband. Desi invented the 4 cameras on Set. Desi & Lucy used Film to tape their TV show. I read many books about her. She was a True inspiration & pioneer to me, I love Lucy!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mick our UK Postman

Mick is a UK postman. Around 14years ago, he took his Holiday (what they call our Vacation) in the USA. For no reason, he came to Long Beach California, maybe The Queen Mary that is docked here might have something to do with it. From his hotel, he took a cab, he ask the cab driver to take him somewhere fun where he could get a cold beer. That cab driver took him on the Famous 2nd Street in Belmont Shore and dropped him off at a Murphy`s Irish Pub. Mick thanked the cab driver and walked upstairs to Murphy`s for a cold pint of beer. That night he met Graham (our England Import) and The LBC Wack Pack. True friendships were born that night. Mick had a grand time.
Ever since Mick`s 1st visit to the Shore on his Holiday, he has returned at the Same time during Summer for the past 14years and counting. He gets a hotel just outside the Shore. He gets up fairly early, puts on his shorts & his walking shoes and starts his long all day walk. He walks to the towards the shore, down 2nd street, through Belmont Shore, to the Peninsula, then along the Ocean, stops at The Pier at the Belmont Brewing Company for a pint, then he walks to the Queen Mary and ends his journey at Murphy`s. Unless it is a Friday night, on a Friday, after Mick`s walk, he will stop at his Hotel room to get dressed up in slacks, button down shirt and dress shoes. I have learned through my English friends that is what Proper 'Bloaks' do on a Friday Night. Friday Night guys get dressed up, that is the Rule.
Mick is true to his routine, he never strays. It was Only 4 years ago he added something to his weekly schedule. He Now comes to our weekly Monday Summer Night Grilling Dinners on the Roof. He shows up after his walk with a bag of Bud Light, his favorite Beer. He laughs, eats and stares at the View. He says it is Paradise and it is good to be home. After a few beers Mick will get down on one knee and propose to a Girl in hopes to get his green card and move here. Mick is joking, but yet, I think he maybe a bit more serious then everyone thinks.
It is always sad when it is time to say goodbye to Mick. It is a grim reminder that Summer is coming to a Close and that it will be another Year before seeing our dear Friend Mick. So Ladies, take a gander at his photo, if you happen to see Mick walk by, say hello and if he gets on one knee, for god sakes, Please say YES, We want Mick Back Home where he belongs!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introducing Felix The Cat

As you may remember, my 13 year old Girl Cat, Kaiko died back in January. My husband Roy took it pretty hard, even though he knew Kaikio only 3 years of her 13years.
Blog about it Here: http://romantictorture.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-life-as-krazy-kat-saving-ladyoh-and.html

In June of this year 2011 Roy came to me and said that a co-worker has some kittens that need homes and that maybe we should take a look at them. I was pleasantly surprised. Roy was very distraught over losing Kaiko and would not talk about getting another cat with me, however we both agreed that we should think of getting a Kitten to keep our 3year old Boy Cat Frankie active and company. We do have Bear, my 14year old Female cat, however, she is like owning a pigeon. She does not socialize with anyone, she hides all the time, but she does like getting groomed by Frankie.
I said, Sure, lets go check out the Kittens. When we got there, there was about 6 kittens all playing around. I spotted one in particular, he looked just like Johnny (my 16 year old cat that died in 2007) and he looked just like Frankie when he was little. Yes, i have a type of cats i gravitate to, usually the black and white males or the orange boy tabby cats. In my experience, boy cats are more loving, but girl cats have a charm as well.
There was an instant connection with this kitten. We took him home, named him Felix, due to his look and to my nostalgic fondest to the Cartoon Character Felix the Cat. When we got home, he immediately ran around, exploring and smelling everything. He found our Cockatiel bird Fred fascinating, attempting to stalk it unsuccessfully. When he met Frankie, I was expecting Frankie to be the 1st to hiss at Felix, since it was Frankie`s house 1st, but surprisingly, Felix hissed at Frankie! However that quickly changed, Frankie Now rules the Roost.
Since Felix was covered in Fleas, I put a Flea collar on him and doused him in Flea Powder. All was fine until 2 days later. Felix would not wake up. He would just sleep. He would not even get up to eat, drink water or go pee. I kept him bundled up inside my hoodie close to my heart. The next day I took Felix to the Vet. Felix had a 105 temperature. The Vet took an x-ray of his belly and it had lots of gas in him. Felix was highly allergic to something and it caused an infection. The Vet gave him antibiotic shots and send Felix home with a bunch of medicine for me to give him 2 times a day. As soon as I brought Felix back home I saw an improvement. Each day, Felix got better and Better. We still have no idea what happened to Felix. The Vet said Felix could have been sick before I got him or it could have been something from my house. I hope it was not the flea collar or powder I put on him, but just to be safe, I will not do that again. Felix Loves to climb up on my shoulder and sleep on my neck. Felix Loves to sleep in Bed with me, my Hubby and Frankie! Felix is back to being a Mischievous energetic Little Kitten terrorizing Frankie, just the way I like it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

R.I.P. The Chairman Andy Wallace, you Blessed our Hearts, we Love you & you will be missed our Friend!

My Friend Andy Wallace Died on Saturday May 21st. My Friend Tanya Danielle put into words so well what I am thinking.....here below are photos of the Last time Andy came to visit us & her Moving Tribute Journal Message about our Friend Andy, The Chairman, R.I.P.

In Memory of Chairman Andy (July 20, 1972 - May 21, 2011)

Last Saturday I was sitting inside a restaurant as I ate some breakfast and wrote a synopsis for a video that I planned to release in my VOD store within a few days. I chuckled to myself as I scribbled words onto a pad, already anticipating the reaction of Chairman Andy of the WTB when he read them. He had commissioned the filming of a boxing match between Nicole Oring and me and I was attempting to infuse the video description with a bit of humor. The restaurant was beginning to fill up around 10am so I finished my writing, paid my bill, and headed toward the beach. While I was spreading out a towel on the sand I heard my phone ring. Fifteen minutes later I remembered that someone had called me so I checked to see if I had any messages. I was gazing at the ocean when I heard my friend Bob's voice telling me that Chairman Andy had died. The waves rolled onto the shoreline and then rolled back out. I stared at this force of nature as it repeated itself a few more times. The sun beat down on me and I vaguely noticed the sounds of other beachgoers who were enjoying this beautiful California day. For a few long moments I did nothing, felt nothing. Time seemed to stand still even though that sounds a bit corny. Eventually I replayed Bob's message. Then I played it again. After hearing it for the third time I disconnected the line and put the phone back in my bag. I felt surprisingly calm. The ocean rolled, the sun shone, and I planted the soles of my feet on the ground so I could sift the sand between my toes. Over the next few hours my thoughts did not stray far from Andy. The beach is a magical place for me and I felt glad that I was visiting the one locale that always reminds me that we humans are simply a part of a greater plan. I found myself clinging to a small ray of hope that perhaps Andy had not really passed on. Bob would never knowingly relay erroneous information, but maybe he had come across some type of twisted Internet rumor that had no basis in truth. I soaked in the sunshine and decided to wait until I got home to call Bob. After returning to my apartment I dialed his number and discovered that Andy had indeed died on May 21, 2011.

Over the past 8 years Andy and I had corresponded via the bulletin board on my website and/or with e-mails on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Now I knew why he had fallen silent for a longer period of time than normal. Like all of Andy's other friends I wonder why Andy had to depart our world so soon. I will miss his pithy insights and his razor-sharp wit. He just cracked me up. We laughed at a lot of the same things. I remember writing about my experience with The Most Miserable Woman in Los Angeles a few months ago. Andy totally understood my sentiments. That woman was 220 lbs. of malice packed onto a 5'2 frame. She was working inside the Cashier's Office of Department 141 at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse when I had shown up there to pay a fine. I felt glad that a plexiglass shield separated me from the vitriol that spewed from her mouth as she lit into me for bringing the wrong paperwork. Funny, she did accept my paperwork at the end of her rant. Turns out that she really had no choice. In fact, she could have simply taken both my documents and my check without commentary and then moved right on to the next person who was waiting in the line that literally went out the door and into the hallway. To me that woman represents the small minority of people who purposely pump hatred into routine, everyday encounters. Kind of like the person who leans full-bore on the horn if it takes you a second to notice that a traffic light has turned green. Kind of like the person who goes into a restaurant and looks for reasons to insult the wait staff. I mention all this because Andy represented the polar opposite of all these tortured souls. He did his best to make everyone happy. Andy was one of the kindest, most generous, thoughtful people that I have ever met. He expressed his warmth to anyone who chose to offer a greeting, have a casual conversation, or write a message to him. Additionally, he had the ability to make me laugh out loud when I was sitting alone inside my living room. I have pages upon pages of posts on my website bulletin board that reveal both his caring nature and his irreverent sense of humor. Over the past few days I have laughed and cried as I reread many of them. Andy's death has compelled me to pore over his words and then reflect more upon his character than I had ever done during his life. In the wake of his passing I feel, as always, very connected to the benign power of the universe, to this nearly unimaginable force that creates the ocean tides, presides over countless births and deaths, and governs our actions. From my perspective Andy seemed to lack hubris. He was a sweet, humble soul - albeit an extremely intelligent, sarcastic one - who just hoped that people would return the kindness that he extended to them. That takes a lot of strength and at times it can be a very hard way to live. I do not know where Andy is right now, but I believe that the universe has ushered him forth to a better place.

Andy, I feel the tears in my eyes as I write this. From 2003 - 2011 you and I both experienced the deaths of numerous of our loved ones. We had ample opportunity to discuss our opinions about the so-called "afterlife". I never thought that you would go there so quickly, my friend. Stacy, Hollywood, and I are just in utter shock. Numerous members of my website have expressed both their sorrow and their desire to help me however possible as I come to terms with your passing. Many have commented on the nature of the special bond that you and I shared. Your blithe spirit and benevolent nature have touched so many people. I will make every effort to carry on your legacy of treating others with compassion and respect. You changed my life, Andy, by filling so many of my days with fun, laughter, and the generosity of your spirit. Thank you. You are in my heart and in my soul.

Andy, Stacy Burke, Hollywood, and I shot the above photos during Andy's last visit to Los Angeles in November, 2010.

XO Tanya
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Attention to all Partners of Loved Ones

Attention to all Partners: There is going to be times that your Loved one is going to go through an Emotional Break Down. It has Nothing to do with you.....unless you handle it wrong, then it will have EVERYTHING to do with you!!
1st rule is to take yourself out of it. Do not make it about you. You might want to make an excuse why you are afraid to come to their rescue or afraid to be there for them. STOP THAT. Listen, REALLY Listen to what they are saying. The best thing you can do is to go to them & listen without judgement, advice or anything involving you & how you feel. You can ask them if you can do anything, but do not show your feelings if the answer is not to your liking or what you expected. It is NOT about you & your expectations. You just NEED to be there for them, without judgement. It will be the best thing you can do for them and they will most likely do the same for you when you need it.
I will update this post soon....stay Tuned!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hawaii Bound Update - HATE Expedia!!

URRrrrGGGggg - Major snag in our Hawaii Trip. Roy bought my Plane Ticket via Expedia. Roy`s work changed his flight - so Roy had to change my Ticket as well. As soon as he did that I had a bad feeling. I have Never had a good experience in Changing Plane Tickets. Expedia told Roy, no Problem, they would refund his money from Old Ticket and only charge New Ticket.
Well - Roy checked his bank and sure enough - Expedia withdrew money from both tickets. Roy is furious. Our Rent Check might Bounce. Not Good. We have both been on phone with Expedia to try to get our money back. We have been on hold all day. I finally got through after one hour on hold - and the lady hung up on me!!!!!
Roy says they are trying to pay him back with a Flight Voucher - they are basically forcing us to Pay for another Plane ticket, in which we will never use and you know that IF we did use it, it would have a Ton of restrictions.
We are soooo pissed off - this will break us, we cannot afford this, we could barely afford this trip as it was........I really do not Ever want to Fly Again......EVER!!!!

UPDATE May 22nd 2011:
Expedia Refunded Roy`s Money - it took a few days & a lot of waiting on hold and convincing that a Plane Voucher was not an option but all ended well, Roy very Relieved!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii Bound!

Roy and I have been married for a little over 3 years. We have yet to go on a Honeymoon, mainly due to the lack of Funds & lack of time. However, Roy has a New Client in Hawaii and Roy has to Fly out the 1st week of June. Roy decided to take me with him to Hawaii!!! All of Roy`s Travel Expenses are paid for, so all Roy has to do is Pay for my Plane ticket. I think he is using the money we both got back from our income taxes. I have never been to Hawaii before, so I am super Excited!! Roy has been to Hawaii 6 times to all the Islands. Roy has to work while we are there, so I plan on going on all the Tourist Tours. Roy said he might not have to work a full schedule, so the late afternoons & Evenings will be free for the both of us to Enjoy Hawaii. This will be both our Honeymoon and my Birthday Gift since my Birthday is May 27th.
Roy told me that they have a swap meet that is very cool & very cheap! I think I will pack Very Light, bringing Empty Suitcases to hold my stuff that I am going to get in Hawaii.
I am trying to get enough photo shoots booked before so I have some spending cash while I am there. I am also trying to get all my errands & website updates done before I leave. I will have my friend Reg stay at our home to care for our Animals, Plants & House. I will be sure to take lots of Photos and Video while I am in Hawaii. Be sure to check my Twitter Feed for up to the Minute Vacation Updates, Photos & Videos. http://Twitter.com/StacyBurke
I cannot wait to see how tan I am going to get. Roy said he might not be able to get me off the island, he maybe correct! I have a feeling that me & Hawaii are going to get along real Well!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hope you are Never are in the path of Roy`s (Thor`s) Hammer!

May 7th 2011, Roy, our friend Ed & me all went to the Renaissance Fair. I love the Ren Fair. I used to get season tickets and spend all season at the Ren Fair when it used to be held at Devore California. Now the Ren Fair is in Irwindale California. Not as good or as Big as when it was in Devore, however, still very fun!
My Favorite Drink there is an Aboulette, which is Cider (Pear, Raspberry or Pomegranate), Guinness and a Chocolate Port Float on top, so very yummy!! The Food there is the Best. Anything you can ever want. The Shopping there is great as well. Many Unique Gifts that you will never find anywhere else. Very Expensive, however not as much as Disneyland, and much more Worth It! It is All about Food, Beer & Cleavage. I always dress up. I have a Wench Outfit, but I seem to wear my Belly Dance/Gypsy outfit more. If you ever watched the E! Girls Next Door. Bridget & I used to go together every year. One year we took Holly, Kendra & Hef to the Ren Fair & Filmed it on the TV Show. Great time, love the Ren Fair!
When we drove home, we found that our Neighbors were having a party and some random person Parked in our Driveway. Not a Big Deal so much I guess, but it happens to us so much that it has become a Nuisance. Roy had a bit to many Aboulettes at the Ren Fair and got really angry, yelling at the Party people to move their car ASAP from our Driveway.
This did not go down so well with the Party People and they got into my husband`s face. I stepped out of my car and started to come to my husband`s defense. It was pretty heated. A bunch of guys & a Chick I never met before were screaming in my face and ready to fight me & my husband. I yelled back saying 'Look, My husband had a little to much to Drink, you are still in the wrong for Parking in our Driveway, but no matter what, I will defend my Husband so let me take him home or I will hurt you!'
I took my husband inside our house, but he was still very upset. The cops came and talked to the party people and left. I begged my husband`s friends to take my hubby away from our house, since the party was still going on outside and my husband was threatening to go out and prove his point. Roy went to Murphy`s, his favorite hang out. Might not been a good idea for him to keep drinking, but yet it was better than him being home close to the party people. I stayed home to make sure that everything was safe. It was a good idea because after awhile the party people left. Roy was out with his buddies, away from what would make him more angry and when he did finally got home, he just passed out, eventually.
The next day, Roy was still upset, but he was also very hung over. I cooked him a greasy breakfast and stayed home to nurse him back to feeling better. All through the day however, he kept saying he was still upset & it was wrong for people to park in our driveway. I agree with him, but I told him, it is not about who is right at the moment. The thing is how to handle it. He just needs to chill out. Whatever the case, at least people know NEVER PARK IN OUR DRIVEWAY AGAIN, or else Thor`s Hammer will come down HARD on whoever Dares question our will - HAZZAH!!
oxox, Stacy

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Graham our British Pirate.

Graham is from England. He was once in the Military there. He is Only 50 years old, but his life experiences make him appear to be Older. He has a Strong English Accent. He Loves his Beer, his Hand Rolled Drum Cigarettes and his Daughter that he sees every time he can. He looks like a weathered Pirate and he is as crude as one as well. He comes off very Crass, but for some reason, Graham can get away with it. I think along with the Accent, in which Girls adore, I think people can see through his appearance & verbal lack of etiquette, and know through all that is a heart of gold. He is one of those guys that will come to your rescue no matter how drunk he is or how inconvenienced it may be. No matter how drunk he may be, he will snap out of it and go into action when needed.
I have so many stories about Graham that I will share in time. I always said that we need to install a Camera in his forehead & call it the 'Graham Cam' His stories are so Funny, Odd & brush with Greatness & Death that they are not believable.
His dream is to buy a boat, live & Sail around the world. Great Dream, but we are worried. Graham has never sailed or driven a boat ever in his life! He says he will learn on the way. We are begging him to take classes, but he refuses. He says Evil Vic will teach him. Oh Boy, Evil Vic??? He Drinks more than Graham, which is saying a lot and He is no Sailor either, talk about the Blind leading the Blind!! We joke around with Graham, making up quotes in his Captain Log: Day 24 -just passing 7-11 in Long Beach Harbor, The Natives are restless, Stopping for Beer, tobacco and supplies, Vic almost dead. Day 38: On Island that the natives call Catalina - Claiming it Graham Land. Vic is Dead.
Graham just bought a Boat this week. He says it is getting towed here, should be here by next week. We cannot wait to see it. This adventure to be continued.

....This Just in May. 9th 2011: Graham Just Bought a Boat....Below is the 1st Photo of it of him at Sea in it with our Friend Veronica. He says it needs a lot of work, the engine is shot, but it sails okay for now. Oh boy, it is going to be an Eventful Summer, I can feel it!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Clown Sex: a True Story Told by a Girl I have never met

Side Note From Stacy: I read this Store on the E! Message boards. Thank you for Story. Attention E! Boards, I have not posted in a Long Time -I tried to post - but now u need permission & E! wont let me send request to get permission - my PM keeps rejecting it being sent, I don`t know Why. Oh Well.

I am an Internet, Media, Life Sponge Junkie - I like to Surf around and absorb Information, Stories, Theories, News, Gossip, Whatever - Everything is interesting to me.
Anyway - as I was Surfing an Entertainment Board, I ran across this Story - The Girl telling it says it is a Real True Story that Happened to her - I believe Her, unless she was on an LSD Trip - Here You Go, Enjoy! oxox, Stacy

Random Clown Sex: a True Store Told by a Girl I Never Met.

2 yrs ago, a former friend(FF)of mine was at the bar with my best friend. The circus was in town for that week and into the bar walks a full-on clown...wig, make-up, big shoes, the whole she-bang. So my BF who is a huge jokester walked up to him and points at FF and says "Hey my friend over there wants to hook up with you." So the clown goes over to FF and sits down. FF and BF talk and talk before they realize he wasn't really talking...come to find out, he's from TURKEY. So he doesn't understand a word they're saying. So they all end up going to this hotel in town and apparently, the clowns pool their money at the end of the week and rent ONE hotel room so they all can take showers. BF leaves and FF hooks up with this clown, while OTHER clowns were taking showers. He didn't take his make-up, shoes or wig off, so she had no idea what he looked like.
To top it off, she calls me to watch her kid the next week cause she got some kind of infection and the Dr's couldn't figure out what the **** it was. She was on antibiotics for over a month. He added her to FB so she was able to see what a dog he was AND he had like 9,000 friends...LOL. He probably met half them from his traveling circus.
*Signed Random Girl*

Side Note From Stacy: I read this Store on the E! Message boards. Thank you for Story. Atten E! Boards, I have not posted in a Long Time -I tried to post - but now u need permission & E! wont let me send request to get permission - my PM keeps rejecting it being sent, I don`t know Why. Oh Well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blast From the Past - The Beat Goes On - 1st Posted Jan. 25th 2010

I have already told you about my car breaking down on Christmas Day with my 89 yr old Grandmother in the Car. I go a ride for my Grandmother - Me & Roy got a tow all the way back to Long Beach. Saturn was supposed to fix my Transmission for free due to a recalled Transmission -but with the Government Buy-out -that agreement was Null & Void and we had to pay about $2500.00 for a re-built transmission.

Fast forward to January 24th. Sundays, I usually go hang out with the Girls at The Playboy Mansion, eat, drink, talk, watch movies etc. Roy usually hangs out with the guys in Long Beach, drink & watch Sports. I was not feeling to well, so I decided to stay home & Rest. Roy went out all day with the guys, drank & watched football.
Around 9pm he came home, well actually our friend Jake brought Roy home. Roy was super drunk and was bleeding from the back of his head. Jake said Roy fell & slide on the sidewalk on the back of his head. I want to call the paramedics, but Jake insisted it was just a scrape. We cleaned & wrapped Roy's head up with bandages. Roy was defiant, tried to get up several times, even fell face first in bathroom. We put Roy to bed & Jake left.
Roy said he was hungry, so I made him soup and gave hi lots of water. Roy took off his bandages even when I protested he keep them on. He kept getting up. I told him if he gets up one more time that I will call the paramedics & he will go to hospital. Roy kept calling me into bedroom, wanting more food, water, soda, hugs etc. Finally after 2 hours he fell asleep.
Roy awoke OK, but a bit hung-over. We had a talk. I told him that this cannot happen anymore. He cannot get so Drunk. I am not a professional, so I cannot tell him what he needs to do, so I told him that he needs to seek a professional for help. Roy does not drink every day. Roy can have a few beers and he is okay. The problem is when he does drinks too much, Roy gets dangerous and he will not listen to anyone. He is a bull in a china store!

Roy had to board a Plane on this day (Monday Jan. 25th). He had to fly to El Paso for a Work meeting. Roy packs up and I drive him to the drop of area at LAX. I turn of car to give him a hug good-bye. I go back to my car, try to start it and it is dead. My car will not start. I am stranded at the drop off curb of LAX. I go to security, they say there is nothing they can do. They say that the LAX Cops should be around soon, they never came. I used my cell phone to call my Free Saturn Roadside assistance. I get a recording stating that due to over-whelming calls that they are booked up & to try again tomorrow! I try to call some of my friends, no one is home. I call 411 many times to get another tow truck company close to LAX. Every number they gave me either did not work or I got put on hold forever. Finally 411 gave me a tow truck number that I got to talk to a live person! Help was finally on its way!!
The tow truck came and towed me to my Saturn Dealership that I always go to. That tow truck ride cost me $125.00 -but what else could I do? I dropped off my 'Hooptie' (car) and got a Courteous Shuttle back home. It seems that my battery was leaking Fluid and corroded my cables. That repair bill will be about $350.00 and it should take a couple days!! Gulp!!
I am soooo sick. I make some Mexican Soup with Lots of Lemon, Tabasco & Cilantro. I am so stressed. Money is not good lately. My work has slowed down because of the Holidays & because of the Economy. Roy got a promotion, but he is still in training and it will be awhile before we see any income increase. That what makes his trip to El Paso so important. This trip is his 1st of his Travel Training.
It is now 4pm, I sit down to take everything in. My cell phone rings, it is Roy. Roy is in El Paso. He just got to his hotel, the training does not start until the morning. Roy says his heart is racing (Roy has a bad heart), his heart is beating really fast and he is nauseous. Roy said he threw up and is not feeling well. I am scared, what if it has something to do with his head injury? Roy says he is going to go to the hospital and he will call me later.

Roy called me a few hours afterward. He says he is back from Hospital, in his hotel, taking a bath & then going to bed. In the morning he has a work meeting all day, then he flys back home later that night.
Roy has many health problems, one of them is a bad heart that beats fast at times. I think it was a combo of Dehydration, Flying, The New Promotion The Car Breaking Down The Financial Stress, etc that brought on his heart fluttering. We must get things right and soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Story of Skankles Part 2

(Part One @ http://t.co/suKUb0Q)

After over a year of avoiding Skankles. She called up Roy and wanted to meet. She wanted to mend things up for her Boyfriends (Roy & his best Friend) Sake. She said that her man was feeling sad & was missing Roy`s Friendship. We know it took a lot for her to do that, so we agreed. Things were not exactly back to normal, but at least we could all be in the same room and talk to each other. The best part was that Roy got his friends back.....sort of. She still would not allow Roy`s friend to come to our house. However we would go to their house as long as there were other people there. It was not that great, but it was better.
Now skip yet another year. It seems that 'Skankles' has given her Man an ultimatum. She told him if they did not get married by her birthday in March, that she would break up with him, move out but remain friends. Well, I guess our boy wasn`t ready, so he took her up on it. She now has an apartment close to us and he took on a room mate & decided to stay in their apartment.
He was very depressed for awhile. The boys would stay with him, he would get really drunk and then start feeling really sad and blamed himself. They were together for a little over 2 years. It was his 1st real girlfriend. She however, has done this before. In fact, it is what she does. She flirts a lot, meets a guy, moves in then after a year or so, she tells them to marry her or she will leave.
Even though I may have had my differences with her, I kind-of understand where she is coming from, even though I do not condone it. I have to give it to her for being honest & up front about it, no matter how much I may disagree with it. She has a plan for herself. She has a time frame. She wants to get married, have babies, before she gets any older and she lets her partner know. I get it. However, I wouldn`t want to get married on an ultimatum. I would always would wonder if he wanted to be with me. I wouldn`t want to force anyone to be with me. I would wonder if he would ever resent me for it. I just couldn`t do that.
Just when I am starting to warm up to the New 'Skankles' I hear rumours that she is seeing a New Guy so soon which would not be that bad but I also hear that she may have been seeing this guy while still being with Roy`s best friend! Oh No, I hope Not, but so far I do not Know. Looks like this summer all secrets will come out on the beach, since we are all neighbors once again......so it looks like this is Also a Diary Entry to be Continued.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Story of Skankles

(Blast from the Past - Diary Entry from the Past Brought Up because I have an Update coming soon)

Here is a Brief Story of 'Skankles' from May 14, 2009

Roy has a Best Friend-a really good friend for many years. He & Roy were Really close for many years. In fact I put him in My & Roy`s Wedding Vows because he was worried that I would come between him & Roy. He would come over Roy`s house every Monday Night before Roy met me- that is how our weekly LBC Wack Pack Monday Night Dinners came about. We Now have Monday Night Dinners for Roy & His buddies Every Monday -complete with Dinner & Movie.
This guy really has not had many girlfriends. He is a Really good Mid-west Boy who is true blue. This Guy met a Girl & has been seeing her for almost a year now. It is cool that he found a girlfriend. However she has some insecurities. She has been slowly 'Pussy-whipping' Roy`s friend. All of a sudden Roy`s friend has been acting differently when she is around, canceling plans with Roy to do stuff that she wants, He has been not as 'Animated' as usual. We see it all the time- it happens to the best of us, not really a big deal- usually things settle in after a few months. HOWEVER- She is Really uncomfortable with other girls around, especially Playboy girls.....and well- When you are friends with me & Roy, we are friends with Playboy girls- who (sorry to burst any ones bubble...) is just like any other girl.....they just want to hang with cool people & have a good time. They are really good friends of ours that mean a lot to us & will defend to the end- just like any of our friends.
Well this 'Girlfriend' tries to get herself & her boyfriend out of any event or situation that a Playboy girl will be around and if her boyfriend goes out with the guys and accidentally runs into a Playboy Girl, she will get bent out of shape & yell at her boyfriend! She will invite everyone to her events except Roy & I because of our Playboy friends & in fear we might invite or corrupt her guy. We tell her over & over that we were All friends with Playboy Girls way before we knew her & if her man really wanted a Playboy chick it would have happened already!
Anyway- there is A LOT to this story. Mainly made-up drama that she created but she somehow turned some of our friends against us. We had enough, so we talked to these friends & cleared the air, stating that we mean no harm & just want to be able to be friends with everybody & that Playboy or our Neighborhood friends are both important to us & that people are people & that we all should never Judge.Well she didn`t like the fact that we cleared the air, l think she actually liked having people against us so she can go hang with them & feel validated or something. Anyway- all in all- Roy`s friend, as he should-sided with his girl and is no longer friends with Roy. Roy is really sad- he thinks he lost his best friend to a girl that has no remorse in destroying a Life Long Bond!
So much more to tell- but l am exhausted from this stupid drama! I hope that Roy & his best friend get back together and never let a Petty Insecure Woman ever tear them apart again!
oxox Stacy

Friday, April 1, 2011

We All Have an Important Role in this World

At 1st guys (and sometimes certain girls) seem to be okay with my modeling career, but after awhile they seem to resent it. They will say condescending things to me. I think they resent the thought of me being able to make more money in a day with less work then they do in a week and with less education. In my eyes, the work is not really that simple, but in some people`s head, it is that simple.
I do not like to knock people down for what they do for a living. We all have different talents, needs, wants, dreams, journeys & goals. We need all the Jobs & career`s in this world to keep it going.
My Only wish is for people to be nice to each other and to follow their dream no matter what it is. It can be to be the President or to be the Best Drive-thru Cashier in the World. We all have a purpose in this World to keep it going. For me, as long as my Bills are Paid, I have a Warm Place to Sleep, I have my Friends, Family & Animals around me, I am a Rich Woman!
oxox, Stacy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Protecting my Grandma, Fighting the Vultures - Update March 29th 2011

This is an Update to my Post: Protecting my Grandma, Fighting the Vultures http://romantictorture.blogspot.com/2011/01/protecting-my-grandma-fighting-vultures.html

March 29th 2011
: I have been going to Visit my Grandma Every Tuesday. I always bring her a Cheeseburger, a Beer & Other Treats. Peeps are her Favorite Treat, so since it is Easter season, I have Been bringing her a Lot of Peeps - She Loves Them so Much, She eats 2 Packages in One sitting!!
I also bring Photos & stuff to decorate her Room. I do not try to bring to much because she always Asks why am I bringing more stuff in her Room. She Says she is going home soon & she doesn`t want people to take her stuff. I reassure her that No one will take anything, that if she moves, I will take everything to her & if anyone takes anything, that is okay because I will replace it for her.
She always says things are missing from her room - but after a few minutes going through her room - I find everything & Put it back where it belongs - I think she moves them & forgets where she put things. However there were a few Photos missing that I could NOT find - No Worries, I have Copies & will Re-post Next Week. I also noticed that a Few Family Members still need to be added to her Photo Wall, so Next week I will print out copies of some family photos and put them up for her.
Sometimes she thinks she is still going to be going back home to live alone, but that unfortunately wont be the case. However the good news is that she is saying she is going home less and less. She is starting to talk about the ladies that live there and how much fun they have! They keep her Very busy there. They have Wii Bowling, Bingo, Church Services, Card Games, Movie Nights, etc. They Serve Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in their Little Restaurant area. They also have a Patio area outside with a Grill. Now that the weather is getting better, I might try to plan a BBQ Lunch with her outside!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sky (Ceiling) is Falling - Broken Water Pipe

I was doing Laundry today. The 1st Load was out of the Dryer. I put Away my Clothes, but I left my Husband`s Clothes out to be Put away. As he was putting away his Clothes, he started Freaking out. I went into the Bedroom to see what was going on. Our Bedroom Ceiling was raining on us and it was not Raining outside. However we noticed our upstairs Neighbor was in the Shower.
I told Roy my Husband to Call our Landlord ASAP so he can call his Plumber. The Plumber came & Cut a Hole in our Ceiling above our Bed. Asbestos went everywhere. He told us to cover our faces anytime we came into room. The Pipe above is is so Moldy and smells as well. I wonder if this had anything to do with my allergies & repository problems that I have been suffering from lately. I guess the Pipe in the Wall that leads to our upstairs Neighbor broke. I guess there is a Lot of Major Construction that we have to look forward to. I closed the door because I do not want my cats in there. I will have to move my things out of my bedroom & I guess we are going to have to sleep in Roy`s Man Cave for awhile.
Roy is majorly Freaking out. He has always hated our Apartment, even though I love it. I found it and got it before I met him. It is true we have a lot of problems, but I have had worse problems with my other Places I have lived in. It is Not ran by a Property Manager, which is a Good Thing. I got a Really great deal on it. An apartment as big as this, 3 Bedroom, with Garage, Driveway, Balcony, Laundry Room, Roof Top, BBQ, Beach Front...etc Rent usually is 3-4 times more then what we pay for it.
The Owner just needs to be more on top of things.
Now it is starting to Rain, so the Bedroom Construction is at a Halt.....to be continued....

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Friend 'Reg' got Jumped on the Blue Line Train

(Preview to this Story @ http://romantictorture.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-friend-reg_21.html)
My friend homeless friend, 'Reg' got jumped on the Blue Line the other night - fell into common trap -he was on train -a pretty young lady approached him she said she needed 2call her mom & asked if she could use his cell phone -he wanted 2help her so he handed her his phone -that`s when he got jumped -he fell -he didn`t see anything -all he heard was people yelling 'hey, get out of here. When he got up the girl, his phone & who ever jumped him were gone -luckily he landed on his bag, so they didn`t get 2steal that -he`s a bit bruised -took him home, fixed him dinner - he slept in Roy`s Man Cave -got him towels & supplies so he could shower & clean up- fixed him Breakfast -and Roy walked him to bus stop so he can he go get new phone.

My Hooptie & Broken Agreements

(1st Posted Dec. 29th 2009)

Last year I got a Letter from Saturn that states that my year has Transmission problems & that if I have any trouble -that Saturn will replace my transmission for Free. I took my car in last year because my transmission was acting up......Saturn decided to try to fix it 1st before replacing it....for free like stated in my agreement. Well- fast forward to Xmas Day -I am in Pomona with my Grandma and my car breaks down. We get it towed to Saturn of Cerittos. We learn that my Transmission is dead and we need a New one. I bring up the agreement. Saturn now tells me that the letter/agreement is no longer valid due to the Government Buy Out of Saturn. The Only deal they can give me is a 50/50 -they pay half of the repairs. A new Transmission is about $5000-$6000- .....so that means we gotta pay close to $3000-!!!!! I still do not think that this is right- I think they should honor their agreement -we cannot afford this....plus I hate spending that much money on a hooptie 2003 car that will have more trouble later!! Besides- I cannot trust Saturn anymore to honor ANY Agreement that they give me.
I guess I`m gonna have to contact my Lawyer and Sue Saturn- this is NOT right- I have an agreement in writing that states that they sold us a bumm car & that they are responsible to make any repairs or replace any/all for Free!! I am sooo bummed, upset, sad, broke....etc......I hope the New Year is better!!!

My Friend 'Reg'

(1st Posted Dec. 22nd 2009)

About 12yrs ago I was working a Convention and I met this 'Fan Guy' there. He was a Fan of Models. He would come to all of my Convention Appearances and stay all day. Some might find this uncomfortable -but I feel ok with it. He would help me out by carrying my booth stuff, watching my booth while I had to go to the Bathroom, getting me something to eat etc. He was very helpful & I enjoyed seeing him at these events, I considered him a friend. Let`s call him 'Reg'.
Reg is a part-time sub-situte teacher with a bachelor degree in physiology -however you can tell he doesn`t work that much -because he doesn`t have much money & a lot of free time.
About 3years ago he came by the Bar I was working at to Visit me on my Birthday, have Lunch & Say Hi. That night I knew my Husband was throwing me a 'Surprise' Birthday Party -so I invited Reg. My Hubby didn`t really realized I invited someone to my 'Surprise' birthday party until later when he found out I knew all along.
Reg got to know my Hubby & all of our Friends in which we call 'The LBC Wack Pack'. They all got along very well. We invited Reg to our Monday Night Dinners in which I cook Dinner or Roy, my Hubby, Grills on the Roof -then we All watch a Movie or Sports on TV after Dinner. We also invite Reg to our Events & functions, we consider him a friend & part of the LBC Wack Pack.
Ever since we have known Reg, we noticed his clothes are sometimes a bit dirty, at times he smells really bad and his car is always messy & full of stuff. We suspected he might either be living out of his car or has a really small dirty cheap apartment. One time his car broke down & we offered to give him a ride home while it was being fixed. He told us to drive him to Huntington Beach -but he said not to drop him off at his house because he was embarrassed of his place, so we dropped him off Close to his place. We never pry-ed for information, we knew he might not want to tell us anything. Instead we just offered him to come around more if he wanted. I would let him stay at our house if we were going away, to watch our place, feed the cats, water the plants, etc. I would buy him some new clothes every so often.
On July 3rd we had a Pre-4th of July beach party. Reg was there all day. That night he went to go home -walked to his car -but his car was gone. He came back to our place & told us his car was Stolen. We freaked out -told Reg that we need to call the Cops -Reg did not want that -Reg said just to let it go. That did not make sence to us. We asked Reg many questions. FINALLY hours Later we FINALLY Get the Truth from Reg.
Reg`s Car was towed because the registration was expired. Reg cannot register his car because it will never pass smog. Reg has to just let the car go. Reg admitted that he has been living in his car and that all his stuff is in it. Reg has not worked in a long time and has no money. We told Reg that we will figure this out -in the meantime -he can stay with us.
Reg got to get his stuff out of his car. We let him clean up at our house. I washed his clothes. We found Reg a GREAT Shelter Program close by to us locally. They set him up in a hotel room of his very own for Only $5- a Night. They give Reg a $28- a day allowance for food & necessities. They help him find a Job, which they say will be easy because of his education. They do have rules, in which Reg is not a fan of. One of the rules is a 6pm curfew. Reg will not be able to come to our Monday Night Dinners for awhile, but we told him that is okay, that there will be many other Daytime activities that we can do. This program is awesome. It is comforting to know that this type of program exist!
There will probably be more updates on Reg, but so far that is where we are now. Reg just needs to stick with this program. He said he was in one similar a long time ago, but did not stick with it. We told him if he did that to us, and abandoned this program that we worked so hard in getting him into, that he will not be allowed back to our house. Not to be mean, but we cannot in-able him to remain in dire straits. This is the best for Reg. I will post updates as they transform.