Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hawaii Bound Update - HATE Expedia!!

URRrrrGGGggg - Major snag in our Hawaii Trip. Roy bought my Plane Ticket via Expedia. Roy`s work changed his flight - so Roy had to change my Ticket as well. As soon as he did that I had a bad feeling. I have Never had a good experience in Changing Plane Tickets. Expedia told Roy, no Problem, they would refund his money from Old Ticket and only charge New Ticket.
Well - Roy checked his bank and sure enough - Expedia withdrew money from both tickets. Roy is furious. Our Rent Check might Bounce. Not Good. We have both been on phone with Expedia to try to get our money back. We have been on hold all day. I finally got through after one hour on hold - and the lady hung up on me!!!!!
Roy says they are trying to pay him back with a Flight Voucher - they are basically forcing us to Pay for another Plane ticket, in which we will never use and you know that IF we did use it, it would have a Ton of restrictions.
We are soooo pissed off - this will break us, we cannot afford this, we could barely afford this trip as it was........I really do not Ever want to Fly Again......EVER!!!!

UPDATE May 22nd 2011:
Expedia Refunded Roy`s Money - it took a few days & a lot of waiting on hold and convincing that a Plane Voucher was not an option but all ended well, Roy very Relieved!

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